Hannah Bergemann Picks Up Red Bull Sponsorship

Aug 20, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Hannah Bergemann is a freeride sender based in Bellingham and a legend in the making. Her riding speaks for itself, as you can see below, but her humble attitude and stoked nature go far beyond her big sends on the bike.

Jill Kintner and Michelle Parker surprised Hannah Bergemann with her Red Bull helmet in front of the Transition office, where she works on the marketing team, and Paris Gore captured the moment.

We can't wait to see what Bergemann and Red Bull accomplish together.

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 Thanks so much for all the kind words and support!! Super stoked to see what we can do!
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 The PNW is proud of you! *Social distance high-5* (or whatever greeting we can manage) next time I see you on the trail.
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 Yes Hannah! Congratulations - this is well deserved. Can't wait to see all of the wild lines that you put down in the coming years.
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 Had a chat with her mom riding in Hood River in 2019, and after hearing we'd been in Bellingham said "Oh, my daughter Hannah lives there! She works for Kona!" We were like sweet! We only realized after that she was talking about one of the hardest shredders around, Hannah F*cking Bergemann!
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 Met her and her dad a few years ago at the top of the last stage of our local enduro race, when i mistakenly thought i could be semi competitive in it. He was like, oh yeah she was a snowboarder but just started riding bikes. Then she dropped into Predator and destroyed the field. Keep on shredding Hannah, and pushing the boundaries for your and the next generations! So well deserved.
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 Even thought I have never really heard of her, I’m glad Red Bull is adding women to the team!! My wife is about to start mtb bc she sees how much I love it, now she has more athletes she can relate to!
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 Big ups Hannah! Your riding is already insane. I'm scared to see what you'll do now that you have wings!
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 This is awesome! Great company in our sport, whether you buy the product or not. Redbull brings a lot to our sport and this is just more of it! Way to go Hannah!! You rip!!
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 I always feel so conflicted with these. No arguing the support they provide the athletes, the money to develop the sport and exposure they give the sport. However, I also see so many problems with their core product and the harm I see it do. That said- this is not really the forum to dig into that. This is about a company recognizing some rad talent and a huge opportunity for an amazing rider. Congrats on this! Regardless of my opinion (also some professional experience with the impact of beverages like these) on RB- all the best and this is a really big deal for a young rider that appears to deserve it!
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 @snl1200: I'm genuinely curious, but what is the harm you've seen it do? Personally, I just think it tastes horrible.
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 @snl1200: alcohol ruins more lives than redbull does.
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 @mobil1syn: 1000% correct!
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 @iamamodel: Well, it's a bit of a long answer and I would recommend looking into it if you are curious, but a few points aside the growing lineage of research on the toxic affects of commercial energy drink consumption, impact on body composition and weight gain etc etc- is that I work in mental health and specialize in anxiety disorders and trauma in children and youth. There is a growing body of research (Jin et al, 2016; Meissner, 2019 for starters) that also finds strong correlations between usage of Redbull and other caffeinated energy drinks and an increase in anxiety and mental health problems amongst young people (probably older also but professionally less of a concern for me). This makes a lot of sense given the action of caffeine in stimulating the nervous system. We can argue that kids are using them inappropriately or over consuming and blame them on the kids- but the mass availability, marketing and lack of warning is irresponsible IMO. I know when I work with a youth with anxiety problems (a trend that sadly has been on the incline for the past few decades as indicated by research) some of the first things I ask about are substance intake, including caffeine and pot, and then sleep. Sleep being the second huge problem with caffeinated energy drinks in youth IMO. Youth have a delayed circadian rhythm (sleep clock about two hours slower than adults) and really struggle to establish healthy sleep patterns. A lack of sleep is correlated to many mental health disorders and caffeine is a well known adenosine antagonist (adenosine being a central nervous system neuromodulator that is key in pressure to fall asleep and the ability to fall asleep). Caffeine binds to adonosine sites blocking adenosine and delaying sleep until the caffeine breaks down. Caffeine has a fairly robust half life and remains bound in the brain far longer than a youth would notice the actual effect of the drug. So sleep and anxiety are where I would start with concerns but this doesn't even begin to account for the health concerns of all sweetened/caffeinated beverages etc. None of this is to say it is the worst in the world, of the devil, or something that most people can't safely consume in reasonable doses- but there are concerns to be aware of IMO.

@mobil1syn that is likely true but between stabbing yourself and in both eyes and stabbing yourself in the groin- the stabbing to the eyes may be more problematic in continued functioning in the world but it doesn't mean that stabbing yourself in the groin shouldn't be avoided or create concerns. To state that something is worse than something else is not a great argument for the benefit of anything.
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 @snl1200: Thanks for that. Really interesting and informative.
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 @snl1200: youth consumption is a completely different conversation (my comparison to alcohol was under the umbrella of adults), which i am of the opinion that parents need to pay more attention to what their kids are consuming and the rise in anxiety is a complicated topic in of itself.

what is the half life of caffeine?
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 @snl1200: I miss the good ole days when Marlboro and Bud Light were the key sponsors for motocross bringing fat stacks of cash and Kokanee was the title sponsor of Crankworx.
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 @mobil1syn: A quick Google shows the half life of caffeine in an adult is 5-6 hours. I think I might be rethinking my afternoon coffee since @snl1200 pretty much described a lot of my problems. I knew them all, but with that 5-6 hours... sheesh.

Thank you all.
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 @iamamodel: i have rarely have a problem sleeping, even after drinking 2-3 cups of coffee. sleepless nights are the result impending doom at work or oddly enough after exercise. whatever my body does recovering increases my internal temp making me restless.
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 @mobil1syn: it’s interesting because I can also drink a coffee and then go to sleep no worries. My wife won’t drink coffee in the afternoon because she won’t be able to fall asleep at ten or eleven if she does. Decaf tea only in the evening too.
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 Been following her on insta. She has style and goes big. Great news another female athlete getting proper sponsor ship. Congrats!
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flag jaame (Aug 21, 2020 at 13:34) (Below Threshold)
 What does that mean exactly? Another female athlete getting proper sponsorship? Is being female relevant to sponsorship properness?
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 Can't imagine a more deserving badass!!!
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 Send your marketing application into Transition now
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 Hell yes! You are amazing and definitely deserve it.
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 Thanks, same to you.
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 Pinkbike is such a pinkbike!
Some athlete got sponsorship from redbull - everyone is congratulations, "redbull is great", "that is deserved",... etc ...

But, when there's any article about some WC race - every second post is about - "redbull is m..ers", "such a bad coverage", "redbull is evil", "redbull's ruining our sport",... etc ...

You are funny people. )
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 Well, you can separate the people from the products they sell, I hope. I don't see anyone congratulating RB beyond "gee it's great they're adding more women" but even those people likely view it as the obvious marketing move it is. If athletes need to shill a little caffeine & sugar water in order to practice and share their craft, we should all be able to differentiate the wheat from the chaff.

Besides, isn't the sign of a brilliant person the ability to hold two or more diametrically opposed views in your mind at the same time? Or is that a sign of a crazy person...
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Awesome that RB backs athletes from all disciplines and raises profiles of female MTBers.

Just a shame for Transition that Accomplice featuring Hannah has only just gone out on widespread release this week and she’s on a Kona!
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 To be fair, I think Transition won't mind too much. They're intro video of Hannah above is (IMO) easily the best of the selection above. They'll both do very well out of their time together I'm sure Smile
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 So she jumped back on Kona? She went from Kona to Transition and back to Kona in the same year?
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 @slayersxc17: It would seem she was on Kona when Accomplice was made, and between that time and now (when Accomplice is being widely released) she signed with Transition. Her Insta says she's on Transition now.
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 @slayersxc17: she was riding for Kona when it was filmed, is now with Transition. It happens.
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 i think transition has a pretty good handle on their market share and knows there is room for plenty of players in the market. goods is they get the exposure without having paid for it, since most will search the person to find the bike, then realize she moved to transition.

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 Good work Hannah! You are a serious shredder, kind woman and all around fun person to be around. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving!
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 Well deserved... love your hard rippin style!
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 Woot! Way to go Hannah!! And Kudos to Transition for supporting amazingly rad people with heart! ????????????
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 Congrats HB! So fuckin sick!!
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 Couldn’t have happened to a more humble and deserving person! Congratulations Hannah!
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 Right on Hannah!
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 Super cool
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 Shredder! Looking forward to seeing some rad projects!
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 Fantastic achievement Hannah, very exciting!
Might be worth learning this trick though Wink

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 SO F#CKING BAD*SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Congratulations, sis, awesome shit!
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 Local girl makes good -- or great! Keep your feet on the ground.
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 Congratulations Hannah! You deserve it!
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 Met her at Trans BC last year, so humble, what a shredder!!
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 Hometown hero!!!!!! Go HB!
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 One of Bellingham's best. So nice and humble and so so talented!
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 Mega congrats, and that helmet looks like the perfect fit!! So pumped for you HB!!!
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 Yeah Hannah!!!
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 F yeah Hannah
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 Nice one!
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 I just wanna know why there's a guy dressed like Zissou
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 We live a life aquatic...
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 Hell yeah Hannah!!! Does this mean half-shell days are over?
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 So deserving. Keep crushing it, Hannah!
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 So rad!!!
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