Greg Minnaar Injury Update

Mar 28, 2015
by Paris Gore  
Greg Minnaar crashed in Rotorua, New Zealand, during DH training, injuring a tendon in his thumb on Wednesday and has undergone a very interesting ordeal in order to fix things up before the first World Cup round in France.

Greg Minnaar

bigquotesThe doctor gave me 4-6 weeks to recover but we don't have that time and need to aim for two. The tendon ripped off the bone and the radiologist called in a few buddies of his to try and get me into an orthopedic surgeon.This all happened on Wednesday, Thursday for the surgery and Friday made a custom cast to hold on in France with. - Greg Minnaar

Greg Minnaar
Custom wrap job that was fitted around a handlebar in order to allow Greg to attempt and ride for the first World Cup in France.

Greg Minnaar
Best of luck to Greg on a speedy recovery.


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 Minnaar is one of my fav riders. One of the few who doesn't sound like a complete moron/bro in interviews.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 28, 2015 at 14:20) (Below Threshold)
 Would you suggest that each one of them should take 2 years off and study English philology, rhetorics, public speaking and marketing? NOBODY GETS EVERYTHING
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 "one of the few who doesn't sound like a complete moron/bro in interviews."
i`m actually having a really hard time thinking of dh racers who fit this description...
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 lol waki
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 take it easy waki...
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 For Waki, that is taking it easy. He didn't bring up anything sexual, the sarcasm was fairly light, and he didn't babble on for 3 paragraphs while hardly making a point. I sorta agree with him though, and not too many top racers do the bro/brah lingo. Mainly bad announcers and sport class riders.

Minnar and Graves are the two of the most classy, intelligent, and articulate riders in gravity racing
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 Don't tell Waki to calm down, he can't help it. He is still high and is seeing Rainbows and Unicorns after he shoved a special mushroom up his bum in New Zealand.
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 Hi guys I'm back, I've been to heaven and saw Jesus. He was sitting by a table and I asked him: did you make it yourself?
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 i find a lot of riders to be pretty good speakers. they talk like all of us. i don't need some UC berkley english major talking down to me when i'm getting an opinion on the days events. let them bro.
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 Putting down another group of people definitely helps the discussion.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 29, 2015 at 1:29) (Below Threshold)
 Then I came back from heaven, I called my Atheist friend and told him: I saw Jesus - Loser!
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 Hate to be the messenger of bad news.....
But that was while you were in Spain. You ran into my buddy Jesus. His name is pronounced "Hey-Sus", not "Gee-sus".
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 It may be, but how do you explain stigmata and a tattoo around one of the scars saying: "Boycott Israel"
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 Seems like the kind of injury you dont wanna cut the time in half on recovery with. I mean how much faster can a tendon re attach itself to bone? Hopefully things go well for him, he's gotta be hungry for the title at this point after coming so close over the years.
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 Straight away if they screw it on and you take a lot of drugs
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 Hopefully he'll reconsider it once more. If you rush with such an injury it's only going to lead to a disaster..and a permanent injury
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 Matt Hoffman That's who
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 Did the same a few years ago going OTB, hand is still not 100%, took ages to recover. Minaar probably has access to a way more resources than I did, but it's still going to give him hell for a while....
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 Well I don't think he's expecting the tendon top actually heal in two weeks. The point of that cast is too allow him to ride with the injury while it heals.
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 It's more a splint, the point is to immobilise it so it can heal, he'd be wearing that if he intended to ride or not... Hands are a pain to heal because they have so many moving parts, they'd be telling him the best thing to do is rest it and let it heal, otherwise he's risking more damage, splint or no splint.
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 Exactly, he'd be in some sort of splint anyway, riding or not. I think this one just helps him grip the bar. I had a similar injury to my finger a couple years ago. It was essentially 6 weeks in a hard splint 24-7. No bending of the finger. I did the same thing as minnar and just hard splinted it real tight and went riding anyway. His is worse though because it's a thumb. In my case I just had three fingers on the grip instead of four.
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 There's a lot of doctors on pinkbike these days
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 Medial carpal ligament if you want to look it up, that's what I ripped off the bone.... Looking at the splint he's got, it's the same, immobilizing the thumb. Not a doctor, but been there, done that. Good luck to him if he is back on the bike in 2 weeks, just hate see him trash his hand permantently.
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 there is something incredibly suspect about that Hoffman story - I have seen a lot of orthopaedic surgery done, and I'd bet an awful lot of money that you simply could not withstand the level of pain involved, certainly not enough to remain static, regardless of how badass you are. I get the impression it was more likely a sciatic nerve block which would have left him fully conscious.
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 I think Kathy Sessler will have to get back on the DH bike soon so the Syndicate has more than 1 rider otherwise they will have to change their name to SantaCruz Ratboy.
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 They should pick up TEAM ROBOT as a temporary replacement. He rides a V10 that he paid for with his own money, dreams of racing World Cups, and the publicity would be off the charts. A little advice from Kathy and he'll be qualifying in no time.
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 The Santa cruz singular
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 Protour - why haven't you started a consultant company yet? You already advise Spec, now Santa Cruz - if I may give you a proposal for the name: "How to Win" coaching.
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 Good luck with the recovery. That's all the SP syndicate riders injured now!
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 He doesnt ride for sps tho
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 *santa cruz syndicate
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 Lucky this happened in NZ - thanks ACC for picking up Greg's tab ;-)

All the best for a speedy recovery.
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 Indeed, good call! For all the potential US riders looking to come to NZ - if you injure yourself (riding, bar fight, freak bungie accident...) don't worry, we've got your back (or front, or side, or head, or leg). All medical care is on the house, no medical insurance necessary! Of course, this means you can't sue anyone while you're here - but we prefer it that way, lawyers earn enough.
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 If my tax dollars are being used to heal Greg Minnaar, I might just have to work harder.
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 ACC?..................Ah that makes sense now, I thought Anne-Caroline Chausson might have beaten Greg in a thumb wrestling match and had to pay his medical bills
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 ACC rocks. Sprained my ankle while mountainbiking, got 3 weeks off work and got paid for it. I love you NZ
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 why risk causing a permanent injury
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 Probably because he's consulted a doctor about the potential significance of him riding/racing with his Injured hand.

He's not stupid.
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 Rat boys foot, then peatys knee surgery now greg...
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 I did the same thing to my thumb, avulsion fracture where the tendon pulled off a chunk of bone and I was off the bike for a solid 2 months. And even after that 2 months I could barely go for two minutes of downhill without having to take a break. Hope he heals quick.
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 Hope he heals up quickly.

Also heard rumblings that Steve Smith was injured, anyone know if he is OK?
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 I heard about another broken ankle.
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 so did i, hope he just tweaked it or something.
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 Pretty sure he had penis enlargement surgery a couple weeks ago to keep him lady happy
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 Nah the surgery was to keep his penis in ratio to the size of his huge balls , no one like a bow tie
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 Heal up Greg! Damn, I was bummed when he didn't race - buy I bet a few of the racers weren't!!
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 Pretty gnarly to ride soon after a surgery like that, especially World Cup downhill. I give Minnaar a lot of credit and hope everything heals OK. I did what sounds like the same thing--avulsion of the ulnar collateral ligament--where I laid the bike down, handlebars caught the ground, and my thumb got pushed back to where the ligament tore out of the bone. After surgery, I was in a cast for a few weeks and then in physical therapy for a few more. Ended up off the bike for a good couple months. So serious props to him if he can put down a good time in France.
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 Heal well Mr Min, looking forward to seeing you racing this season.....Just simply one of the smoothest riders down the dh track, a pleasure to watch
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 Spot on Hairy Young Man Spot on...
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 Blech. Hand injuries are the WORST and the risk of reinjury is high, and it's soooo frustrating to have a fully working body and a shit hand. Best wishes to Greg for a speedy recovery!
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 New zealand rules! Kiwis ive met in whis are always nice! Thanks McGazza and all for putting on this event! Hope everyone heals up their injuries well and quick and have fun in the process! Should be a fun fast season! You can do it! Get some!
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 I broke my scaphoid bone in my hand, had surgery a week later I was back on bike. I had them mold the cast around a grip. Though I wasn't doing dh. My doctors only concern was not moving my thumb,the cast took care of that, so he didn't care what I did.
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 Heal up fast man, the WC needs you!
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 just recently did this to my ankle tearing the tendon off the bone and pulling a chunk off.. hopefully ill be ready in 4 weeks with a lot of PT
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 Did that back in 8th grade. Fortunately recovery was fast and easy at the time. It is much more prone to injury now though if I dab a foot too hard, and the chip floating around makes a gnarly popping noise.
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 Gutted for Minaaar. Is that cast carbon??
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 Hope he heals quickly!
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 Me too, but I had a complete tear like he did - needed surgery and then two months of healing - can't imagine them trying to just stabilize it and let him ride! I hate to be a Debbie Downer on this, but this really sucks for Greg's season! The Syndicate is pretty banged up it seems. Nothing worse than getting or nursing injuries going into the start of a new season for anyone - no matter if you don't like the guy, you want everyone healthy and rearing to go!
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 I had an injury like this in my finger and it actually happens two ways. The tendon itself rips or the tendon stays intact and it rips off the bone and actually breaks a piece of the bone off with it. Surprisingly if it breaks a part of the bone off its a faster heal since it's the bone that has to heal. Bone will heal faster than the soft tissue.
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 yep, carbon saves 6 grams...but all bs tough guy for riding with that mess
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 Bring on the SCB Free Agents!: Mackinnon and Garay can qualify in France!. ;-)

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