Halo Dirt Jump Wheels - Single speed security

Feb 25, 2010 at 0:08
Feb 25, 2010
by Jordan Holmes  
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Not too long ago I was in need of some new wheels for my street bike, a baby blue Tonic. I was looking for something on the strong side but reasonably priced at the same time. Enter Halo and their lineup of hubs and rims. Inside you'll find more info on the Combat rims, DJD single speed cassette hub, and their 20mm Spin Doctor front hub,as well as a great riding video.

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A set of wheels is made up of 3 basic components. The first items are your hubs. Simply put the hub is what your wheel is rotating on. If this is junk, then you're off to a bad start. Second part to a solid wheelset is some good spokes. The spokes are what suspend the rim from the hub and keep everything rolling true, and straight. The final part is the rim itself which has to be able to withstand the impacts and stresses. If any of these 3 items is not sufficient to your riding abilities then you could be at risk of failure. As a step in the right direction I recently built up a set of super strong street wheels, so here is a break down of what I chose and why.

A good wheelset starts with a some proper hubs. I needed 20mm up front and the rear had to be a bolt-on unit. Quick release is a nice thing to have, however when riding street your wheel can be jarred out of place and I wanted to be sure my hub could be tightened down enough to not worry about it shifting in my drop outs. I chose to go with the combination of a Halo Dirt Jump Single Speed specific cassette disc hub and their Spin Doctor front hub.

The Halo DJD SS hub features a heat treated Cr-Mo axle, meaning it's super strong and stiff. The hub itself uses 5 sealed bearings; two in the hub shell and three for the cassette body. The cassette is driven by three double wide pawls, ensuring that your hub will engage when you hammer on it. The hubs are all wrapped up nicely inside a CNC finished alloy hub shell that's anodized purple. Color options also include a black or white version. The DJD hub uses a cassette driver that allows the use of a small 10 tooth cog, although the stock setup is an 11 tooth. You can also run a 12, 14, 15, and 16 tooth cogs to fine tune your speed. You have to choose between 10 mm and 14 mm axle options, both in MTB 135mm width. The Halo DJD SS hub has a claimed weight of 625 grams for my 10mm axle version, a bit portly but remember it is a bolt on hub.

Halo DJD SS hub details:

• MTB Dirt Jump Single Speed specific rear cassette Disc hub
• 10 mm and 14 mm bolt on axle options
• Five sealed bearings
• Comes stock with 11 tooth cog
• 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 tooth cogs also available
• 36 or 48 hold options
• MSRP £59.99, roughly $100 CAD

To match the rear hub I chose to go with the Halo Spin Doctor front hub. The Spin Doctor is quoted as "A hub for all reasons; light enough for Cross Country, rigid enough for Freeride, buff enough for DH and using new Stub Axle options; even suitable for BMX type forks". The hub spins on two 6804 Industrial cartridge bearings and runs on a 20mm internal aluminum tube axle. On top of using a 20mm axle, the hub also ships with threaded caps to convert it to 9 mm QR use. Options for nutted 3/8" and 14mm axles are also available. Machined from 6061 Alloy, it features a standard 6 bolt disc mount and comes in at 240 grams. The Spin Doctor front hub is a good buy not only for the quality level but for the fact that I can change it out to work with any of my future drop out systems.

Halo Spin Doctor front hub details:

• Spins on two 6804 sealed bearings
• Ships with both 20mm and 9mm QR axle adapters
• Stub 3/8" and 14mm axle options also available
• Compatible with pegs (14 mm only)
• MSRP £55.99, roughly $90 CAD

The rims I chose to go with were the Halo Combats in 24 inch. The Combat rims have a number of nice features. Designed to be as strong as possible, the Combat rim is double wall and has a box section shape, stainless steel spoke eyelets are added for reliability and the rim is joined together with a stainless steel screw-pin joint. Width is a wide 36 mm. The Combat rims are offered in powder coat white with ground v-brake surface for better grip, or just straight white for the disc version. Claimed weight is 615 grams, a respectable amount for a rim of the Combat's intention.

Halo Combat rim details:

• 36 mm wide box section rim
• T-10 Special mix heat treated alloy
• Stainless Steel spoke eyelets
• Stainless Steel screw-pin joint
• Both disc and rim versions available
• MSRP £32.99 each, or roughly $54.99 CAD

The wheels were laced up using DT Swiss spokes. The swiss made DT spokes are nearly every wheel builders 'go to' spokes. And for good reason, they have proven themselves to be reliable and trouble free while still being cost effective. Have a closer look at the spokes used on a lot of high-end bikes and you'll usually find the name DT.

While this is not a test by any means, I have been running these wheels for four solid months now without a hint of a problem. I myself am not a very abusive street rider, so when something like this comes around that we want to show it can take a beating I hand my bike over to my room mate/close friend Byron. Byron is a BMX kid at heart but loves blasting on bigger bikes. As you can tell in the video he goes big!

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Visit Halo's homepage to see their entire lineup of parts and accessories.

Halo is distributed by BTI USA in the US of A and Cycles Lambert in Canada.
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  • + 6
 halo djd hubs are terrible , five sealed bears but you will only have two left after 6 months as the 3 in the driver just fall to bits
  • + 1
 Bonezey, Haven't had a issue to date and I've been riding them for roughly 4 months now.
  • + 2
 4 months is nothing... I've been on my profiles for almost 3 years with no problems at all.
  • + 1
 We will see how long the Halo's last for Smile
  • + 1
 i had a djd and all the bearings got torn up, i then replaced all the internals and exactly the same happened again, so i just saved for a pro 2 and nothing has gone wrong yet. djd's are shit hubs
  • + 5
 combats are pure awful and weigh a ton. Halo hubs are good and the sas rims are ok.
  • + 10
 combats ? crap ? i think not, yeah a bit heavy, i love my back rim, no im not a weight weenie clearly, built up on my spin doctor pro hub, and a set of DT swiss double butted spokes, its so ridged and has had a right hammering and ive never had any problems, as for the hubs, the spin doctor pro is much improved on the old spin doctor as it is now lighter and more reliable, for not much more £££ ive also got the front hub and spokes ready to build up for my front wheel
  • + 1
 the combats are stupidly weak, the sas's are litterally bombproof, but they weigh a ton, but great for a budget!
  • + 2
 To be honest, ive hammered them rims, if you get em built properly on a proper set of spokes theyre pretty strong, mine have held up fine
  • + 2
 purple ano? wow... after the late 80's early 90's, I thought we were done with those colors.

I used to have purple ano Kooka & Crank Bros. cranks... then Ringle' stem (back when they had 1-1/4" threaded stems).
  • + 1
 just gotta get some bar end to match..lol... i remember saying to a buddy 8 years ago that ano parts were gunna make come back...
  • + 1
 The only reason that frame exists is to be able to run 26" wheels. It was made to get 26 geo even tighter than everything else out there, and people were asking for a 26" frame from tonic. The fall guy was their first bike which was a no-compromise street/dirt bike. The howie was a COMPRIMISE between a fall guy and a 26" mountain bike.

Obviously you can do whatever you want. But just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  • + 1
 For sure. I rode this bike for quite some time on 26" wheels and it performed awesome, however I wanted to give it a shot on 24" wheels. I talked to Landon and he informed me that it would make the bike feel a TON different, but it shouldn't feel bad. I can honestly say that the Howie feels great on 26's, and still fine on 24's.
  • + 4
 Halo are now also the Official sponsor of the British Downhill Series in 2010!!
  • + 1
 almost the exact same wheelset that im building up atm only difference is im using the bushed rear hub and pruple nipples Razz

just realised i posted above, and have no recolection of it :S
  • + 1
 "Don Spice for Council"

Isn't that the enemy of bike trails in North Van? If so, that's pretty funny you've got his campaign sign getting abused in your park.
  • + 1
 last week i f*ck*d up the old model dirtjump rear hub. Driver broke down. all the bearings were wreaked. So i hope they made them with this version better.
  • + 1
 all the pro version are improved vastly.... look at my comment above Smile
  • + 1
 eey vinni service komt ook wel eens kijken Wink
  • + 1
 i knowww cyberhawk, but i emailed them and for an answer i got, no service on the driver. so i orderd a new one, ns rotary
  • + 1
 what ..? you cant service the driver Eek
nice hubs Razz
  • + 1
 i've serviced many a driver in my Days, its basically a 135mm wide BMX hub, take the driver off, remove the pawls and springs and get an old toothbrush and scrub away, and if your really posh you could use MUC OFF etc Smile then pop it back on and they have always worked fine, i presume, these hubs will be the same or similar
  • + 1
 thats what i thought too.. just clean and grease and youre on your way.. if you ride it till oblivian.. yeah its going to be fubar at some point in time..
  • + 1
 yeah, i really can't say a thing bad about my Halo hubs (granted i haven't built my front one yet)but ive been riding the rear one for about 8 months now, and ive done literally no maintanence, other than gearse the bearings when i changed the axle, never even looked inside the cassette body
  • + 1
 i have some play on my spin doctor body.. after... a bit more than a year... need service now.. but indeed the hubs are pretty much okay.. Salute
  • + 2
 24" wheels on a 26" specific frame?? BooooOoooooOo
  • - 1
 How is it specific?
Its designed around a 26" wheel, nothing says I can't run a 24" on it.
  • + 3
 true, but it looks like poo Razz
  • + 1
 that's a rad review!! you shred the shed haha jordan said you don't ride much which is super impressive.
  • + 1
 625g for a hub is a bit extreme. there are quite a few alternatives that are considerably lighter.
  • + 1
 Agreed. Just once I would like to see an honest review. You're not going to hurt anyones feelings by saying something is heavy or not durable.
  • + 1
 Holy crap! just a 100$ for the back hub?!?!!??!
That seems too good to be true!
  • + 1
 i have theyu hubs there siiiick:P
  • + 1
 Where abouts online can the Halo DJD ss wheel be sold?
  • + 1
 nice halo huba are buff, got mine last week, halo djd bushed ftw
  • + 1
 are they society forks? Smile
  • + 0
 No, RST Space Jump forks.
  • + 2
 So yes, it is a Society Xeno. Just different paint.
  • + 1
 how much do thos hubs go for?
  • + 2
 learn to read.
  • + 1
 What bike is that kid riding? Huh?
  • + 1
 Tonic Fab Howie.
  • + 1
 thats sick
  • + 0
 lookin good
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