Registration Open For Crankworx Innsbruck Featuring a New Downhill Track

Apr 9, 2019
by Official Crankworx  
Race action from the IXS Innsbruck Downhill presented by Reifeissen Club. Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2018
Danny Hart, 2X champ on the Innsbruck DH track. Fraser Britton photo


When Crankworx Innsbruck launches 64 days from today, two new tracks will await the pros and amateurs set to descend on the Austrian Alps from June 12-16. This third iteration of the festival will include a new Downhill track as well as a new discipline with Dual Slalom added to the event roster.

Since its debut in 2017, the Innsbruck DH track has been a rider favourite, lauded for its raw feel and natural features. For 2019, the new track will see the racers descend into the heart of the Crankworx action in Mutters, the home base of the festival. Full course details will be released closer to June. While the track may be changing, with race action leading straight into the heart of the festival, the vibe is set to be next-level.

bigquotesIt’s super important to have new tracks so that the sport can grow and stay exciting. All racers get super pumped when there’s a new track or venue. It’s been a few years for Innsbruck now so it will be awesome to ride a new track. Racing Crankworx Innsbruck is really nice because the crowds are so excited and the place is so cool. Tracey Hannah

Race action from the IXS Innsbruck Downhill presented by Reifeissen Club. Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2018
Will the Crankworx DH champ go three for three in Innsbruck this year? Fraser Britton photo

2019 marks the first year Dual Slalom has been staged across the Crankworx World Tour. It’s now considered a core Crankworx Championship discipline, with Crankworx Dual Slalom World Champions (M/F) set to be crowned at the end of the season.

With this brings another new track to Innsbruck. Dual Slalom will be a completely new event to the Innsbruck roster and this brings with it a brand new track.

Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2019
Hometown hero, Keegan Wright, on this way to a Dual Slalom win in Rotorua. Fraser Britton photo

bigquotesI’m really stoked to race a whole new dual slalom course in Innsbruck and show the people what it’s all about. I’m really stoked that it’s at every stop this year. It’s definitely one of my favourite events! I love that it brings most riders together from all the different disciplines and everyone just battles it out on a tight fast technical course. It’s such a spectacular event to be a part of and even more so to watch. I cannot wait for the next one being in Innsbruck! Keegan Wright

The event will be open to amateurs and pros, with the course built by New Zealand’s Elevate Trail Building crew, headed up by Tom Hey, known for his work on the Dual Slalom and Slopestyle tracks in Rotorua.

The discipline was added to the overall Crankworx World Tour roster in response to the enthusiasm of both riders and fans.

Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2019
Seagrave vs. Verbeeck in Rotorua. Fraser Britton photo

In 2018, nearly 500 athletes from 26 different countries competed at Crankworx Innsbruck. As the tour, and the events on offer continue to grow, those numbers will continue to rise, with both events expected to sell out well in advance of race day.

Registration for the iXS Innsbruck Downhill presented by Raiffeisen Club is NOW OPEN:

Registration for the 100% Dual Slalom Innsbruck is NOW OPEN:


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 Just what IBK needs! Another DH track!

But actually this one has hope, as it will be done by GL and not the local company “syndicate” who have been f*cking shit up at an incredible pace...

Hey IBK! How about a decent jump track or a fun flow trail? Maybe some handbuilt radness? It’s not all about Crankworx ????????‍♂️
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 @joeyjumpthetree I share your sentiment in a way, but why do you think the local trail builders have been messing things up?
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 I just don’t think using rotten logs and rickety wood construction is industry standard anymore. We deserve better! @Milko3D:
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 Wish I could share your hope. Even if they manage building a proper track until Crankworx the top part of the Mutters side is so flat it will likely become a question of pedal stamina instead of dh skill. Its poor advertisement for Innsbruck as a "bikecity", with now just one flow-trail left in their bikepark... But hey, lets increase the ticket price anyway
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 @Milko3D: I think a big factor is the lack of mountain biking culture around the area, and poor understanding of what the community needs to foster the grassroot growth of mountain biking in the region. Innsbruck thinks big, Crankworx before cranking the works! How can we be a bike city if virtually everything around the city if mountain bike prohibited, at best tolerated? I read the comments below about Mutters/Patsch and let's be honest, the potential of Tirol only is infinite given the available infrastructure.

@Zede: Developing mountain biking in the region is not like bringing Olympic level tourism, it's about allowing the people to enjoy the mountains on wheels rather than hiking shoes. The conservatism and protectionism of the area remains a huge bottleneck, and that's how some of the poorly drafted trails end up being what they are. Projects are allocated with minimal scrutiny of the true stakeholder satisfaction, and execution is far from state-of-the-art. The cycle repeats itself and little progress is made.

If I'm not mistaken, I think the usual suspects air-lifted the rock garden by helicopter up to Mutters last year for the DH trail, that's some next level waste of resources...Far more can be achieved with the budgets that are available in this side of the waters, if a bit of inspiration was taken from abroad.

Those in the know have seen what can be done with reasonably managed budgets, and a collaborative community, here are a few examples of built for the people projects:

PS. Does anyone know if Lizum/Mutters and other resorts in the area even breakeven? The last I heard of was a nice -2M per annum. It would be a strong argument to build a development plan that positions theses resorts in a position that our tax payer money doesn't end up funding the Ugly Ski Day party, but maybe funds the development of projects that have a ROI on the community...
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 @fredbusher: Absolutely!

Haha, didn't know about the heli-rock-garden. Hilarious!

One of my favorite examples for collaborative community is Cannock Chase -
People don't realize we don't even need lifts.
At some point I actually wanted to get in touch with the landowners of the hills around Innsbruck and see if someone's whiling to do something given the law permits. There are also ways to profit of it.

As for the conservationists, I get it, I also love nature and want to preserve it, it's sad that I still meet random hikers who tell me how I'm destroying the trees when biking through the forest.
While in the distance, down in each valley there's at least one of these

What bugs me as well is all those brands with headquarters in town who support Crankworks, if they only had the guts to apply some pressure at the right places and perhaps divert some resources to funding local trails...
Seems like a missed opportunity to me, getting in the hearts of the local people instead on their instagram feed, but that's another topic altogether.

But then again, we should be a bit more like Sabine Oswald instead of just complaining on the net!
I'm gonna make some effort this season, talk to some people, see what the issues are and what could be done.
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 great to hear that this time the trail will be built by professionals who know what they are actually doing. hopefully, one day innsbruck will become what it pretends to be with events line crankworx. a bikecity, not just a poster-bike scenery with no actual interest in developing a good offer towards locals and tourists
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 On the other side, I don't think innsbruck really needs more tourism. Half of the city is always blocked by Chinese and Indian tourist buses. Whenever there is a German holidays, there are traffic jams everywhere. Add to this the planes taking off every 15min to bring more Dutch and Brits in winter. It sometimes feels kind of saturated. Now if it becomes the same in summer...
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 Hm, curious to see the new track and I am wondering whether it will be a permanent addition to the park in Mutters. Since the old track went down to Götzens and the gondola there is not running this summer, does this mean that the old track will be gone for good? Or is this just a temporary measure? Can any locals shed some light on the situation?
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 Didn't even know that Götzenbahn would be out this summer? I was ski touring there last week end and there was no construction going on anywhere, and still snow in most places above 1300m. Not sure if they started any work before the winter season but I didn't notice anything when I went up by bike in November
  • 1 0

Last time I checked, which was just last week because I was planning a trip, things were worded a bit differently. This now seems to suggest that at least the trails will actually be open, while it does say that the gondola will be closed in summer 2019. Perhaps just some maintenance work over the summer, like in Schladming?
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 @Andy-FFM: while the trail might be open, I guess it will be almost desert, the road between the bottom of Götzenbahn and muttereralm is a bit dangerous to ride on (bus drivers can be scary) and the fireroads that go up on this side are quite steep.
On the plus side, I guess there won't be any braking bumps on that trail.
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 @zede: yeah, last year during the week, it seemed like I was the only rider down there. Oh, well, less traffic is definitely nice, but I guess no gondola for me simply means that it won't be worth the trip. Anyway, looking forward to see how this new track in Mutters develops.
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 @Andy-FFM @zede Would be cool if someone woke up Patscherkofel and Lizum, would be great if MTB City Innsbruck had more than 3 trails around
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 @zede: a motor-assisted bike could help. Just sayin Smile
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Lizum won't do anything that requires maintenance, or efforts, particularly if it does not bring at least 25K€/day like the least crowded winter week ends.

As for patscherkopfel, they spent almost 100 millions€ to build the new cable car + associated buildings and restaurants, and they were criticized so badly by the locals that I don't think they will dare investing in trail building and so on in the next few years.
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 @Lasse2000: yeah about that... local ebikers started a new smart thing, riding mutters trail uphill...
I guess I'll be called a hater if I criticize so I won't say anything
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 @zede: I heard that the land lease contracts at Patscherkofel forbid the city to build anything mtb related.
  • 2 0
 @zede: These are all good points, I don't know precise numbers, so it's all speculation from my side.

But if I was Patscherkofel about to invest millions of euros in new infrastructure I'd look into all options of bringing more people both summer and winter. Does it not make sense to add a whole new demographic to come to your resort and use the facilities?

As for the Lizum argument, I don't think that's quite a fair comparison.
When the resort is open for skiing there are 7 lifts open and what 20 pistes?
That's a lot of expenses for piste grooming, avalanche safety, facility maintenance and staff.

In the summer however, there are two lifts already working, meaning the staff is already there and the lift maintenance is factored in, no it's not about this massive effort and investment that needs to happen.
It's minimal effort for another whole demographic going to the resort when it's actually relatively quiet.

Does this not make sense? Even if I didn't care about biking it seems quite logical from a business point of view. Or maybe I'm just delusional. Now, are they going to do something like that...probably not soon.
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 @zede: Lizum had n all ready concept in the pocket. Was cancelled very last minute 2 seasons ago due to some of the landowners who changed their minds after they agreed in the first place.
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 @a-aha: isn't Lizum owned mostly by a single family and same for most of the land ? Or did I mix up with another place ?
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 @zede: yes - as you say "most" of the land. In some online guides they even published the Bikepark as "under construction". Really sad, the terrain there would be prime and the infrastructure on point.
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 At Lizum, it’s a landowner issue. But in my opinion, those problems could be solved by utilizing other areas of the mountain, and honestly more suitable building terrain anyway. A lot could be done if there was a little bit of determination. @Milko3D:
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 @joeyjumpthetree: Absolutely agree! I have to admit right away, I don't know the specific issues on each mountain, but most problems should be solvable.

Now, I've been vocal about how the UK, an island with mostly hills and no lifts (apart from Fort William and Nevis Range), has some amazing riding spots and a lot of them available all year round, while here in the heart of the Alps things are...less than optimal for anything other than XC marathons.

While things are generally moving in the right direction, I'd love to do something about it. These guys have monthly meetings and people from the forestry commission also attend - I'm gonna go to the next one and see what's up and maybe voice my concerns.
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 @Milko3D: I'm involved with that group since the beginning! But, if we continue to spread the word, hopefully an official club with a larger voice will soon be achieved (while we are still young enough to actually ride a bike).

FYI- Just heard Tom Pro and GL stepped out of the Bikepark IBK project because they were doing such a half-ass job in executing Tom's plan. So looks like, by default, now the new trails are falling into the hands of the (rotten log) locals again... Frown

Hope we get some decent trails soon!
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 Registration for the dh opens tomorrow 09/04
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 But, you need UCI points so joe punter can't enter. That's what I always loved about Crankworx. Until this year.
  • 2 0
No you don't mate, I just entered without any UCI points.
  • 1 0
 @five-10: ahhh, UCI license not points.
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 Maybe turner bikes can sponsor it and introduce the new lineup of 29 dhr, 29 sultan and and king Kahn?
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 what about an e-bike class?

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