Good Month / Bad Month: Team Announcements, New Products, Sponsor Struggles, & Slickrock Drilling - January 2020

Feb 2, 2020
by Mike Kazimer  

Team Annoucements

All the rumors can finally be put to rest.

December was full of team rumors and farewell posts, which meant that there was no shortage of “Welcome to the Team” announcements once 2020 arrived.

Notable signings include Andreu Lacondeguy on Commencal, Dylan Stark on YT, Fabio Wibmer and the Seagraves on Canyon, and Johannes 'The Denim Destroyer' von Klebelsberg on GT.

Specialized Gravity picked up Christopher Grice, a speedy junior from North Carolina, and Greg Callahan joined Unior Devinci Factory Racing.

Richie Rude announced that he'll be with Yeti for the next three seasons, and Jared Graves will be back in turquoise as well, competing in select races and serving as brand ambassador.

New Products

There's no off-season for new shiny things.

When it comes to product launches and trade shows there doesn't seem to be an off-season any more – all 12 months of the year are filled with new mountain bike models and fresh components. DT Swiss launched a new XC-oriented fork, dropper, and shock, items that will no doubt appear on the bikes of a number of Olympic hopefuls.

The Core Bike show and the Burgtec House Show also took place in January, and featured new flat pedals from Nukeproof and Burgtec, Hope's first 35mm carbon bar, and a glimpse at Formula's new coil shock.
Schaubergwerk Kalmsdorf 232 Suspesion Plattform Press Launch


If you can't ride, you might as well watch other people ride.

Short days and long nights can make it tough to find the motivation to get out for a ride, especially if it's dumping snow or pouring rain. The next best thing? Watching videos of other people riding, and January was full of opportunities to escape reality for a few minutes. Fabio Wibmer did Fabio Wibmer things in Israel, and Danny MacAskill released another mind-boggling video titled 'Gymnasium' that's chock full of trials bike wizardry. Speaking of wizards, Brandon Semenuk took his custom painted Session to Japan, where he put on another stylish display in front of Revel Co's cameras.

There may not be that much actual riding in it (that'll happen in episode two), but don't forget about the Grim Donut. Pinkbike Tech Editor Mike Levy decided to create a bike from the future, and the result is, well, interesting, to say the least.

Thomas Lapeyrie & Becky Cook

Still hunting for sponsors for 2020.

Becky Cook finished the 2019 EWS race season sitting in 7th place, and Thomas Lapeyrie finished 20th overall, but the former teammates will no longer be on the Orbea Enduro Team for 2020. That's a difficult position to be in – the privateer life's not an easy one, especially if you're competing in a race series with stops scattered around the world.

At the moment, it looks like Becky Cook will be helped out by Wight Mountain, her local shop, and will be funding her race season out of her own pocket. In an Instagram post she said, "Bringing it home with my new set up for the 2020 season. Stoked to share that I will be riding the Scott Contessa bikes in collaboration with my local bike shop Wight Mountain I cannot thank these guys enough for all there help and giving me the determination to not give up on my racing dreams...and that podium! My intention is to race the full Enduro World Series once again but it will be self-funded and it’s a pretty expensive dream. Nevertheless fun times will be had along the way for sure and I can’t wait to get started."
400 [Failed to load instagram embed]

Thomas Lapeyrie is trying a different tactic, and has set up a crowd-funding campaign in order to drum up enough support to compete this season. Numerous pros have stepped up to help him out, donating jerseys and their time to help attract more supporters to what Thomas' is calling “Project Rider. 404,” a reference to the error message that occurs when a web page isn't found.

Bernard Kerr

Supercross dreams fail to materialize.

Bernard Kerr's off-season goal was to qualify for the Anaheim 1 Supercross race, but his dreams were dashed when the AMA refused to allow him to start due to an apparent licensing issue.

In an Instagram post, Bernard said, “Unfortunately I will not be rolling out into the stadium today to try and qualify at Anaheim 1. I’ve been told a bunch of different reasons why by the AMA and the FIM but all I really know is that even though I do have an FIM license they won’t let me. So THANK YOU so much for all the support it’s been unreal!”

We'll see if Bernard decides to try again next year... I'd love to see him qualify, if only to silence all the crotchety motor heads out there.

The Environment

BLM Proposes Oil and Gas Drilling Under Moab's Slickrock Trail

Moab's Slickrock trail is instantly recognizable, an otherworldly sandstone playground that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Now, two parcels under the trail could be put up for lease for oil and gas extraction due to a request to the BLM from an anonymous company. The company will be revealed during the public comment period that begins on February 20th.

Oil wells and heavy machinery aren't going to show up on the trail any time soon - surface work wouldn't be allowed, and any extraction would need to occur from adjacent land, the bulk of which is wilderness, where that activity would be prohibited. Still, just the fact that the land could potentially be leased for extraction is concerning, and it's certainly a situation that's worth monitoring.
Photo: Gravity Candy


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 Bad month because no episode 2 of the grim donut
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 Yeah, I check pinkbike multiple times a day (well... I do that anyways) hoping to see Part 2 at the top of the page.
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 Maybe episode 2 hasnt dropped because they are still making their way from one end of the wheelbase to the other. Expect episode 2 to drop sometime in Fen 2034
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flag telemarc67 (Feb 1, 2020 at 22:19) (Below Threshold)
 Are you talking about my butthole?
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 They know it will break on huck to flat and searching for a not so expensive stuntsman Wink I would be afraid to ride this. Hope they will bolt rear axle properly this time...
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 Ditto for the Banshee Titan review. Just seen it with a linkage fork on it.
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 Shit month, it's still raining and the trails are still slop and I'm getting tired of washing everything after every ride.
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 @lkubica: they can pay me (plus flights and hospital cover) and ill huck to flat for them! ahah
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 @Jbacon93: I have seen you ride, you need a set of balls and a bubblewrap suit lol. Hows the shoulder and foot finger?
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 @rabbit-Tbone: id borrow your balls but they seem to be missing...
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 @Jbacon93: yep, I know where they are, in the wife's handbag haha
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 Let's hope they'll release ep2 in February
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 You'll have to be patient while we work on Part 2 of the Grim Donut, but we'll release it as soon as possible—likely later this spring. We'll be riding it in the next two weeks, then heading to Sedona for the Affordable Bikes Field Trip.
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 Why are we still moping about Kerr? He was not remotely close to fast or experienced enough to compete safely.
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flag CrispyNuggs (Feb 1, 2020 at 12:55) (Below Threshold)
 How would you know?
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 @CrispyNuggs: he probably looked at Bernie's pro resume and saw a blank page
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 @CrispyNuggs: the clock doesn't lie.
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 The AMA not allowing him on that track should be in the good section of this article, not the bad
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 @NoDHinKentucky it's just that most all the people on here didn't grow up around motocross or Supercross like some of us. Most all of PB folks can't discern what we saw the instant he got on a real track, that he was not fast. Not even local pro fast. Not outdoor nationals fast, not even Loretta Lynn fast.

It was a flat out joke. He didn't even bother to sign up for a tiny local or regional event to see if he could even ride side by side or pass someone, not get ridden over or landed on or cross rutted or out of a gate or even make the first turn without tank slapping or even hold onto a bike at race pace for multiple laps even?
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 I'd have to agree. Obviously a talented dude on two wheels, but after listening to the Downtime Podcast, he was going into it with only a couple of days worth of practice. Against riders with lifetimes of moto experience? Also, he was talking about how the tracks were scary for him, a Hardline winner! He was making good on a bet and fair play he could negotiate a track. But it's a whole different ball game at race pace!
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 To be clear, the BLM isn't proposing drilling for oil, rather a private company specializing in oil extraction has applied for a lease to do so. The lease is administered by the BLM. Also, Congress hasn't updated the mining laws in about 150 years, literally.

I don't say this as an endorsement for the activity, just to speak truth. "BLM Proposes Oil and Gas Drilling Under Moab's Slickrock Trail" is erroneous.
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 For one thing, this shouldn’t happen because we should be working on reducing our carbon footprint. Anyone who has been to Moab knows how close Slickrock is to the town, to the Porcupine Ridge, to the Colorado River. Anyone paying attention to the increase in seismic activity caused by fracking understands this ain’t the area to be f*cking around with causing earthquakes.
I have a feeling this wouldn’t be happening if that bitch Trump and that freak from Montana didn’t loosen restrictions, so I just want to tell all Trump supporters to go f*ck themselves.
  • 17 8
 @deadtime: Trump is a piece of work. Most of his supporters are just people that were looking for a solution to their problems. Instead of villifying them, we should be electing someone into office that hears their pain and brings actual solutions to the table.
  • 24 11
 @sspiff: Trump is more than a "piece of work". I wouldn't describe lack of intelligence and outright racism as "pain". You go ahead and take the high road, and some of us will get down in the dirt with the scumbags who foisted this embarrassment on our society. I'll confront them at every turn and point to what they have sown. This BLM issue is a perfect example of the stark differences between the values of Obama and the shit-stain that is Trump and his supporters. Obama protected these lands. He specifically fought to protect these precious lands. An earthquake of any significant size would devastate Arches National Park which is less than a few miles from Slickrock. It's idiotic to drill here.
To say Trump supporters are just ill-informed victims is wrong. I know better.
  • 30 2
 @deadtime: dude. My politics are as progressive as they come and I choose to work at a facility dedicated solely to renewable energy and sustainability research. I will take my high road but will also continue not promoting willful ignorance that divides us further.

Nearly half of the voting population went for Donny T. Do you really think you can find a solution by telling 50% of the people you come across to f*ck themselves? No. That's being part of the problem.

We're more alike than we are different. Something that would be clear if we were just willing to listen to each other.
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 @sspiff: word
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 @sspiff: Well said!
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 Not sure I understand about the Kerr situation. My closest guess, coming from a motorcycle background, is that he really wasn't going to ride. McGrath should know better that Kerr has to qualify. I raced one Enduro race and one cross country race in my life. I can't grab my 2008 Ironhorse 7point and go on the world cup downhill circuit as much as I would like to or as many videos I would make with Greg Minnaar regarding my training. I remember back in the day when Travis pastrana made the 250 main. That's a guy that's been on motorcycles all his life.
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 He was somewhat skirting the rules and trying to qualify / liscensed through a loophole, more info here:,20/Bernard-Kerr-World-Cup-DH-racer-wants-to-race-SX,1369050?page=16

He didnt need to be on the track. Even if he was faster than other dudes, knowing how to ride safe takes years. Nevermind his own safety the other riders deserve it too.
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 @RadBartTaylor: I'm getting an Irish licence and running the UCI DH series AND Supercross series!!!! No one can stop me!!!
  • 3 1
 @chickenlassi: exactly! may as well enter a few UCI cyclocross races and world cup ski events
  • 2 0
 @RadBartTaylor: I mean, not really. Jett Lawrence is 16, and putting up a fight for 1st place. He has nowhere near the skills to qualify though, but all he has to do is get some actual race time before he can go on track for pro nats level SX. They literally have the next day as Supercross Futures which is how you qualify, for the most part.
  • 12 2
 The slowest guys on the tracks would probably run laps around Kerr. No offence but it’s like a weekend warrior trying qualify for the World Cup
  • 6 0
 @WayneParsons: It's no offence. It's real life. That's what I was getting to with my examples.
  • 3 13
flag chickenlassi (Feb 1, 2020 at 17:21) (Below Threshold)
 @kmg0: Jett Lawrence? He f*cking moved to US (poor guy) to race. TO RACE. Don't confuse his age with his competence nor race pedigree. Don't be a trump and promote alternate facts.
  • 3 0
 @chickenlassi: I meant no offence to Kerr, not you Smile
  • 2 0
 @chickenlassi: I think you read my comment wrong. I'm saying Jett didn't require "years of experience" the kid is a natural. Kerr could try to qualify by going the route everyone did, and racing semi pro atleast once,and showing up. It's all good though. Hope he comes to thunder valley and races 125 dream race!
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 @RadBartTaylor: Cool. Didn't even know there was a vitalmx
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 FYI - The Pastrana reference doesn’t fit here. Travis was a child prodigy and star of mx/sx, and should have been a multi-time champion. He wasn’t just a freestyle guy That made a main event once!
  • 3 1
 @Cmoreira: let's just start out that I'm 49 years old and I come from a motorcycle background. I was on my second motorcycle at 16 when I bought my first mountain bike which was a Nishiki bushwacker in 1986. Of course I was into BMX before that and was on the Canadian team at the world championships in Whistler. That's my pedigree.

Travis has always been on a f*cking motorcycle. He raced before he became the freestyle guy. I was actually watching all those years ago when he made his first and only main. That was when he was a freestyle guy and he promptly shut it down.

The Pastrana reference is legit because he was riding a motorcycle not much after he stop shiting his pants. If Bernard is a motorcycle guy I challenge anyone to try to find in the AMA, FIM or the f*cking Irish federation any evidence of Kerr racing motorcycles.

Just because the guy was trained by McGrath doesn't mean he can race his first race in supercross.

He is f*cking Eddie the eagle and he is the f*cking Jamaican bobsled team all put together.
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flag chickenlassi (Feb 2, 2020 at 10:57) (Below Threshold)
 @Cmoreira: hey bro I'm just trying to figure out you are who you are besides some guy in Alberta. I don't see any pictures I don't see how long you've been a member I don't see any of your favourite videos or favourite pictures. Who the f*ck are you? You're nobody bro
  • 2 0
 @chickenlassi: you can’t be serious with these comments, can you?!

No one asked your pedigree, and no one gives a shit about it. And for someone who thinks so highly of their background and opinion, you’re extremely uninformed.

For starters, I never argued in favor of Bernard Kerr racing sx - I simply stated that Travis Pastrana is a bad example to use in relation to the Bernard Kerr situation.

Travis Pastrana didn’t make 1 250 main event as you suggested (a freestyle guy) - he made many (17 to be exact), but only after he won a 125 supercross and a 125 National motocross title. So when you remember “him making a 250 main back in the day”, it doesn’t make any sense, and you can’t compare him making sx main events to anything related to Kerr. A better comparison would be when Shaun Palmer tried to qualify for a 125 supercross and 250 National.

The bigger social question here though, is why you feel the need to curse and get angry, just because you were wrong in using Pastrana as a comparative. Is your dick really small? Did you hit your head riding your one enduro mtb event? Are you so thin skinned that you can’t handle being calmly and respectfully criticized? Only you know that.
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 Bad Month: Dirt Rag announced shutting down all print. Only seen any coverage on Bike Magazine’s website, but I’ll call that legit. They were old school punk rock coverage of the sport for 3 decades. Be good to see something written up about the news on Pinkbike. As someone who started in this sport on the east coast, I always liked their perspective. RIP DR
  • 8 0
 I'm mixed on that. Part of me thinks too bad, but part of me thinks too bad they didn't adapt with changes in demand. It's one of the things I like about PB. They adapt. There's resistance over ebikes, but they understand there's a market, so they try to adapt by using the tag filters. Smart.
  • 3 7
flag sml2727 (Feb 2, 2020 at 11:05) (Below Threshold)
 Magazine sucked, I canceled my subscription years ago.
  • 15 0
 Whether you liked the print mag or not, the demise of Dirt Rag sucks. They hosted two large east coast MTB events (Dirt Fest PA and WV) and potentially hundreds of people are out entry fees for those events. DirtRag has been asked about refunds and said they can't offer any at this time. Dirt Rag also represented a lot more of cycling culture than just "I Only Ride Park" and "Freeride Lives", they featured a lot more small builders, bicycle commuters, fat bikers, gravel bikers, etc.

I for one, and many others, will miss Dirt Rag, and their closing up shop is sure as hell more newsworthy than Kerr's failure to race SX.
  • 6 0
 @PHeller: agreed. Dirt Rag did more to support the East’s riding scene than anyone else. Their magazine was pretty LoFi and I always liked that. About 13 years ago, I did their lifetime subscription for $100 because I knew they need some fundraising, and I got my money’s worth.
  • 19 2
 Still waits for the Cody Kelley announcement.....
  • 9 0
 It's a special announcement
  • 1 0
 @ibishreddin: prophet!
  • 17 1
 Its been a bad month because there is snow and i can't ride
  • 1 0
 I felt the same way but then I tried this out
works great!
  • 1 0
 @nathan999x: looks like fun! i actually have a pair of old studded tires like you made, but the snow here is so heavy and deep that i sink in past my bottom bracket!
  • 5 3
 Snowboard or ski. Problem solved.
  • 3 0
 @GBeard: Yeah right. What could be better than riding bikes in summer and snowboarding all winter?

Ive snowboarded for nearly 20 years and had the opportunity to ride 5 times...
  • 2 0
 @nathan999x: rides onto snowy ladder bridge: "no problem for the studs of dooooom!" Big Grin
  • 9 3
 It seems that the reason Kerr tried out doe Sx keeps getting missed. It was to win a bet. He apparently made 2 bets around this, years ago, and 1 of them was to at least try out for A1 by 2020. He didnt go into this thinking he'd be smoking regular, lifetime, moto guys. It was all about the adventure of it. And the bet. I applaud that.
  • 3 0
 Bad month: Biking in the Northeast. The closure of a major section of the Kingdom Trails network lead to the cancellation of NEMBAfest. The closure removed the main trails from one of the east's largest networks and, I'll say it: basically ruined it. KT wasn't the raddest/gnarliest place to ride but it was fun and it was surely introduced many people to the sport. This was caused largely by poor attitudes of riders towards the landowners and confrontations with them. Lesson: campaign for trails on public land and don't be a dick to generous landowners
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 when the hell is grim donut episode 2 coming out
  • 5 0
 Oil slick has to come from somewhere
  • 3 0
 Bad month because zero days on the bike so far...
  • 2 0
 Bad month because I crashed and broke my collar bone, good month because I got a new bike
  • 8 7
 Environment... I talked to folks who worked on oil fields in Iraq, I say sometimes it seems unfair but sometimes it feels like justice. I want a Tesla and god damn fast train
  • 26 26
 I’m always confused by this idea that an electric car is “greener”. Sure it’s cool but over all the carbon footprint print is about what a normal car is.
  • 8 2
 @thejake: Don't forget a 'normal' cars carbon footprint was significantly larger in their earlier years. Everything has to start somewhere.
  • 18 2
 @thejake: it depends mainly where the electricity comes from. Tesla driving in Norway or Switzerland is way greener than Tesla from Germany. Water vs coal. Different geography... Car itself, yeah cells don’t grow out of broccoli sprouts, don’t absorb co2 and you can’t feed them to Blue Whales BUT they don’t pollute cities as much as combustion engines. Currently if you live within 100m from the highway your risk of getting cancer goes up to 40%, not much different from working in city centers with constant traffic. Then all the array of Respiratory diseases like asthma, Potential for developing pneumonia from minor infections etc. for the risk to go down you need some good distances.

Out of purely selfish reasons, experience of driving a car? Full electric or hybrid any time of the day for me. The initial glide is blissfully electrifying
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 @WAKIdesigns: battery recycling ?
  • 2 0
 @nickmalysh: worth reading It's not a long article, but the conclusion is good if you don't have time, there's a lot of valuable references linked.
TLDR: many/most LI batteries currently in the market haven't reached end of life, thus cannot be recycled. People just throw them out when they start losing capacity, rather than using them to end of life and then properly disposing of them (or the electronics they're embedded in, ie: cellphones, bluetooth speakers, etc.). With the boom of the EV the bulk of LI batteries won't reach end of life until about 2030, there's a big push to bring more LI recycling facilities online in the very near future
  • 7 2
 They had an incident in Australia where a guy wrapped his Tesla around a tree. The fire department had to bring in special equipment and extra water to the remote location as the fire burned so intensely. Three weeks later the car was still in the same place as once the local recycling partner listed on the Tesla Australia website was contacted, they responded by saying they did not have the capabilities for recycling the car or batteries and pretty much hung up! One reason is Tesla will not reveal the chemical make up of the battery as it is their proprietary technology, so fire departments and recyclers don't know how to handle them.
  • 5 2
 @thejake: exactly. Unless you don’t have a car or yours gets totaled, it’s a larger carbon footprint to sell your car for a tesla or buying one as a second car.
  • 7 14
flag pcledrew (Feb 1, 2020 at 16:39) (Below Threshold)
Where power is hydro generated? No
Where power is majority renewable? Still no.
Where power is primarily fossil fuel generated? Oh shit! Still no!

Take your feelings elsewhere, snowflake. We’re using facts in 2020.
  • 14 4
 @Bomadics: they had an accident off the Gulf of Mexico called deep water horizon. It spilled 130million gallons of oil ( roughly 1billion lbs of oil). 11 people died and thousands of marine life dead. They had to send special equipment out 200miles into the middle of the ocean. It took 3 months to cap the well. Also this wasn’t even the worst oil spill in history. If you took the top 3 oil spills in history it would equate to roughly 5billion lbs of oil which is about how much mass in ev batteries exist on this planet today. Just from oil spills! Were not even talking about what we burn.
  • 9 11
 @pinkbike-engineer: Absolutely, oil is nasty stuff, but our entire civilisation is built on it, renewables can not replace oil, and all alternate forms of energy are not only subsidised by oil but would not exist without oil.

I am not a fan of oil, but I use it every day to get around, to eat, to use this computer, almost every I do. And like Waki said above your Tesla or whatever electric car one drives to save the world, is powered by what type of electricity is generated nearby. Some are nuclear, some are coal, some are hydro. They even had one Tesla charging station hooked up to a diesel generator in a parking lot, so those were diesel powered Tesla's!
  • 7 0
 @thejake: nuclear powered cars are what I'm waiting for.
  • 18 1
 The greenest thing you can do, automobile wise, is to drive your current car into the ground.
  • 2 1
 @Bomadics: there wouldn’t be oil drilling or oil refineries if there wasn’t a demand for gasoline!
  • 1 0
 @hamncheez: or at least until your cybertruck is delivered
  • 4 4
 @hamncheez: I agree and disagree with that statement. If you are purchasing a car or truck that has similar fuel efficiencies I would agree you should just drive your auto into the ground. If you are wanting to move to another vehicle that has greatly higher fuel efficiency then your current vehicle like 20mpg to 30mpg I would say get the new car now. The average American drives about 14,000 miles a year. The difference in fuel consumption per year between 20-30mpg is 1,400lbs of gasoline which will become 4,400lbs of co2 once combusted. A car/trucks weighs about 3500-5500lbs. In about 3-4 years you will save as much fuel in weight as the full vehicle weight. Also there is a used vehicle market and vehicles at end of life are recycled at a pretty astonishing percentage of roughly 84% by weight. Where as co2 is recycled at 0% currently.
  • 9 1
 @Bomadics: this is a terrible way to think. That’s like 150 years ago everybody was like horses are the best form of transportation and there can’t be anything better there for we should not try. Or 100 years ago we were like doing calculations by hand on paper is the best and only way to do math we should never do it any other way. Or 40 years ago the best way to communicate is through mail/land line and how it’s always been we should never try to make it better. Or 2 years ago we could only ride 66deg head tubes because that’s what everybody rode and that’s the only thing We knew. 150 years ago the automobile was invented, 100 years ago the first modern computer was created, 40 years ago the internet was created and 2 years ago we were all riding out dated unrideable bikes. The way of life we know and the things that we say we can’t live with out were created over a very short time period. Our civilization has been around for thousands of years and most of the things we use today were created in the last 200 years. I think we can always do better.
  • 2 2
 @thejake: funny how people think electric cars are therefore holy grail of saving the environment. Stopp stating facts, please, people don't want to hear them.
  • 3 1
 @Bomadics: unless something similar happened Down Under the country you are looking for is called 'Austria' or 'Mountain Germany' if you will.
  • 4 1
 Nothing about Norway is of largest oil exporters
  • 4 1
 @DuelingBanjos: please be capable of separating a Tesla powered by electricity generated by hydro power plant from Oil export and disgusting fish pudding they make.
  • 4 5
 @pinkbike-engineer: "The difference in fuel consumption per year between 20-30mpg is 1,400lbs of gasoline which will become 4,400lbs of co2 once combusted."

Um, not with me driving. "Sporting" style driving I can get as low as 2mpg (and I am in a low profile vehicle). Put some bikes on the roof rack I bet it goes down. I have seen one Tesla at the trailhead, the person who drives it (seriously, a dentist) has his wife bring his bike in the "other" car, a Lincoln SUV of some flavor.

As far as CO2 recycling...well, I am certain that you are not that ignorant. Simply, your not. I recycle my CO2 (the stuff I exhale) as well as the combustion gasses from my vehicle(s) in the most environmentally friendly way possible....
  • 2 0
 @hamncheez: this is what I'm doing. Not necessarily by choice, but my 2001 Yaris keeps passing its MOT and gives me 45 - 55mpg, so I'll carry on til it dies.
  • 4 1
 @Muckal: they are not the holy grail for environment, nothing is. But they do lower amount of crap we are breathing in in our cities. Personal car is problematic enough - car pools could be more developed, ones we have in Gothenburg are pretty neat already and if we had better train infrastructure I wouldn’t own a car because the only reason I do is long journeys. An example of ridiculous situation is road tax in my town, money from which go to develop road infrastructure instead of developing public transport. They now want to make flight tax. I am against it. Because I don’t want to pay a singleAdditional penny for using potentially “dirty transportation” when it is not going for clean transportation. We have 6lane highways, why can’t we have 4 lane railways? BTW big props to Danish and Germans for the tunnel. That’s what I like.
  • 1 2
 @DuelingBanjos: Plus, they spell things funny (or is that Sweden?) :-)
  • 2 4
 @WAKIdesigns: So I guess that all young guys should no longer dream of one day owning their personal Lamborghini, Porsche or Viper then.....think of all the people who will be put out of work....that does it, time to go watch Wall-E on Netflix (on my coal powered television).
  • 3 0
 @RoadStain: My young bachelor no kid co-worker recently took delivery of his "dream" Tesla 3. He put a OneUp hitch rack on it and doesn't have to fill it up every few days with premium and he can drive it in the snow. It's a pretty sweet setup and from what I understand it's more "sporty" than most sports cars, if that's what you're looking for (I haven't ever driven a Tesla). At the front range trailheads in Colorado you actually see quite a few EVs
  • 3 0
 @RoadStain: Trees for the Future does good work, but doesn't take into account other lifestyle factors like diet and consumer habits which, especially in the west, factor into one's carbon footprint. Like regularly eating beef, or out of season for your region produce, imported from South America or somewhere far away from you. Industrial animal agriculture is a huge contributor greenhouse gas production due to deforestation and soil degradation, not to mention the transport and storage of perishables being very energy intensive. Likewise for purchasing cheap electronics, clothing, furniture, etc. from regions where industry relies on coal energy and/or has few environmental regulations regarding materials sourcing, waste management, etc.
  • 2 1
 @WAKIdesigns: do people who like their air in the cities to be clean also like the circumstances under which the metals needed for the batteries are mined? Let me give the answer myself: they don't give a fck when they cruise downtown in their overbuilt SUV piece of shite. Why? Cause their penis elongation device is good for the environment.
  • 2 12
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 @chacou: LOL - I do NONE of those things. Love, I mean LOVE beef and do not at all hesitate to fill the tank in my gas guzzler(s). I do not care at all where my fruit comes from (go out of my way to NOT buy 'organic' as that is a scam (I did see 'organic' seedless oranges the other day, hypocrisy at it finest).

As soon as I am sitting at a Fudruckers and decide to not get a burger due to the environmental impact of beef - I hope I am taken out by a rogue asteroid. You do of course know that humans invented the modern cow (and pig and chicken) as we know them, right?
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 @WAKIdesigns: BEV/PHEV piece of shite obviously.
I'm with you regarding your other points, though.
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 @RoadStain: and yet you wonder why the rest of the world is pretty sure Americans aren't exactly the smartest people, right?
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 @Muckal: you are too angry for me to grasp what you mean...
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 @WAKIdesigns: what i mean is people need to rethink traffic as a whole, especially in the cities. I have a colleague who drives her SUV 1 mile from her flat to work. Everyday, not only in bad weather. If you ask her why she doesn't go by bike or walk she states 'if i went by bike, what would i have a car for?'. She looks accordingly. I have a car myself, a really bad VW Diesel even, but i try to do a lot of my ways in town by bike, bus or train when going to work. People need to understand that when everyone gave up a bit of his personal comfort the population as a whole would benefit. Unfortunately people are selfish and lazy, so the only way to prompt them is taking them by their wallets.
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 @RoadStain: yes you are correct there are more than the two scenarios that I pointed out. If your driving habits produce 2mpg no matter what car you drive then you should drive your car into the ground. But what if I could deliver you a car that even with your driving habits it produced 4mpg would that interest you? Assuming you drive the average American you’d save around $10,000 a year. Obviously the best thing to do is to not drive a car. There are also people who just don’t give two fcks and will buy whatever they want . I was trying to make a point it’s not black and white.

Yes you are correct. Photosynthesis does help combat co2 emissions. Unfortunately in America it’s pretty small agreed not 0%but around 10% and steadily decreasing as we populate more, burn more things, global warming and take up more land. I guess I would compare that type of recycling like if for every 100 million cars we recycled we closed down a scrap yard. Eventually we won’t be recycling anything.

From your previous posts I can clearly see I won’t change your mind. You have the same mindset as someone who believes the earth is flat or someone who doesn’t believe in evolution or think carbon dating isnt real. So I’ll stop here.
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 @Muckal: I agree and I said it many times: personal car is the problem, it takes X amount of energy to 1,5-2tonne object from place A to place B. But we cannot move forward using absolutes, either everything or fk that. Electric cars will promote development of batteries. I am far from being a lunatic who believes putting electric motor on everything will save the world. Just look at these fkng dumb rental electric kick bikes...

Having said all that... I drove to dirt jumps today... felt a bit sick, a bit tired and weather was tricky... it happens rarely but it happens. Never when I didn’t own a car and needed to rent one...
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 @pinkbike-engineer: I agree keep driving that old car, but ultimately speaking about being 'green' from a US-centric frame of mind is quite laughable. Moms carting their 2 kids around town in a Suburban Yukon XL aren't going to change their lifestyle because of EV. Sure they'll eventually buy some huge EV equivalent, but Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston and just about every major US city will still be chock full of single person commuters in large vehicles - EV or not. Meanwhile, major cities around the world like Seoul will continue to refine and upgrade their fantastic metro systems, and contribute savagely less waste/person because people are fine with commuting to work via public transportation. Like OMG, I totally gave up plastic bags when shopping for my organically processed and plastic wrapped Whole Foods groceries, and can like TOTALLY sleep fine knowing I spend my 2 hours commuting in my new Tesla!
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 @WAKIdesigns: The majority of the world still gets its electricity from COAL. When you start running your 40+ mile per gallon Toyota Corolla it’s still massively cleaner than any Electric car we are all being scammed on this E-Car shit!
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 @pinkbike-engineer: Great thanks for not reading my post as you try to condescendingly open my eyes to the error of my ways! I don't need a lesson in the evolution of transportation technology, and not once did I say don't pursue greener technology. All I said was our civilisation is built on oil, if you don't know the truth of that please go do some reading and educate yourself.

Our civilisation works on energy, there is nothing that can match the energy surplus of oil. This surplus is the amount of energy left over once the cost of producing and delivering the energy is subtracted. Please go and save the world for us, come up with something better than oil, I am not smart enough to do this myself sorry.
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 @Muckal: Thanks for the correction, but it does not change my point.
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 @pinkbike-engineer: Plus I have not used a car for commuting since 2003, I rode to work on my bike for 7 years and now I work from home and have for 10 years, so I am not saying let's use more oil, I am not telling anyone how to run their life, I am just doing what I can quietly to use less oil.
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 @pinkbike-engineer: Your right. I 'am' an environmentalist to the point I hate litterbugs and do try to be responsible with my waste oil. Driving a car (I have had a variety of engines in the years) at Road America, Daytona, and race tracks all over the place get us to 4mph (in a car that will get 22ish on the highway @ 80mph).

I am NOT for the destruction of the earth (as a highspeed train creating in the US thus far has done nothing but destroy natural elements and budgets in CA - and will never go high speed it turns out). I also am not for telling folks how to live their own lives (presuming they are not pouring diesel fuel into the river).

The thing is, based on the age of the earth and knowing that the central US was once under a sheet of ice...and knowing we are one erruption from another global cooling (Mt. St Helens for instance). I am going to do the ONLY thing I can do and control in my life....HAVE A BLAST and not worry so much about thigns I can not control :-)
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 Do not mess with Slickrock or anything around it...
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 Insync ditching their riders wasn't nice either.
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 Although the team is still alive under another banner!
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 @Clem-mk: what is it?
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 @Clem-mk: Justin Bieberlake
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 @Clem-mk: Yeah of course, because it was Molloy who founded the team in the first place. It is not some hierarchical structure where they are just at the bottom of it all and have nothing to say. But if you've had a great season, went through the negotiations for the next season, committed to helping with the development of your sponsors' new DH bike, the sponsor can't just dump them at that stage.

Of course the team will try to find a new sponsor. Veronica has had an amazing season so that should help. Though it is hard at this stage. Most companies already have their budgets sorted out and just starting negotiations when all other athletes already have it finished doesn't make it any easier. Especially in a time when you should be training, sorting out logistics etc instead of trying to find a sponsor. I absolutely hope to see them race the full WC DH series this year but I'm afraid it is going to be really tough.
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 @vinay: I will support her if she lets me become her sugar daddy
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 @Boosting: Yuck, f*cked up freak...
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 that dropper is about as cool at 26" wheels. take that however you want.
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 Good month.... got a new bike...
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 RANTPAGE!!! Lets stick to bike shit please. Smile
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 If I missed it, my apologies. But, has there been any news with Eddie Masters? Is he gonna be on a team?
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 Staying on the Pivot team for 3 years.
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 Staying put. He was just trolling.
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 Bad month based on the huge delivery delay information.
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 @markz pretty sure what happens to public lands and trails within as well as environmental health IS bike related
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 It's a bad month because there is not enough snow and I can't fat bike.
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 Thank Kerr then , for not racing petrol,and preventing more pollution.. hero
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 @jjhobbs: multiple topics in a single post are confusing, huh?
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 @kittenjuice: yes,for PB
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 Yeah shit fuck bum luck no Kerr moto
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 Why the f*ck am I reading about motocross on a mountain bike site?
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 You should ask yourself that as you read it !
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 Woah there, no need to get your knickers in a twist.
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 Funny coming from a guy named enduro
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 I don’t need any of this crap
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 im pretty keen to see what happens with the canyon collective this year..
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 What a horrible January!!! Kerr didn't qualify for the MX race!!! kkkkk
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