Girls AllRide Mountain Bike Program Announces Registration Details

Feb 18, 2021
by Ladies AllRide  


The team behind Ladies AllRide Mountain Bike Skills Camps are excited to announce registration is open for their expanded Girls AllRide program! Girls ages 9-15 can choose from a variety of programs that suit their skillsets, goals and age group in Bend, OR. They are also offering two-hour sessions during their adult Ladies AllRide Camps in Bentonville, AR, Grand Targhee, Wy and Whitefish, MT.

If they are able, girls should all ride bikes: Girls AllRide has a mission to use mountain biking as a tool for youth to build community, discover potentials and strengthen themselves - inside and out. The main goal is to help girls develop their mountain biking skills and have fun, while also helping them learn how to face fears, believe in themselves and think positive, logical thoughts instead of reacting with fear.

Witnessing girls thrive because of confidence gained through mountain biking is priceless!

“The girls’ program will integrate the same Ladies AllRide coaching philosophy where we relate mountain biking to life, while making it fun and educational. By referencing and reading from books like: The Confidence Code for Girls and Girls Guide to a Growth Mindset, we aim to help girls learn how to find confidence when they don’t feel it, see failures as tools for learning and treat themselves and each other with compassion and kindness.” - Cierra Smith – Lead Girls Coach and Director of Fun.

Ali Halpin, Program Director for Girls AllRide says, "We are excited to help the younger generation create community through sport. Additionally, sports like mountain biking can teach them so much about themselves. We will help them realize attitude is a choice, we will teach them to be patient and kind to themselves through the process of learning and we will emphasize the importance of supporting other girls through their journey."

More girls on bikes!

"We are passionate about helping girls feel strong and discover what they are capable of. We want them to learn that if they believe in themselves, anything is possible. At Ladies AllRide we see that passion and determination motivates women to push limits and embrace challenges. If we can help girls understand passion and determination at a young age, seeds of bravery, perseverance, and community-building can be planted and cultivated during pre-adolescence - a critical time of development and identity for girls.” - Lindsey Richter - Founder and Director of Inspiration for Ladies AllRide

Whether they are brand new to mountain biking or ready to pop wheelies and catch some air, Girls AllRide is ready to help. Girls AllRide will give preadolescent girls of all shapes, sizes, skin colors, fitness levels and abilities a place to feel confident, secure, and emotionally safe. By encouraging young girls to face challenges with courage and celebrate failures as lessons, this can dictate the quality of our future female leaders.

Register your little shredder today!

Girls AllRide Registration

About Ladies AllRide:
A movement dedicated to growing the presence of female mountain bikers across the globe through a series of energizing and inspirational mountain bike skills camps for women. These events bring women together in a welcoming environment to enhance their lives on and off their bikes. There are Ladies AllRide events in epic riding locations around the U.S. For more information about Ladies AllRide visit: www.ladiesallride.com

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 It's great to see the increased amount of kids programs going on in MTB. Hats off to the volunteers and teams that put these on.
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 My girls had a great time at their day-camp (and show-up on the website pictures!)
One thing that bothered me though (and might get me some grief) was at the end of the day when everyone is congratulating the kids and saying goodbyes, the coaches immediately started slamming beers like it was going out of style.

I drink too, but it was kind of a weird dynamic to, in my opinion, be shoving beer/party culture in the face of these kids after a healthy bonding experience where the coaches are meant to be looked-up to. Food for thought I guess, and it won't prevent me from bringing the kids again, but it does make me want to leave right after the event, which is disappointing.
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 Hi there! Where did this happen? We know for a fact none of our coaches would slam beers after a young girls event. At our adult camps we give out beer from our local beer sponsor and the adults are pretty excited to share one or two beers at the end of the weekend with everyone, but never at a girls only event has this happened in our program. Thanks! -Ladies AllRide
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 @LadiesAllRide: Thanks for the response and concern. I'm responding to your DM too.

Nobody was shotgunning beers or anything but there was a pretty distinct atmosphere shift at the end, as I saw and felt it, where even the kid's coaches moved into beer-thirty mode very quickly (which maybe at 40 I'm less tolerant of now than when I was younger).

To be clear in this public forum this was in Bend and yes, it was one of the mixed events where the women and girls are all together at the beginning and end of the days (2019 at Seventh Mountain). Like I said I still want to bring the girls this year as they had a great time with the group, but just being fully transparent on my feelings at the one thing that I felt weird about.

I'm more than glad to see that you're interested in discussing the concern, so kudos to the @LadiesAllRide team!
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 Well thanks for that clarification. The mixed camps did not work out well because it was just too many people and yes, the vibe is much different with the adult camps. The adults are usually super stoked to share a beer with their group and coaches, so apologies if that was offensive to you. We rolled out the new girls format last summer and it is just the girls without an adult camp at the same time and we promise there won't be any alcohol around. So rest assured your girls will be in good hands with our coaches, and there are some rad teenagers who are volunteering this year to be mentors. Last year when we integrated the books "The Confidence Code For Girls" and "The Girls Guide To a Growth Mindset" the girls loved it and the parents were super excited to see the growth their girls. They all showed up with the journals and were super engaged! It's going to be a great summer! We can't wait to see you there!
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 Very nice. I live in Salida, CO. I have resolved to increase my community service. I'd like to get help kids get into MTB. I am interested in ideas about how to target the "have nots" rather than the "haves." I guess this will require that the sessions happen on the Front Range, not here in our mountain paradise.
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 I think Salida has a market for this! I know a bunch of women in Salida who would be more than happy to get something like this started! We are working on getting more bikes so more youngsters have access to bikes, then hopefully getting donations to provide bikes for those who don't have the means to purchase a bike. Let us know how we can help! Info@ladiesallride.com Thanks!
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 Stoked to see this program expanding.

I have come across the Ladies AllRide groups several times before while riding in Bend. Always seems like a very happy group of riders out learning and having fun. They even cheered for me once in the little techy rock left hand corner on Storm King heading out towards the green gate (I only clean that about 50% of the time so the pressure was on)!
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 My wife and daughter are excited. The website says 9-13, article says 9-15. My daughter is 14. Anyone know which is correct?
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 Sorry if it's confusing. There is a program for older girls called the "get out and ride" four week camp for ages 12-15 so hopefully you can sign her up for that one!!
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 @LadiesAllRide: I see it now. I was looking from my phone earlier. We're 1.5 hours from Bentonville so the Bend camp wouldn't work for her. We were up there a few summers ago though and enjoyed riding Phil's trails. I wish we had more options for her - we don't have high school MTB in Tulsa. She's slower than her 2 brothers, but faster than any girls I've seen anywhere around here. How do I find other kids that shred where I live? We're transitioning from MX and we don't really know any other kids that MTB yet. Good ideas welcomed.
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 @txcx166: That's so awesome you're transferring from MX! I love it! Are you thinking of joining the Bentonville camp? Maybe she can meet some girls there? Super cool you came to Bend and enjoyed Phil's trails. They are fast and fun for sure! Maybe start by talking to your local bike shops about any other kids who ride. And maybe it's time to start a MTB club in Tulsa!! Smile
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 @LadiesAllRide: My wife is going to do Bentonville. My daughter will be 14, can she do the women’s day? Looks like she’s too old for the kids group . We’re kind of in between age wise. We liked Bend, went all the way to Whistler that summer. We’re really hoping it opens back up for us this year. MTB has been awesome for us. Less injuries and something all 5 of us can do together. Not just the boys and I racing. It’s more chill and the bikes are a lot easier to maintain. We’re loving it.
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 @txcx166: I love it! Going from Bend up to Whistler, with stops to ride Sandy Ridge, Hood River, Seattle and Bellingham is an awesome journey! I miss Whistler so much! Smile We can get your daughter a private lesson if she wants. She IS in between ages for the Bentonville session. If you want to shoot us an email, we can figure something out! info@ladiesallride.com Yay!
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 Awesomeness all around & as a Dad of a Daughter....well, even more awesome!
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 Love this! Wish it was more widely available.
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 We are working on it! Where do you live?
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 @LadiesAllRide: I'm not the OP, but I'm near DC and would love to see something on the East Coast. The Boston-DC megalopolis seems like a pretty safe place to reach a good number of eager riders.
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 @Layman: Thanks for the suggestions! We have to find the perfect venue that caters to our needs to run a great camp. If you have a venue in mind please shoot us an email and we would love to check it out! We are always eager to expand to markets where this program can add value to communities! Thanks! Info@ladiesallride.com
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 @LadiesAllRide: Thanks for the interest! What do you look for in a venue? There are all sorts of bike parks, of course, but I imagine you have some specific needs in mind.
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