Giant Releases New Reign E+ With Mixed Wheels

Aug 17, 2021
by Matt Beer  

Giant quietly unveiled their new 2022 Reign E+ platform, which has undergone quite a few changes, like battery capacity, wheel size, geometry updates, and a new motor. They've called on EWS-E team rider, Josh Carlson, for feedback and the new platform improves the capabilities of the bike.

There are four bikes in the range, all featuring alloy frames with 160mm of rear wheel travel and a 170mm fork. Visually, the most apparent change is the move to a 29" front wheel.

A new Yamaha motor delivers 85 Nm of torque and raises the ground clearance compared to the previous bike. That redesigned motor allowed Giant to shorten the chainstays from a whopping 470mm down to 454mm.


• Wheel size: 29" front, 27.5" rear
• Travel: 170mm front, 160mm rear
• Increased motor clearance
• Aluminium frame
• Maestro flip chip at seat stay pivot
• 63.7º or 64.5º head angle
• 76.7º or 77.5º seat tube angle
• Sizes: S-XL
• Price: $4,500 - $5,600 USD (Reign E+ 3, 2 models)
• Price: $6,899 - $9,299 CAD (Reign E+ 2, 1, 0 models)
Another advancement is the jump up to an integrated battery that sees the top-end E+0 receive a 750 Wh battery. That increases the range by 20% over the old bike and charges to 80% capacity in about 2 hours with the Giant Smart Charger.

The availability will vary depending on what part of the world you live in and price is subject to change. Giant Canada will stock the Reign E+ 2, 1, and 0, ranging from $6,899 CAD to $9,299, respectively, while Giant USA will only carry the Reign E+ 3 and 2 models priced at $4,500 USD and $5,600.

In Australia, pricing will be as follows. Reign E+ 0: $10,999 AUD, Reign E+ 1: $9,499 AUD, Reign E+ 2: $8,499 AUD.


The flip chip in the seatstay alters the head and seat tube angle by 0.8-degrees and changes the BB height by 10mm.

Reign E+ 0 Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock, Fox 38 Float Factory 170mm fork, SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Code RSC brakes (220mm F /200mm R), Giant e-TRX wheels, 750 Wh battery.

Reign E+ 1 Fox Float X2 Performance Elite rear shock, Fox 38 Float Performance Elite 170mm fork, Shimano Deore XT drivetrain, Shimano Deore XT brakes (200mm F /200mm R), Giant e-TR1 wheels, 625 Wh battery.

Reign E+ 2 Fox Float DPX2 Performance, RockShox ZEB Select 170mm fork, and a SRAM drivetrain, SRAM Code R brakes (220mm F /200mm R), Giant AM 29 rims w/ Giant eTracker hubs, 625 Wh battery.

Specs were unavailable for the E+ 3 at this time.

Motor, Display and Battery

Yamaha has worked with Giant to make a more compact motor that is lighter than the previous generation Reign E+. The 85 Nm of torque is delivered by the 2.7 kg SyncDrive Pro motor and now gives way to 37mm more clearance. It also looks to be set back to further keep it out of harm's way.

The display has been relocated from the handlebars and integrated into the top tube. From there you can switch power modes and monitor battery levels easily or use the RideControl Ergo 3 remote. This unit fits into the grip for a clean and easy bar mount and a second controller can be mounted on the other grip for more options at your fingertips.

SmartAssist is an automatic adaptive support mode, so instead of manually choosing the power settings, six sensors pick up on your pedal inputs and keep things simple, selecting the best power support for the trail.

Like many other brands, the LED screen is now neatly mounted in the top tube and limits the risk of damaging the display in a crash.

Giant have poured a lot of time and effort into testing prototypes of this bike with Josh Carlson and others.


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 The white is really nice!! But id hate to take it out on a Reign E day... I'll show myself out.
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 Dammit. Beat me to it. I'll walk with you.
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 Meh I dunno, I'm pretty sure you could listen to some electro Anthems whilst you're out there
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 @sewer-rat: These Anthems, along with a little XTC, make me drop into a Gloryous Trance. (Pardon the typo, not the pun.)
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 Martin Maes tro only.
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flag CSharp (Aug 17, 2021 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 Especially on Reign E + 3 days where you know you're getting SRAM's crappy low end stuff! Mic drop>
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 Make it Reign, down tube belongs in the strip club.
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 In Giant's style. No BS. No fireworks. But a lot of Glory after many years of fun riding a technically problem free machine. Probably an E-Bike I was waiting for.
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 Significantly bigger battery capacity is a plus too.
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 457mm chain stay on the small? Hopefully the they have built in wireless internet so you can send an email when you are ready to turn!
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 27.5" wheel and 457mm CS?! Put a box behind you and call it DHL delivery bike.
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 Finally you can ride a bike and be in 2 different time zones at the same time
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 that's got to be a typo- I seriously doubt they have a different rear triangle for the small, and it definitely doesn't change length when you adjust geo like the chart says. so a typo for sure.
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 oh boy......from their website:

"The most accurate way to determine any bike’s weight is to have your local dealer weigh it for you. Many brands strive to list the lowest possible weight, but in reality weight can vary based on size, finish, hardware and accessories. All our bikes are designed for best-in-class weight and ride quality."

isnt that some bullshit! "hey we are billion dollar conglomorate that makes 10's of thousands if not 100's, but we are incapable of telling you what a thing weighs because.....paint?"
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 Cocoat: what a thing weighs because ... paint?
Dangerholm: hold my beer
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 I agree that it's a bit silly but they've said that for years and quite a few other brands don't list weights on the website either. Honestly when I saw the picture my first thought was the weight too, it just looks so chunky.
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flag alexisalwaysonfire (Aug 17, 2021 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 tbh stating weight is pointless, I recently got a capra which is 15.5 kg on YTs website, but then after changing to downhill tyres , sealant , pedals , hoe brakes, bike now weights 16.8 haha
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 Cable lengths, parts substitutions, steerer length etc all have an effect on weight that whiney people like you go online and complain about.
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: say what? That’s the silliest thing I have heard in ages.

So there is no point in knowing the weight of a bike as sold because you may change a load of parts on it?

I won’t bother weighing myself ever again as I may put weight on…
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 @thedirtyburritto: Then write +- xxxg then, it’s not too hard a task, surely?
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 @justanotherusername: 20Kg +- 10Kg. Happy now?
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 @justanotherusername: because I chang almost anything on my bikes it isn't that important but every bike I bought had at least the frame weight for M listed with or without the OEM shock.
So I don't understand how they cant even say that.

I also couldn't not find the weight for the Rotwild Enduro E-MTB. Stupid because its almost 18kg with good tires.
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 @alexisalwaysonfire: then list the frame weight at least(motor and battery included obviously)
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 @thedirtyburritto: LOL. do you really think people are going to complain if a bike listed at 26.8 Kg is actually 26.85kg when it shows up?

2x LOL @ cable length and steerer tube affecting the weight of an ebike
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 Weight is so last year. I want to know the center of mass and the mass moment of inertia along the three orthogonal axes. I'll ask my lbs to measure that for me.
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 @conoat: I'm over here like: Tell me you dont work for a bike manufacturer, without telling me you dont work for a bike manufacturer.

You would be suprised at the absolutely assenine shit people complain about. I promise: more companies would communicate weights if there were not legions of nerds with nothing better to do than find a discrepancy, and endlessly threaten legal action if ( fill in the blank ) is not done to 'rectify the situation'.

Its maddening.
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 @justanotherusername: OK, then please tell me how many grams +/- is enough for manufacturers to cover all contigencies, but not so much you will complain that we are not being forthcoming with the 'real weight'.

its an endless battle mate. You can thank all the keyboard warriors out there with nothing better to do than make some poor sod in customer services' life a nightmare due to constant complaints.
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 @thedirtyburritto: it's real simple. +/- 2(or whatever)%.

you're making excuses to not try, based on not wanting to do like 30 seconds of CYA!???
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 @thedirtyburritto: lets cut the shit......they just don't want to put the weight in print because this thing is fatter than yo momma! that's what all the mealy mouthed lawyery sounding "have your LBS weigh it!" BS is about. They don't want to turn everyone off of the 58lb preggers seahorse before they even step into a shop.
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2% of a 20kg bike is 400g ....that means a given model can swing 800g between two 'identical' bikes.

Again. Never, ever acceptable in the market.
No sane person would try and communicate a weight window like that.

go back to your job, lunch time is almost over
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 @conoat: as already mentioned though, the weight thing is the same across their entire range of bikes. Doesn’t matter if that’s a 7kg road bike or a 25kg ebike, they aren’t telling you. Your assumption that they are hiding because it’s heavy is off the mark
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 @conoat: chuckled at pregnant sea horse
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 @conoat: tell me you’ve never worked in outdoor retail before. They one hundred percent will. I’ve had people bring their own scale from home. Once to show me a 30 gram difference on a 3kg, $45 tent. I was blow away it was within a 30gram variance.

Also many countries have varying “truth in advertising laws.” Which make it difficult to navigate in terms of how to word it to avoid lawsuit. Plus giant makes a million different model variations and paint schemes for different markets. At one time they made 50 different Trances globally. So yes, a German market Trance 2 and a Canadian market Trance 2 could be fairly different weights.
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 @thedirtyburritto: Oh come on, identically built bikes should each be within a low percentage of each other’s weight - that or they are not identically built - cables, fluid and manufacturing tolerance isn’t that high, it just isn’t.

As Conoat said, the likely answer is they don’t want to put people off a sale.

Giant are happy to list their road bike weight -
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 @bonfire: so why are giant happy to list weights on some bikes then?
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 @thedirtyburritto: (or whatever). you pedant.

for this bike it should be .1% sure....
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 @mashrv1: well, that didn't stand up to 30 seconds of googling.
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 Couldn't it also be that they just have no full control over the weight of the complete bike simply because they don't produce all components? Like for instance when Shimano had trouble with the latest XTR groupset and, in order to no longer delay the production of complete bikes, replaced the crank with the (unlabeled) upcoming XT crank. It may have changed the weight somewhat and then to keep track of all that and change it in all the documentation, it must be a hassle. Plus, this is a 2022 model. Which implies that not all components are production yet. The final weights of these different components could be different in the final product and that could add up. Especially for these electric components. And finally, I think for mountainbikes the exact weight isn't all that important (compared to the actual center of gravity and mass moment of inertia, I wasn't joking). It may be for road cycling (at least in marketing and maybe the sharp end of competition). But it is just different for mountainbikes. Giant sells through physical stores so if people really want to know weights then they can have it weighted before they buy. It is a fair statement. And then when you're at it (as a customer), weight what you really want to weight. Unsprung vs sprung, disassemble the linkage and strip the forks if you care that much. Hang it by the saddle, then by a wheel to construct the center of mass. It may sound like a huge hassle and it probably is. But if anything, it matters more than the total weight of such a bike.
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 @justanotherusername: fair find. Same with MTBs?
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 @conoat: yup, they’ve either changed what they do for road bikes or I wasn’t remembering correctly. Looks like we can narrow things down a bit, I can’t see any MTB on the site with its weight listed. Are they all too heavy?
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 @mashrv1: there are no more or less components on a MTB then there are a road cycle. whether they list weights for other MTB's or not is immaterial to the point. They can, and choose not to. for whatever reason(s) that may be, their stated are amongst the lowest possibilities.

in descending order of likelihood:

1. their bikes are not weight competitive in the industry
2. they routinely(even pre-covid) will make running changes in spec and this can make weights vary
3. their frames alone vary too much to reliably list weights
4. they want you to come in to a shop and weigh it so they can try to get you to by the tub of shit anyways
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 @vinay: At least one guy here understands it.
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 @mashrv1: no need for me to re-write what conoat has already.

Not sure what dog you have in the fight but you are clutching at straws.
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 @conoat: it's an ebike... Weight: Heavy.

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 @conoat: Giant doesn't list weights of bikes because of annoying twats like you.
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 @conoat: because the general public holds them to the exact weight and goes through the warranty process and then gets litigious.
Its easier to not publish any weight because they get in even more shit for giving a +/- figure.

Most of Giants ebikes do actually have a weight sticker on the frame
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 @justanotherusername: The Propel is a road bike matey.
We’re talking eebs and mtbs here.

The roadies have a much longer and mature history with the weight of their bikes so its nowhere near as much of an issue.
The Giant SL bikes (Defy/TCR/Propel) are designed to be lighter than their equivalent version so there’s a need to publish how much lighter they are.
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 Let me interpret this. "The bike's weight came in much higher than we thought, in fact so high, that most people will not give it a second thought if we tell them. So we had to pick the best option of two bad options, not tell our customers the weight .... and hope they by the time they figure it out, they've already purchased.
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 @timbud: What a load of bullshit - you dont speak for 'roadies' or for Giant and as to why they have published the weight of the road bike and not the MTB's - the explanation that they dont want to publish weights because they will put people off a purchase is much more realistic than 'EEbs dont have a mature history'.

Or are you a Giant employee?
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 @justanotherusername: Worked at a Giant Store for 4 years until a few months ago tup

Thats “mature history with weight” … and how they view/handle it.

Mtb folk get hung up when it comes to weight and will refuse to buy a bike because it weighs a few grand more… then they’ll buy another one, strap an innertube to it, bottle cage, bottle, oneup edc.
Quit worrying about weight and screaming at everyone about it.
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 Available 2025
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 @timbud: That makes more sense, you 'think' you know why they are doing because you had a little bit of a connection to Giant - Im not sure working at a shop selling Giant (or 'Giant Shop') really gives you an insight into the marketing or sales strategy at Giant though, does it?

You say MTB folk get hung up on weight but road riders dont? Not sure if you are just trying to troll me at this point or not?

Either way, Giant wont give weights for the heaviest bikes they have available that are sold to people with probably the lowest regard for what the bikes weight because that person may sue them when its 3g over the advertised weight? - A road biker on the other hand buying a lightweight bike sometimes entirely because its light wont, because of 'history' - got ya.
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 @justanotherusername: ok chap, but you know why they’re doing it. Riiiiight
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 @timbud: defo.
£500 Giant - heavier than the competition
Top end XC - heavier than the competition
DH bike - heavier than the competition
E-bike - definitely heavier than the competition
Enduro bike - you don’t even want to know!

You’d think the worlds largest bike brand would’ve fixed the problem, that the guys above have identified for them, by now
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 @mashrv1: where did i say they were the lightest?
But please do back up your facts with specific weight comparisons to ALL of the competition… that is what you’re claiming
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 @timbud: I didn’t say I did ‘chap’ I have a reasonable explanation which didn’t involve e bikers suing Giant and the history of road bike weight.
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 @lumpy873: sure. they are all heavy. but there are full power ebikes that are in the low 40s and then theres bikes like this that are pushing 60.

let me say this, If I were on the marketing team at Giant, I would probably be advocating for non-disclosure too. but I am not. I am a consumer, so I want information.
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 @timbud: wait. they can put a stick on the frame saying the weight, but not type it on the internet?
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 @conoat: Yes. I guess because once the bike is built its weight won’t t change until its sold. Whereas on the internet its not so simple as there’s different specs per region for each model and they reserve the right to change spec anyway (due to availability and such). There’s a whole load of other petty reasons that mean it isn’t just as simple as you think it is.
Giant are not the only ones that play that game.
Its been common for years.
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 @timbud: you know that websites change based on where you are looking at it from, right? that's a piss poor excuse.

they could easily say "weight: Reign + 0 size Med; 26.4kg-26.6kg(market in which bike is sold in may affect finished bike weight).

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 @justanotherusername: but you did say just that! And you gave me shit for giving another option from what i personally observed. When i replied you got all defensive and accused me of trolling you. FP
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 @timbud: your ‘option’ is ludicrous which is why I accused you of trolling me.
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 Ehrm, just to put this discussion in context. Is anyone actually interested in the weight of this yet to be released bike or just upset that this information isn't available on the internet?
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 @vinay: I'm sure the weight not being online is the only thing stopping them from buying it..
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 @lumpy873: If I am included in ‘them’ I have a 50+lbs ebike already and wouldn’t mind a lighter one in the future, of course if manufacturers won’t tell me what they weigh I wont be able to choose, will I?
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 @justanotherusername: hmm.. alloy frame, big battery, and under $10,000... Yup, it's over 50lbs..
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 @lumpy873: I think you miss the point but anyway.
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 @justanotherusername: just pointed out 3 things that would indicate this wouldn't be the bike for you if a sub-50lbs bike is what you are after.
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 @lumpy873: maybe you should get a job at giant then ;-)
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 Completely agree. They can at least give a frame weight or list an estimate. A better component spec isn't going to hide a 24+kg bike, if it's built with downhill intentions (which it appears...)
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 @justanotherusername: that almost happened at one point..
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 @timbud: Ok thanks that actually makes sense why the weights are not listed.
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 That’s a GIANT downtube
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 I think that battery might be able to provide free energy for the whole world. Thanks giant, you're cool.
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 finally we might see a proper sized MTB by giant, Actually excited for the new analog reign.
Looks like they did enduro geo properly on this, modern angles without taking the "long" part too seriously... looking at you every other brand with their Winnebago's
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 Struggling to find any geo issues with my 2020 Reign...long shocked rear from 146 to 152 and have it at 160 front (stock).

Maybe it's bc I'm on a Medium at 450 reach and 1225 wheelbase and it's mint. I know people were all up at arms over the large reach
  • 2 1
 @Nwilkes: well yes, the medium wasnt bad but 490ish reach on a large with a long top tube length is too long.
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 Yeah I want 160-165 rear for a 29, 170 front. Alu giant w air suspension. Fingers crossed
  • 1 0
 @makripper: for sure, 160r 170f, NO high pivot, maestro and alloy stock with progressive ratio and low compression air shock, so we can use coil too.
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 @noideamtber: yeah sad that it's my dream bike lol
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 I love Giant bikes because they offer great performance, build quality and simplicity to work with.
They also used to offer very good value for money.

However, with the new ebikes they've first had major issues with huge Yamaha motor that made a bike look like it's pregnant, poor weather sealing and colossal chainstays.

Now, they've fixed those issues mostly but the prices have went up considerably. Who is going to pay 8-10k for a Giant ebike?
Bros with money will rather ride Santa Cruz or Specialized, even Trek. Nobody wants to spend that much on a Giant. It doesn't matter if the bike is great or even better than the competition, the brand simply doesn't have "coolness" factor that enables them to ridiculously overcharge for their bikes (unlike regular overcharging).

If you want the best ebike you'll probably get specialized levo since they are ahead of the game and have a lot invested in their ebikes and not just being a bike company that connects a 3rd party motor to a generic battery.
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 It definitely has a pregnant seahorse look to it. Either that or it's been in the sun too long and has started to melt and droop.
  • 1 2
 While I have no interest in ebikes, Specialized seems to set the bar. Why spend the same amount to get a lesser performing bike. Who ever thought we would see the day where Specialized is producing some of the best bikes (traditional and ebikes) at competitive prices. Combine that with their excellent warranty support (one thing they have always done well) and LBS support and they are really a compelling buy.
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 All 3 builds are a great deal, they're not overcharging.

Anything from Specialized or Trek would be more expensive for a worse spec list.

Who's going to pay 8-10K$ for a Giant Ebike is the wrong question to ask, truth is who's going to even have the opportunity to buy one ?

Everything is sold out already.
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 Not liking this trend of “having” to buy the most expensive in model in order to get the biggest battery…
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 @TallTomT: yup, yet everyone gave shit to norco for selling them without batteries to leave the choice to the customer. Definitely should be available as an upcharge on any model, like the reserve wheels on santa cruzs.
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 it would be nice to put weight into specs because weight of emtbs vary a lot and it is an important factor. usually when weight is missing then it is a sign that the bike weights more than competitors bikes.

Or do you really want customers to visit your bike shops with a scale?
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 It's not terrible, I think the white and black color scheme goes well with the overall frame design, and helps to reduce the attention to the massive downtube due to battery storage... But I can't help but feel underwhelmed by any giant these days.
  • 9 1
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 They've been a bit underwhelming for about 12 years now TBH. Not necessarily a bad thing though. I suspect they have chosen to make neutral, reliable, unexciting MTBs to appeal to certain sectors of the market.
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 @chakaping: Maybe your right, but I really dont know what sectors of the market they are catering to. The design definitely seems more refined than previous years, but they still carry that antiquated silhouette which is just so.... boring. It's rather dull, and unexciting. I can honestly say I have absolutely no desire to even remotely purchasing a giant bike, which is kind of a bummer, because once upon a time, they had the Giant DH team with the matching blue Dorado's which was honestly one of the coolest bikes of its era. This is also a time where you wouldn't get caught dead on a norco, and I must say the current generation of bikes coming from Norco are brilliant looking.
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 @jomacba: I'm being a bit optimistic but maybe newbies and dads? Though I'm a dad and I doubt I'd buy one.
It's funny because their TCR road bike has tended to be one of the sharper-looking options in the sector.
Perhaps they just don't put much priority into MTB design work?
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 Trail Panda
  • 3 1
 @chakaping: I think you are broadly right with many Giant bikes. That is their thing. But, they have taken their chances since 2008.

So many broken 29 and 27.5 anthem frames. Purely because they went too light in the design.

The 2014 Reign was, for a mainstream bike company, anything but neutral. Read reviews at the time. The bike was was amongst the best at the time.

The new reign 29 was widely criticised for having enormous reach in the L and XL sizes. Certainly not the middle of the bell curve.

I think Giant take their chances. They just don’t get them right.
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 @moogmoog: Do you mean the 650b Reign from 2016-ish? I actually had one of them and had forgotten it was quite progressive at the time.
The current Reign is a weirdly short in travel, long in seat tube and steep in head angle for an "enduro" bike. In fact it looks suspiciously like a trail bike.
The "neutral" comment was more about the styling and suspension, but I concede your point that they've taken a few random chances with geometry.
Saying all that, this ebike looks decent enough in geo.
  • 1 0
 @chakaping: IDK, the Trance 29 was universally praised so I don’t think they’re too boring.
  • 3 0
 @chakaping: Giant's bread and butter is doing exactly this: ignoring trendy things and the trendy people that chase them and instead, building bikes for the hoards of people around the world who have more normal needs. You don't become the biggest bike company in the world by not moving product.

There's also a false equivalency happening that people don't generally recognize... Giant doesn't feed the hype machine like other MTB brands do. This causes people to conclude that their 'bikes' aren't as nice or exciting as other bikes, when in fact it's just the company that's not that exciting. Based on the stuff they CAN do, and SOME of the stuff they have done, Giant could crush anybody in the MTB space short of Spesh and Trek if the people at Giant got together in a board room and decided on it. It's just not their modus operandi.
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 @agraber: Great comment. For years I wondered why Giant weren't more serious about DH racing - and why they didn't snap up the top riders when they came available.
Eventually realised, as you say, that their marketing team have obviously decided they don't need to pursue the hardcore riders.
In fact when I was less hardcore I had a series of them (Anthem, Trance, Reign, another Reign) - because they were affordable, easy to ride and well finished.
I'd probably have another one as well - perhaps if they bring back the Reign X as a 170/180mm mullet super-enduro sled?
  • 3 0
 So Heres the big thing. Giant dropped 30mm off the stand over from the current platform reign to the new Reign E. In my book this was one of the biggest non starters for me as i have a long torso and short legs. To get a Giant i could stand over i would have to get a size with too short of a reach. Now they are finally on par with everyone else. Hopefully these tweaks translate over to the Analog reign.
  • 2 0
 I have the same body type and couldn't agree more with the importance of a low standover height. I suspect MTBs will continue to lower the standover until they look like BMX bikes with suspension.
  • 2 0
 So complain about Giant who probably manufactured your bike. FWIW Yamaha was first to manufacture ebike motors. My take is that Giant is most likely to be able to deliver. They look great also.
  • 2 2
 Yeah I don’t get it when people criticise Yamaha. The only company that has relevant 2 wheel experience before going into ebike motors.
Bosch- powertools
Brose- kitchen blenders
Shimano- …
Yamaha- a shit load of motorbikes
  • 4 0
 @timbud: Brose as far as I can tell is a rather large automotive OEM, not a kitchen wear brand They might not make lots of 2 wheel products but it certainly appears that they know electric motors based on the other categories they are in.

I think Yamaha can do well in the category as well given some time to refine their product. It's a fast moving competitive space, I'm sure all the names on your list are going full speed on future product development.
  • 4 1
 Take my money Giant. As I get closer to the big 5-0 I am considering an E-bike. This looks real good and has the geometry I like.
  • 4 0
 That's a e-bike price that actually interests me, carbon not needed on ebikes. Would be good for off days
  • 1 0
 @agraber: I'm not sure I agree with you.
You just stated that "Giant is ignoring trendy things and the trendy people that chase them and instead, building bikes for the hoards of people around the world who have more normal needs" I feel maybe this is correct if your referring to their volume business, building entry level bikes for the masses. However, just like specialized and trek as you have mentioned, they also dabble in high end builds that could essentially be taken out of a world cup or ews pit.
These bikes would not be deemed suitable for people with "normal needs".
You can't tell me this Reign E+ is geared for the mom or dad who takes their kids to the local corner store to buy a slurpee and a bag of 5 cent candies.
This is Giants entry into a market that is anything but "for the masses".
Why do automotive companies build F1 cars and compete? It's not because it's particularly lucrative, it's to build pedigree to market the mass produced volume business merchandise and equipment.
Giant has a history of pedigree in building good looking bikes and successful racing platforms. Please explain why any company who is in business to make money, would disregard an opportunity to increase revenue and sales. I can't think of one, which is likely why this bike actually exists. Once again however; I can't help but be underwhelmed by it.
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 Hi @mattbeer
I know this is a press release you pretty much copy paste on the pinkbike page. However someone needs to be proactive and fix serious errors on the press release or simply read the comment section.
1. chainstay length in the small size looks wrong comparing to the other sizes. Giant marketing gets a D. How is that they dont do a final check before releasing these numbers.
2. Wheel size. you kidding! chart says 27.5 at the front and 29 at the back?!
Come on Giant... you are better than that.
3. Released an article featuring Josh Carlson. The article is about testing the new bike while getting smoked by the Euros. I'm not asking for a 1 million dollar CGI movie but you are dropping the ball here.
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 Hi Daniel, I thought I had a good eye for catching outliers and typos until I got behind the desk. Our editors all work very hard to transmit the most accurate information. After starring at your own article for a while, you can go cross-eyed and miss things. We're always happy to correct information, but sometimes we are limited to the info provided - in this case, the geo chart with the wheel size typo. That's out of our control. I believe that the chainstay length on the size small is accurate and will double check with Giant. The pivot or motor location may be re-jigged for the smaller frame to provide clearance for a water bottle, EnergyPak, or simply seat post insertion depth. As for Josh Carlson, there is a reason that he has been a long standing Giant team rider. It may go beyond his recent race results, but he has had some amazing finishes in the past and I know he would smoke both of us on the trail.
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 Oh my god. Best bike ever ride down. Same flaws as 2020. To low for my liking. Motor have a spécial sound when u stop pedaling. But the bike is lighter and .... my god it ride like a real dream. Sorry i M french. But trust Word discribe how good it is on the decend. Color suck lol
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 Lot to work with here… let’s see… So expensive…. it’ll take five years to fulfill your order… ebikes are ruining the world…. Mixed wheels such an industry fad…blah blah blah… did I miss anything?
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 The number one thing EVERY SINGLE PERSON that rode a reign-e said, the motor hit literally everything. #pickthesacup
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 Looks like a E-bike...
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 Almost 10k for the Reign 0 and you get an NX cassette...

Seems like the Reign 1 is a much better deal?
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 If I remember rightly the NX cassette was the only eagle cassette that Sram rate as ebike compatible. Although that may have changed more recently. Or it could just be down to parts shortages because that's how the world is now.
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 @lowlightlowlife: This. And why would you want to be a weight weenie on a Ebike Casette. I'd go for burly every day instead of swapping it every few months because of crazy wear.
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 That seat tube angle though...
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 What has Mountain Bike become? Stupid smaller back wheels, virtical seat posts, engines and a price tag to match that of a high performance motor bike. In time we will look back on this period and be shocked at what they were. It will certainly be one for the history books.
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 The Reign-E looks great, glad Giant redesign the plastic cover under the motor, use too look like it was bloated.
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 Also glad Giant decided to offer the lower priced version of Reign-E in the USA as I think there are way too many $7000 on up eMTBs on the market right now.
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 E-bikes should legally have to list their curb weight.....thing looks well into the mid 50's
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 Hope that means a non-E Reign mullet is in the making too.
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 It's a bit weird to see modern(ish) geometry on a Giant.
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 Cool, now give us 165mm full 29er
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 The current Reign 29er (on sizes medium an above) will take the 205 x 65 shock to give it 158mm of travel. Usually just an internal spacer that limits it to a 62.5 from 65, and the reason they did that is because on the small the 158mm travel will bottom the tire against the frame - no issues running the full length on mine for over a year.
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 Typo on the spec sheet. F27.5 and R29. whoops
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 So sick of ebikes racing up behind me on single track climbs. It’s becoming increasingly annoying as they become more popular. sorry for the rant
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 If anyone wants to buy me one and ship it to Australia...
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 Still curious to know what it sounds like to smash an ebike motor off a rock. Never mind I'll just go flush 4 grand down the toilet. Should be pretty close.
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 I've been through three bash plates on my Trek Rail now (cracked from impacts), and have even managed to chip off a couple of bits of cooling fin from the motor (I like riding pretty sketchy rocky shit!), but the motor hasn't missed a beat once. Bosch build 'em tough :-)
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flag Uncled (Aug 17, 2021 at 2:00) (Below Threshold)
 @notsofastoverfifty: no one gives a f*ck
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 @Uncled: are you having a bad day mate? Smile
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 @Uncled: at least one person is curious
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 @notsofastoverfifty: @notsofastoverfifty: Good to know! I've never been in the market for an ebike but impact protection around the motor would be a big deal for me. The bash guard on my bike has plenty of dings in it.
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 crank 160-165 mm
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 Makes sense on an eMTB
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 Where is he? Fad man?
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 I'm here!! Thanks for remembering me!
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 @MattP76: I missed you ;-)
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 @justanotherusername: Sorry I've been busy.
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 Good luck getting one.
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 That STA is looking downright silly. What is it with MTB companies and taking new trends to ridiculous extremes only to go back to normal a few years later?
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 I have a Privateer 161 with an effective STA of 80! It takes about 2 minutes to get used to it and now I'll never go back to a slacker STA. The climb doesn't have to be crazy steep to enjoy the benefits of a steep STA.

Wouldn't you rather have a seated position that is comfortable/optimized for climbing when your effort level is high as opposed to one that is comfortable in the parking lot when you're just cruising?
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 That seat tube angle looks almost vertical
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 I quite like a Giant and have owned a fair from but literally this one has to have been designed by at woman 8 months pregnant
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 Looks terrible
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 two different sized wheels just looks stupid on the bike.
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 But are amazingly fun to ride!
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 just don't ride in any light rain, or through any puddles, or ever wash your bike
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 blah blah. just another mobility bike
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 I don’t know what it is, but I really hate Giant bikes.
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 Mixed wheels=junk
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 And it looks horrific
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 Looks heavy AF.
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