Video: Grounded, the Connor Fearon Story

Aug 3, 2021
by Jack Fletcher  

Words by Jack Fletcher

The third instalment in our Grounded series, a series dedicated to great stories during a global pandemic.

For this episode we dig into what makes Connor Fearon tick. We chat about growing up in Adelaide, racing motocross and the beginnings of his amazing career in downhill with Kona Factory Racing.



Connor is a true mountain bike tragic with a pure passion for two wheels in any discipline. One of the humblest guys you will ever meet, but with a drive and determination that often gets hidden behind his passion and laid back attitude towards racing and riding. Sit back and discover another side to one of the fastest riders on the planet.



bigquotesDon't clip in mate, don't do it! Don't sell your soul to the devil.Rob Warner



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Supported by Kona, Little Black Bike & Lighthouse Youth Projects

Special thanks to Connor Fearon, Rob Warner, Mathieu Dupelle, Miranda Miller, Shelly Flood, Jamie Moore, Dylan Stone, Matt Hodgeson & Charlie & Mary-Anne Fearon

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 One of those riders you never hear about, isn't all over social media and is seemingly never hyped up by the mtb media. Yet you go back and look at results and this guy is fast as hell, just doing his own thing. Last world cup he was 4th and it was barely mentioned because it was all about Daprela winning his first world cup. Awesome to see a bit of background and get even the smallest idea of what a great guy he is and how he approaches it.
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 support his Youtube channel, Like and Subscribe.
We have to do our part in supporting athletes,
Mainstream media is biased. Wink
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 I agree, he seems like a proper decent bloke. Not super active in self promotion which I can 100% understand (I don’t have Facebook or Instagram) but he’s keeping his game on point riding and giving back where he can! Fair play, some other ‘Pros’ need to remember their roots too!

Very nice that black Process too!
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 His "In the Know" edit is still one of my favorite bike edits ever.
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 His Gamble segment was my favourite!
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 Came to say this. Every ride I try to channel a little Corner Fearon action
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 Yesss. Still watch every couple of months.
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 Whole new level of respect for this rider, seems like a top bloke and very humble. In fact between him, Brosnan, Hill and Graves, they have all seemed pretty humble. Kinda proud to be an Ozzy with people like this representing us (unlike our male tennis players).
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 Moir, Hannah....great group indeed
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 @DuelingBanjos: sorry, yes I missed those two
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 Not since seeing Steve Smith has there been a rider I wanted to emulate on the trail. Who wouldn't want that cornering speed? Definitely one of my inspirations for riding. Thanks Connor! To all the other pro's I haven't mentioned, you're rad too.
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 In nearly 20 years on this site that was the best rider bio type video yet in my opinion. I also loved how while Miranda is talking about how rad Kona is, there's Specialized and Rocky Mountain logos in the background. You can tell that Connor, and this whole video, is as real as it gets.
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 This... this is easily the best compliment I've ever had. This is exactly what I set out to achieve, and if just one person approved of it, then I reckon I've done my job. Wink
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 @FSR-Industries: It was extremely well done; keep at it. Great video that compliments Fearon's inspiring character and skills.
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 Kona seems to hang on to their athletes for quite some time; says something about the company and their riders!
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 Whatever you do Connor, just keep making edits of you trying to tear the tires off rims. It's good shit. Also big ups to getting involved with Lighthouse. Always great to get kids out on bikes.
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 "Don't sell your sole(s) to the devil."
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 remember when he won and enduro on his hardtail?
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 yes think it was an Australian enduro race - on his Honzo
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 When I see Connor Fearon ride, I just get all pumped and wanna shout "BIKES!!!" like Tom Segura. Beer
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 the f*ck ya took? BIKES?
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"...and my wife...she's pretty over it. She'll go get one!" Jailbreak
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 The epitome of what bikes are about.
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this was the first time I heard from him and loved his aggressive style since then
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 Super interesting to see how Kona stands by their athletes. And Connor seems to be a really pleasant person! The fun of biking comes first, that's how it should be.
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 Great article on a brilliant rider and top bloke.
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 wasn't he the 2nd place finisher in gwin's chainless run?
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 Yes, he was on the hot seat and Gwin bumped him.
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 Hell ya Connor!
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 What is a "true mountain bike tragic" as as written by PB?

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