Hardtails and Slicks - Downmall Round Two, Budapest

Feb 5, 2017
by Sebastian Sternemann  

Hardtails and Slicks

Downmall Budapest

Photography: Sebastian Sternemann // Words: Alexandra Werner
A tourist's view: Budapest is divided into two parts by the river Danube, Buda and Pest.

After kicking off last weekend in Frankfurt, Germany the European Downmall Tour headed east to hold it’s second stop of three in Budapest - the proud capital of Hungary, shining in old grace of the Imperial Era.
The tour took place in Arkad Mall which you can find at the final station of subway 2, so it’s a little bit outside the city centre, but easy to find for spectators of which plenty came. Arkad Mall is smaller than MyZeil Mall which saw the tour in Frankfurt. Due to this the venue was closely spaced.

The track was shorter than last weekend and had less obstacles as well. It started with the riders descending escalators, then they had to pass tree stubs entering into a turn which lead to another escalator followed by a big drop. After hitting this drop, riders had to pedal hard in the final straight and rocks the famous 'Downmall Double'. Every tour stop ends with this double, but here it was built up bigger due to the limited space at the finish area.

  The historic city centre hosts famous sights. Here you can get an uplift to the castle.

  Here the magic will happen: The Arkad Mall in Budapest.

  In comparison to Frankfurt this mall is quite small.

  Final track preparations.

  Joey van Vogel preparing his gear.


  Commentator doing his best to entertain the massive crowd.

  One crash amongst a few. Budapest saw riders doing safe runs.

  Will Ben Moore be able to take another win here?

  Tomas Slavik pedaling for the medal. Amazing to see him easily gaining speed considering his recent knee injury.

  Surprise of the day: Felix Beckeman (SWE) finished in third place. Here dropping into the final straight.

   Spectators were entertained by Freestyle contests inbetween the race runs.

During the breaks spectators were entertained by a dirt jump contest and a BMX freestyle contest. Budapest saw a hard competition, riders were battling hard to finish in best time. Some of the Downmall tour's top dogs were fiercely missed in Frankfurt but gladly most of them made it to Budapest. Times were tight between Hannes Slavik, Tomas Slavik and Michal Prokop. Unfortunatly, Johannes Fischbach is still suffering from an injury and wasn’t able to come.

  Ben Moore jumping. The distance was farther than in Frankfurt.

   BMX guys ripping the contest.

  Ben Moore was hungry for another victory. But this time luck was not on his side. He did not manage to make it to finals.

  Due to limited space in the finish area some riders were having problems stopping their bikes in time. The finish area was really short.

  Amazing style: Tomas Zejda is the winner of the BMX Freestyle Contest.

  Shopping upsidedown.

  Ben Moore searching for the lines.

  Joey van Veghel stepping down.

  Michael Prokop watching the race. He finished in 5th spot.

  Martin Lebl, CTM Teamrider, participating in his gravity kit.

  Michal Pokorny trying to catch this tight corner with a footplant.

  Ondrej Stepanek jumping into the escalators. He managed to take 3rd spot.

At the end oft he day Tomas Slavik(CZ) was able to take the top spot followed by Felix Beckeman (SWE) in 2nd and Ondrej Stepanek(CZ) in 3rd. Ben Moore was likely to defend his No. 1 numberplate but couldn’t find last week's top form. Spectators were witness to an exciting event and once more mountain biking could show it’s bright side to a broader audience. Next weekend will see the tour's final stop in Prague, Czech Republic.

  Tomas Slavik on Victory lane.

  Tomas Slavik was surprised by his win due to some small mistakes in the final part of the track.

A lucky winner
   A proud winner.

1. Tomas Zejda, trick - double tailwhip
2. Ivan Popov, trick - backflip turndown
3. Damjan Siriski, trick - flip no hand

1. Konrad Szabo, trick - flip triple whip
2. David Janac, trick - 360 bar spin to downside tailwhip
3. Vilibald Vatek, trick - double backflip

1. Tomas Slavi­k (CZE), time 17.11 sec
2. Felix Beckeman (SWE), time 17.18 sec
3. Ondrej Stepanek (CZE), time 17.46 sec

  Get a grip. The escalators in the aftermath.

  Eastern Gravity Crew was hosting the event in Budapest.

MENTIONS: @Sebbi89


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 just stop with the podium girls, please
  • 16 1
 Wow a 17 second race, that's crazy!
  • 6 0
 Fuck conditioning. Just squats, squats, squats!
  • 9 0
 "Tomas Slavik was surprised by his win due to some small mistakes in the final part of the track" - mistakes in final part of 17-seconds-run? Where did he manage to squeeze them?
  • 27 0
 What a 17sec vid is too much to ask for?
  • 12 2
 Double tailwhip vs flip triple whip...Bmx is crazy!
  • 12 3
 Hungary!!! Awesome place.
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 "Ben Moore searching for the lines." Good thing about escalators is that there's only one line. Down.
  • 2 0
 chances of one of these in the UK?
  • 2 0
 that would be nice. But I would say impossible due to paperwork and insurance.
  • 2 0
 @johnwright1982: i think in Germany you have the same problem. Thats the reason why the first in Essen was cancelt. But we still had Frankfurt.
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 they need to make a killer Tony Hawk pro skater mall level
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 All the nostalgia
  • 2 0
 I'd like to see it done with the elevators on
  • 2 0
 I saw some practice runs on one of the Downmall races few years ago with escalators on. Everyone had a puncture, so it had to be turned off for the race.
  • 3 1
 Crazy Sh*t.
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 Google's in a indoor race?
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 Video pls
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