Good Month / Bad Month: Bike Park Openings, New Bikes, Recalls & Race Cancellations - June 2020

Jul 1, 2020
by Mike Kazimer  
Is it 2021 yet? This year hasn't exactly been full of sunshine and rainbows, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully. The chairlifts are spinning at locations around the world, new bikes and products are still being released every week, and there's a good chance your local shops are busier than ever. What follows are some of the highs and lows that happened in the mountain bike world during June 2020.

DH Racing Returns in Some Locations

Smaller scale races begin again

The return of World Cup and EWS racing is still at least a couple months away, but we did see a few smaller races successfully take place in June.

Windrock, Tennessee, hosted the first round of the Downhill Southeast series, a race that attracted a strong field of pros, including Dakotah Norton, Neko Mullaly, Luca Shaw, Frida Rønning, and Kailey Skelton.

The first round of the NW Cup took place in Tamarack, Idaho, where World Cup regular Charlie Harrison took the win for the men, and Camila Nogueira stood on top of the women's podium.

Outside of the US, Thomas Slavik became the Czech national champion for Urban DH racing, his first race in four months.
 The finger point always works

Even though they're smaller scale events, it's still great to see results and race reports starting to trickle in.

All the New Bikes

From downcountry to DH, June had no shortage of new bike announcements.

The global chaos in late March and April caused many companies to delay their product launches by a month or two, which meant that June was packed with new bike announcements.

There was a bumper crop of XC / downcountry bikes, including the Specialized Epic EVO, Revel Ranger, Transition Spur, and Yeti SB115. All of those bikes have 120 millimeters of rear travel or less, and are designed to bring a little extra party to the normally serious world of cross-country bikes without making them too heavy or slack.

June also saw Commencal unveil their new Meta TR and AM, Santa Cruz launched the latest version of the 5010, and Ibis' Mojo also underwent the longer and slacker treatment. Specialized also launched a mixed-wheel version of the Demo, allowing racers and park rats to have the same wheel size setup as Loic Bruni and Finn Iles.

Bike Parks Reopening

The chairlifts are spinning once again.

It's summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, which means bike parks around the globe are starting to fire up the chairlifts. It's not exactly business as usual – restrictions are in places in many areas due to the coronavirus, whether those involve social distancing and mask wearing or limiting the number of trails that are open. In addition, the fact that international travel is still limited means that access to certain parks will need to wait.

All the same, some bike park laps are better than none, and the optimistic way to look at things is to take this as an opportunity to explore an unfamiliar area. It's a perfect time to try out that little bike park that you've been overlooking in favor of the bigger, flashier resorts.

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Aluminum 2018 - 2020 Instinct & Pipeline frames recalled.

Rocky Mountain Instinct and Pipeline owners with aluminum frames that were produced between 2018 - 2020 were met with the bad news that their bikes had been recalled due to the risk of the head tube cracking. According to the recall announcement, there have been a very small number of incidents reported out of over 4,700 units produced, and riders affected by this recall should stop using their bike immediately and contact a Rocky Mountain authorized dealer for instructions.

Rocky is taking care of the affected riders with a new front triangle, but needing to live without your bike during peak riding season is never an easy pill to swallow.

Multi-Day and Megavalanche Hopefuls

Racing may be resuming in some places, but cancellations keep on rolling in.

By now, race cancellations have become old news – realistically, it should be more surprising if a race actually takes place in 2020. June saw the cancellation of the BC Bike Race and Trans Cascadia, multi-day races where riders are treated to a feast of prime singletrack. Controversy arose over Trans Cascadia's policy on refunds (only 50% of the $2,300 entry fee was being returned), but it looks like things have been smoothed over, and racers can now defer their entry until 2021.

Other cancellations included the Megavalanche, the Canadian MTB championships, and the North American Handmade bike show.


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 Um, Bad Month For responsible, science-believing, COVID-Free Americans who can’t go to Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton, The Shore, Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Coast Gravity, or any other awesome places in TGWN because our Northern cousins are (rightly so) keeping us out due to the anti-science ignorance of a bunch of other Americans.
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 Right! I haven't seen any of my close friends my age for 4 MONTHS. Everyone in America: please stay home and have patience for one month, so we can all go outside again. At last we live in the country...
  • 36 3
 Yeah. I've kind of given up hope of leaving the country until:

1) There's a test that can be easily, reliably, and quickly administered at border crossings.
2) There's a vaccine.

The other scenario, where America somehow realizes we need to take this seriously and it won't just magically disappear one day, seems too far fetched to believe.

Also, happy birthday Canada.
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 @atourgates: And there I go with another spelling error: My above comment was supposed to read "At LEAST we live in the country" It's the cabin fever I tell you! My brain is slowly shutting down and grammatical/spelling errors are coming on. May it end soon.
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 I feel for you guys for sure. It can't be easy having the loud minority of idiots misrepresenting. When this is done I hope to see you guys on the hills up here again! stay safe!!! (ps. im also sad I can't go camping across the border, your national parks are insanely beautiful)
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 @zombiejack33: I hate to play to stereotypes but this is such a Canadian comment. there is nothing wrong with that, keep it up! Happy Canadian birthday too
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 No one from any country is really going to any other country anywhere yet. Your not really missing out.
  • 5 0
 @JOHN8LAZE: it’s a Canadian comment from a Canadian Smile we are good folks eh
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 @cougar797: I mean, the EU just opened itself to tourism from other EU member countries and a list of other countries that have done well in containing COVID (including Canada), but specifically (and sensibly) excluded the US from that list .
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 @atourgates: Ah didn't know that. Oh well, this too will pass eventually.
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 July is a good month for Grim Donut Part 2
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 Are the downvotes from Levy?
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 @craigcanucks: of course it is!
Levy is too busy today eating all the Squamish Tim Horton's donuts
  • 7 2
 @audric: if they still bake them in store I can't blame him.
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 @audric: He can have Tims donuts. There are better quality ones available in Squamish. Mmmmmm bacon whiskey donut........
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 @onemind123: No kidding eh, Tim Horton's donuts are for desperate times only. There's a couple of locally owned bakeries right in town that blow them out of the water.
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 Actually, don't care about the grim donut anymore. The hype is gone. Will I read the article, if it ever gets published... Sure, but probably out of boredom, not interest.
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 @zeronine3: The only thing that would hype me for the grim donut is if they hucked it to flat. #GRIMDONUTHUCKTOFLAT
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 No mention of Waki haters / supporters?
  • 1 2
 does he live on or is he outskis???
  • 12 1
 Waki and Dick Pound
  • 14 4
 What happened to Waki?
  • 3 1
 @speed10: That's what I wanna know to.
  • 4 1
 Would it be on the good or bad section?
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 @speed10: Oops, forgot to add another 'o' to "too"
  • 15 3
 @speed10: he left, he said he’d turned in to a wanker over the last decade and it was time to go. I still keep in touch and like the guy, he’d have still probably been on here if the pitchforks hadn’t come out
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 @sewer-rat: Well, if so, I am glad he realized that he wasn't... something.
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 I hope @Wakidesigns didn’t leave. He was a classic.
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 @speed10: I hope he is on a sunny beach with warm sand, and an abundance of inner peace
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 @GingerKID65 the day finally came.. no more huge essays at the bottom of articles
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 @speed10: he moved to weight weenies forum
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  • 9 2
 He was sacrificed on the altar of cancel culture
  • 3 0
 @sewer-rat: was there a final goodbye rant? I def want to read that
  • 4 0
 @speed10: not really, asked for the plug to be pulled. What was disappointing was the way people went for him straight from the top of the comments, not pretty quoting select lines from his humorous past where he’d flip peoples views back on them
  • 3 0
 @onemind123: oh wow. That’s wild. I glossed over that article b/c I don’t want the political content, just bikes. Unreal. 2020 is something different.
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 Good month for Whistler locals! Go ahead and eat that whole cake by yourselves we didn't want any anyhow... Big Grin
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  • 7 1
 I think Rockys bad month could also be a good month for them, they seem to have handled it well and found some more fans through it.
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 I have a 2019 instinct bc, Its nice they are replacing the front triangle but Ive heard failure rate is suuuuper low. Sucks to not ride my bike I guess but nice to know the company I support has my back regarding safety.
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 Good month, a bunch of new bikes came out that look awesome.

Bad month, I tried to order a spur and was told it would be four to five months. Why even announce a new bike then? I know supply chains are a mess right now but come on. Did they make like six bikes?
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 You should see the big ass bawler ski boat being pulled around by the Transcascadia logo wrapped big ass bawler truck......
  • 7 0
 Well they had to spend those entry fees on something, being a non-profit and all.
  • 3 0
 I mean, if they'd specified that they were using my entry fees to do TOTALLY AWESOME STUFF I would have been fine with it. It really comes down to communication.
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 - Still no Grim Donut Part 2
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 Bad month for CO bike parks, Vail and Keystone still closed to bikes.
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 People ride at Vail? Lived in Denver 10 years, never rode the resort, just the valley trails. Trestle, Keystone, Powerhorn, Steamboat, etc yes
  • 2 0
 @bman33: last few years Vail has been more fun than keystone.
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 Keystone is not opening this year.
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 Crested Butte also. Best of them all IMO. I guess we have Trestle...
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 Actually the only good thing about the whole lock down no event summer is the feeling not having such a Stress to miss too much out there
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 Northstar race cancelled and park seems unlikely to open. Bad month for sure.
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 "What follows are some of the highs and lows that happened in the mountain bike world during June 2021."

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 Oops. All these 2021 bikes make me forget what year it is.
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 In other news... a lot of states getting another dose of Dick Pound. ahem... I mis spoke, COVID shutdowns etc. Gotta love 2020
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 rocky snappy on a roll the last year
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 Bad month: Ontario. It's now 100% obvious that we will not see a good downhill season.
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 Brilliant my 5yr old 120 meta is back on trend.
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