Video: Hans Rey and Kenny Belaey

Aug 10, 2014
by Tassan Cédric  
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Trials on Trails by

Take two world champion expert trials riders, put them on a boat en-route to Corsica and let’s see what we get with the prefect mix of Hans Rey and Kenny Belaey.

Pictures and edit: Cédric TASSAN
Soundtrack: Smokey Joe and the Kid (The Game)

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 This is why everyone should ride a little trials from time to time Razz
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 Agreed. I owe near all of my abilitys and style to Hans & Ot Pi after watching all of their VCR tapes over and over back in the early 90's. Even a little trials skill can help a ton for normal trail riding.
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 2nd that comment, Trials 100% make you a better rider for what every type of riding you specials in. For me its DH but i try do as many track stops,manuals,wheelies etc when im on xc bike as i can.
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 What are the names to some of the VCP tape videos? I think I'm speaking for everyone in saying that we all would like to see those.
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 I'm pretty sure there was some Hans Rey in Hammertime which was a VHS tape from the 90's. Pretty cool riding all around in it.
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 that's the one where they say "Bunny Rabbit Hansey!"
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 @VTwintips Tread & Big 5 would be a couple. If I remember right you'll have to put up with a bit of the douchebags Herbold & Lopes respectively, but Hans arguably makes it worth it.
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 Exactly as it said: "Their lines don't even make sense".
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 Last time I was in the LBS I was pedal kicking a Full-suspension XC bike around and got yelled at for "hurting the bike" Not good on the pivots? stick to hard tails and get outta here!

Meh. Trials is super under rated, and very overlooked, at least in the U.S.
Thanks for posting PB!
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 The most amazing thing in there it's that they actually found an SNCM boat sailing !!! Purely amazing !!! They are normally on strike...
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 I meant the riding put aside off course !
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 french joke!!!! bien vu!!
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 Great to see trials/trail? riding at its best but even those legend's had to hike some of the way
Was just thinking that I need to build a more trials like bike than my 29er full sus but why bother when can just ride trials on that !
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 It awesome to see that Hans still can ride that hard. He brings some hope for all of us in aspect of our future biking Wink GO HANS!
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 "Bunny Rabbit Hans" is one of the few riders who can pull of a song like that, and he can do it when he's like 40 too.
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 Rad! Thanks for the Lesson, master. What a duo!
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 Hansey gets RAD every time. Nice work.
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 Is that a Triple ring drivetrain??? Old dude kicking it old school!!
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 That's so cool to see Hans still kicking it...
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 Looks like he'll be kicking something else soon judging from all that grey.
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 Can't get any more legendary than this right here.
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 Hans HOOSKER Rey.

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