Gee damages thumb!

Jan 7, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
While out training on his motocross bike over the Christmas period Gee bit off one too many peat bogs, which resulted in ulnar collateral ligament damage on his thumb! Here's his description of the big off. "It was a fast crash, on a long open section where I dropped the front wheel into a peaty rut. I got chucked over the bars and landed in a ruck just in time for the bike to land on top of me! I then had to ride back to the house one handed, much to the amusement of Affy and Rach who it appeared had never seen anything as funny!"Gee sees the specialist today but should be fighting fit by the end of the month. The Atherton trio are about to head to California for 6 weeks of training in the sun (not sure what's wrong with Wales in January??) so keep your eyes peeled to for regular updates.


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 Rachel and Gee Athertons World Cup downhill bikes are on ebay now!!!!

I would buy it if I could afford it!
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 gee's has gon 2 me Smile
but rachels is still goin, i herd its in gr8 condition aswell, dan tld a guy i no so its true, get buyin it while u still can coz u wont find a deal this gd agen
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 whats the convertion form pounds to american
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 about 2 dollers to the pound
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 ha u shud see him drivin with 1 hand lol, he turned up to meet me in oswestry with 1 hand strapped up lol. he's a nutter. get well soon man
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 but it is nice to have a one of a kind bike. I bought a syndicate v10 in 06.
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 Please can we stop writing in text speak. Thats for your mobile / cell phone.

Alr8 m8.


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 Good luck finding sun in California! It's been raining for a week straight!
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 What bike does andreu and lluis lacondeguy have and with what commponets i need to know plz=D
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 Oh - by the way - unlucky, hope you're riding again soon!!
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 where you say you wont find a deal that good...a push bicycle is never a good deal for 2800 not matter what it is..think what else you can get for that kind of money!
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 lol he said push bike... And you have a demo... lol. A bit hypocritical sounding to me.
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 2800 for a bike tht thers only 1 or two of in th world, i think thts a gd deal man, mines well gd. th 1 i got from gee is identical spec but mine had a 6.1 rear rim rather thn th 5.1. they ride betta thn th v10 an th iron horse aswell. if u hav th money get it while u still can
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 what a joke, theres no way that the comm. is better than a v10 please.
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 i aint jokin, th v10 was wank for british traks, way to much travel an it aint needed, th commencal only has 7 but tbh now ive ridin wiv 7 i dnt see the point in more thn 7 or 8.

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