Video: Course Preview with Gee Atherton - Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 11, 2019
by Pinkbike Staff  

Dry and dusty, with plenty of off-camber turns and hucks to flat thrown in for good measure - Saturday's race is going to be a wild one.

Video: Red Bull

MENTIONS: @redbullbike


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 Great preview as always, Gee is doing a fantastic job and I would really wish him a good result! Also only like 1,5 seconds of this awkward bar to chin camera, so maybe get rid of it completely for the next preview??
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 Haha, very well said
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 It's a very useless angle, not sure why they like putting it in.
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 @Clarkeh: ...the brands written on his shirt. This gets mentioned every race.
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 Agreed. Just cause you shot it you don't have to use's still a shit shot.
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 @browner: does it get mentioned every race that they should just do that shot right at the beginning and end? ONLY?
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 @browner: Could be usefull to see the the repeat of is reaction at the end going full "French Linning"
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 As always agreed, I miss Claudios perspective tho. Maybe Gee could something similar and chase someone down the mountain so that we can see the line the front rider is going for.
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 Maybe only use the selfie perspective before and after the race run where it actually makes sense (and still shows sponsors)?
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 The biggest French Line of them all for Les Gets!!
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 How brown do you think the course martial's pants are at 2:28?
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 Court Marshall?
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 Course Marshal**
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 Of course, Marsha.
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 @CRAFTY-P: Marsha's married now?
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 @nickkk: why is everything about Marsha... Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
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 It's like Les Get couldn't be arsed sorting out the break bumps in the bike park so they used the open turf areas.
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 Why would they sort out the braking bumps in the bike park?
Pleny of Brits go back there again and again like zombies no matter how nailed the tracks get, how much it rains, how big the lift queues are, how expensive the lift passes are, how much of a sausage fest it is. And why? I honestly don't know
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 @IllestT: where should I go for a mountain bike holiday that isn’t a sausage fest?!
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 @IllestT: them french sausages give u the rumbles Big Grin
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 @aps62: Whistler has a better ratio
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 @IllestT: I spent a summer in Les Gets in 2006 working for a guiding company - the braking bumps were horrific and if they did decide to fix them they hid a digger on track behind a tree with no warning signs to see how good your brakes were.

At the time it was the best lift assisted riding in Europe and the PdS as a whole is still probably right up there but Chatel trumped Les Gets years before I lived there for riding and continues to do so.

Whistler probably just pips both.....good job I live there now.
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 @aps62: Whistler, for sure.. Guaranteed to see at least 4 bachelorette parties roaming around on a Saturday in August... also, a week before crankworx is Wanderlust yoga festival.. we coincidentally go doing wanderlust weekend every year now. =)
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 @IllestT: i was in PDS 2 weeks ago, not in Les Gets though, but Morzine, Avoriaz and Chatel. Tracks were fine (you may wanna try something else than blue and Red) and Lift Ticket was 18Euros a day for a 6-day-pass. What's expensive here?
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 @aps62: maybe one of the 100's of other bike parks littered across the Alps? There's even plenty of options just inside France.
The options are endless, but apparently Brits only know of one: the PdS.
Every year, again and again...
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 @IllestT: it's easy to get to, easy to organise accommodation, the area is absolutely massive and most importantly, there's tons and tons of incredible riding outside of the bike parks.
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 @Muckal: I was going to say the same thing about the lift pass.
You can get from Morzine all the way over to Chatel on the one pass that costs like, €120 for 6 days!
You get to stay in BPW only, using a truck or van as uplifts, for ONE DAY at £47!
Braking bumps there may be, but expensive it is not.
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 @Muckal: I agree. Probably 100+ trails for 18€ a day. And the quality of the trails is sick as well.
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 On the subject, is anyone around the area from the 22nd August to lift closing on the 8th? Just bought my flights. Would love to of gona somewhere new this year but due to that fact that I dont drive and im a bit skint this year, PDS it it. I am on my own so looking to buddy up and up fro trips to other parks in the region if anyone is driving.
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 What a piss poor track!!! They can't organize their bike park and it seems impossible to design a proper world cup DH track. It does not surprice me....I have not been since 2010 and will never go again.
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 @kiksy: yeah, we dont say the opposite... we just say that you seem to think this is the only place in France like that... in fact there are plenty!
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 @SuperXav: feel free to give recommendations.
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 @aps62: Norway m8!!
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 Cool!! G is human too. Lol going off the track.

Makes it look SO easy. Barely out of breath at the end too... I wouldn’t be able to talk by turn two, I’d be too hypoxic. Hahaha
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 That british french line was priceless. Thanks Gee even if you didn`t do it on purpose. You owe some new pants to that poor marshall by the way Smile
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 if its dry the course will be running just above 3 minutes, hopefully we'll be able to see most of everybody's runs without missing anything "important"
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 This didn’t age well
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 Solid choice for a thumbnail image.
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 got my click! Was surprised to see G went off course. Not as surprised as that marshal was though!
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 Dh super G
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 Just throwing it out there: is that a World Cup standard track?

60% open piste
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 I'm all for super technical tracks, but I'm loving this full speed,open piste, fly away jumps type of track. It has a old school vibe, with new school type of riding. Plus, the dry slippery dirt is not making it easy for anybody, as we can see.
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 Wide slalom piste runs are great I think. They aren't smooth and have unexpected lumps and car exhausts. You can really see peoples technique and I think it's interesting. What I find dull is watching a load of straight jumps being squashed and berms.
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 Based on the struggles on Cathrovision - it's plenty technical for a WC track. Just a different flavor of technical.
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 Brings new light to the term "turf" war. That's a lot of grass...
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 More grass there than a Phish concert in Colorado.
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 Seems like should just have start & finish then just ride any line in between as marked coarse is way harder to stay on track, will be even harder if get some rain?
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 "another road gap, pretty chill" yea i totally know where you're coming from Gee
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 This should be an awesome race. Loved the shortcut! That course marshal was like....oh shit I’m gonna die!!!!
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 Did cannock chase today that was dusty as hell I can tell you, right had my hands full, keeping it rubber side up, ha ????
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 Gee used his brakes 4 times.....I maybe would have used them 5 or 6......
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 I would’ve used them 56 times
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 before the first corner? :-)
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 Me on the other hand would actually only use them once. Top to bottom...
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 13:50... gee's got some time to make up some where... haha
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 Interesting section where he blew through the tape
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 Gonna be GD carnage on the grass if it rains.
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 By race day it will be dirt
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 @lognar: Who will speak for the hundreds of thousands of slaughtered blades of grass?
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 @endlessblockades: *Hans Moleman voice* me
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 Holy! Some spots in this preview (which is great btw) are insane.
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 great track and love Gee. just amazing how de can talk and ride so well
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 What a gnarly track. Full of bomb holes and lots of high speed sections
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 Awesome track. This years favourite.
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 There will be some epic slides if it rains on race day.
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 Love the random bush in the middle of the track
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 so casual...”oh a road gap” lol
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 Gee is the new Claudio.
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