Gaetan Vige Attempts First Backflip at Bike Park Livigno Closing Day - Video

Oct 12, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

Antoni and Gaetan make the journey from France to join Nick in Livigno and proceed to send it on the trails. As conditions dry the boys decide to try a couple of flips, some successful, others not so much.


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 next episode looks promising
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 5:27 my friends... 5:27... you're welcome.
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 How could you make this top comment, you creeps! Big Grin
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 Clipless backflip. Ballsy
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 Balls of steel! Calling bs on first flip ever tbough. Nobody goes round that well the first time.
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 @Kirky86: I'm sure he's flipped on a trampoline or into a pool, maybe even a foam pit. Big difference taking it to a wooden lip on a DH bike clipped in....

That said the best part of this video isn't the flip attempt but the riding vibe and good times!
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 @plyawn: I fully agree, flipping a big bike is ridiculous, I found that out the hard way in Chatel a couple years back and that was only onto an airbag! Doesn't quite go round like a DJ bike that's for sure. I'm merely being pedantic about calling it a first flip. You know, general pickyness.
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 First backflip try ever, on dirt ??? Hardly believable to me
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 hmmm next episode looks good.....
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 Nick Pescetto my booouyyyyyy ???????????????? « This guys man what’s up?! »
Lucky I get nick & a few of his girlfriends to come to Rampage support my diggin crew & me! Good times for suuuuure coming! When i see that I cant wait!!!
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 I want to be Nick Pescetto. Like, follow his insta. He lives the life!
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 Go home Bilzerian, Nick is the man
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 Call the medic.
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 wild bandana
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 Nick is mykonos i cant wait for next episode i want to live his life hahah
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 ok I wait next one...
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 Sempre il solito ahaha
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 I feel Nick is leading a life fully lived
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 I really really really really really x10 envy Nick Pescettos life. Wow.

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