Getting to Know Vincent Tupin

Feb 27, 2016
by Olly Forster  
PB Getting to Know - Vinny T


If we are to be shaped by the environment we grow up in, then surely this will be reflected in the way we ride our bikes. And while many of the rules that apply elsewhere in this sport do little to affect the world of freeriding, environmental circumstances more often than not do, not only molding the rider, but how they interpret the trails and the landscape they call home. Vincent Tupin, or Vinny T as many of us have become accustomed to, is one such rider whose alpine home and love of creativity and freedom has done exactly that. Ripping high alpine descents at speed before throwing his bike sideways, upside down and just about anywhere he sees fit, puts this young and highly engaging Frenchman on the radar of anyone who loves to watch true freeriding in its natural habitat...

PB Getting to Know - Vinny T

Who is Vincent Tupin?
My name is Vincent Tupin, but my friends call me Vinny or Vinny T. I'm 21 years old and I ride bikes

Where are you from and where do you live?
I'm from Evian in France, which is near the Swiss border in the French Alps.

Who do you ride for?
I ride for Scott, Syncros, Châtel, Five Ten, MTB Morzine Beds, Mozartt Components and Hope Tech.

Where are you happiest?
I think that when it comes down to it, I’m happiest at home. I’m fortunate enough to live next to some really good riding. I love the feeling of summer in the local bike parks and then autumn on the local tracks. That being said, I’m also happy when traveling.

PB Getting to Know - Vinny T
What’s been your favourite race/contest venue?
I really enjoyed the Chatel Mountain style back in 2012. Nowadays, I really enjoy the FEST Series.

Where are your favourite trails?
My favorite trails are definitely around my hometown. Between the trails in France and those in neighboring Switzerland, there isn’t much more to ask for. I also love to ride in Les Vosges with my good friend Eliott. Otherwise, there some places in Canada where I was able to ride last summer like Retallack and the Coast Gravity Park. Utah was also rad!

What are your strengths?
I have a great structure of people around me, in particular my friends. They have helped push my riding.

What are your weaknesses?
I actually don’t like riding roots that much! My friends always make fun of me about this...

What’s been your worst crash over the years?
I’ve had some big crashes over the years and fortunately not leading to any big injuries. The worst was in Belgium at a FEST Series comp 2-years ago… I came up too short on the last jump and went straight over the bars and pretty hard too!

PB Getting to Know - Vinny T

What’s been your luckiest escape?
Man, there have been so many. I feel like I have a lucky escape during every session!

Which bike from over the years, conjures up the best memories?
It has to be the Scott Gambler. I’ve been riding it for three years now and it has definitely served me well.

What bikes are you riding right now?
I run the Scott Voltage YZ for dirt jumps, the Scott Voltage FR for freeride and bike parks and of course, the Scott Gambler for downhill and the FEST Series.

Photo by Christoph Laue
Photo by Christoph Laue

Who’s your favourite rider?
I’ve got a few! Nico Vink, Brendog, R-dog, Andreu Lacondeguy, Semenuk and Dennis Ennarson.

Who or what inspires you?
I am definitely inspired by my close friends and I’m constantly learning from them. I also watch a lot of videos to gain inspiration from others.

What do you enjoy doing away from bikes?
I really enjoy building new trails, going out with my friends and skiing during the winter months. We can always find something cool to do.

What are you listening to right now?
Mostly rock and Hip-Hop.

What’s your favourite movie or TV show?
I don't watch too many movies or TV. When I have some free time, I much prefer to go outside and do something else.

What’s your favourite non-bike website?

What’s your favourite motto or saying?
I don’t really have one, but when someone does something wild in front of me on a bike, I tend to say something odd!

What grinds your gears?
I hate when my mechanic skills aren’t up to scratch!

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What makes you happy?
Just a good day on the bike with my buddies, nothing less, nothing more!

If you weren’t a pro mountain biker, what would you be doing?
I don’t know, but it would have to be bike related though!

If you were in charge of the sport, what changes would you make?
I’d try to build more bike parks! Good ones too…

Royalfest Festseries

When you hang up your riding shoes, how do you want to be remembered?
As nice person who was happy to help out others. I hope the videos we make with Shaperideshoot will be remembered!

What does the future hold for Vincent Tupin?
I just want to keep doing what I’m doing!

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  • + 66
 Such a humble and stylish rider. I wish him all the best with his success. Always fun to ride with him.
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 Ha first time I've seen him with no helmet on cause he's always shredding something, your videos are always some of the best on the net. Your one of the riders that inspires me to push my limits charge on keep doing what you're doing its awesome.
  • + 13
 Yes mec on se pete le tronc
  • + 6
 Sure alors
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  • + 5
 Always love a Vinny T vid, always killer style. Usually a great sound track!
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 What’s your favourite movie or TV show?
I don't watch too many movies or TV. When I have some free time, I much prefer to go outside and do something else.

This is it
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 Shaperideshoot And Vincent Turpin are most inspired personn in France for stylish free riding et quality video. We Will always remember of you.
  • + 5
 Hello Vincent tupin, nice to meet you Wink
  • + 4
 Bring back chatel mountain style
  • + 2
 .29 seconds in, squirrel nibbling vittles in a tree. So cute, just sayin.
  • + 1
 Dont forget the "how to test prototypes" vid, which was so great!
  • + 1
 Vinny T is fire - always excited to see a new edit. All the best dude!
  • + 1
 I Hope soon Vinny-T signed with Red Bull for sponsor !!!!
  • + 1
 Fest series is fuckin' what it's all about! Vinny T go for it!
  • + 1
 would love to go riding with him one day
  • + 1
 Tickle his bollocks and watch him fly!
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 Now that was a rad edit.
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