Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts+ - Review

Sep 26, 2016
by David Arthur  
Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts

Gore Bike Wear may be best known for its waterproof jackets, but the company has expanded its range of products over the years, so you can now dress head to toe in Gore clothing. Innovation is at the heart of what the company does, and last year it introduced the Alp-X Pro 2in1 Shorts+, which set the comments alight with their integration of a padded bib short into a pair of baggies. While the idea wasn’t without merit, trail riders who prefer good length and bagginess thought the execution was lacking.

Power Trail 2in1 Shorts+

Gore Bike Wear followed up with the new Power Trail 2in1 Shorts+ that follow the same principle, and in addressing those previous issues, made a compelling product for trail riders. Gore began with its Power Trail Men padded bib insert, then attached it to a baggy short made of a light and durable material, with two snap buttons, a front zipper, and an elastic waistband. The bibs have a mesh construction to keep you cool and wide flat bib straps for comfort over the shoulders. There’s a smattering of reflective piping, a large zipped pocket on the front left leg, and a small zipped pocket at the back that is just big enough for car keys. If orange is too bold for your tastes, a more subtle black is available.
• Back pocket, side zip pocket
• Power Trail seat insert
• Waistband with two snap buttons and front zip
• Full mesh bib construction for optimum ventilation
• Frictionless tape inside front hem
• Shorts attached to bib-tights
• Reflective piping and reflective logo on back
• Abrasion resistant material at inside leg and saddle areas
• Colors/sizes: Orange, Black - Small through XX-large
• MSRP: £169.99, $189.99
• Contact: Gore Apparel, @Goretex

Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts
The black bib straps are stitched right into the baggy shorts...

Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts
...With an elastic waistband and two popper buttons

Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts
Rear zipped pocket ideal for storing some money or a phone.

Gore Bike Wear Power Trail 2in1 Shorts
...And, there's a zipped pocket on the side, too.

On the Trail

Slip the 2in1 Shorts+ on and it’s immediately apparent this is a very comfortable bit of clothing. Joined only at the waistband, the outer short is free to move independently of the liner, so there's no restriction when pedaling and throwing the bike through the turns. There's also none of the annoying tugging at the waist that can happen with regular baggies when worn over a separate bib short, and there's no excess pressure from the waistband.

Comfort really is the big trump card here. I like to wear padded bib shorts under baggies for longer rides in the hills because it's the most comfortable option. The one problem with baggies over bibs is that the baggy shorts can slip against the smooth Lycra material - and sewing them together completely solves that problem. They're far superior to any separate bib short and baggy short combination I’ve ever tried.

One of the key issues with the original shorts was their length, which wasn't long enough for pads. The length is now much more akin to popular baggy shorts, sitting just below the kneecap, and the openings are generous enough to sit over the top of pads without snagging or riding up. Gore has nailed it this time. The sizing is spot on as well - and it needs to be, because there isn’t anything in the way of adjustment. Fortunately, they fit me perfectly.

The fabric of the baggy shorts is light and soft next to the skin and it doesn’t make much noise when it flaps about. A stripe of low-friction material has been added inside the openings of the legs, which does seem to help the shorts slide more freely over your knees or knee pads. The main fabric is not waterproof, like most of Gore’s products, but it does cope well with puddle splashes and light rain. Abrasion resistant material on the saddle area improves durability, especially when grinding over muddy trails. The padded insert is the important bit, of course, and it’s exceptionally comfortable, with a low-profile design that minimizes the bulky layer feeling that you get with some bib shorts. The bib straps are comfortable over the shoulder, with enough stretch to prevent them digging into your shoulders and the material is breathable to keep you cool.

I've tested these shorts all summer and they've seen use in a wide range of conditions, from scorching heat to cold and muddy, with regular action on my local trails and enduro racing in the French Alps. Through it all, they've been supremely comfortable and the durability has been impressive. They've even survived several crashes unscathed.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotes It's great to see Gore Bike Wear pushing the concept of a baggy short integrated with padded bibs. Gore's Power Trail 2in1 Shorts+ addressed my main gripes with the originals that I tested last year, and have become a supremely comfortable short that fits well and provides seated comfort for miles and miles. These shorts are a good pick, even if they are a bit on the expensive side. - David Arthur


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 No way. I get $60 bibs and wear them with $60 shorts. On 2 hour normal rides, it's the bibs that get most of the funk, so I can often wear the shorts the next day with fresh bibs. Plus that way when you crash and rip a hole in your shorts, you're not replacing both. I don't think I'll ever buy $100+ bib-short combos. Separate bibs and shorts is cheaper and makes more sense.
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 ^This. Bibs get washed more often than the shorts. Also, being able to combine different bibs/liners to the baggy shorts to suit the conditions is very important to me.

I have to admit that it looks like a well executed product and it looks comfortable too. However I'd have to buy three of them to suit my needs and that's a lot of money.
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 @justwan-naride: plus then you have bibs for road rides. not that anyone should ride road bikes, obv. Wink
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 Trust a man that wears both a belt and suspenders? Man can't even trust his own pants.
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 Does the bib open at the front where the short's zip is? Essentially, do I still have to get into some sorta yoga position in order to take a leak? Did I not read this properly?
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 If these allow you to go for a wee easily then that is a massive selling point they've missed! If they don't then it's surely more of a PITA than a normal shorts/bib combo?
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 @slimboyjim: The zipper must go all the way through. It would be ridiculous if it didn't. But it's weird the review didn't specify, so I don't know.
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 The zipper is just on the baggy shorts - there's enough stretch in the bib shorts that taking a piss doesn't require any funky poses
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 @davidarthur: Sorry but I call BS. What way are you stretching without having to take off your shirt and slide the bib off your shoulders? If you're just pulling them down the 10-12" from your waist to your pecker you're going to wreck them. Having a zipper on one and not on the other is a design oversight.
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 Just pull it out your shorts leg?
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 @BrightBulbPhoto: You mean roll it out...
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 This is big Issue With Race Face stash bib
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 @Powderface: Unless you're taking a no. 2 in the woods, you can easily stretch the front of the bib shorts down enough to go for a piss. I should know, I've done exactly that loads of times, without any mess and without wrecking the shorts. You can call what you what, but you're wrong
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 @davidarthur: Do you have these exact shorts, or are you talking about bib shorts in general?
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 If you are a tri-guy, then no need to even get off the bike to pee. Problem solved!
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 @mecabeat: I tested the shorts in the review above!
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 Neg proppers obviously not males haha
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 @slimboyjim: It sounds like we (or should I say 'wee') are both disappointed. I am a 'baggies' kinda guy that wears bibs under because I find them more comfortable and especially less likely to snag. So these are merely two items sewn together. Had they truly incorporate both, they would have had at least two sales from me.
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 @davidarthur: So, you chose to mention the front zipper, but not mention it's complete uselessness? That omission, gives the impression that this short has a feature that would be a huge selling point for many people. This is either a case of compromising journalistic integrity, or just plain laziness. Either way, it's unprofessional.
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 @mecabeat: Sign. Okay, so the baggy shorts have a short zipper at the front. This makes it easier to get in and out of the shorts. Once zipped up, the baggy shorts are nice and snug around the waist. When you need to go for a piss in the woods, you can unzip the fly and stretch the Lycra bib shorts enough to facilitate this. And yes, the zipper is a vital part of the shorts. It's really as simple as that.

These are really good shorts, I've been super impressed with them, and wear them all the time. Does that help you out?
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 @davidarthur: That would have been good to include in the review. If it was just an oversight, I can understand, but it seems a little suspicious to leave that info out in a review with zero negative points. Is this an objective review, or are you trying to stay in good standing with the company?
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 @davidarthur: We need a practical demonstration.
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 Gore stuff ain't cheap but I'm still impressed with the quality of the couple pieces I own years later. My Gore jacket has held up way better than my Rapha in terms of wear. Rapha has aged. The Gore looks like the day I bought it pretty much
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 My Gore jacket is awesome in every way, except the zipper. The zipper quality is the worst I ever seen, and belongs on a rack at Walmart. It is microscopic and gets jacked up on a regular basis. Gore needs to look at quality outdoor climbing gear, hell they could take a lesson from a basic North Face fleece jacket, 100 x better zipper.
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 $ 189 for a pair of shorts and they are not ever water proof. The cost of some of these products is out of touch with the common working rider.
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 Haven't worn a bib since I was spitting up baby food on myself. But I bought some zoic shorts with removable chamois shorts that I love for just the reason you can wash separately the inner padded short that gets funky more frequently
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 £160 for some shorts you'll rip. fu%k that!
£50 madison waterproof shorts are wear* it's at
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 the design seems to be targeted for riders that throw more $$ at riding gear than
i do. padded liners paired w/baggies or jeans makes more sense in my world.
and....i would NOT wear orange clothes!
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 No adjustability for sizing is quite frankly ridiculous, come on it doesn't take much to sew a couple of velcro loops onto the sides.
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 What a ridiculous attempt to sound like a product is related to + size tires. I'll never buy this company's products.
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 So why are people that keen on using big-style chamois liners? Seems like a massive inconvenience, compared to just a pair of chamois liner shorts (available for $20 or so) worn under whatever baggies you like.
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 Because bibs are more comfortable and stay up. No waist band is super comfortable. There is zero inconvenience unless you pee like three year old with pants around your ankles. I prefer separate pieces though for the reasons stated by others.
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 I have two pairs and can confirm that they are super comfortable and much better than a bib/padded liner shorts with baggies combo.
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 Do I see shaved legs in those photos? #roadiealert
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 A comfy seat is way better than any bibs or chamois IMHO. ISM Century x = no more padded uncomfortable shorts.
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 Was thinking the same thing. Last time I wore a shamwow I was doing laps at a 24 hour. I find good fitting undergarments and a supportive saddle are better than pads which can get in the way and rub.
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 I Feel like I'm talking about bras or something. #manzire
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 This is for people that spend more time working then riding. I love my 3$shorts from Value village.
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 Of course the mountain site hating on my Rapha. #scrubs :p
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