Video: Kootenay Trippin' With The Gradient Boys

Sep 3, 2014
by Gravity Components  
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The Kootenay Range in Eastern British Columbia has always been a worthy destination for Mountain bikers from all area's of North America. It's also the home of many seasoned veterans of our beloved sport. As a Pacific Northwest company, Gravity Components has supported many of these riders over our last eight years of brand-hood. Two of these riders currently call the Kootenays home: Mike Hopkins and Garett Buehler. Gravity's Andrew Taylor and visiting Kiwi Conor Macfarlane were both more than happy to jump on board and explore the local trails, coffee houses, and swimming holes throughout South Eastern, BC. Hitting the 2014 Summer Solstice proved to be perfect timing because we knew the riding was so good that we'd want to rip all day.


Garett s Yard
Gravity's Gradient Trail line features our full carbon riser and flat handlebar, carbon seat post, brand new fully CNC'd stem (35mm and 50mm lengths), as well as our anticipated Gradient MegaEVO Carbon trail crank.

Gradient Guide
Gradient's MegaEVO crankset features a full carbon arm set mated to a 30mm spindle that inexpensively adapts to fit 68/73mm BSA, BB30, PF30 as well as BB86 bottom bracket standards. We've conducted extensive testing on this bad boy over the past couple seasons and it's finally ready for production!

Red Mountain
Mike Hopkins leads the way down Rossland's Red Mountain, straight into the Pre-Shambhala party that waited in the lodge below.

Cabin Life
"The Mayor" of Rossland looks out over his homeland.

Ripping Revelstoke
Revelstoke's "Hot Dog Hallway" produced the most high fives and "Yeah Bud's" of the trip.

Gravity would like to thank Red Mountain, The City of Revelstoke, as well as Mike Hopkins and Garett Buehler for being awesome hosts to this amazing destination. Bruno Long (Photo) and Derek Dix (Video) also deserve a huge high five for bringing this all together!

Stop by the Gravity Booth (9071) at Interbike in Las Vegas and check out our products and meet the team!

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 how the f*ck does his feet stay on those pedals?!
  • 22 21
 "Do". It's "how the f*ck DO his feet stay on those pedals."
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 haha cheers, only one spelling mistake is pretty good for me.
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 No, "does" would be the appropriate word. Does goes with third person singular pro-nouns I.E. he/his , she, it... "we all know how he do that line" VS "we all know how he does that line".

But, yeah, how the f*ck can he keep his feet on those pedals? lol
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 You're wrong @FriedRys, the 'to do' verb in loganjensen's sentence refers to 'feet', which is a plural noun, so 'do' is the correct conjugation. 'His' in that sentence acts as an adjective to the noun 'feet', even though 'his' is technically a "possessive pronoun".
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 guys im on Christmas brake frum skool rite now:; lets not talk about grammar
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 Damn... This video really makes me wish i had someone to ride with.
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 Fellow Americans, that there is all the reason you need to not get a DUI.
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 You know what would make this vid cooler? Neither do I Smile
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 Who the f was the guy who had to carry the chainsaw?
  • 2 0
 The camera and chainsaw guy.
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 Awesome riding, even better left hand throwing contest - great form
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 Bikes, friends and perfect landscapes. The definition of perfection.
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 this video makes me wish i didn't have a broken lag
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 Lag like your computer is lagging so much that you can't watch the video ?


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 With all the amazing Trails in Rossland, I thought the would have chose something a bit more entertaining for the Video?
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 any video that makes me want to climb is a good vid.
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 And that was just the motivation I needed to go and rip the Rossland trails this afternoon.
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 Every time I watch this video it makes me want to ride
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  • 1 1
 props to em riding little bikes on a big bike trail like that!
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 nice video
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 The backflip threw me for a loop. I didn't have any of them pinned as guys who could do that! Props!
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 um have you ever watched any of these guys in videos or contests

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