Grow Cycling Foundation Launches Cycling Industry Jobs Board

Feb 4, 2021
by GrowCyclingFoundation  

Press Release: Grow Cycling Foundation

The bike industry is challenging to break into—right now most jobs are filled through connections and friends, so people who aren’t part of the right groups may never get a chance to pursue those opportunities. To have a seat at the table, underrepresented groups in mountain biking first need to know that seat even exists.

To democratize access to those opportunities the Grow Cycling Foundation is launching Grow Cycling Jobs, one centralized place for bike industry jobs.

It’s entirely FREE to job seekers, and companies can put up Regular ($29) or Premium ($299) job postings. Both options last for three months with the Premium listings being highlighted on the board. This new platform allows companies to use HR and recruiting budgets to support Grow Cycling Foundation, and signal their support for Grow to job candidates.

100% of the money companies spend on job postings goes to Grow Cycling Foundation initiatives.

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bigquotesI have worked for some of the biggest bike companies in the world such as Red Bull, Santa Cruz, Giant, FOX, and Backcountry in many different roles and not once have I applied to a job posting that was public. As such, the person outside of those phone calls or emails never had a chance to be where I am today, no matter how talented or prepared they may have been.Eliot Jackson, Grow Cycling Foundation

So far you’ll find jobs from our friends and partners at Trek, Specialized, Santa Cruz, Yeti Cycles, Pinkbike, SRAM, Norco, Giant, People For Bikes, Abbey Bike Tools, Jenson USA, and more, but our goal is for the entire industry to take part in this platform.

It’s not a job board for BIPOC exclusively. The purpose is to make the industry less insular and expand the overall hiring base, which benefits people of all ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds as it helps remove the barriers to entry to the cycling industry. By advertising the many opportunities within cycling, we can help inspire and develop talent pools for the bike industry that may have previously been unaware of the many paths available to them.

You can post and apply to cycling industry jobs here.

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FAQ with Eliot Jackson

How does this help BIPOC? What's the point?

We think about things in terms of barriers. The first barrier to entry into the cycling world is knowing that opportunities exist and then having a chance to pursue them.

Application accessibility disproportionately affects BIPOC because there are less of them in the industry to receive those phone calls from a friend telling them to apply. By removing the barrier of application accessibility, we empower people of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to enter the industry.

I have worked for some of the biggest bike companies in the world such as Red Bull, Santa Cruz, Giant, FOX, and Backcountry in many different roles and not once have I applied to a job posting that was public. As such, the person outside of those phone calls or emails never had a chance to be where I am today, no matter how talented or prepared they may have been.

Another huge benefit for public availability is the ability to see the career paths available. If I love computer science and I want to be in the bike industry, but I don’t think there are computer science jobs in the industry, I may choose to pursue something else or work elsewhere. With Grow Cycling Jobs, I have the ability to discover that iOS Engineer job at SRAM while I am applying for the Trek Retail Manager position and have something new to aspire to.

We have a long term plan to continue to remove other barriers like training, qualification and community.

Is it only for BIPOC to get jobs?

No! There is no special treatment for any group of people. This is NOT about placement for a specific group and our participating employers have received this same message.

Does it cost anything? Who can post a job here?

It's free for job seekers. Posting a Regular Job is $29 dollars. We wanted to make it affordable for a bike shop to post a job, as right now other sites charge around $350. At less than $10 a month, we felt it was a much better alternative to Craigslist or bike shop websites.

Any cycling industry specific job is welcome.

Posting a Premium Job (highlighted yellow) is $299. We did this so larger companies are able to use their HR budget instead of their marketing budget to support Grow Cycling in addition to signaling their support for Grow to future candidates.

Where does the money go?

100% of the money from job postings goes to Grow Cycling Foundation initiatives.

Industry Support for Grow Cycling Jobs

bigquotesAs one of the founding partners of Grow Cycling Foundation we are excited to be a part of this new initiative that Eliot and team are launching. Their vision of what Grow can accomplish continues to be bold and inspires us. The job board allows us to practice what we preach and continue to reach beyond our regular mediums to expand access to the industry and what it means to be a part of the cycling world.Chris Conroy, President of Yeti Cycles

bigquotesAs we aim to diversify and grow access to cycling, we must actively create pathways and connections into our sport, both for the riders we look to serve and those who want to build careers in the industry. We believe a culture that fosters equity within our workplace is best suited to deliver the best experience for all riders. Grow Cycling Foundation is an incredible partner in creating that bridge between BIPOC and under-represented athletes and the cycling industry. Together, we're able to change the face of the industry, and in doing so, truly activate meaningful change for the future of the sport.Kim Price, Leader of Global Strategy at Specialized

bigquotesWe’ve been engaging with Grow Cycling and Eliot since the foundation launched, and we see the work of Grow as incredibly exciting for our industry and our sport. We jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Grow Cycling Job page. As part of our journey towards being a more inclusive and diverse company, we are always looking for ways to connect with talented people. This is a great tool to help us reach people who may want to join SRAM and help us expand the potential of cycling.Eileen Mulry, VP of Human Resources at SRAM

bigquotesThis initiative and the rest of the Grow Cycling Foundation’s work is really important because it’s focused on helping communities overcome barriers between them and the sport, and provides the opportunity for people to access cycling on their own terms. Eliot and his team are creating genuine, meaningful ways to connect people with bikes, which will help the cycling community evolve into a better reflection of North America’s full cultural spectrum. It’s something that, as an industry, we need to get behind because it will allow us all to find new ways to connect with one another and grow together.Sara Hamelin, Human Resources Manager at Norco Bicycles

bigquotesAs the owner of a relatively small business I'm pretty involved with training everyone. I've also learned a lot from every one of our employees. My biggest take away is that it's the people within a business that make it perform and finding great people is always the goal. I see the Grow Cycling job board as a great way to expand our reach outside of the local community to a broader range of applicants. I'm sure it will lead us to some great options for future employees that hopefully allow us to grow as people and a business.Jason Quade, Abbey Bike Tools

bigquotesAs a company that serves riders in every part of the world, it is vital for the Giant Group to build teams with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We also know it’s hard to find great people for our brands Giant, Liv, Momentum and CADEX. Grow’s new career hub connects the dots for us, and we’re looking forward to expanding our reach, especially with underrepresented voices in our community. Thank you Eliot and Grow for making this happen!An Le, Group Global Marketing Director at Giant

bigquotesEliot and his team are leading a much needed resource for the bike industry — attracting diverse talent and making sure our industry is an open and welcoming place to work for traditionally marginalized communities. We all know the power of diverse teams, but we consistently hear there is a disconnect in reaching and attracting new audiences. PeopleForBikes is committed to working with Grow Cycling to diversify our talent pipeline on a variety of fronts and asks the industry to support this important work.PeopleForBikes CEO Jenn Dice

bigquotesWhen we are hiring for new positions at Santa Cruz our HR crew works hard to try and target a diverse pool of applicants that closely resembles the population of Santa Cruz County. While we can do this locally with job fairs and community message boards, it's much harder to do on a national scale. We expect that Grow Cycling Foundation’s cycling industry specific jobs board will help us with that immensely.Scott Turner, Santa Cruz Bicycles

bigquotesFrom day 1, the purpose of JensonUSA has always been about empowerment. We are a trusted resource for all riders, all over the country, giving people the ability to shop for the best brands and the best products in cycling from wherever they live and whatever they ride. Grow Cycling represents a perfect synergy for us – they are all about getting anyone and everyone on a bike, and growing access to riding areas, and we keep people pedaling. Aligning our efforts with those of Grow Cycling helps to build our community of riders and increases access to opportunities both on the bike and within the bike industry.Jenson USA

bigquotesWe’re very excited to partner with Grow Cycling and believe that it can make a meaningful difference to some of the industry’s biggest gaps in access, outreach, and visibility. Eliot and his team have a lot to teach us and we are looking forward to applying those lessons as we continue our journey to create a more inclusive company and industry.Eric Bjorling, Director of Brand and Public Relations at Trek

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 Man, I am SO excited about this! I am thrilled to have a close ongoing partnership with such a wide range of companies. It has been amazing to be on calls with so many great people and hear their ideas, enthusiasm, and support, not just for adding jobs but to creating a lasting impact. I am also proud to have so many of the top brands in the industry be involved from the get-go. We have a ton of plans for the future, but as they say, Rome was not built in a day and I am excited to get this off the ground. Our hope is that showing people the wide range of opportunities available in our world will inspire the next generation and make it easier for people of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to break into the industry we love.
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 Seriously love what you're doing sir. Thumbs up
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 Well done Eliot!
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 @EliotJackson Really think guys like yourself and Yoann are doing some very cool things with your biking careers in deviating from the classic norms and reaching wider audiences for causes outside the bikes. Also helps having some of the most enjoyable personalities in the biking world to bootSmile Looking forward to seeing just how far you can take your endeavors in the years to come, cheers and all the best Eliot!
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 This is the best thing I've seen happen in the cycling industry, hands down.
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 @TimoEngland: What you dont like Boost spacing?
  • 35 1
 Elliot Jackson might just be the coolest person in mountain biking. You just cannot help but love his positivity for, and belief in, his fellow humans. Beer
  • 6 1
 Plus he is an unspeakably good rider and a maker of music. The full enchilada.
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 Yo if anyone out there is applying for a software engineer job and wants a mock interview or something hmu. I’m a sr software engineer at a major tech company. I grew up in LA, a Hispanic street BMX kid and I’d love to help out to pay forward those who helped me!
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 This is awesome, I’ll post a job listing tomorrow for MRP. Keep up the great work Eliot! You’re an inspiration.
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 @EliotJackson, thank you. Thank you for seeing what needs improvement and stepping up huge with action instead of just words.
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 Woah! From this website I learned that they have QC departments in the bicycle industry. #TheThingYouLearn.
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 Just the one thing then.
  • 10 0
 Me, at the interview: *palm slams resume on the desk*

Recruiter: "Sir, this is a napkin"

Me: *sweats profusely*
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 Wipes brow with said napkin
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 Jesus, this sounds like where I work. We have a garden/plant nursery and needed horticultural staff.
We had a dace instructor apply, a swimming coach apply, a retired nurse apply and a telemarketer apply....

We would of hired you with your napkin routine. That takes balls
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 as someone that got into the industry from connections, I can attest to the insular nature. It's 100% a good ol' bros network. lol

I do my best to bring enthusiastic outsiders in when I can, but I am but one man. My go to is to hire ex-hospitality folks that are passionate about bikes. You can teach technical knowledge but you cannot teach warmth or the desire to serve others. I applaud the pulling back of the curtain. Any industry needs fresh eyes to point out all the areas that we are all numb/blind to.
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 yeah Eliot! Nice work man.
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 Stay in school kids.
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 Serious question: Is Bicycle Retailer and Industry News just not a good place to look for an industry job?
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 when i was starting off in my career, i would check retailer. im not sure that that site is widely know by people who didnt work at shops though? no way i would know about it otherwise
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 Yes!! So psyched to see this, Eliot!
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 What Eliot is doing with Grow Cycling may be the best news in the last year hands down. Great things, thank you.
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 People doing positive stuff is awesome. So cool to see!
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 So this is how he got Santacruz contract?
Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 How about requiring postings to also post their salary range for the position? That
  • 1 0
 i thought everyone knew about ...... the mighty
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 Nice work! Equity and opportunity-you should run for congress!

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