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Jul 18, 2014
by Da"u Corporate  
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Canadian spirit here in our French Alps, where Simon is riding a uniquely humid trail, through that spectacular greenness that is so similar to Canada's West Coast.

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  • + 22
 Well the music was epic.
  • + 1
 Song please?
  • + 20
 Green like weed?
  • + 3
 i would love to see the comments on that video Big Grin
  • + 7
 There's no way the pictures can match how epic that music was. None.
  • + 4
 Just shows you, all the editing in the world and nice back drops can't make the riding more interesting. Bit dull really. Least he's trying though, I couldn't make a video of an earthquake look exciting :-P
  • + 2
 Nice, great, superb, great riding...but ok I'm going to say it and get a lifetime of negative props...but don't most of do this kind of thing of thing on single crown forks and with an open face helmet? This takes nothing away from the production values, pat youself on the back
  • + 17
 Lol thanks for your pointless enduro bandwagon comment
  • + 6
 On a big bike you can go faster
  • + 28
 also its scientifically proven that the testicular glands increase in relativity to the travel
  • - 2
 his bollocks may have got bigger in the shop when he bought that dh bike, but riding trails like that on it shows he's isn't using them, lol
  • + 5
 Only someone with enduro hang-ups could draw that conclusion. I think the Bike Park Wales vid 'Enter the Dragon' illustrates my point far better than I could.
  • + 0
 Bang on comment Gandalf - I was thinking exactly the same
  • + 2
 The parts they filmed are relatively flat(tish), but the track does get a lot steeper towards the end. It was however fine on my smaller travel bike (150-160mm).

I would prefer having a full face helmet though...

(I really hope this is the track I think it is, otherwise I will look stupid...)
  • + 1
 Apparently, as long as you don't do it on an enduro bandwagon you'll be fine.
  • + 4
 All we got in Cali is brown, hardly even rained this winter, dusty summer conditions all year!
  • + 1
 yeah its all moondust everything it sucks
  • + 1
 Not all of Cali is brown, Humboldt is always cool, green and damp. Yep we got it made in the shade.
  • + 2
 Looks like I need to plan a road trip!!
  • + 5
 Why so dramatic.
  • + 0
 Honestly Da'U flop flop flop. I found that this is too much noise for what it is, even thought it makes me want to know where this trail is? And please if you post something on the internet be open to criticism.
  • + 1
 Can we call it an all mountain bike when "enduro" is a style of race. Wait if you don't like enduro does that make you racist?
  • + 2
 loving the cable cam shots Smile
  • + 0
 Thought the riding in this was awesome, so much control over that bike! So long as you're enjoying where you're riding, it doesn't matter if it's 'big' enough for a DH bike.
  • + 1
 Love the down-the-trail perspective at 2:20
  • + 2
 Nice video
  • - 1
 Is this one of the trails from les Arcs to Bourg St Maurice?
I like it green like that :-)
  • + 1
 it kind of looks like La Clusaz...
Am I right ??

(but those trails from Les Arcs to Bourg Saint Maurice are great !)
  • + 1
 Guessing by the les arcs logos everywhere i'd guess it's filmed there, but i know there is no guarantees in internet land
  • + 1
 no pretty much 99% sure it's the new trail at La Clusaz, I recognize quite a few bits...
  • + 1
 that was sick
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