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GT Bicycles Says Farewell to Bernardo Cruz After a Decade

Dec 18, 2020
by GT Bicycles  

It is with much sadness that we bid adieu to the nicest man in mountain biking with the meanest whip - Bernardo Cruz. When we met Bernardo in 2010 we immediately fell in love with him, and felt like he had to be a part of the GT family. At the time he was racing WC's and killing the whip game but was rapidly becoming the face of gravity cycling in Brazil. Over the years Nardo became a global household name, a skilled racer, whip master and a hero of urban DH. It has truly been many years of Good Times with Nardo, and we are devastated to see him go, but we know it's his time to move on to a bright new future.

Adeus e Obrigado Bernardo Cruz!

Nardo and Coach, Crankworx Les Gets 2016
bigquotesBernardo has always been our little Brazilian brother with the biggest heart. Full of positivity and willing to help anyone at any time he is one of the most genuine and selfless people you will ever meet. But behind the humble smile and calm demeanor is one of the nastiest whips in the game and smooth style. Every moment spent with Nardo has been memorable and will greatly miss chasing him around. Much love amigo and all the best in your future.Steve 'Coach' Spencer, Sports Marketing Manager, Global - GT Bicycles

Three time champ but this was the closest one yet
Three time champ.

bigquotesBernardo it’s always been a good time together! Our time at Valpo last year was nothing but good times and I’m going to miss you on GT, now I’ve gotta make it to Brazil to check out your epic spot and help with some coaching one day. All the best for your new endeavors bro, awesome to see you pushing the sport so well in Brazil!Wyn Masters

2018 Whister Crankworx
2018 Crankworx Whistler Whip Off
Crankworx 2015
2015 Crankworx Whistler Whip Off
Cruz Fest
Cruz Fest
Bernardo again
Bernardo whipping (again)

 during the Innsbruck Crankworx World Tour
Innsbruck Crankworx Whip Offs. Did we mention Nardo likes to whip?

bigquotes"Nardo! I feel like it was just yesterday when we first met in Whistler in 2011!

Incredible how fast time passes, from our many laps in Whistler to an incredibly memorable ride in Les Gets in summer 2018 (one of my first big rides back from my injury!). Thank you for being an incredible athlete, friend, and ambassador for the sport. I’ve always admired your ability to make time for everyone and treat everyone with kindness. We are all lucky to have worked with you for so many years.

Change is progress and inevitable in many ways! Stoked to hear about the next chapter of your career. We’ll always cherish the moments we’ve had and looking forward to seeing you putting many more smiles on people's faces.
Andrew Cho

GT Team Camp...

bigquotesGreat Nardini! I still remember the first time I saw you hit Crabapple in Whistler...and I was like damn, that Brazilian kid can whip better than all of us, and we're all f*cked! Didn't know that we'd end up on the same team at some point, and once we got to ride together more you quickly became one of my favorite people to get sideways with and share a good laugh. Bummed to see you leave the GT fam but I'm stoked for what you have to come, and I hope to crack some whips with you sometime soon amigo!Tyler McCaul

Valpo. The Champ.

bigquotesIt was such a hard decision to change because I can honestly say that GT was super important to help myself to have my house, my car, to build up my life. I just have to say thanks and to be thankful for all of these years, to all of these good moments and good memories. You guys for sure make part of my history and this is going to be forever.

The best thing about GT for me is that it's not just about good results it's about having fun with the bikes, having fun with friends. This for me means love because when we love bikes we just have good times and good moments with friends. This is the most important thing about GT. You don't have to be the fastest guy or the best guy you just have to have your bike, have good times with friends, and enjoy the moment. That's why I love GT so much.
Bernardo Cruz

We love you too Nardo. Boa Sorte! - GT


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 Other companies take note: This is how you bid farewell to a rider/teammate/friend! Well done GT and good luck to Nardo in the future!
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 Say what you want about GT, but they definitely seem to know how to treat their athletes. Hans Rey still rides for them after all this time - I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that has had the same main sponsor for so long.
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 @m1dg3t: Ned Overend
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 @m1dg3t: Bulldog might disagree with that...
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 @mrmikebikes: Ned's been retired for a few seasons already though hasn't he? IIRC He was always on Specialized? Tinker's another 1 who I can think of: He's always ridden Cannondale IIRC. Plus he's still racing!
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 @sadfusde: Why? Obviously not everyone is gonna have a banner experience on/with every team. That doesn't mean a team is shit either. Jesus.
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 @m1dg3t: Wade Simmons and Rocky Mountain.
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 @m1dg3t: Now if only they didn't cancel my entire booking order for next year.
They are the main brand at my shop and can't get me a single full suspension or dirt jump bike.
I get a few kids bikes bmx and hardtails from a pre book but we went light with it waiting for the real booking.
Had it done within hours of the booking going live but they don't have parts or bikes.
Waited 6 months for a new pivot bolt I gave to a customer and ended up buying one from another customer that bought a kit last year. Still no new pivot kit for my force. No new forces or sensors this year.
GT told me to grab another brand if I can so you know it's bad
The rival shops in town are fully stocked with trek and giant and I have the only empty store.

Thanks GT
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 @Tvaneijk: Thanks for the global pandemic that virtually no one prepared for even though scientists have been saying we should be planning for.

*fixed it for you.
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 To everyone who's reading this, we invite u to come visit Brazil and Nardo's backyard, it's freaking awesome!
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 Weekend at Bernie's style? Smile
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 The king of whips
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 So much respect for your buddy. Such a great person! Hope to get some laps with you again soon!
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 Gnardo is one rad dude!
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 Whip off legend
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 yeah, great story and awesome future for you Be.
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 aggressive riding

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