Review: G-Form Pro Trail Gloves

Sep 7, 2018
by Richard Cunningham  
G-Form Pro Trail Glove

Want gloves with impact protection, but hate the feeling that your mom hand-sewed rubber insulation directly to your fingers? G-Form's Pro Trail gloves might make you happy. G-Form was one of the first to incorporate visco-elastic polymer materials in protective clothing. They call it Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), and they applied some of that stuff to some very comfortable gloves. They're called Pro Trail Gloves, and they cost $49.99 USD.

That's a lot of cash and, to tell you the truth, the first time I saw these gloves, I thought the cast of Marvel Comics' last blockbuster movie was selling off their unused costumes. A trip to the Pacific Northwest, however, gave me reason to toss them into my gear bag. I'm glad that I did. There's a lot of trees lining the trails there, and I boxed with number of them.
Pro Trail Glove Details

• Unpadded synthetic-leather palm, perforated ventilation
• RPT protection on knuckles and fingers
• Moisture-wicking UPF 50+ breathable fabric backs
• Terry cloth nose-wipe thumb patch
• Smart-phone friendly thumb and index finger tips
• Velcro side-closure
• Red/white or black
• MSRP: $49.99 USD
• Contact: G-Form

G-Form Pro Trail Glove
Up-scale molded Velcro hook-and-loop closure.
G-Form Pro Trail Glove
Unusual looking, but very effective RPT protection.

Construction and Features

G-Form designed this glove with an unpadded synthetic-leather palm. I like that, and they got the thumb right. It doesn't bunch up near the palm. I also prefer gloves without wrist closures, and while these break that rule, the overlapping tabs are discreetly shaped and secured with Velcro's long-lasting, molded hook and loop material.

There are no sticky plastic gripper strips to eventually peel off of the fingertips, which is okay with me. Instead, G-form sews phone-friendly cloth pads on ends of the thumbs and forefingers. Nice touch.

All the important action happens on the outer side of the Pro Trail gloves, which are made from one piece of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Rows of beaded RPT material are bonded to each finger, from the hand's metacarpophalangeal joint to the proximal phalanx of each digit. The last two segments of the fingers are left bare, which gives them much more freedom of movement.

G-Form Pro Trail Glove
Unhindered dexterity for braking, which is uncommon among armored gloves.

Trail Report

My initial trepidation about Pro Trail gloves' quirky looks evaporated once they were on my hands and holding onto the handlebar grips. They fit pretty well, too. I am a true "glove fit" for most quality medium-sized offerings, and these were snug to the fingertips, with no tugging or bunching. Dexterity was on par with my favorites from 100% and Troy Lee Design. Good construction? Check! Comfortable fit? Check! Protection? Well, to establish that verdict, I had to ride for a week or so on fast trails through narrowly spaced trees. Lucky for me, I would be riding in Whistler for most of the month.

Things did not go as planned. One day in and I had hit my first tree, but I was not wearing my G-Form gloves. I tossed my blood-stained TLD mitts into the wash basket and righted that wrong. I would be wearing my G-Forms for the rest of my time in BC.

Yes, I did bang into a number of natural trailside obstacles, and yes, the gloves did their job wonderfully. No more damaged fingers and I became a happier, more committed rider. I had zero issues with the construction, durability, or the fit of G-Form's new gloves - and I have a growing affinity for their topo-map graphics and pond-creature molded padding.
G-Form Pro Trail Glove
G-Form's RPT padding would have spared me the damage to my fingers.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesTwo thumbs up for G-Form's Pro Trail gloves. Riders who prefer snug-fitting, minimalist gloves and still need the bash guards will be hard pressed to find a better option. FYI: If you don't like the red and white topo map graphics, G-form also offers them in black.RC


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 If you want to hear a funny trick, I went to the local motorcycle shop in my teens, and bought dirtbike gloves. They were like half the price, and twice as good.
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flag Captain115 (Sep 7, 2018 at 2:39) (Below Threshold)
 Uhhh most dirtbike gloves are identical to the mtb versions? Dirtpaw, XC etc. Unless you mean dual-sport gloves?
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 This. I went to my Royal Distributing and they had 100% gloves $10 cheaper than the LBS'. They also had like 100 different gloves and dozens of brands. I ended up getting some Thor gloves for like 24 bucks and they had the finger protectors too.
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 The only drawback is that they don’t typically have a soft section on the thumb for wiping your mouth. Otherwise they tend to be a bit beefier and more durable.
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 Yeah but are they enduro specific ™?
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 Have any suggestions that give a "gloveless" feel? Just recovering from a broken finger and could probably use the extra protection
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 yeah but the thumbs sometimes are stiff.
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 Didn't realize finger banging was such a problem
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 So, a cheap pair of gloves with some Haribos stuck to the knuckles is what I'm hearing. Double as emergency supplies for bonking too.
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 You can even apply this technology to the gloveless croud. Lickem and stickem wherever! Elbow pads? Sure! Replacement for MIPS in your helmet? eeeh... We'll see.
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 I’ll blame any misreading on my part to the amdien and coors that I have consumded recently it why not attach the little finger and ring fingers together in the glove. That’ll help keep the little guys attracted during a crash.. It’s a common thing to do in the motorcycle world. Your,smallest digit is flaying around all by iytself. Any thoughts? Man that was a strruggle to get out.
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 This post pleases me greatly.
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 @BigballmcCall - Thank you for what clearly required a lot of effort. And that is also an excellent suggestion.
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 I hear ya! I run all of my gloves with the outside two tapes together out of habit after a hand injury that requires they be taped since I had no grip in my pinky.
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 $50 for gloves????

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 I'll see your $50 and raise you $10....

Still see people wearing them, so there is a customer out there that will pay that much for MTB gloves...
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 They are only $10 more than Fox Pawtectors and clearly have much more advanced protection. They are cheaper than Fox Bombers which really are too bulky for mtb.
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 “This product, from this brand, that isn’t paying me *winks*, works flawlessly. They’ve been developing these for years and although other reviewers took some issue witb these gloves, they are truly perfect. Yes they are expensive, but I unbiasedly endorse them.” -Pretty much RC
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 The "Pro" makes it 80% more expensive.
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 Plus it's enduro-approved!
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 I don't get it, again... I'm cool with spending $50 on a good set of gloves, and these look cool. But this is the same forums that love bikes priced over $8-10k. What gives? An extra $20 so I can comfortably argue racing line with some scrub oak is money well spent.
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 Can I shoot webs when I wear these?
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 The "Bike" gloves I wear the most are just mechanics gloves I bought at the Home Depot. Comfortable, some protection, good grip and dexterity, and they've held up well. I haven't had any road crashes wearing them though. I have another pair with no armor that I wear for warm weather and even ride pretty frequently in a sub $10 dollar pair from Wal Mart that I bought when I forgot my gloves on a trip.

I do have a number of pairs of bike and motorcycle gloves as well, but through a combination of preference and misplacement, I've basically ridden with my mechanics gloves all summer.
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 Genuinely can anyone recommend any gloves that are well made. Where the stitching does not come apart, that you can fall off on road or dirt and the palms last more than one crash, with knuckle protection. It should be fairly easy yet it is so hard to find any gloves which meet the basics of protection send durability. I don't crash loads nor hard on my gear yet almost every pair of gloves I have owned are such bad value. Current pair by 100% pulling apart in a month, icons where mis stitched etc.
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 That's what warranty is for. 100% will get a new pair out if you contact them.
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 They did a good job with these but forgot about between the knuckles, Durability also comes to mind with any MTB glove. Luckily we have a dope Moto spot on the way to the mountain. Have carbon knuckle glove from 8 years ago still in use along with few other, cheaper than $50 also... Basically would you rather get hit by some foam knuckles or carbon/thermoplastic like these:
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 I always buy gloves at the end of the season on CRC for 10-15€/pc. Then it doesn't really hurt when you have to throw them away after a crash.
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 Mechanix M-Pact
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 @ZappBrannigan: yah I was going to say the same thing. I like the Mechanix M-Pact 2 gloves - way too hot for trail riding where you earn your descents but these are all I use for lift-access days and on the moto. I have white-collar wussy hands and the extra support and padding is really noticeable. Way less hand fatigue by the end of the day.

For trail riding I like the Giro DND glove the best.
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 Hear, hear!

I've also had trouble finding gloves whose palms don't rip after the 1st fall. I had some Giro's, cool color, knuckle protection, comfortable. 1st ride: Little mishap, go down, no biggie. Gloves are toast. Palms ripped with huge holes. On second look, the palm material was clearly not durable, despite marketing voodoo names.

Can't anyone make something with a leather palm?
Dirt bike gloves it is for me until the mtb world comes together.
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 I think some protection on the ‘little pinky’ is enough, that’s the one I always clip on trees & bushes
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 Hopefully they'll make a "comp" version that's more reasonably priced.
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 Wait for the ultra expensive F Works
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 Or the ever exquisite EVO version
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 Every pair of gloves I've owned with the "smartphone pads" on the finger tips have torn in that exact spot from normal use. Can they make gloves without that? I'd rather ride without my finger tips poking out like a hobo than use my phone in the middle of a ride
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 It'd be nice if armoured gloves actually had some scaphoid protection, instead of the seldom-hit backs of your fingers. Yes I've punched trees before (a bunch) but only ever my pinky, and it doesn't need THAT much padding.

All riders have fallen on their palms before and countless wrists have been broken because of the shitty little scaphoid bone.
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 That would definitely interfere with contact on the grips/bars. You can get road biking gloves with padding in this area, mostly because you don't need to grip so effectively to the bars so you can afford to have padding in this area
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 Sam Blenkinsop called me right now, he told me he wants them sooo baaaad.
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 i spend some days in Morzine every year. I only see there expensive bikes and top gear mostly... who are these people who are spending thousands on this sport and who are those who constantly bitching about the prices...?
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 At their home trails/country because they can't afford the trip to morzine
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 I crashed a few years ago and somehow punched my frame when I came down. I had my fox bombers on and I’m sure they saved me from a few broken knuckles. I still have the gloves, they’re very durable!
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 Sorry, meant to upvote you but mistyped. Now if I want to change my vote it says "props already given"...
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 @Mac1987: You must be new here.
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 @colincolin: please elaborate Smile I've been on this site for only a couple of months. Is there a way to change a reply made on a mobile browser? They should be editable for 2 minutes, but I can't seem to find out how.
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 @Mac1987: The votes were never editable Wink
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 Who the heck is asking for this janky stuff? I've never once, smashed or landed on my knuckles in my 20+ years of being on 2 wheels.
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 Much of the singletrack I ride has thick scrub oak in the apexes, not uncommon for me to punch through a good bit of vegitation on a given ride.
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 Zero extra protection for one area you may need it most, very outside of your hand if you're the type of rider that has your hands at the far edges of the bars.
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 Maybe disagreeing with antifa methods doesn't make you a fascist. But when you write stupid shit in a public forum like:
'these were made to knock those confused c*nts out. I'll take three pairs'
you have to agree that makes you look at least a leeeeetle bit like a fascist, or at least like a confused c*nt (your own words, remember) yourself - especially when you claim to be anti-violence and a supporter of 'civil debate' directly afterwards.
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 Funny guy Richie is. Telling us 50 bucks for gloves is a Lotta bucks, but 1000 plus for a wheelset is ok in other advertisements / "reviews"
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 Compared to others in same product genre perhaps?
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 RC is rocking another liteville.
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 Blenki: "Why are you wearing gloves?"
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 These knuckle protectors look like what Suarez is running on his chainstay..
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 They are so ugly
  • 2 0
 Can you actually punch trees with these like Ivan Drago?
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 I hear these guys have just started sponsoring Sam blenkinsop
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 $50 US is a lot of dough. Gone are the cheap days
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 So, what exactly are they for? Unless beating somebody else up.
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 Punching trees. All the hardcore shredders do it.
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 Riding past branches real fast. And dropping your bars into the dirt.
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 Plus there's such a thing as crashing. Razz
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