Video: Garbanzo DH - Crankworx Whistler 2015

Aug 12, 2015
by Official Crankworx  
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1 // Max WARSHAWSKY // Bergamont Hayes
2 // Remy MORTON // Polygon UR
3 // Jacob MOSSNER // Mondraker Australia

1 // Claire BUCHAR // Kovarik Racing/Intense
2 // Miranda MILLER // SRAM/Specialized
3 // Anneke BEERTEN // Specialized

1 // Marcelo GUITERREZ VILLEGAS // Giant Factory
2 // Chris KOVARIK // Kovarik Racing/Intense
3 // Sam BLENKINSOP // Norco Factory Racing

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx

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 Long fire road to a triple is the perfect scenario and yet I'm still to chicken shit to do it.
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 hahaha beat me to it... so crazy.
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 The guy at 1:07 shows you what happens when you don't make it and get bucked by the 3rd hump. That's pretty much how i'd do it.
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 Welp now I'm definatley never doing it lol
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 You can double it or triple it; rider @ 1:07 shows what happens when you 2.5 it...
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 Stay off the brakes, that was bad 1st time I saw it years should and it's still bad. Comin in way too slow
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 Man, Marcelo seems like a real cool dude
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 Your not wrong bro, i met him in Morzine in June, he was so down to earth and had so much time for us. Stopped to chat on the trials and even came for a beer with a few other pro riders. Awesome guy.
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 Pumped for him to get the win........

On a trail bike though? Wtf dude
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 work hard, Get 3 consecutive wins!
  • 10 0
 Marcelo is pinning it this year
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 a couple of months ago I was trolled by some jackass who swore up and down that a full dh bike was faster than a trail bike with 6" of travel.

Thank you Marcelo GUITERREZ VILLEGAS for proving me right.

Anyone looking to buy a pimped out M9? I'm riding trail from now on.........
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 It really depends on the track. This year's Garbo was a very pedally and relatively flat course. Some of the WC DH tracks out there would destroy enduro/trail bikes.
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 he won on a single crown!
  • 3 1
 *enduro bike
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 Watching the suspension work in slo mo is one of my favorite things
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 Totally!! Smile
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 Was there like 50 people only in the finish area? Is this a a minor Crankworx event? Looks amazing. All the riders seem to get down the hill about 45 mins taster than me... Why so low profile??
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 no its was pretty lively - gotta remember this was a tuesday afternoon!
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 Fair play
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 always nice to see kovarik on the podium
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 anyone know what the song playing is?
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 Monster Energy sticker on neck brace... Red Bull hat... Please explain yourself sir
  • 8 0
 It is the logo of the "Universidad de Manizales -", one of the sponsors of Marcelo
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 Doesn't look like a legit Monster logo. Very very close though.
  • 1 0
 Monopoly 1-0- 1
  • 2 1
 check your vision... it's not a Monster logo...
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 Racing? All I saw was slow-mo...
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 That Hwy. 86 triple back into the trees for No Joke is bonkers.
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 At 1:10, #200 needs to add a few more red Bottomless tokens!
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 Nice Edit, who was the filmer and editor?? its a refreshing change
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 Filmers: Erik Holperl, Ty Bowmaker, Vince Smith, Connor Macleod, and Scott Secco. Editor: Scott Secco.
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 What's the song's name? it's good tooSmile
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 Marcelo is rad
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 Where can I watch the replay?
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 It called Marcelo Gutierrez, hicks, no "Gutierez".
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 Still one of the worst edits. Ever. Even more immature was deleting my post which expressed my opinion. Someone got butt hurt. Boo hoo. It was just one opinion from one human in the world. It isn't wrong nor right but just the expressed views of one person on this earth. Real cute. Shows alot about the kind of people here. You got offended by ONE persons view and delete it. Keep it classy. I'm glad I can express my opinion and have it erased. It's good to know there are still Nazis out there who can't get over someone else's personal thoughts. I'll remember that if I ever begin to remotely dream of attending crankworks or giving them any of my money.
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 It's not deleted, it's just in the ''below threshold threads'' section at the bottom of the page because it was downvoted by other users. We haven't censored your views at all and you're welcome to express your thoughts here on Pinkbike.
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 FUCK SLOW-MO. What a wack vid.
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 more BLENKI!
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