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Haf-Clip Announces Mount to Carry Your Gear on Your Handlebars

Jan 11, 2022
by Hafez Panju  
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The Haf-Clip, put simply is a new and easier way to carry gear on your bike.

If you are like me, hanging your full face helmet on the bars works, but it's not great and very frustrating. I ride with a full face helmet - on the downs. I used to hang my helmet on the bars while slowly climbing gravel or fire roads to the trailhead. Not anymore!

The Haf-Clip allows you to easily strap your helmet to the bars and keeps it out of the way. No more banging your knees or interfering with your controls. It stays in place and is easy to reach when needed.

A backpack just to carry your helmet? Not anymore. Can someone say hip pack!


TLD Stage full face helmet strapped to The Haf-Clip using included 12" Strap

bigquotesLove the Haf-Clip. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s great. This saves my handlebar and brake levers from scuffs. A must have for all mountain bikersNeil C.

How about chinbars? Do you have a convertible? Where do you store the chinbar? With The Haf-Clip, you can easily strap it to the front of your bike and it's ready when it's time to go down.
Bell chinbar from convertible helmet line strapped to the The Haf-Clip using included 12" Strap

What about pads? We heard from many riders that using the pad-straps to carry their elbow or knee pads on the climb was a real pain. The Haf-Clip can help.

Do you have other gear you would like to have easily accessible but out of the way? How about a rain jacket so you don't over heat on the climbs? The Haf-Clip's got you.

Elbow and knee pads both strapped to the Haf-Clip using included 18" Strap

bigquotesThe Haf-Clip is the ultimate solution.... I wish I thought of this amazing invention first. I would recommend this product to all trail riders who hate carrying their helmet and gear precariously on their mountain bike handle barsRoger H.

photo credit to Andrew Major

We invented The Haf-Clip to offer another, easier, simpler way to carry gear on your bike. If you have something that you want out of the way, easily accessible and can be strapped, The Haf-Clip can be a great solution for you.

Simple, Easy, Just Strap It and Ride

• Built around modern forks with 28.6mm steer tube
• Designed to replace an existing 5mm spacer or add 5mm to your stem stack
• Can be mounted above or below the stem
• Easy to install, just remove your top cap, install The Haf-Clip and reinstall the top cap
*Included in package: The Haf-Clip, 12" and 18" Straps

To learn more and order your Haf-Clip today click here.

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 Thank you for your comments. Always great to get user feedback. Couple items to clarify:
- the material is a nylon PA12 not a traditional plastic and not something the average 3D printer can produce. Strong, little more flex and more resistant.
- The Haf-Clip is designed to add or replace a 5mm spacer. An inch of steer tube is not required. Can be fitted directly under the top cap where possible.
- can also be mounted under the stem
- traditional straps work too. Not as elegant and using just a strap still allows for extra unwanted movement. Also not as convenient
- as all things bikes, not all after market parts are for everyone. The Haf-Clip is designed to provide a cleaner easier way to carry gear
- as for other material, namely aluminum, a possible second version is being considered based on user feedback. Not due to price vs value but also color options and graphic design

If you are interested in future versions sign up on the website and we will keep you posted if and when variations are produce.

Thanks again for your input.
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 If you made it out of aluminum, with an appropriately placed bend, it would double as a bottle opener. Hmmm...
  • 2 1
 Very cool. Price seems reasonable. Definitely a luxury item (in the sense that it’s not necessary), so I don’t get why people are complaining.
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 great idea for the knee pads.
@finblarr you are paying for a clever idea. At $10 the bike shop would make $4 and the inventor/fabricator would make $4-5 after costs. (i.e. materials and 3D printing costs). That's not sustainable business model.
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 Thank you. We have done our best with pricing to ensure we are offering value to Riders.
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 If you want to go down this route why not just buy a voile ski strap?
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 Definitely like the idea but for the price I will just make my own with a 3D printer at my local library/friends who have one.
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 Ummm, I am with Hairyteabags, just use a strap. Also having an extra inch or two on your head tube is not something I'd recommend. The damage that will do to your chest if and when you get thrown forward on your bike make me wince thinking about it. This is a complicated solution for a problem that can be solved in other ways for next to no cost.
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 So... $30 for a part you can 3d print with $3 worth of nylon filament and $3 worth of velcro straps? Rolleyes
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 Hello just an update. The customer that is using The Haf-Clip with KnockBlock has clarified an adaptor is required. Apologies to all for the confusion.
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 C$ 0.45 30% Off | 1pc Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Opener Mini Durable Flat Speed Bottle Cap Opener Remover Bar Blade Kitchen Tool

i will try this thing
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 This is great- but I can't justify the money. $25 for a small piece of plastic is out of my budget. If this was $10 and my LBS carried it, I'd grab one, but $25 and I have to pay for shipping... Sorry. Too much. I'm sure it's a great product though!
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 What would you think if it was made in aluminum?
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 @RealtorTechGuy: is it aluminum? That's much more reasonable then, given the costs of machining etc.
  • 1 0
 @finblarr: no sorry I am asking what would you think if it were alloy. You did answer the question. You feel it would be a reasonable price then. Thank you for the feedback.
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 Not sure I'd pony up this much for the plastic version either, but keep in mind for you're paying for the straps as well.
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 @RealtorTechGuy: IF it were made of aluminum for $30 then I'd wonder why it wasn't just 3d printed in nylon or carbon nylon and sold for $10-12.
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 @RealtorTechGuy: It might be cheaper... a 48"x96" sheet of .080 6061 T6 aluminum, 2 hours on a laser jet, and you would have over 700 pieces.
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 Shouldn't it be a bottle opener too?
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 They would sell more just on that feature alone.
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 Perfect, because it's way too hard wrap anything around your handlebars.
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 Uodate: now available in aluminum. On sale now for $27.99.

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 This only works if you haven’t cut your steerer tube down already.
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 And your out if you got a trek
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 Actually it does work with Knock Block. Has been tested. I personally have not tested but do have a customer that recently purchased for a Slash.
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 @RealtorTechGuy: But then you need the Knock Block Headset Lockring Spacer - a further $25 investment (doh) --> At the same time, I am *really* interested in the product, but NO international shipping..? And for that price, I had been thinking about using an old Topeak BarXtender instead
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 @paulvonperth: I will check with a customer/ride friend and see how he did it. Definitely did need anything else. He may be running it at the top? I will confirm. We do offer international shipping. Many customers in US and Europe.
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 @paulvonperth: not available for over a year
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 @RealtorTechGuy: Please let me know, or show me picture..
take care
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 @FastRiding: hello I have an image. How can I share here? If you send me a message through the website I can respond. Www.thehafclip.com
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 It would be wise to make it bottle opener

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