Gravity East Series # 6, Killington “The Beast”

Aug 18, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
Source: Gravity East

This past weekend the Gravity East Series made its second and final stop of the 2010 season in the State of Vermont at Killington Resort.

Killington Resort hosted the Gravity East Series race after a 5 year hiatus from downhill mountain biking competition. Killington provided a great event atmosphere with a free concert featuring the band Twiddle Saturday following the day’s race practice. More inside,The newly designed race course started just below the mountain top lodge located on Killington’s Peak elevation of 4241’. The course was 2.2 miles long providing a very challenging race with times in the 6 to 8 minute range with a very fast run to the finish off a fire road stretch.

The Gravity East Series once again drew a great number of riders from all over the East and beyond including quite a few new riders from local Vermont towns. 189 Riders competed in the event vying for the top of the Gravity East point standings.

In the hotly contested Pro Men’s category, pro riders battled “The Beast” to become the one victorious. The Dominator, Gerritt Beytagh (Morewood Bikes) mastered “The Beast” to beat local Vermonter Gavin Vaughan (Giant/HGB) for the win. It was Beytagh’s 4th win of the season and inches him closer to Vaughan and the top of the Gravity East Pro Men’s category. Jason Memmelar (Giant/HGB)) took third with Benjamin Moody (POC/Trek) and Adam Morse (GT/VonCooper) finishing 4th & 5th respectively.

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Visit the GES website for more information, results and point standings at

The Gravity East Series rolls on to Olympic territory next month in Lake Placid at Whiteface Mountain for the 5K DH event.


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 I have to say, the trails at Killington suck pretty bad. Unless there has been some major trail building in the last 3 weeks the course was probably shite. Kona "groove approved" simply means they rent clapped-out coilers to NE tourists.
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 reks...come try to find a resort in the southeast to ride ya arrongant sandy vag! Suck it up and ride...limp wrist and all. Big Grin
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 wow dud go back to riding a road bike because no one care what think and lean how to ride
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 bizutch wtf r u talking about?
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 reks is whining about a DH bike park. where we live, we don't even have bike parks. He's lucky to have a place to ride. I'd ride ghetto gravity and love it if it's lift assisted!
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 Whatever, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I live about 30 minutes away from Killington and have gone there twice. Both times I felt cheated. They have one person who works on the trails - ONE. DH pretty much sucks in New England. If you disagree with me you need to visit other parts of North American that have good trails. Killington is a f'in farce and a very VERY poor excuse for a mountain bike park: zero trail maintenance, zero planning, ZERO effort, although they'll gladly take your money.
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 Pato - we didn't do very well in English class, did we?
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 Nearest bike park to us is 6 hours north. You would probably appreciate your park more if that were your option. Big Grin
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 Not really... there are plenty of xc trails around here that are far more technical and better maintained that are free. Being from the west, I know what a good bike park is and Killington is definitely not it. They should be ashamed to charge people to ride that crap. Just because it's identified as a "bike park" doesn't necessarily mean its good. Also, I don't really care where you're from biz, if you don't have any parks in your area, that's your problem. Move away from bunghole NC and it won't be an issue. New England is a pretty cool place but the DH is sparse and Killington is absolute garbage $.02
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 Good run Gavin! Likn the new helmet ~RJ
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 lol matt eramo got fifth time overall but was racing sport it was awsome
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 rode this course a few days before the race. pretty cool
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 steve avery comin in 6th! woo for the unknown slayin for the pure schlarrrpin!
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 looks like a fun course!
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 It was, except for the uphill!! haha
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 it's GERITT.
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 killer video!!!!!

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