Greg Minnaar Rides eMTB in Music Video to Raise Money for Charity

Jun 22, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesSo here's a bit of backstory to this video. Myself and Neil Breytenbach from the band Prime Circle were both involved in the PCMF South Africa initiative which was created to raise awareness for the charity.

During lockdown we both came up with the idea to create a short film where we used his new song 'Jump', which has been created for his side project 'Cantrel music', whilst I take The Heckler out for some thrashing.

We also thought we could each select an additional charity that we wanted to raise awareness for and use our platforms to spread the word about the amazing work that they do. Everything has been filmed through lockdown hence all the selfie/GoPro setups from both of us!

The PCMF charity was set up with the primary objective of saving lives by putting an end to drowning. They have a number of programmes rolled out across the world which help people learn to swim/ the dangers of water and other sports and education programmes.

My chosen charity is the Angels Care Centre. Their mission is to "provide for the optimal growth and development (mentally, physically and spiritually), of the children we serve. In a safe and loving environment". They provide the children with all of their basic needs and also ensure that their caregivers have access to health care and other human services.

Neil's chosen charity is RADA Healing. This charity provides holistic interventions to help those affected by rape, alcohol addiction, drug addiction and abuse. They have proactive education programmes to help develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes for those in need amongst a tonne of other resources.

These are very brief roundup's for each charity and you can find all the information on each respective website. #strongtogether
Greg Minnaar

Song: 'Jump' - Cantrel Music


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 What a cool edit! Btw, I put 75km on my ebike in Whistler over the last few days, and it was a blast. Oddly enough, I didn't take any crap from other riders. Just props for ripping it up and having a great time. The legion of e-bike haters is getting smaller and smaller, and that's a good thing.
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 People seem to only have balls to say something behind screens or the few times Ive been accosted it was yelling at my back well after I passed by. great to hear!!!
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flag chyu (Jun 22, 2020 at 20:27) (Below Threshold)
 you expect people to say it in front of you?
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 Definitely a cool edit and another great rider having fun and looking as stylish as ever on an EMTB. I agree, I don't get any slack when I do take my EMTB out on the trails. Probably most of the EBIKE haters are here on PB hiding behind their wanna be tough gangsta attitudes, still with no clue on how much fun an EMTB is to actually ride. No problem, their loss. Does not matter, regular trail bikes, EMTB's, dirt bikes, they are all fun to ride and that's what this is all about.
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 @mgillign: I usually overtake them, nearly shoving them in the bushes. (After which I obviously help them out and apologize). Then, as they eat my dust as I power up those climbs unassisted, I yell at them. Or even worse, I fire up the cellphone, dial into the internet and downvote them on Pinkbike. But yeah, ideally I yell in front of them. Name calling, potty words, intimidation, the lot. Luckily the people I've seen riding eMTB so far have been pretty nice and respectful so I haven't really needed to resort to such measures but yeah, I've been stocking up potty words for when the occasion arises. I'm prepared.
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 Ebikes are the 29rs of this decade...Lots of hate at first but then everybody loves em later.
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 Minnaar, e-bikes and a good cause, surely this can’t get any hate.... oh wait
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 He could launch an ebike off a diesel powered helicopter at 80 ft and I’d still happily declare him as the father of my child., blokes a legend
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 He hasn’t seen your mrs lol
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 @Matt115lamb: I know, he’s a lucky guy
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 I liked it . For real Stop hating people
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 That was actually the best edit for a long Time. Pb level was shit lately!
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 Way to use an eBike to evade those painted white and black horses. Africa is a wild wild place.
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 Ebike or not. Seeing Greg shred with style reminded me of when I first seen him in videos. Such effortless style all while hitting jumps whips and jibs. Man is a legend I would love to meet him someday...
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 I wonder how long it will be till more pros switch over to ews e bike racing because it is more fun? Especially the one's who have good climbing skills that would help them in the climbing stages.
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 man, great guy, met a few times, and can he ride!!! funny isn't isn't it, when greg rides an E-bike theres no hate Smile
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 I had to go back when I saw those Zeabs. Thought I was seeing things.
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 That road gap- one footed X UP, @1:37 was baller!
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 The GOAT layin down the steez ! Well done Greg .
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 eTurds are for the birds.
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 Because they fly?
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 I wish he'd adopt me
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 e-bikes are here to stay
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 you are wrong.
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