Haley Smith's Norco Revolver - Mont-Sainte-Anne XC World Cup 2017

Aug 4, 2017
by Mike Kazimer  

Norco Factory Team rider Haley Smith put down a third place finish at the Canadian National Championships two weeks ago, and as race day approaches in Mont-Sainte-Anne there's no doubt that she'll be looking for another strong result in her home country. The XC course looks rougher than ever this year, with plenty of roots and rocks to jostle riders on every lap, but Haley has decided to go with her 27.5" Norco Revolver hardtail, although it does have a dropper post to make descending a little easier.

Norco Revolver
Norco Revolver
A 34-tooth ring up front paired with SRAM's 10-50 XX1 cassette should provide plenty of range for the climbs and the descents.

Norco Revolver
HT's M1 Leopard pedals, complete with a titanium spindle for extra weight savings. The fact that the gold matches the chain and cassette doesn't hurt either...

Norco Revolver
Dropper posts are becoming more common, especially as the World Cup courses become increasingly difficult. Interestingly, Haley doesn't run one on her full-suspension race bike, but does use one on her hardtail.

Norco Revolver
Norco Revolver
The RockShox SID may only have 80mm of travel, but XC racing is all about efficiency, which is why there's a remote lockout mounted on the right side of the handlebar.

Norco Revolver
DT's XMC 1200 carbon wheels are tough enough for aggressive trail riding, while still being light enough to use as an XC race wheel, which makes them a good choice for this weekend's technical course.

Norco Revolver
There's a Kenda Honey Badger up front, inflated to 19 psi...
Norco Revolver
and the fast-rolling Saber Pro in the back inflated to 20 psi.

Norco Revolver
Short stems and wide bars haven't really made it to the XC world yet, although Haley is running a set of carbon Truvativ Descendant bars to go with her 85mm stem.


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 These XC bike checks are cool, but could we put a park hanging scale in your hands and get some weights? Would the teams allow that?
  • 6 0
 here here... I'm curious how these pro rigs take weight out of the stock bikes we buy and get to some pretty ridiculous claimed weights.
  • 64 0
 @PHeller, I bet we could make that happen - that sounds like a good project for World Champs.
  • 5 3
 @mikekazimer: Except make it a Feedback Sports hanging scale not Park.
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 It weighs less than the watermelon in background.
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 Most riders keep their bike weights under pretty tight wraps. We will try though.
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 That back tire looks like a bad idea on both climbs and descents.
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 Kenda tires are a bad idea anyway, if they aren't slipping, they are ripping
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 Thinking the same. Bad life choices are being made.
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 When you can beat her at both on a different tire you can have your say.
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flag Sycip69er (Aug 4, 2017 at 16:23) (Below Threshold)
 @PHeller: I have, and I just did. Satisfied? I wouldn't run it. I wouldn't run a Thunder Burt at MSA either with knowing my tire line up. Care to share what Kenda she should run? Why not another Honey Badger? inform us.
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 @Sycip69er: you really beat a world cup athlete climbing and descending? congrats
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flag Sycip69er (Aug 4, 2017 at 16:53) (Below Threshold)
 @mikefromdownthestreet: i'm not bragging it about but @PHeller wanted to make it personal. Strava is fun to compare yourself to pro cyclists.
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 @Sycip69er: So you're at MSA this weekend riding the XC course? What's your bike setup? What is your tire setup? Maybe you should be a team mechanic.
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 Lets see if the rig changes if it rains on race day.
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 It looks a lot like the Bontrager Jones which was a great front tyre. The nobs weren't quite so small though. I'd try it on a dry rocky track but yeah, maybe only once.
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 Kenda Nevagrip
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flag DHaddict82 (Aug 4, 2017 at 18:59) (Below Threshold)
 @PHeller: Thank you. I guess since you said that I guess I cannot have an opinion. For that matter why the f*ck are there a comment section here on PB anyway. Since if your not Pro you are not allowed an opinion. You do realize opinions are like a$$holes everyone has them.
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 @DHaddict82: People are entitled to opinions when they back such opinions up with at least some sensible reasoning. If you say "those tires are a bad idea because of MSA's terribly slick rocks and roots, soil composition that provides no traction, and the relatively hard compound that Kenda is using on its pro-level tires." But no, people just say "those tires are a bad idea" while nearly every other competitor is running something similar. Now, if the winner of tomorrow's races is running tires drastically different than Smith's Kendas, we can discuss how yes, they were a bad decision, but until, lets not doubt the racers, mechanics, and teams (ie professionals) who put far too much (or not enough) money into this sport.
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 and before anyone claims that we can't question the professionals, let me just say that I'm typically all about questioning how and why the industry pushes certain things on us. Are XC tires a bit ridiculous? Sure. So are negative stems, narrow bars, 24 spoke wheels, shock lockouts, and wire-wrapped-and-soldered spokes. Ultimately however, I think it's fun to see all the little tricks that teams use to get that added edge. If a competitor wants to run ridiculous light and virtually slick tires, more power to them, it should make for a good race!
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 How is a remote lockout and negative stem ridiculous. They serve a purpose and work. Is it because of the "cool" factor. Just wanting to stay informed here. @PHeller:
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 @colethompson: That's just it, they do serve a purpose. Just like the tires folks were so quick to criticize.
  • 1 3
 @PHeller: oh just stop talking. Like it was any surprise to get comments on a partially worn low profile tire. If her mechanic was worth a damn he would know you put your athlete on a fresh set of rubber for every world cup race.
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 @HerrDoctorSloth: Unfortunately for her that is probably her tire sponsor. Apparently the course will be wet and muddy as well so that rear tire looks pretty weak!
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 I just got a carbon Revolver full sus 27.5er and it is frickin fast! The cool thing about this bike is it's an XC race weapon but actually feels more like riding a trail bike, a lot of fun
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 19...20 psi...ok I would flat immediately
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 Yeah what the hell? That seems seriously low for a WC XC race...
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 Best of luck Haley...go get em
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 Nice to see droppers becoming common on xc rigs!
Another trend seems to be going fs with rigid post or hardtail with dropper. Weight penalty too big for racing if they go all the way?
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 Seems to be a trend in XC and road to slam the saddle as far forward as it can go. In road though riders that have the saddle that far forward also have deep drop and long stems for aero reasons.
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 Go Haley Go!!!!!!!!!!!
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 @PHeller: The Revolver 29er has a very long reach. I think my large measures out at 460mm and I run a 40mm stem. And, as @mh731 stated, the bike is very fast.
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 a "set" of bars always cracks me up.
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 The stem seems shorter than 90mm, doesn't it?
  • 2 0
 I agree. It has the length printed on it, but I can't make it out. I do believe it ends in a 5, not a 0.
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 You're right - it's an 85mm - the article's been updated.
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 @mikekazimer: Ta. I'm surprised it's 85 because that 'puter only just fits on top.
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 Refreshingly short. Can't wait until most XC bikes are designed around shorter stems with longer reach numbers, including those ahem, less expensive carbon options from overseas.
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 @PHeller: my 2018. Spark RC came with a 70, which I'm pretty happy about.
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 @PHeller: FS versions of Revolver are already there reachwise, and for $3600 retail one can get decent spec. How cheap & Chinese does it need to be? I would like to see a Canfield EPO in WC XC though.
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 Sweet rig and all, but how about more pics of Haley Smith?

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