Gamut At Home: Simon Silver Shreds in Santa Cruz - Video

Jan 4, 2017
by Simon Silver  
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Gamut At Home Series

Gamut At Home Series

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 Thanks for showing us your rear brake works.
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 While I really enjoy seeing top tier riders shredding my local digs, it does piss me off that there a number of corporate entities (gamut here, and countless others) that sometimes disservice the local scene by publicizing location of otherwise illegal trails.

Trail access in the bay area, even in a progressive and forward-thinking county like Santa Cruz, is a challenge to the local scene. I know that Santa Cruz sponsors dig days at both Demo and Wilder Ranch (both legal spots), which is awesome, and I commend them for that both with words and with my wallet (I ride a nomad). It would be great to see other corporate entities step up to the plate and give back to the terrain they reap clicks from.
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 A lot of companies have and are contributing to the Santa Cruz scene. Hopefully it continues to grow. But more important than corporate money is actual local riders ACTUALLY doing something to help. Showing up to meetings town halls, voting, etc. That's where the changes are going to happen.

I'm pretty sure EVERY santa cruz based mtb company is kicking down dough and/or doing dig days.
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 Well I didn't know it was an illegal trail until you said anything. I'm guessing the people at Gamut didn't either. For someone who's never ridden it, how am I, or anybody else that's never ridden it, supposed to know it's an illegal trail? Could've be on someones private property for all I know.
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 Duh, isn't every trail on public land that looks like this one in the Santa Cruz area "illegal" in the sense of not authorized and therefore in violation of a "stay on authorized trails" rule? It seems rough to bash Gamut for this, or for being a "corporate entity"; they are a very small company, a few bike nut engineers basically.

My main comments on the video -- I can't get comfortable with this level of steeps and the deep-powder-style braking technique required to control speed. Probably never will. It looks cool though. And hard to tell from the video what Gamut is selling (chain guides? pedals?).
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 @jfloren: Indeed I do not mean to bash Gamut specifically, I could have done a better job wording that post for sure. I also didn't expect this comment to be prevalent (near the top) of the comments section. With the current climate of trail access in our area though I can't help but express discontent. I know Gamut is small and in no way do I expect them to spearhead advocacy.

As @onemanarmy pointed out, the onus is on us, the mtb community, to drive for change. That being said, money talks. Just ask the handful of horseback riding rich folks that have widespread access to singletrack that we have built. Bike companies bring jobs, tourism, etc -- read: money, to the table. I'm not asking for a check from them but a loud voice, would be more than enough.
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 Great shots, natural sounds....& a great crew at @gamutusa as well. Keep it up!
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 was that a trail? looked like my grandma had hoed weeds between poison oak and some redwoods and homie decided to ride it. just 'cause you could, doesn't mean you should, and it doesn't mean it's good. let's see a braille/sawpit run!
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 I want to know what rear brake he's running, looks like it works great!
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 To much bitching n moaning in these Comments .
That was some pure oil good shit????????
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 Out of focus blair witch edit?
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 Great edit—audio brought it to life. Those trails looks steep and loose, great control.
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 My bike also sounds like that
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 Gotta love our home trails props dude sick edit!!
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 Where in Santa Cruz is this? Beautiful trail!
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 Not legal and should not be ridden of filmed for that matter.
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flag grantlacey (Jan 5, 2017 at 13:37) (Below Threshold)
 Upper campus!
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 @grantlacey: If you could go ahead and name all of the trails he is riding and the builders and provide maps too that would be great! Publicity and naming stuff makes it tough for the folks trying to expand access...but hey, you get two brownie points for knowing a tiny bit of something...illegal trails are just that.
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 @nicolai12: No one new that until you decided to say something
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 @Barelam21: What negative comes from the expressing the reality of it? We don't deserve unlimited access because we want it. Plus, everyone who rides it, knows there could be some form of LE waiting at the bottom of hw9. Demo forest is just around the corner.
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 @grantlacey Supplementing Strava (who makes $ of our data), media plays a big role in influencing how land managers, LE etc. make decisions - the data in the form of this stuff is powerful and important to note. As @Photosyn stated we need to play according to the rules and if so we have a chance at expanded access. Please be respectful and refrain from jeopardizing near future plans to expand riding options in SC county.
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 @nicolai12: Pretty sure that legally it can not be filmed. You're required to get permission to film and I guarantee you they did not get permission to film there.

just saying.
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 Steeeep steeeeze
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 The top soil butt wiggle strikes again!
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 soft and sticky
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