Video: Will this be Graham Agassiz's Year at Rampage? - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 14, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



Will 2015 be Graham Agassiz's Year at Rampage?

More updates at Tune in live at starting at 10:30 a.m. MT.

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 Gonna be high school drama when someone poaches his line and out scores him lol.
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 It's a bit disappointing there is so much negativity towards him after the Berrecloth segment. Lets not blast the guy after a few comments and some mob mentality. Stoked to see all these guys stretch what is possible on a bike and can't imagine the emotional experience of riding in an event like this.Best of luck and hope everyone stays safe.
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 The sober words of Dad. Its a dumbass comments section dude...chill out and try to say something entertaining. This is all a big zero when it comes to any meaningful discussion.
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 Seems like Redbull put alot of drama and fire on him even though almost every riders are protective with things they built. He's like the Kim Kardashian of Rampage now.
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 Is it me finally getting old or does it seem like it's really stepped up this year?
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 whinging whining whining.. GO AGGY!
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 He's gonna flip if someone tries to hit his donger!
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 I'd flip if somebody hit my donger too!
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 i don't really get that - there's a limited area to work with, so it seems like not every line can be original. does rampage have rules about who can hit what, and how things are built etc? how should that be managed?
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 Sounds like it's being managed already! No dig, no ride. Seems like Doerfling, Vink, McCaul, Connor MacFarlane can all find original lines. Maybe the claw is just old and/or has trouble making friends.
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 Aggy and Andreu (+ build crew) worked their asses of building this line last year , Aggy guinea pigged one of the biggest drop on site, he didn't get to compete in the finals. And now people want him to share his line? Are you even serious?
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 @Frilko - that was last year. This is a separate year entirely. Sure, they worked their assess off last year, for last year's competition. They have absolutely no right to control that line anymore, and nor should they.
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 Bummer, cause Claw built lines that most of these guys have used to make a name for themselves. The build needs to be toned way back. The run outs are deep and wide. Is it possible that Rampage is getting too bike park?
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 Yeah,they should bulldoze the lot, then no one can lay claim
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 @mattradical feeling the same here
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 people complaning about aggy being protective of his line clearly never took a shovel and built something, its just common sense for this event.
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 Neg prop me if you want, lots of guys are making stuff I'm excited to see. Aggy and Andreu have been perfecting something for two years. I'm sure they've put as much or more work into it compared to last year. There's only one person I've heard whine about it. At what point does past awesomeness stop buying you a free lunch?

PS there's 100000$ on the line, it's not exactly a social get together for fun.
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 It's a joke. I'd rather watch sandcastle building comps. Way more originality.
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 If I have to hear that god damn rockband advertisement at the beginning again I'm going to lose my shit
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 If you run Google Chrome, download their ad blocker. Ive never watched an advertisement on any of red bulls videos.
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 ya me neither stop being a rookie living under a rock and download adblock. fvckin stone age internet usage over here. jk im just trying to help
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 nothing against aggy at all,,, but the way the coverage has been so far it seems like red bull have already decided who the winner is.....
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 Well he was number 1 qualifier last year with a run that landed Andreau in the top spot by a wide margin so he might very well win.
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 Aggy is sponsored by monster so it would be weird for red bull to fix it for a monster athlete and not one of there own. I Agree he's had loads of coverage though.
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 Rheeder was sponsored by monster but hyped by red bull too. I'm surprised he hasn't signed with them after dropping monster.
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 Not even close.. if anything all this lame media hype over exposing they poor guy and fuelling imaginary feuds between him and whoever they can catch on camera saying a few words does nothing but make everybody wish him the worst.. Bordon escorted a rider clean of his line.. and Brandon had words with that same rider to get off of his line.. Hate Aggy all ya want... but its the coverage that seems to want to hang off of every thing he does..Not to mention i think that it will be harder to impress the judges on a line that has already won there.. they like everybody else wants to see something fresh and new.. if anything his line is a handy cap..
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 ^ Yeah, he may only get top 3... incredible handicap. Like any contest before, it only matters what you throw down that day, not what you did last year and that line is gnarly as all hell.
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 The topic was winning.. and key words were "IF ANYTHING" Im well aware of how "Gnarly" the line is i helped dig it .. I am being the antagonist to this
ridiculous thread comment.. No need for your side tracked sarcasm..
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 Seems like it is going to be the best Rampage ever. Even though you expect Andreau/Aggy line to score the highest. The new Vink as well as the Doefling line seem like they could score high as well. After that, it's all going to be what the rest do with their lines. It's still Rampage, could be any riders doggone day.
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 feeling like spongebob on his way to work...

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 I don't know anything about this line poaching drama...but you can't deny... home boy can whip...
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 @Pinkbike can you make social media articles where you aggregate the best that is being posted in instagram and such?
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 I can't believe Aggy is being so roasted.Pinkbike loves to pile on and get negative towards someone. I've run into him lots and he is the nicest down to earth person you could meet. He is a real freerider and is just protecting his interest cause rampage is huge and these guys need to make a living. Claw can find a line ? Vick 's line looks sweet. What about the other guys protecting their line or is is graham the wipping boy?
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 "Donger" lol... Aggy can say whatever he wants. He is a ridiculous human. Can't wait to see him drop in.
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 Huge crash for Tom van Steenberghen !!!!! huge case on the canyon gap he snapped his frame !!!!!!!!!! just look on FB it s pretty mindblowing
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 Just watched, holy shit that was loud!
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 He snapped his rear whell, but the frame looks good on Instagram Wink
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 Damn I wanna see what the bike looks like after that crash! sounded like a gun going off! Im sure trek will keep any damage on the DL tho.
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 thanks @voxran not actually as bad as i expected haha
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 Don't believe everything you read about what's going on at Rampage. The soap opera isn't nearly as dramatic as they make you think...
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 Aggy will give it a good crack but I think Sorge could be a dark horse. He's been away for the last few years so will be eager, he's got the tricks and got the balls to go for the large jumps.
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 I really hope grahm plays the first part safe until finals cuz my $$$ is on him. I hope he makes it to the finals! And to have the last name of BEERS... that is just awesome!
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 I think aggy is going all or nothing this year.
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 I'd be more scared of beating aggy on his own line than to ride any other part of the course
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 Nailed it
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 it probably is but andreu will up his run from last year probably . it will be tough to beat. but if he does the run he wants he will no doubt be on the podium
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 Only other guy who's more Knarly on a big bike then aggy is andreu, if aggy keeps it rubber side down he's got 1st or 2nd in the bag.
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 hitten dongers.
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 guess will be adding to favorites thru the wknd
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 Hey guys, sorry I bother you around here but... If you could help us saving this dirt jumps in AB that would be sweet... I'll leave the link around for all of you kind guys from pinkbike.
And counting days to rampage! lml
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 Thought you guys got insurance? That was the word on the street.
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 Two of my favourite riders... Jesus, how I wish I could raide like that! Keepin' thumbs for both of them!
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 Im just stoked to see him still rocking the Green scheme from 2014, thanks for keeping my bike relevant Aggy
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 aggy, vink, locondeguy. 1 2 3. fest guys are gonna slay it!
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 Im really tired of the Rock Band 4 ad
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 I'm not sure which is bigger, Aggy's balls or his whips...
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 Sorry, it can't be... Because it's Tyler McCaul's year, of course!
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 He looks like Justin Barcia
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 Yeeeah !
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 Will White broke his frame
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flag nismo325 (Oct 14, 2015 at 14:12) (Below Threshold)
 who cares? dude shouldn't even be at rampage in the first place.
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 why shouldn't he be there?
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flag nismo325 (Oct 14, 2015 at 14:47) (Below Threshold)
 Why should he? he doesn't make any edits, enters no events, has basically no sponsors and has said in many interview he hardly rides. Most of all his rampage runs are pretty lacking compared to basically everyone at rampage.
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 I just think rampage should be for the riders pushing the limits of the sport.
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 Yeah, you're right, qualifying for finals at 18 and 19 years old on a decade old, 45 lb bike. He's got no business being there at all. Guy pretty much exemplifies the soul of what Rampage is. If you haven't checked it out, this interview is pretty solid:,9370/Slideshow,0/dhgnar,18548?
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 id love for that vitalmtb to put a friggin date on their page so I know when this interview is from.
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 Today's Rampage is a slopestyle course. Does massively modifying the terrain to suit your ability really match the definition of pushing the limits? Will White is one of the few who still shreds raw earth. Respect to you Will, good luck bro.
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 "holy shit did you see will whites rampage run!" said no one ever lol and honestly the whole only ridding natural earth is an excuse for not hitting any big features. whatever i hope he proves me wrong but i don't think i have to worry.
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 Style for dayz
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 I've rooted for Graham and Berrecloth, however, the line legacy and bullshit social pressure Aggy is trying to pull has made me lose my respect for him.
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