Harriet Burbidge-Smith & Trek Part Ways

Dec 9, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
Harriet Burbidge-Smith

Harriet Burbidge-Smith has announced that she will no longer be riding with Trek after three successful years with the brand. Since joining Trek Harriet has progressed from taking her first Crankworx podium to becoming one of the series' top competitors.

We don't know where Harriet will be ending up next year just yet, but we'll keep you updated when we learn more.

bigquotesBiggest thank you to @trekbikesaunz @trekbikes for the last 3 years. From my first downhill bike, first Crankworx podium and creating Momentum and some of my best mates, I have loved being a part of the team. Unfortunately this is my last year on Trek and I’ll leaving at the end of 2023. A special thanks to @smashlongbuckler for everything over the last 3 years, I will miss you and the whole Australian team very much! THANK YOU!

I am looking forward to 2024 and what it holds.
Harriet Burbidge-Smith

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 Go to roots and rain. She 'only' won 6 Crankworx events in 23
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 The fact that she had a bunch of success at crankworx but people still have no idea who she is says a lot about the crankworx series. I'd love for an alternative to the UCI, but crankworx has a long ways to go.
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 @toast2266: I watched way more crankworx this year than UCI events… I think if Crankworx can expand their DH presence and keep free broadcasts UCI will have some legit concern to stay competitive
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 @Chondog94: Crankworx is a Uci event. They are the organizer and Uci is the governing body in the same way ESO is the organizer of World Cups.
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 @bgoldstone: Thanks for the clarification. What I was referring to would be the World Cup then? Either way, I'd love to see more DH events in the Crankworx series with more money, more top pro's etc.
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flag styriabeef (Dec 9, 2023 at 13:03) (Below Threshold)
 @bgoldstone: what, since when and in what way is crankworx a uci Event? The only possibility is that you earn uci points racing downhill, because it is the only event that is also a uci discipline. So the crankworx dh might be a uci sanctioned race, but that's all. Crankworkx can't be a uci event.
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 @styriabeef: Sanctioned, that’s all. Just like Cycling Canada sanctioning, or FMB sanctioning Slopestyle events.
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 @toast2266: I blame mountain bike media. I'd rather see more content showcasing athletes than another "what's your favorite chainstay length" article.
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 @chriskneeland: I get what you're saying, but the last Harriet Burbridge Smith video that PB posted has 12 comments. The chainstay article from the other day currently has 260 comments. You can't really blame the media for producing the content that people apparently pay the most attention to.
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 Jill Kintner shows up and straight up DESTROYS at Crankworx events, meanwhile she barely sniffed WC podiums at her athletic peak. That and the fact that I had no idea how many wins she had says something about Crankworx. I don’t think brands see a ton of value in these events.
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 @toast2266: Exactly my point. Stop feeding the junkies more crack.
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 Pink505 parts ways with reading articles about riders leaving teams. " It is me not PB, I've always loved reading about people I never new existed day after day this time of year. I wish them luck as it should be a banner years for new opportunities. I would tell you to keep an eye out for an announcement in what is next for me but frankly you and I don't care." Said Pink505 at the bar ( as he has no social media). No pictures or video of Pink505 bumbling down a trail were provided for this comment.
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 Best of luck in your future endeavours!
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 Hope you find a way to land on your feet
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 Happy trails @pink505!
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 "I guess soon I will be Pink404." said Pink 505, to his cat.
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 Half way through your comment I parted ways with your comment
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 Mike Ross as well. Most of the best freeriders in Aus dont have a ride for 2024. It is a bit sad that haz has a red bull helmet and no bike for now. Same as Mike who won speed and style roto, did worlds first flat drop cashie and only missed the rest of the season due to injury, Luke parkker is also throwing down huge tricks with little support..
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 never heard of them... that's part of the reason.
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 @jaydawg69: i don't understand how you can hang out on PB and at the same time never heard of Harriett or Mike Ross.
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 @leolentz: i started mtb during the pandemic.. prior to that i did some xc racing in college but never really followed the sport. mostly follow road riding. ever since mtb, (mostly thanks to a buddy of mine), i started watching more and more uci mtb races. i still mostly watch the xc and xco, but i watch my share of downhill/enduro. probably 40 or so events over the past few years? maybe i'm just oblivious, but i have never heard of either of those 2 people.

and i check pinkbike like 5 times a week. some people are here for reviews and new tech...
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 @jaydawg69: so if one person has never heard of a rider they shouldn't be supported?
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 @leolentz: I've heard of Harriett but not Ross or Parker. Couldn't tell you what bike she rides but I can tell you what Rachel Strait rides.
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 @Beyond-The-Tape: I'm on PB, NSMB and Vital everyday for a lot of time. I've heard of Harriet before but not the others. It takes more than fancy tricks to get sponsorship. If you are a mid packer, your social media game will need to be on point.
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 @jaydawg69:no way... thanks for the insight. BTW, couldn't tell you what bike Rachel Straight rides, didnt even know she still rode
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 It doesn't help that mountain bike competition has been fragmented into a million often pointless sub-events. Does anyone care who wins 'Speed And Style', or that daft pump tack race that didn't have any corners?

A talented rider with a squeaky duck on his handlebar (Hi Ollie!) is probably getting way more exposure and create more memories than people who take part in many of these events.

Competition Vs Social Media was covered in a Ride Companion podcast with Brendan Fairclough recently. He asked the hosts who won the last WC DH. They didn't know. They then asked him. He didn't know either!
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 @jaydawg69: Kyle's dong?
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 @jaydawg69: if you've got social media you've probably seen mike's cashroll of a flat drop at silverstar slopestyle last year. sad that these mega talented riders are getting dropped (though i might be biased, Canberra represent)
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 @john311tran: hm, yeah, propably a bubble-thing. I am watching slopestyle, dh and speed&style. If you didnt, watch Mike Ross' flat drop cashie! Its insane.
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 From Alicia's and Brian's interview with Darren Kinnaird it appears that Harriet will be one of the 6 invited to the Cranworkx slopestyle for women in 2024.
And so, the question: When is it more about the rider vs. more about the bike?
I have a feeling that Harriet will be a top competitor regardless of whose bike she's on, especially if her new team has a talented mechanic.
It's probably the same when it comes to Downhill: A talented rider will do well if her/his team has solid mechanical and technical support, regardless of who makes the frame.
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 PSSHHHHHSHHHSH!! You're messing with the psychosomatic speed advantage from riding my poorly tuned Goldstone replica V10 and rainbow stripe jersey. 8,172nd Strava placement on A-line doesn't just happen by itself.
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 Man, the industry is slashing good talent.
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 Only because there isn’t a remedy for them
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 Lots of pro-caliber talent getting dropped. It’s like adding fuel to the fire in this industry.
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 Looks like a Session with friends will be the only Ticket moving forward.
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 Absolute shredder, can't quite believe the head-up-the-ass comments about "never heard of her". Whoever signs her has done the right thing.
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 She gives me team Transition Vibes but who knows. Maybe Canyon or Specklized will get in on the women's slope style train.
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flag slackedmtb (Dec 9, 2023 at 9:28) (Below Threshold)
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 Gotta come out from under that rock every once in a while chaps… eventually you’ll suffocate under there.
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 @Jonesey23: if you gotta dig to find someone,who’s under the rock?
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 @slackedmtb: back under the bridge you go
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