Giants of Dirt - Pics

Nov 18, 2010
by Unit Clothing  
We had a massive day filming with Dane Searls at the Giants Of Dirt yesterday. Here is a little B Roll photo gallery from the helicopter shoot, which included Dane throwing down some massive tricks over the 35 foot trick jump for the camera, before snapping his bike clean in half after nose casing a 360 tail whip! The footage is absolutely mind blowing, and the highlight would have to be Dane stomping a 360 superman seat grab over the big trick jump, after going down hard on the first attempt.

Somehow Dane escaped without injury.

Unit Riders

We are planning to continue filming in a few days, the next goal is to make it over the 50 and 60 ft jumps. The whole set is running a lot faster now, and has dried up.

Stay tuned...


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 i want video nowwwww
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 Part 2 please.
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 ^ what reck said, but ad a billion pleases!!
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 Gnar Bar!
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 even after snapping his frame hes going bigger? holy shit. if he flips the 50 like he said he wanted too, im pretty sure thats record book material
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 It might be record for dirt but not overall. The record is 69ft, set on jackass's tribute to Evel Knievel.
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 mega ramp is 65 feet if im not mistaken? and guys have backfliped that
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 on skateboards!
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 i want to know whats going on with the big booter in the background of the last photo
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flag youngFR (Nov 18, 2010 at 6:53) (Below Threshold)
 i bet if he got a DJ he wouldnt of snapped his frame but props for doing 50ft of air
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 I'm pretty sure he snapped his frame and they are looking at it
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 yeah man the megas either 65 or 75, but i think 75 and that got double front flipped. so why does this look so much more gnarlier
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 and that booter is at the unit compound, straight up fmx. should watch the videos of what they got for dirtbikes! christ! a 10 pack
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 MAJOR man points!
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 He is CRAZY, to go back for more after two huge crashes and a broken bike! RESPECT!!!!!!!!
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 Hey guys, thanks for the comments, Dane is stoked! Just to clear it up, Danes aim for these jumps wasn't to break any distance records, otherwise he would of just got towed into a moto ramp and kept pulling it back. This was all about progressing BMX dirt jumping and seeing what was poosible. The mega ramp is gnarly, but it is perfectly dialled and alot safer than a set of jumps like this. As I am sure you would all agree, there is a lot more variables in a downhill set of untested dirt jumps, than on the mega ramp. Stat tuned for more!
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 thats what i was trying to say, hes not going for records just progression. is there plans for anybody else to hit them after he does them?
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 Absolutely Brett, we have alot of cool plans, but they all come down to making sure Dane can jump all the way through first, then the ideas can all come to life!
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 can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the future. i would never have thought about a dirt line this big, you aussies are crazy
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 that is crazy. and that is BIG hit after BIG hit after BIG hit. i cant wait to see that video
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 when will the the video be up? sunday? or later?
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 Vid or GTFO
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 that's progression 50ft on a bmx
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 BMX is intense, I'm surprised every bike didn't break. These guys need some suspension. Anyone see that huge ramp in the background of the last pic?
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 its an fmx ramp.
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 You can only push so hard till whatever it is pushes back... You made your point Dane(you got b*lls), be careful man!^^
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 I see a 26" in there! Big Grin but seriously, mad props for you, your sending it huge!
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 Karl Bensemann has been shredding them on his 26" too
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 can anybody say when this video came out. its been 2 weeks now since he hit them and nobody wants to see an amazingly put together edit we just wanna see how it went down
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 HELLL YESSS, i just wanna see the video they were talking about when his bike broke
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 thats insane and the drop looks so good now compared to the scafolding
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 when is the video coming out ???? It's been way toooo long between part 1 and part 2!
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 Second and last pics are sick.
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 that is going pretty damn big!
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 dane searls is a mad man
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 Is that a huge ramp in the backround of the last picture?
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 that huge ass ramp in the backround is sick
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 wheres the vid maaaaaaan!
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 that is big
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 big drop
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 Wow thats one big drop
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 bring on the Vid!!!
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 so sick!!!!!!!!
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 sweet back flip

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