Good Month / Bad Month: Prime Ministers, Recalls & Rumors

Dec 8, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

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A Bonanza of 'Must Watch' Worthy Flicks

What have athletes and videographers been doing in this lockdown year? It turns out they've been making binge-worthy, stoke-inducing content to get us through the darkest months of the year. The snowy season brought with it an avalanche of 'Must Watch' edits, an honour we only hand out to the video nuggets that compel us to mash the play button once again as soon as the ender has been landed.

This month we have been handing out Must Watches like presents from under the tree but not because we're feeling especially generous but because each video has deserved it. In the past four weeks, eight videos have matched our high standards and they include everything from revisiting Dave Watson's classic Tour de France road gap to using a trials bike to survive on a desert island to a custom, death-defying Ridgeline jump line in Wales. Let's just say, our upcoming Video of the Year category for the upcoming Pinkbike Awards has had a bit of a tweak based on the past few weeks. Watch all the Must Watch videos from the past year, here.


Mountain Biking's Rain Man Wins Two New Bikes

The bar for the Fantasy League got raised this year as PB user @Dolores has brought a whole new level of analysis and came away with two fresh rides from Trek with SRAM components and RockShox suspension. Dolores excelled at both our Trivia rounds and at guessing race winners in both XC and DH. If you want to know how he did it, there's an interview here where he discusses some methods even we weren't familiar with but his five Golden Rules are below.

1. Play smart. Do not force your way to the top at first, being on top can be stressful; sometimes it's easier to come from behind.
2. Good is better than perfect. Choose a well-balanced team; remember that the athlete and the venue aren't always a match.
3. Do not overlook timed training. Compare the section times between the athletes; they may be hiding their true pace for the finals.
4. Work hard... in silence. If you're playing for the League, you may want to keep your findings for yourself.
5. Trust the process. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Follow those rules and you could find yourself with some fresh gear this time next year.

Race Fans

The Season Finishes in Style and Rumor Season Kicks into Gear

Full-gas canonball mode for one of the tallest in the game and straight into the hot seat with just one man left on the mountain.

Racing in November, who would have thought it? The COVID affected season ran on later than ever in 2020 as Lousa wrapped up the season with its second round on the first of the month. Two new World Cup Champions were crowned and we had the chance to speculate on Loic Bruni's mid-run fork fiddling.

The fun didn't stop there though as a late-season end meant there was no respite before we were thrust straight into team rumor season. For some race fans, the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing is more enthralling than the action itself and we look set for plenty more of that this year. For some early rumors on Danny Hart, Loris Vergier, Emily Batty, and more click here.

Santa Cruz

A First Recall for the Californian Brand

Santa Cruz had to announce its first recall in 26 years of existing as a brand as certain aluminum frames were potentially weakened by a non-standard paint stripping operation and may bend or buckle, which could pose a fall hazard. Satna Cruz said, "The frames in question were sent to a paint vendor for repaint and they apparently used heat to help strip the frames and some were exposed to a temperature in excess of what is required to keep the frames correctly heat treated. This will leave those specific frame components weakened and unsafe to ride.

Unfortunately, we need to test ALL the frames from that Aluminum production batch to find these specific frame components, so everyone with one of the frames listed will need to take their bike to their dealer (Or contact us directly, but the dealer will be way quicker) and sent in for a non-destructive test. More than 90% of those frames are expected to pass testing and be returned ready to ride."

The full list of frames to be recalled can be found, here.

The Greek Prime Minister

A Lockdown Ride Lands the Greek Leader in Hot Water

The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has faced backlash after a photo emerged of him on a mountain bike ride while the country is in strict lockdown.

Greece currently has imposed measures including a night-time curfew and a ban on traveling outside home prefectures. A picture and video footage emerged showing Mitsotakis and his wife in the company of motocross riders on Mount Parnitha, 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Athens. He also posed with five men who weren't wearing masks.

ABC News reports that "Government officials insisted Mitsotakis had not broken the rules, but Syriza, the left-wing main opposition party, urged him to publicly apologize for displaying “arrogance and a lack of empathy” for his fellow Greeks."

So, while the Greek leader followed the letter of the law, it's believed his ride was not in the best interests of the country in a difficult time. He said in an interview with Alpha TV, “This gave me the opportunity to reflect on how important the personal example that politicians set is. I follow the rules religiously and it bothers me that a small moment of relaxation or carelessness was blown up out of proportion.”

Fastest Known Time Holders

Records Get Smashed on Both Sides of the Pond

While the start of lockdown seemed to be all about setting Everesting records, the second half of this year has seen a smattering of FKT attempts on long-distance mtb trails. Earlier in the month, we watched two records tumble on Utah's 100-mile White Rim trail. Amity Rockwell set the new women's record with a time of 7:44.59 and Peter Stetina set a new men's record of 5:28.23.

On the other side of the pond is the marginally shorter but certainly more technical West Highland Way in Scotland. Stretching from just outside the hustle of Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, to the iconic highland town of Fort William, the 95 miles (153km) West Highland Way is a world-famous, multi-day traverse loved by walkers from around the world. Despite a puncture and a headwind, Ben Cathro's coach, Rab Wardell, completed his year-long goal of claiming the FKT as he put in a 9:14.32 run.


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 Good month for: Democracy
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 Bad month for liberty.
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 More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!! More Wars!!!
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 Good month for revisiting questions of social contract theory raised at least as long ago as the 1600s -- nice!
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 @unrooted: more like unhinged
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 @pargolf8: I agree, anyone that thinks that by keeping an RNC or DNC member in power has ANYTHING to do with democracy has succumbed to lazy thinking.
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 Good month for leaving your political opinions out of my mountain biking content
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flag bman33 (Dec 8, 2020 at 11:53) (Below Threshold)
 @unrooted: Bingo.
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 @mbosko7: next time you question why 99% of bikes are made in another country while we have record high unemployment in the USA... you’ll consider that just maybe politics has something to do with the answer???????
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flag hamncheez (Dec 8, 2020 at 12:02) (Below Threshold)
 can someone please tell me how Biden/Harris is good for democracy? Literally every bad thing about Trump applies to them.

Inappropriate, possibly illegal ties to China and Russia? Check.
Using government to enrich yourself and your kids? Check.
Racist? Check.
Locking up immigrant kids in poor conditions? Check.
Possibly age-related dementia? Check.
Chronic sexual abuse of women? Check.

The only main difference, and thats related to the whole "good month for Democracy", is that Biden raised campaign donations from the bankers/wall street at double the rate of Trump.
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flag unrooted (Dec 8, 2020 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 @hamncheez: do you not believe everything that that the DNC run media tells you? What about the RNC run media sources???

PEOPLE: having only 2 corrupt parties to choose from IS NOT a democracy.
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 @hamncheez: DUDE, it's not even close. Your conspiracy theories are no match for factual crimes and blatant corruption committed by the fake tan, fake hair, lying orange con man.

Only a matter of time until his crimes catch up with them. When he goes to jail you gonna scream "fake news"???
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flag Thirty3 (Dec 8, 2020 at 12:37) (Below Threshold)
 @unrooted: Yep. Watch out world something far more deadly then corona will be coming at you.. the US military. We'll free the living **** out of you.
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 ^^ LOL excellent bait judging by your catch @dookiehill
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I can’t speak for @hamncheez...but I for one think that many people from “ other sides of the aisle” (a highly misleading term from my perspective) should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Just because someone points out that keen is corrupt doesn’t mean that they support tump and his corruption...but instead are attempting to point out the obvious: Washington is a corrupt system on both sides, and until the corruption gets fixed then neither party is a viable option.
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Yeah, Biden and Trump both raised more than 1 billion for their campaigns. I’m sure those big donors did that because they are nice people and would never think about asking for anything in return...
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 @mbosko7: True, but at least he's mountain biking and not on a golf course.
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 Man, the “f**k your feelings” crowd sure is having a lot of feelings.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: "Your conspiracy theories are no match for factual crimes"

posts links from conspiracy theory and highly partisan websites

So which of my accusations against Biden are false?
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 As soon as you've picked a side you're already wrong as your inclination will be to defend the side you've chosen. If you don't see Trump, and more importantly Mitch McConnel as being absolute threats do democracy with heavy leaning fascist tendencies, you're not paying enough attention. They're literally trying to have democratically elected votes thrown out so they can stay in power.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: I can understand how easy it is to not want to accept that Biden/Harris are thoroughly corrupted, I actually donated to Obama’s first run for president. What a lot of people don’t realize is that political leanings don’t have to be binary. . .Unless you are more worried about not fitting in with your coworkers, and can choose to reject both the Democratic Party and equally corrupt Republican Party.
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 @unrooted: well said
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 @hamncheez: LDS huh?
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 @pargolf8: so what.
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 @unrooted: All for bringing back bike manufacturing or any manufacturing that's sustainable. I typically engage in those conversations on other platforms. I come here for inspiration and to make wish list's my wallet can't handle.
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 @mbosko7: maybe your wallet could handle it if our country had a stronger manufacturing sector???
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 @unrooted: just makes sense now Smile
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 My comment only made sense when you could see the tension between democracy and liberty in the first two posts. Though I suppose the liberty comment getting downvoted into obscurity maybe shows this better than Hobbes' ancient dorky book could say it! You're a gem, PB
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 @unrooted: Spot on for several points.
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 It’s funny. Any person in politics with a popular name has been bought. Yet people still vote for them. They’re all f*cking crooks. I’ll say that again, THEY’RE ALL f*ckING CROOKS. I don’t give a shit what side you’re on. If you vote for one, you’ve been sold. Politicians shouldn’t become “self proclaimed millionaires” by serving the public for their service. f*ck your political views.
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 Only time I've ever seen so many "Below threshold" comments in one thread was when 7 people were arguing with Waki.
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 @unrooted: I'm actually politically independent but I've never seen any American politician as corrupt, divisive, and incompetent as Trump. But I don't believe there is any equivocalancy anymore between the right and that's what we are seeing with the preposterous election denial. There is not much approaching reality on Fox News anymore.

Trump's while election was fueled by his "lock her up" promises that Hillary was a criminal. Yet he could never prosecute get because it was mostly conspiracy theories his supporters believed. More Trump is going to pardon his family and maybe even himself? Trump's crimes are not conspiracies. His is a whole new level of corruption in American politics and he has destroyed legitimacy of the right with his manipulation. Give it a couple years to flush out and I think many people will have a new perspective.
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 @wcjrush: What else do you suggest? Anarchy? I mean I mostly agree with you and very much fall into the camp of voting for the lesser of two evils. On the plus side at least in the US there appears to be a handful of women on the democrat side who have integrity. Here in Canada we don't have a whole lot of good options. Wish we'd implement term limits the same way you guys have.
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 here we go Big Grin democracy in US where you are forced to choose between bad and really bad, in both cases option is backed up with different type of money. One one hand weapons sellers, on the other hand gamblers from wall street. And both options despise politicians that actually want to atleast make healthcare in 2020 actually avalaible to all the people. You americans are living in bubble created by your media, because old Roman saying is actually true - Divide et impera, which is exactly how politics in US works. Just divide nation in half, and have them covered with only two parties, it is easier to channel money in our friends pockets this way.
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 @unrooted: switch Fox news off it’s given you brain rot.
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I actually think they are backed up by the same money. I mean, if you want to sell rockets and bombs, which party do you sponsor? Answer: both parties, that way you always win, no matter who gets the most votes.
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 @friendlyfoe: The evil is to deep to do anything, brother. I don’t know anything about Canadian politics and I won’t pretend to. In The United States, people are making careers out of being in The House and The Senate. I think that is where the problems are. A president is a temporary employee and usually someone with an ego that needs a stroke. The presidential race is just one massive distraction. They got us right where they want, pissed off and fighting with each other. It’s all f*cky. What do I suggest? Walk down your street and see what neighbors need the most help.
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 @unrooted: the truth hurts and all the downvotes show how much. Yet the left thinks electing a war hawk senile old man and corrupt attorney general is the way to go as long as Trump is gone. I can’t stand Trump but FFS let’s be honest with who these people are. At least Bernie kept it real the whole time, meanwhile the DNC screwed him twice.
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 @Uncled: I'm pretty sure he's on to OAN now.
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 @Uncled: I do not watch Fox News, I think it’s just an extension of the republican national convention, just like I think CNN and MSNBC are extensions of the Democratic Party.

I would think someone from a country with more than two parties would understand that someone might not like either of the two “options” Americans are allowed to have.
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 @dumr666: Actually, Trump is the first President in like 35 years to not start a War. Hes mentioned a few things about being against the military industrial complex, and has questioned the need for foreign wars. Hes pulled troops out of Afghanistan, Somalia, and other places. Hes still passed hundred billion dollar military budgets, but its an overall record thats slightly better than his predecessors.

Biden, on the other hand, has the full support of Raytheon, Boeing, and all the other war profiteers. A letter was signed by dozens of top pentagon officials and CIA officials endorsing Biden. Bidens official campaign positions are ones of War and foreign intervention. While part of the Obama administration, they dropped 26,000 bombs in 2016 alone.

On the Banker/Wall-Street side, Biden outraised Trump two to one for campaign contributions.
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 @nyhc00: Sanders let the DNC screw him though. Rolled over belly up. Bent the knee and kissed the ring, twice.

He did get several million $$ and a 3rd house though.
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 @hamncheez: I agree, and when the time came for these progressive Dems to help out the people hurting from the gov't forcing them out of work they all rolled right over and screwed middle America over...again.
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 If only we had a party that was for campaign finance reform and ranked voting... Oh wait
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 Good idea or bad idea to rate each month?
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 @Burningbird: is this the same party that consistently has its governors jailed for corruption, raises more money than any other political party in history from special interests, whos leadership all are millionaires despite being career politicians, etc?

I'm not saying the other party is better. I'm just sick of people ignoring the crap in their own house.
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 @hamncheez: Yes. I can acknowledge that the Democratic Party has many flaws and flawed candidates while still thinking it represents our best hope for reforming our screwed up political system. Don't like money in politics? Check out campaign finance reform/Citizens United. Not a fan of the 2 party system? Look into Ranked Voting and other voting reforms aimed at expanding beyond 2 parties.
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 @Burningbird: the Democratic Party went out of their way to block any mention of third parties in the media...look into Unity 2020 if you want to know more...the only thing Democratic about the Democratic Party is their name. I am registered as a democrat, despite my loathing of the current national party. I don’t expect any real change to occur since the two parties have been successful at blocking third parties since Ross Perot “helped” Clinton get elected. The only thing I expect from either party is the transfer of government money to the donors of each party. I partly expect the transfer of money to be done through war, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Somalia and Syria...I’ll be surprised if we don’t get tricked into another war during Harris’ presidential term.

I get that people think we are “doing the right thing” with these wars, but if we can’t even fix the violence problems in our country, then what right do we have attempting to “fix” other countries problems???

My original comment about loss of liberty is mostly directed at the COVID lockdowns which are hurting small business owners and their low payed employees the most. If a person can’t even make a living because a bunch of people who can work from home decide that they can’t then either the government needs to help those people out...or let them decide for themselves what risks they need to take to provide food and housing for themselves and their families.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Dec 9, 2020 at 18:07) (Below Threshold)
 @hamncheez: DUDE where do you you read all this bullsh#t that you regurgitate on here? You have NO CREDIBILITY. Just like the Republicans and Trump who are trying to thwart democracy and steal an election that was lost by a clear landslide.

The Republicans also are the one who were bought and paid for by the oil industry, and they and Fox news and other right wing outlets have peddled their climate denial lies for years. The result of all this brainwashing of Republicans is that Trump says global warming is a conspiracy invented by China and idiot Republicans believe him.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: it continues to crack me up that you think that just because someone doesn’t want to support an obviously corrupt lifetime political figure means that they support trump and his group of corrupt cronies. Some people might view the fact that trump’s cronies have been arrested while Obama, both Bushes, and Clinton’s group of war criminals have not only gotten away with their crimes against humanity, but are richer for doing so, is a sign of how corrupt ALL of Washington is. Also the RNC does not want Trump either...listen to what Lindsey Graham had to say about Trump in 2016!

Also if you think that your “sources” aren’t partisan then you have no credibility.
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 @unrooted: it's difficult to envision a successful 3rd party campaign on the national level without ranked voting or some sort of similar reform first and the only way to make that happen is to support candidates who support such reforms. Unity 2020 doesn't bother me because a 3rd rail progressive candidate would have only resulted in a Trump win. That's just being pragmatic.
"The only thing Democratic about the Democratic Party is their name", referring to Harris as POTUS, the bizarre attempt to saddle Democrats with responsibility for the wars started by Republicans, and that nonsense about COVID - You might be registered as a democrat, but your talking points are all from the Fox News playbook.
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 @Burningbird: Biden clearly has dementia and probably won't be able to finish his first term. That's what he's referring to.
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 @unrooted: yes that's called cognitive dissonance, we saw it at play with the whole qanon phenomenon, which alot of delusional Republicans still believe.

It's people looking for simple explanations to complicated political issues, and being selectively spoiled in the media choices they choose to believe. I can understand why Republicans have become so delusional looking at what happened over the last 4 years. There was obvious credibility to the Mueller probe and Trumps impeachment, but because Trump called it all fake news and survived it all because of his political cronies, his supporters actually believe it was fake news and now they think anything bad about trump is fake news without even looking at it. They have been spoiled by their right wing media and more reality is likely going be in their face as Trump faces multiple federal and state investigations which have obvious evidence against him. It's funny if you ask a Trump supporters now if they think Trump will pardon himself and his family they say no way, he doesn't need to do that and would not do that. But within the next month or so after he does it they will all of a sudden be OK with it cause of the "deep state". No credibility with Republicans, just conspiracies and just divisive attack politics with no solutions except border walls. Trump is basically a loyalty cult in its last dying gasp.

Feel free to show me how my sources are partisan, you haven't dared to give any examples. Which is exactly was I was referring to in the last paragraph. You don't like what you read so you just call it fake partisan news without any evidence.
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 @hamncheez: and trumps compos mentis !
Whatever you guys say about Biden he won by a huge margin and manbaby should leave like a president should but we all new he can’t do that !
We got the same here with Boris however there’s rumours he’ll resign in the new year , job was abit hard and don’t pay enough !
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 @Uncled: agreed , it’s that demon Murdock terrorising that airwaves again !
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 @unrooted: Even neo-liberal Democrats are nothing compared to the disgusting administration of the last 4 four years. Super-disingenuous of you to make out like, 'well they're all just the same'.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Dec 10, 2020 at 5:15) (Below Threshold)
 @hamncheez: You gonna fact check this, you fact-less Fox News political hack?
  • 5 1
 @DoubleCrownAddict: I should also mention that I don’t believe that it really matters what anybody believes, unless you’re a billionaire...or working for the NSA...trump/Biden, etc are just sporting distractions...
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Dec 10, 2020 at 6:46) (Below Threshold)
 @unrooted: You can mention lots of things but what you say doesn't matter because it is never based on reality.
  • 4 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: how r-worded are you??? I’ll say it AGAIN I don’t watch Fox News.
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 @unrooted: It's useless. Folks who are firmly left cannot comprehend or even understand there is a different and objective perspective out there other than 'Red box' or 'Blue box'. If not Blue, one MUST be the Red, MUST be evil, CANNOT think for themselves, etc. etc. I am sure I will get downvoted into oblivion on this post but oh well

Rubber side down folks...
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flag Burningbird (Dec 10, 2020 at 9:14) (Below Threshold)
 @bman33: Your assertion that such thinking applies only to the left proves you are either disingenuous in your arguments or incredibly ignorant.
  • 7 0
 @Burningbird: it reflects the direct 'discussion' between uprooted and doublecrownaddict (whom I assume is left considering is bile spewed towards all things right. I should have known this would be noted and clarified, there are just as many on the right with the same ignorance. I appreciate your candor, but your assumption is incorrect.
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 @Burningbird: As he clarified, he did not say that it was exclusive; only applicable
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 Wow. I was wondering why good month/bad month had so many comments. lol Rolleyes
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 @unrooted: Anybody who says Biden/Harris are both " Thoroughly corrupted" is essentially a right wing media pawn. You post big opinions but back it up with nothing because you know your bs right wing media bs will get destroyed. Put up or shut up.
  • 5 2
 @DoubleCrownAddict: Hunter Biden laptop.
  • 5 1
 @DoubleCrownAddict: The Innocence Project exists because of people like Kamala Harris. What kind of cognitive dissonance do you posses?
  • 2 0
 @hamncheez: so what’s on his laptop
  • 2 4
 @hamncheez: Whenever righties like you bring up Hunter Biden i just laugh. I noticed the huge Hunter scandal was headlining on Tucker Carlson again! You're such a pawn that you don't realize it's simply an effort by right wing media to distract you from Trumps corruption. That's been Trumps m.o. from day 1: project your crimes on your opponent.

Trump's running out of time, his corrupt effort to get his Supreme Court to overturn the election has failed, and now the only thing left for him to accomplish is destroy the republican party that he has brought down to such a low level of moral and intellectual decline. Plus the mass pardons for himself, his friends, his family, and every convicted criminal he has ever met. Along with more bogus fund raising from his deluded cult pawns to feed his fat orange belly. And more farts from Giuliani but no facts.
  • 3 1
 @DoubleCrownAddict: It really isn't surprising. You don't actually read the replies. You don't actually know my position. Its like bman33 said. You are so blind to anything anyone says its hopeless. I am not a righty. I am not a trump supporter.

My original statement was that everything Trump is guilty of, Biden is as well. Sexual assault. Profiting off of his political position. Enriching his children off his political position. Racism. I mean, the 1994 Biden Crime bill is the most racist thing to happen to Black Americans in my lifetime.
  • 3 1
 @Matt115lamb: Emails where Hunter Biden sells access to then VP Joe Biden, with "10% going to the big guy [Joe Biden]".

Plus pics of Hunter smoking crack with eastern European hookers, some of which are underage.
  • 2 2
 @hamncheez: you mean the laptop that was just mysteriously and incoherently forgotten at a computer repair shop right? Just want to make sure we’re speaking of the same one is all, sam handwich
  • 4 2
 @pargolf8: Yes, when you are on cocaine you don't make the best judgements.

No one in the Biden family has denied its Hunters laptop. The images of Hunter with underage girls are authentic. The images of Hunter using illegal drugs are authentic. The FBI is treating it as authentic. What more do you want? Should be believe the Washington Post that called it Russian disinformation with literally 0 evidence?
  • 2 4
 @hamncheez: You truly are a Trump cult/Fox news pawn, despite your denials. Only capable of believing conspiracies and what they've trained you to believe even though it's mostly lies.

Over 250,000 MAGAtards liked this Trump tweet recently:

"IF Biden gets in, nothing will happen to Hunter or Joe. Barr will do nothing, and the new group of partisan killers coming in will quickly kill it all. Same thing with Durham. We caught them cold, spying, treason & more (the hard part), but “Justice” took too long. Will be DOA!"

Ha ha, what a clown. Deep State for the win!
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: when the argument is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser
  • 5 1
 @hamncheez: ^^ This.
  • 4 1
 This is STILL going on? Its been like a week now
  • 1 4
 @hamncheez: so no as bad as trump being pissed on by Russian hookers plus god knows what deals !
  • 1 4
 @hamncheez: Doesn't seem to be much of an argument or debate when dealing with an opinionated cult in denial who won't acknowledge basic facts such as how corrupt their Republicans leaders are. At this point it's just a little humorous laughing at Trumps deluded base and wondering what stupid thing they will do next.
  • 4 0
 @DoubleCrownAddict: I'm not sure how saying "everything Trump is guilty of, Biden is as well" means I'm in denial about Republicans. I'm not sure how intentionally not voting for republicans is being in denial about how corrupt Republicans are. I've been saying that Democrats are as corrupt (possibly more) at the moment. I'm not sure how repeatedly posting hyper partisan, borderline conspiracy theory website links is any different from posting things from Brietbart News and then expecting to be taken seriously.
  • 4 1
 @Matt115lamb: Are you joking? Its hard to tell. Because the Steele Dossier that the "golden showers" came from turned out to be 100% made up. Google it.
  • 2 4
 @hamncheez: Your last post is a clear example of you being either intentionally delusional or dishonest in your media perceptions. You claim Rantt media is "borderline conspiracy theory website."

I did a little research and could not find any claims by anybody but you that Rantt is anything close to a conspiracy site, they actually have a pretty good record of being independent and are based in Canada. In fact you are competent wrong and they are actually a site that has a solid history of debunking right wing conspiracy theories. Debunking the idiotic right wing science-ignorant 'plandemic' conspiracy...

Debunking the right wing kalergi bs conspiracy...

Here is a good one that is highly recommended reading for you tonight...

How Trump uses and spreads conspiracies..
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 Did Evil just release a new Offering without telling anybody?
  • 36 25
 Does anyone care??? I’m only interested in Evil fixing their horrific customer service reputation.
  • 17 0
 Wait, bad treatment by Evil?
  • 7 2
 @unrooted: Pretty solid as of the last few from all I heard and see.
  • 11 0
 @IntoTheEverflow: :'s right there in the name. You were warned.
  • 2 0
 @unrooted: guessing you haven’t owned one recently.
  • 3 5
 @DrPete: probably never will, just like I refuse to buy anything from crank brothers ever again.
  • 6 0
 @ReformedRoadie: There is part of me that likes the idea that Evil customer service are really horrible to you and provoke you until you go "Oooh, you evil f**kers", and they pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

"Okay we got some feedback here for Jason. Daniel from Colorado contacted us about a crack in the frame. Jason told him he was glad it happened, refused to warranty the frame and stole the customer's spare bike - leaving just a note letting them know that we stole it. Good work Jason - really living up to the Evil principles"
  • 1 0
 @DidNotSendIt: it was certainly a joke; never had a experience myself.
Both Yeti and Santa Cruz have taken care of me in the past and I think CS rep would factor in in buying a bike in the future.
  • 3 1
 @unrooted: how about they fixing their horrific seat tube angles?
  • 35 0
 'Do not force your way to the top at first, being on top can be stressful; sometimes it's easier to come from behind.' An interesting piece of advice...
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 On a few different levels....
  • 36 0
 wait a politician being a hypocrite about lockdowns??
  • 8 0
 I hope our Prime Minister doesn't catch wind of this. He LOVES a trendy photo op. The last thing I need is to see Justin posing as a mountain biker.
  • 21 0
 Why were those Santa Cruz frames getting new paint?

Is it just because they had to have "new" stuff for the new model year?
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 @Ringo177: Lingo
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 Can’t imagine maintaining 20mph for 100miles
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White Rim Trail: 100 miles, FKT 5:28.23
West Highland Way: 95 miles, FKT 9:14.32

I know which one I'd rather ride.
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 Can't imagine 20mph for 20 minutes!!
  • 1 0
 Hard enough on a road bike, this mad lad did it on a technically difficult course with an XC bike
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 Why are these under Bad?
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 @philalm: Noobs. Get older and don't make as much time for riding. 32kph for 2 minutes is enough.
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 Breaking records is a bad thing?
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 They said bad for the record holders, as in previous, were current records... because someone else just took their record so now they don't have it.
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 @mtbikeaddict: that makes sense, I didn't look at it that way.
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 Another bit of trivia on the Greek Prime Minister incident: Motorized vehicles are forbidden in the area where this took place yet he had no trouble taking pictures with the moto guys. His wife also took one for a short ride. Also despite the fact that you are technically allowed to go anywhere in your prefecture to excercise, a few people have paid fines for leaving their municipalities or were told to make a u-turn and head home.
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 Even neo-liberal Democrats are nothing compared to the disgusting administration of the last 4 four years. Super-disingenuous of people to make out like, 'well they're all just the same'.
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 Ah the Mediterranean triangle of corruption, greed and hypocrisy strikes again.
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 Yes, we in the UK should all be super grateful that nothing like that could ever happen here.
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 When is Pinkbike going to have a mobile app?
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 Good month: Wales is back open!
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 That’ll explains why you were looking sheepish...
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 Greece is mentioned finally and it's for a bad reason!WTF
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 Good idea or bad idea to rate each month?
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