Getting to Know: French Moto Champion Turned e-MTB Racer Levy Batista

Jul 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Photogrpahy by Marie Batista // BAT-COM

Levy Batista

The French eMTB racer Levy Batista only embarked on a career in mountain bikes at the end of 2015 after he found he didn't have enough time to focus on his work and compete in motocross racing. Despite being a previous French Motocross Champion, Levy made the switch to mountain bike racing and was planning on competing at EWS-e and eMTB races this season for the Tribe Rocky Mountain PowerPlay Team. We caught up with Levy to talk about his move in eMTB racing and his plans for the future.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from France, in Nancy and I am still around there now.

Who do you ride for?

I am riding for the Tribe Rocky Mountain PowerPlay Team, focusing on eBike and EWS-e events.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have a PhD in statistics, so I work on my computer all day long, computing some math equations, then by 6 pm I go for training either on the bike or at the gym. Then I have some rest with my family or I do videos for my YouTube channel.

How did you get into mountain biking?

At the end of 2015, I was searching for the best second career possible. After more than 20 years on a motorcycle, MTB seemed to be a great option. I was right, I am having a lot of fun and better results come every year.

Why did you decide to make the move from motocross racing into mountain biking?

With motocross I think I was nearly at my best level possible spending that little time on the bike. At the time, I was at school all week, I couldn’t train other than running or going to the gym. I could only be on the bike by the weekend and my level was a bit lost between amateurs and professionals. I was able to have top lap times at qualification but during the race, the lack of riding showed up with mistakes. In the end, I was like: 'Ok, now I can’t progress if I don’t ride more (and I can’t ride more), so either I stick with my level, or I challenge myself switching completely to another discipline.' Here I am.

Do you think there are any skills you can bring across from motorbikes to mountain bikes?

Of course, I was able easily to jump every jump, even putting some whip in the air at the very beginning, but on the other hand, I was really slow in the corners. I was entering corners really fast, but there was no speed to exit. So I had to learn how to corner on MTB. It is a long process but clearly, my background helped me a lot and is still helping me to be an MTB rider and even more an eMTB rider.

What are your strengths?

I am determined and really focus on my goals and I work hard for it.

What are your weaknesses?

I am not talented, and I miss a lot of riding skills on an MTB. It’s been only 5 years, I still feel like a junior.

What’s been the worse crash you've had?

Probably the big OTB I had on a supercross triple jump during a race. I missed the gear into the kick. Being short with the front wheel on such a big jump is gnarly. I fractured both of my wrists. But hey, I had more than 10 fractures, and some ligaments are missing. For that, I spent a lot of time on réhab.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?

I love to go to Les Vosges, a medium mountain one hour from home. There are so many sweet spots to ride over there. But what I prefer is doing races. When you can ride fast all day long on unknown trails without searching for it.

What bikes are you riding right now?

I felt in love with the Rocky Mountain Instinct BC, such a great bike. And I am so glad, I am able to have the same geometry for enduro and enduro eBike.

Who or what inspires you?

So many people and so many things, I try to take the best from every people I meet or see. If we stick with motocross, Ricky Carmichael brought me the work dedication when I was really young, then Ken Roczen helped me to contrast keeping the fun, and Antonio Cairoli inspires me with his loyalty with people that trusted in him before the successful story.

What do you enjoy doing away from bikes?

I enjoy to create. I am doing a lot of videos, or media things.

What do you do to rest and recover after a race?

Nothing, I sit all day in front of my computer at work. That’s my body recovery.

How do you get focused before a race?

My race routine is my way to be focus. From the week before I start preparing the bike, the gears, the car, I am constantly thinking about the race. By trying to let nothing to the hazard, you are in a mood that keeps you focused.

Where do you think the future of e-bike racing is headed?

I think and I hope it will stay really close to the enduro. With racing on the same race tracks during the same weekend. I think the EWS-e format will be just the perfect use of eBikes. With a format that mimics what is done with motocross enduro, with tight times for the transfers and normal enduro specials (plus one short technical special eBike). In the future, there will be eBike specialists, and classic enduro riders will have to adapt to be able to perform in the eBike format.

How were you feeling coming into the 2020 season?

It has been so much time that I am training that I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if I am good or not. During training, sometimes the feeling is so great, and sometimes I feel so slow. I really miss the racing feedback that tells you: "ok you are good" or "you're not even close".

What are your plans for the future?

My objective is to upgrade my level, and being fast which is equal to having fun for me. I also want to spend less time on a desktop and being part of the development of a bike would be a great adventure.


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 Ssooo, still a motorcycle racer then?
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 came here for this
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 Just came here for the comments
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 Yes, ebikes have motors. Is this some big revelation for you?
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 "What do you do to rest and recover after a race?"... Plug the bike into the wall.
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flag Matt115lamb (Jul 13, 2020 at 12:28) (Below Threshold)
 I would wager a emtb racer would use more energy than a 4min DH racer would !
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 @FilipStarcevic: they ride up the hill , across the top then down , then back up for hours where as a DH racer sits on a chairlift and rides down for 4-5 mins !
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 @Matt115lamb: Gwin's too lazy to even pedal, world cup downhill is piss easy.
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 What’s with industry push for e-mtb? Like, why? Bigger margins? Potential to charge beyond 15k for a bike in the future whereas the REAL mountain biking is somewhat set price wise?
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 $$$$$$$$$. Entire industry from Manufacturers to LBS are pushing ebikes like crazy. It opens up an entire market for people who are out of shape and too lazy to get fit. The amount of people who are lazy and out of shape vastly outnumbers the amount of fit people, if the industry can unlock this potential market it means lots of money. That's why everyone including PB is pushing ebikes and legalizing their use.
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 YES to everything you said, plus a way bigger potential market than currently exists. All these things add up to ~$100M's to potentially $B's of dollars on the table that didn't previously exist. That is why they are all clamoring the spot at the head of the table.
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 Yes. Opens up "bicycles" to a whole new market. Anecdotally the people I know that are buying new bikes (mountain or otherwise) are already "core" cyclists that have owned bikes over the years and actively ride. The family and friends that aren't core cyclists and are buying bikes for the "first time", or first bike since they were "kids" are all buying or considering e-bikes. Which is fine for most cases (older, health/physical issues, use as a commuter bike, supplemental e-mtb for quick rips, replacing a car), but a bit annoying when an otherwise healthy 30 year old asks your opinion on what e-mtb they should get as their first ever mtb, but what can you do :shrug:
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 LBS's has teeny tiny margins on e-bikes. We hardly earn any money at all selling e-bikes, same with our suppliers. What we do earn money on, is service and getting more riders out in the woods, which is only positive. Also, for those who say that e-MTB is for those out of shape, have no ide what they are talking about. I have never been in such good shape as I was after I bought my eMTB. You just get more time on the bike more easily and you're lugging 10kg extra bike around on technical trails.
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 @bcatt: yep got overtook at trail the other day, the bloke was massive 19 stone odd haha I had ridden 30k already but still!
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 @megatryn: I’ll go along. But would we feel the same for other sports were something similar could be seen as cheating and only a disservice for the sport. For example, shoes that makes you run faster for less effort. A baseball bat that automatically search for the ball and hits it easier? See my point? Sure it could be awesome for new people entering these sports BUT imagine a “profesional smart bat baseball Championship” it’s absurd as this person saying he’s an e-mtb racer
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 @megatryn: It sounds like you work at or own a bike shop, so I'm guessing that you already were a "bike enthusiast" before you got an ebike. Comparing your experience with fitness to a newbie who doesn't already have a passion for riding but buys an ebike isn't exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.
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 The argument for e-bike riders having a lack of fitness is rhetoric. If power assistance is such a major factor in ones fitness, pro motocross riders must be the weakest athletes ever. That French fella that PB just interviewed must be “too lazy” to get fit as well.
Since when is bringing more money into the industry a bad thing? Money IS a major factor in the speed and quality the sport progresses. The more money that is put into the machine, the better the value, quality, and variety it will produce.
Let’s hit the land access argument too. Land owners could give a rats ass who is recreating on their land. What they care about (in the US) is people suing, squatters trying to take what is theirs, and vandalism/pollution. More users increases the likelihood of a negative they’re trying to avoid. However, e bikes aren’t creating some new adversity to land access as some might say. What we really need is better communication with our generous land owners, and laws to protect them and assure that recreational users will not affect their property or well being.
Ride bikes, have fun. ✌️
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 @bcatt: of course they want money it's a ducking industry! That's what they are here to do!
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 @pipomax: There's already a televised Corn hole championships. Most of these guys look like they couldn't run 2 miles if their life depended on it. In utter disbelief, I could only bear to watch 5 mins. of this, but the shock that this has enough support to be a televised series truly boggles the mind.
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 @pipomax: Shoes that make you run faster for less effort, have you not seen the advancements in basketball, track, football, or baseball shoes in the last 40+ years? How about ski wax that is temp or snow appropriate? Tires that roll faster or stick more. Gears that shift better. These are advancements that all make the sport better in most everyone's eyes not as cheats.
I'll go along lets say that there is a regular 'dumb' bat championship and league we can call it MLB and there was a completely separate league started for Smart bats. Both played in the same stadium but at different times because, different leagues. Would smart batters be cheating? Maybe people give a sh*t and want to watch, maybe not. MLB almost died until a couple of chemically enhanced dudes started hitting a massive amount of home runs each game.
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 Because e-mtbs just make sense moving forward - demand is there.

There is ZERO (thats right, ZERO) evidence that they cause any sort of problems on the trail. Your anecdotal experience with ebikes doesn't matter, and neither does an irrelevant article that you read somewhere. They don't contribute more to erosion as proven by a study, there isn't data to show that they are more dangerous, and they provide a similar workout to regular bikes.

On the plus side, more adoption of eMTBs and eBikes in general means easier option for transportation for a lot of people.

The only people that have issues with eMTBs are those that gatekeep fitness as a barrier to entry, not realizing how dumb they sound.
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 @phops: don't know why you are getting Downvoted, fitness shouldn't be a reason people don't buy bikes.
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 @Srfntrf: those guys are pretty darn good at cornhole though. I couldn’t help but watch.
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 @megatryn: just what I’m looking for...10 extra kg to lug around.
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 @Srfntrf: Oh stop being so melodramatic, your not lamenting bowling, darts, and billiards as being evil for being sedentary sports. Your just shitting on cornhole cause you don't care about it and it's an easy target.
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 @bcatt: enough with the to lazy or fat comments. You really have no clue what you're talking about.
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 @VtVolk: Sure it is. I ride more because of e-bike. So would most other who buy one. More riding equals more movement equals more fitness. Easy.

Also, comparing eMTB with XC is like comparing Enduro with dirt jumping and DH with road riding. It's not the same. It's still riding, but different. Dirt jumpers don't pedal much I don't see anyone hating on those guys?
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 @MattyBoyR6: This massive false equivalence. Putting an engine into a bicycle really does fundamentally change the sport into something else by reducing the skill and athletecism required to gain and hold speed. There are e-mtb's that produce similar torque to a motorcycle and absolutely destroy trails, some e-mtb's dont even require you to pedal. You're acting like people are worried about nothing, but the problem is what happens in the progression of e-mtb? What happenes when they start becoming cheaper and more powerful, when more people buy them and that gain in numbers start pushing against the current restrictions? Do we really want the motocross crowd coming into our trail systems so that manufacturers can make more money because they are not satisfied with their piece of the multi-billion dollar pie??
Look at what already being marketed and sold:
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 @phops: The wee bike crowd needs to stop touting the "zero evidence......."bit, you sound like the orange clown passing wind about "no collusion, no collusion". I think any reasonable person would agree that new users cause increased problems on the trail. This is common in any workplace like a hospital with annual hiring of new grads. Errors definitly increase during the next 3 months, statistics do not lie. Ignorance does not fail to create problematic situations. ebikes increase trail use, and an overwhelming amount of those users are not only new to the sport but oftentimes complete newcomers to the outside in general, so there are going to be more problems on the trail, its inexorably linked. Its an education issue, something that is a lost cause with the general public. Ebike attracts more of the general public than a mountain bike because its more user friendly. Your opinion on whether or not you want more of the general public involved in your sport is your own to make. Personally I do not.
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 @gillyske: You are grouping other electric bikes with class 1 ebikes. If it has a throttle or goes over 20mph, it isn't a class 1 ebike and doesn't belong on the trails. We have plenty of ebikes on our trails and I have never seen a class 2 or 3. If it did, I would be concerned, like you are. I just don't see it happening.

I ride both ebikes and trail bikes. It's basically the same experience on the trails, except my legs last longer. The rest of my body still fatigues the same. I wouldn't say it fundamentally changes the sport. To me it seems like its one more niche in the sport.

Ebikes would only increase people's skill level, just like riding a mountain bike would. Yes, you may not get climbing legs, like someone would on a regular bike crushing hills, but it is still a good workout. I regularly ride both and I always chuckle when someone says it for lazy people. With any fitness equipment, its up to the user to get the workout. If you are taking it easy on an ebike, you would probably be taking it easy on a regular mountain bike too. You are either push yourself or you don't.

I get that you are concerned about the trail systems but I don't think the progression is going to go in the direction you think it is. I think the ebikes have reached peak power. We may see a few come out with a little more, but riders are more interested in distance and weight vs power output. I think the progression of ebikes will be in variety. At first they were mostly all mountain or enduro types (Shuttle bikes). Now that the market is pretty well established, we will start to see more bikes like the Levo SL, and maybe some aggressive hardtails. Lighter bikes with smaller motors, covering the XC and trail markets.

Added power doesn't help you on the trails. You can only go up technical sections so fast. If the sections are really techy, you have to turn the power down. Most of the time, the rider would use the full power for shuttling up fire roads, which is still more exercise than not being our there.

The video shows an electric motorcycle. It isn't even a pedal bike. It's a motorcycle. Yes, if we saw that on the trails there would be a problem. Just like if we saw a gas powered one on the trails.

I don't care if people don't want an ebike or like them, for that matter. I just seems like people are blowing the woes of ebikes out of proportion.
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 @PtDiddy: That video is filmed on a trail I ride regularly and we are seeing tons of those things around the parts where I am from. I dont particularly have a problem with people that use their pedal assist e-bike to go up a fire road and then go down a track. But with e-bikes getting more power, more torque, fatter/heavier wheels and tyres with bigger studs... the writing is on the wall about where that crowd is headed.
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 @gillyske: bigger studs? Haven't seen any e tires out there that are any different from a MTB tire.
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 @d-man: Michelin E Wild to name one
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 @megatryn: funny logic. So if I follow you 2h if uphill is less exercise than 3h flat because less movement ?
You insights on exercise physiology are wonderful
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 @zede: I ride more with an e-bike. Some is more than nothing, which is often the alternative. You have obviously never ridden a e-bike properly. I still put in my own watts when riding my e-bike, I just go faster and further than on my regular bikes. Don't kick it 'till you've tried it. Wink
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Its hilarious that you claim that i need to stop with "zero evidence" claims, when literally in the next sentences you pull some random statements out of your ass like they are fact.

You don't know the statistics of injury rates of new users in mountain biking in general, you have no data on how many new users to ebikes attract, you have no idea if newer people starting out on ebikes are more dangerous than newer people starting out on regular bikes.

I know this is mentally hard for you to realize because of your insecurities and consequently massive desire to gatekeep the sport, but as a mature person, you should be able to understand that unless you have concrete evidence for any of the statements that you are saying, you may as well not say anything, because all of that is empty. I can make a statement that ebikes are safer because they are heavier and promote slower riding, and that would be as valid as any of the shit you said.
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 @gillyske: I would be as bothered as you are if I saw tons of those dirt bikes on my local trails as well. That is not right. But you can't punish the people playing by the rules for it. That is making rules based on the lowest common denominator. If what what you are saying is happening, then we need to deal with that issue. Banning or hating on the bike companies and riders, that are following the rules, wont fix the problem.

I don't know exactly what the answer is. But maybe clear labeled stickers on the different bikes, stating classification and where they are legal to ride. And local authorities cracking down on illegal vehicles on the trails. We just don't have that problem here, in Northern California. Plenty of ebikes, but they are legal. 80% of them are Levos.

I am just going to have to disagree with you on where the crowd is heading. I see the Levo SL as an example of the next phase of ebikes. I think the last thing people want are heavier bikes. Fatter tires will only preserve trails. Force divided by area equals pressure. So the more area, the less pressure applied.

The lug pattern on the E wild tires is the same as the Wild Enduro tires. The tire is just a wider tire. It comes in 2.6-2.8 vs the enduro 2.4s width. the wider tire is going to spread the pressure out and have less impact on the trail.
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> Putting an engine into a bicycle really does fundamentally change the sport into something else by reducing the skill and athletecism required to gain and hold speed.

Please understand that literally, not a single person in the world, gives a f*ck about what you think is the appropriate level of skill and athleticism required for mountain biking. You are nobody, your opinion does not matter, and you don't have any real voice in mountain biking that people heed or respect. All you are doing by whining about stuff like this is making yourself look dumb.
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 I haven't been on pinkbike since around 2014 and its come to this. Where's the old throw a t-shirt on go shred attitude gone? I am not against ebikes for what they are however I do believe they should be considered a different sport category to push bike mountain biking.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: I love lamp.

And turtles.
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 @phops: Sorry I dont have the time to look up an article for you to not read. Too busy actually riding a bicycle or working in the f*cking hospital. I've been on both side of the coin in both areas. Everyones new at first and makes mistakes, some people learn and get better. Not sure which you are but I've got a good guess. Regardless of that all, why the faaaakkkkk would any sane person give the newcomer the more sophisticated instrument? I mean would you give a baby legos? No, they start with building blocks. Start slow go go go, start fast just wont last. Sorry you've got nothing to lose in Texas, but some of us are lucky enough to have public lands worth protecting and that includes from morons riding mtbs as well as emtbs. Cut a switch back on anything I'm gonna yell at you. Gonna yell at the hiker too.
Not that it'd ever be a possibility for you but imagine having 3k descents down a coastal mountain range, ending just miles from some of the most beautiful coastline on the West coast. Now imagine thats all within 1.5 hours of one of the largest cities in the world. I mean shoot its got a greater GDP than all of Texas, its a very large population center. Try to do the math on the trail impacts that occur from that population pressure. Like I said, its easy to say laisse faire when you have very little to lose.
But try some more insults, that'll show everyone how awesome of a pinkbiker forumer that you are. I probably should just try to lose my job so I can have enough time to patrol every wee bike related topic and respond to as many posts as I can. That way people will know how awesome ebikes are and how I definitely don't have a chip on my shoulder at all or anything.
On a positive note, I cant imagine all the time youve wasted posting and not playing emtb. Guess its like a public service, one more dolt, err volt off the trails.
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>Sorry I dont have the time to look up an article for you to not read. Too busy actually riding a bicycle or working in the f*cking hospital.

But it seems you have time to come on PB and state some baseless bs. HMMMMM.

So to sum up your argument, because babies with very little cognitive ability start with building blocks instead of legos, that means that newer people who manage to get enough money to buy an expensive eMTB sare going to somehow damage trails.

Its kinda sad that you don't even realize how incredibly moronic you sound.

Also, its funny how you assume that just because Im in support of emtbs, I ride one.
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 @phops: Calm down there buddy, some people might think you actually care. Also ignored the second half of the comment, these electric motor bikes keep getting stronger, their wheels and tyres getting bigger and the riders getting fatter but yet still want access to the same trails. I know my clubs trail crew is certainly not happy with them.
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 @gillyske: so ebikes make people fatter now? That’s amazing.
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 @gillyske: RC had a great point of view on his Downtime Podcast interview about eBikes that I think is very on-point, as he's been involved with mountain biking literally since it's beginning. As he puts it, the problem with eBikes is you buy a 250w eBike this year that allows you to go 10mph constant or whatever but you spend $8k on it. In a few years, you're shopping for a new eBike, you're not shopping for another 250w bike you want the new 350w eBike that was released, and so on until eBikes are basically just motorcycles that can you pedal. I'd recommend a listen
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 @chacou: so why is the Levo SL selling so well then?
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 @PtDiddy: marketing, and in a few years when those people that bought a Levo SL are looking for something new they won't likely buy the same size motor/power output, they'll want likely want to "upgrade" like most/all of us do when we're shopping for a new bike. And what do upgrades on an eBike look like, lighter weight, more rigid fork/frame, but also longer lasting battery and great power output motor.
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 @chacou: I down graded my motor and battery. Went from a Levo to the SL. So not everyone is looking for more power.
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 @PtDiddy: I bought a new bike this this year but did not upgrade per say. Last year was a carbon Ripmo, this year an alloy Hightower. Funny how the so called expert puts alot of assumptions together to make up his statement. Stop basing arguments on personal opinion vs actual facts.
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>I know my clubs trail crew is certainly not happy with them.

Nobody cares about your club trails crew or their opinion. Not sure why that is hard to understand.
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 @PtDiddy: Good for you, maybe one day you'll ride an "analog" bike again? Judging on historical and current trends, I'd bet the industry, and thus general public, will go in another direction
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 @chacou: I still own a trail bike. I ride them both in equal amounts of time. I have a 2020 Rift Zone 1 that is all pimped out with used parts I got on Pinkbike. Love it. I enjoy both a lot.
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 @phops: If you don't care about the people that build and maintain trails then you really should just piss off.
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 @danielstutt: "I haven't been on pinkbike since around 2014 and its come to this. Where's the old throw a t-shirt on go shred attitude gone?"
The users all got old.
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 @MattyBoyR6: haha touche.
  • 1 1
 @pipomax: Oofa, this comment didn't age well in light of EWSE.
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 His comment about not being able to get enough seat time on the motorbike which led to the switch to MTB really rang true to me as well. Being able to ride local trails on weekdays is such a game changer when it comes to getting enough seat time and progressing.
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 Its going to be a very long time before eMTB races aren't scoffed at, lets face it.
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flag phops (Jul 13, 2020 at 12:32) (Below Threshold)
 Don't mistake PB comments section for reality. People who actually ride have zero problems with eMTBs.
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 @phops: Neither do I! I own one and ride it a lot, but outside of the weekend warrior groups, its still hard to see it getting the sponsorships and backing that enduro and DH gets.
  • 13 11
 @phops: I think the more you ride, the more you're going to hate them. It's really only the casuals of this sport who appreciate ebikes. So, pretty much the exact opposite of what you said.
  • 3 1
 @fullendurbro: What is a casual of this sport?
  • 3 3
 Seeing footage, vlogs and reports from eMTB-enduros, they seem like no joke! Looks absolutely mental!

I reccommend this:
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 @fullendurbro: I guess you don't get out much because many pro level racers are riding e bikes in their training.
  • 2 2
 @d-man: I'm well aware, especially consider that I am a "pro level racer" who happily rides my ebike about 1x/week.. But pros riding ebikes are the exception. 99% of e-bike riders are people who aren't fit enough to ride a normal bike or people who have busy work lives/kids and want to complete a good ride in 40 minutes rather than 80.
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 @PtDiddy: People who a) dont' race b) aren't competitive c) don't browse pinkbike d) don't have strong opinions e) just ride for fun f) probably don't have the fitness to ride 3k feet/15+ miles or have kids/job that doesn't allow them to spend 2+ hours on a bike after work.
  • 2 0
 @fullendurbro: I don't race, but I do have kids and own my own business. But I still find plenty of time to ride. I can easily do 15+ miles, but 3k feet would be about my limit on a regular mountain bike. Yes, finding time to do more than 2 hours of mountain biking is hard. I usually get out 3-4 times a week, with about 1.5 hours per ride. So I am kinda in your casual description.

I have been riding an ebike for over a year, along with my trail bike, and I haven't grown to hate it. I started out with a Levo and ended up riding it less, because it required longer ride times to get a workout. Then I reduced the Eco mode so I got more leg workout in a shorter time. But at that point I was lugging around a heavy bike with a long chainstay, just for a little extra leg power. So I kept choosing my trail bike over it, unless I had time to do a really long ride. I liked the Levo, but it wasn't a great fit for me. Sold the Levo to a friend and bought the SL. Its been a perfect fit for my riding style.

I find that you don't save much time on a ebike. You only go faster on the ups, and if they are technical, you may only go the same speed you usually would. I would have to look at my stats, but I think I average about 2mph more on the ebike. Of course that depends on the elevation change of the trail. More climbing would increase the mph difference.
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 @PtDiddy: I'm glad you found a bike that works for you!
  • 18 7
 Ebikes are to cycling what boogie boards are to surfing. Sure they're fun to mess around on but when it comes to it, no one takes them seriously. Even non-cyclists scoff at them.
  • 6 3
 Please do not slander boogie boards like that. Compared to ebikes, they represent the pinnacle of sport. I personally do not ride one, but only because I do not own one. I've seen incredible days that were a bit too heavy too body surf that would have been incredible fun on a proper body board. Body boarders pioneered many of the mega heavy spots around that globe that are now surfed with conventional boards. But they were first sent on body boards. I suppose its similar to how aid climbing opened up the big walls to being climbed with any artificial aid. And I suppose there must be some sort of similarity between e mtb and riding a bike, but I cant see it for the life of me. I cant see it adding anything to the sport.
  • 1 0
  • 3 0
 Except body boarders paddle as much if not more than surfers...
  • 20 9
 The fact that he doesn't have to do anything to recover goes to show how much of a joke this racing category is. But hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.
  • 5 2
 It's still lugging around a heavy bike on the descents, but he's used to motos so they probably feel really light...
  • 3 0
 Totally. I take three beers to recover so clearly he’s slacking.
  • 13 1
 e-bike article? I just came here for the comments
  • 19 13
 He says "In the future, there will be eBike specialists, and classic enduro riders will have to adapt to be able to perform in the eBike format." Umm, no. So you're saying that ebikes are going to take over the world?

I love my motos too, but no on the ebikes for me. How ironic he goes from one motor to another.
  • 15 35
flag phops (Jul 13, 2020 at 8:50) (Below Threshold)
 For Enduro racing, eMTB format has the potential to be more exciting. You would have full on DH courses with dual crown DH bikes, with every rider/team trying to optimize things like weight, battery capacity, motor selection, e.t.c for the best setup.
  • 51 2
 @phops: yeah, that sounds horrible.
  • 18 3
 @scary1: it does, imagine live feed cutting from trail to the pits and two techs are watching graphs on screen trying to optimise the electronic setup. f*ck that, let's keep it simple.
  • 19 7
 @phops: Why not just ride/race an electric motorcycle? Why even bother pedaling? What's the point if it's not human propelled?
  • 8 1
 @phops: so you mean exactly like current enduro racing, minus the batteries, motors, and dual crown forks?
  • 9 14
flag justgoride (Jul 13, 2020 at 12:04) (Below Threshold)
 @LeDuke: it's still f*cking human propelled, you just get some (some!) help.
  • 6 0
 Nah mate, he's just saying that if normal/conventional/anologue enduro racers want to compete in Eduro then they'd need to adapt, not that Ebikes are going to take over.
  • 10 2
 @justgoride: like "some" 250-350 electric watts which is just about 100% of sustainable threshold power for really fit amateurs

Ebikes really just have the worst and unnecessary complicated accelerator throttle. Pedals...
  • 8 6

Its not hard to understand that an electric motorcycle cannot be pedaled without power, and that vehicle optimization for eMTB racing will include things like whether to go heavy and have much more assist to make uphills irrelevant, or go lighter to speed up downhills at the expense of having to pedal more. And courses can be designed to be longer and more grueling so that some pedaling will be required.

Then again this is pinkbike comment section, so yeah, its probably hard for you guys to understand this. You see the word "motor" and instantly have a stroke.
  • 3 2
 @Wheeeliemann: that's true, but he is still working hard and probably going faster than he would on an anologue bike.
  • 5 3
 @VtVolk: Except that the competition can have more challenging uphills than fire roads, no lifts, more challenging stages with flatter sections that require pedaling, e.t.c. Teams/riders will have to choose either a lighter bike for quick dh performance, or a heavier bike that saves more energy on the uphills and flatter sections at the expense of being slower on the tighter dh sections.
  • 9 2
 What even is the point of e-bike races? I thought the main point of e-bikes is either to get more laps, or you're really old, or just lazy... ? From a spectators point of view it doesn't seem different
  • 4 0
 Have a look at some vlogs from e-MTB enduros. looks totally brutal! Super long climbs and insanely long descends, which puts anyone at a test. Even though you got 250W of help, you still need to put in your own watts.

I reccomend this:
Props to you if you think you could do this on a regular bike!
  • 7 4
 I just did the CES eDuro (Men eMTB Sport Class) few weeks ago at China Peak, Ca and it was a lot of work. To all of you that don't ride a eMTB, throwing around a 50+lbs bike on tech trails is not easy at any speed. I do think that in the true sense of Enduro there should be 1 or maybe 2 climbing stages for the eMTB class.
Again Moto Enduro, eMTB Enduro and MTB Enduro all are different sports, can't compare them they just all have 2 wheels.

PS: If Mr. Levy Batista is not doing any real training for eMTB EWS Enduro's he is not going to win any.
  • 6 0
 I agree, Eews defo needs some gnarly long technical climbs!
  • 3 5
 All enduro should be climbing...

I don't race enduro because off all the lame lifting involved. Sure, if you are in a lower class, fine. But if you are Expert/ shouldn't be using a lift for a 4000' day.
  • 6 1
 @JSTootell: I don't race enduro because of all the lame pedalling. DH rules!
  • 2 0
 @JSTootell: I agree again. It's about dh bikes that can climb, don't use the lift! Maybe to get up to the first really gnarly stage but other than that, should be self propelled climbing.
  • 2 0
 @megatryn: Totally different format.

Besides, if you aren't pedaling a DH bike to get more speed on the DH, are you even sending it?
  • 2 0
 @JSTootell: I do have a drivetrain on my DH, but not for pedalling up. That's what shutteling is for. Also: Why do people then compare eMTB with enduro, it's not the same!

And I do think people are forgetting all the flack enduro got a few years back when it was new, now everybody loves it. One rides enduro for the downhills, not the uphills, if you do; go race XC you O2-snapper! The uphills are just a neccecary evil to get to the downhill, which is why shutteling/lifts exists.
  • 2 0
 @megatryn: I have absolutely nothing against DH. Shuttling DH? Cool, makes perfect sense. All about getting the maximum efficiency on the DH.

Enduro isn't the same. You are SUPPOSED to climb the bike. They compromise on the bike design so it can climb. They come with massive cassettes so they can climb.

I do also race XC. I raced this Saturday for the first time since last year. Felt pretty good to put in a hard effort again. But as I prefer the chunky style of riding, I also brought my E29 (I camp out every weekend). Packed the XC bike inside the car and did a light (for me) 1600 meter day at the bike park. Except instead of waiting in a line to take a lift, I pedaled up each lap.
  • 3 0
 in my opinion, the fact that e-bikes are taking over, and that is happening by the choice of the majority doesn't surprise or bothers, cuz again authentic real experiences are never trendy...
  • 4 0
 Wait until few years. Ebike will be too mainstream and some "revolutionary" will start using their own power to go up the mountains. All the cool kids will follow and brag about it like it's a new thing they invented.
  • 2 1
 People going on about lazy ebikers , when the whole cool dude downhill scene reliys on tractor uplifts and old ski lifts so thay can pretend to be on motocross bikes doing wips over jumps ... I haven't even got an ebike but when iv ridden one it's been great fun and got great leg pump climbing hills not possible on a normal bike...
  • 14 11
 There is such a thing as 'full time emtb racer'??
No hate for the ebikes, but, emtb racer isn't a thing.
  • 5 6
 Pretty certain it is... No hate for the idiots who decide that ebikes aren't real...
  • 14 11
 Some people level up, others...not so much.
  • 7 4
 French Moto champion picks a different motor. Fixed it for ya PB.
  • 6 3
 My condolences on your disability and aging. It happens to the best of us
  • 4 1
 >EMTB professional Athlete, Has a Full time desk job.
  • 2 0
 lots of gatekeeping and hate in the comments lol.
just enjoy what you ride guys Smile
  • 3 1
 Spelled “Las Vegas” wrong..
  • 3 2
 Clearly PB has a" dark agenda" towards ebikes... Ebike=Motorbike. Not subliminal anymore... but hey respect.
  • 3 1
 Any actually come here to "get to know" this guy?

Doubt it.
  • 2 0
 Went ebiking today - barely had a sweat.
  • 3 6
 I live in Colorado's Front Range, and the only riders I've seen on ebikes are less fit, older folks. I'm sure there are younger riders out there. I just haven't run into them. In terms a fitness, getting a gravel bike was the best move I've ever made. Just putting miles on that thing on varied terrain has put me in the best cycling shape of my life. Way cheaper than an ebike, too.
  • 1 1
 He be on a proper team like Commencal team soon !
  • 4 5
 Ebike Enduro?? Thats's a thing? Lol. Enduro stages are mostly shuttled anyway. Now they need a motor? For what?
  • 1 0
  • 14 14
 Same sport
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