Video: Hills Don't Lie

Sep 16, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  

Riders: Andreu and Lluis lacondeguy, Nick Pescetto and Jaws
Filmers: Callum Jelley, Nick Pescetto and unclemetal
Edited by: Nick Pescetto
Photographer: Bartek Wolinski

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 That is he still alive?
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flag bookieboy100 (Sep 16, 2014 at 12:08) (Below Threshold)
 with the help of our lord jesus christ
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 not only his balls are made of steel, his whole body also
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 crash @ 3:12
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 My right arm dislocated just from watching it
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flag ctmtb98 (Sep 16, 2014 at 12:22) (Below Threshold)
 he's jesus reincarnated lol
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 Good, because if he were to miss rampage because of injury or death I'd be soooo pissed. He should SLAUGHTER rampage this year. He looks so dialed on his big bike lately.
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 just breakdance your way down hahaha
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 Lose gravel.... Absorbs a lot of shock, despite road rash. It's a tradeoff.
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flag jespinal (Sep 16, 2014 at 14:50) (Below Threshold)
 Actually the loss of energy in a crash is smoother on a hard surface, like pavement, than gravel
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 lol i would much rather smack gravel than pavement, sorry champ
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flag jespinal (Sep 16, 2014 at 14:59) (Below Threshold)
 Oh wait you genius so physics is wrong right?

So you the loss of energy in a hard surface will harm you less than loose gravel, with it you'll basically jump all over the place than just slide
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 nah just sayin from experience haha
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 Cause he's a beast!!
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 ikr honestly, if you've ever had hard crashes into both you would know, gravel is far better, i don't care what physics says, i know what its like first hand, not from a textbook lol
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 The impact is more important than the road rash. Concrete is solid, If you step in lose rocks your foot sinks and rocks move. Thats give, thats what you would rather have a hard impact with to not break bones as easily.
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 @airmiller44 there ya go bud, exactly right
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 Physics says gravel is softer haha
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flag jespinal (Sep 16, 2014 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
 @madriaanse your levels of dumb really amaze me
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 @jespinal you must be new to this sport lol
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flag jespinal (Sep 16, 2014 at 16:33) (Below Threshold)
 Me being almost 3 years older than you having an understanding of physics greater than you I'm just stating that energy loss wise HARD COMPUND IS BETTER I'm not saying what you freaking preffer You fall into gravel it will absorb a fraction of the energy and bounce, but hey you friggin degree master in life you say it's better so it fucking should be
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 ok bud, I just think that you're wrong in that its better to fall on pavement than gravel b/c it gets rid of the energy better Smile
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 If I had a choice between crashing while party biking from the bar or taking a good digger on a steep, lose gravel or dirt hill... dirt wins every time. Pavement sucks. That edit was sick, love Andreau's style and Jaws gettin really wild also. That line at the end was kinda nutty... so steep/wet/loose on decent sized rocks.
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 Engineer and avid mountain biker here. @jespinal I think you are not looking at the system incorrectly. Think in terms of momentum and impulse. The change in momentum when hitting a hard surface is very fast resulting in extremely large forces placed on the body, F=dp/dt. Same change in momentum, very short amount of time, leads to many broken bones. Soft surface extends the amount of time that the momentum change takes place resulting in a much lower force which the body can handle, without serious injury.

If you want a really good example of this look into rock climbing lead falls using static and dynamic ropes.........Never fall on static ropes unless you want a broken back.....same fall on a dynamic rope allows one to clean pants and try again.

Moral of the story: Nerds rule......Nerds who can MTB rule all.......

And these dudes are awesome, great vid.
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 It also looks like he accepted his fate in regards to getting bucked, as opposed to trying to ride it out. He was already planning his rag-doll before he was separated from his bike.
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 @jespinal, LOL "physics" is not "wrong", you are WRONG, you stupid f*cking idiot.

And people think I'm a f*ckin' troll. :/
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 How about we just have @jespinal reenact the crash on both surfaces and see which one he likes best?
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 Hitting a surface which does not give as much as a softer surface will hurt you much worse... I think that means hitting concrete will F you up much more than hitting gravel. The energy you have will be released over a longer period of time and a larger surface area, therefore less force to be applied to body. It's why we jump into foam pits, or if you are basic, cardboard, and not dry cement. Not a physics expert. Only what I remember from high school and common sense.
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 Its all about how fast your energy stops. And with concrete you are not going to move it so you are going to stop as fast as you crumble. anything softer that moves or displaces would be better. (Inertia
Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity.)
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 ^ well technically if it was a steep concrete pitch, your body would keep tumbling so its hard to tell... the skin on the other hand... that's not traveling with you.
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 So we've concluded that concrete hurts more than dirt... I think we can call it a day now.
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 im pretty sure falling on a cheese grater would hurt less than foam
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 @jespinal lol are you retarded?

Would you rather have all of the energy released at the same time with a massive f*cking concrete slam, or would you rather dissipate the energy of the fall into the other moving things such as gravel which will crater around you and move out of your way. Would you rather slide all the way to the bottom of the mountain after a massive slam, or would you rather loose some of the kinetic energy you started with via hitting loose gravel such as this.

If it were smooth cement, he would have sailed to the bottom and died on boulders that would be in the same place he ended up, and if it were grippy cement he would have ripped more or less all of his skin off and had a much harder initial impact.

I don't see how in any way cement is better.
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 Nice turns boys!!! Awesome shredding.
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 Awesome to see you on here, Brett! It's thanks to you and a couple others these guys are even shreddin! Thanks for all you've done for the sport Big Grin
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 fucking slippery salmon that shit eh! niiiiiice
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 Ooleee olee ole oleeeee ooleeeeee ooooleeeeeee ooooleeeee!!!

That's how you react to your mate getting up after being thrown around like a rag doll tup
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flag jespinal (Sep 16, 2014 at 12:18) (Below Threshold)
 And he survives
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 He's Jaws after all ya know.

Edit: Didn't actually look like Jaws or any of the four for that matter. Who was that dude?
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 that's me,haha!! just a few scrathes after the crash!
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 marc casalc from core bycicles!!!! iron man always survives!!!!
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 Fucking nuts!
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 @Core89 Glad you rolled out smoothly! Nuts indeed.
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 This reminded me of the old 'Fro-rider' films with Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie and Richie Schley riding down rocky chutes.

Quality insane film and how the hell did the rag-doll rider survive to dance?
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 The Hills are alive.....with the sound of SHREDDING!!! *EPIC DOUBLE BASS*
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 Why is Jaws not at Rampage?
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 Absolutely agree! I thought it was stated Jaws was riding for NS.. doesnt look like an NS at all. hmm
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 He did for some time. He rides Antidote now.
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 he should be definately in
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 Thanks dudes! Unfortunately i'm not riding at Ramage this year. I'm going to try next year aswell! Yes I'm riding for Antidote from 2014
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 Definitely hoping you can get in it for next year! One of my favorite riders to watch! Cheers!
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 Lacondeguy is all set to own rampage this year!! he's got the whole package- steeze, speed, flow and of course... bad ass tricks!! I'll be peed off if the judges cock up.
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 When I clicked on the video, i was expecting the craziest jumps out there. But that was so much better, best shredding i never knew existed
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 Andreu slaughtered those eroded berm things, that was a nice little ride free edit
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 Rampage is Lacondeguy's to lose, he is ridding better than anyone on the planet right now.
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 does anyone know the songs?
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 Nope, but it's nice to have Rock N Roll in a mountain bike videos again. Oh wait I have soundcloud on my phone first song is I'm on fire by vandevander it wouldn't identify the second song, probably too much gravel noise
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 cheers mate. doesn't seem to come up on youtube though, only on soundcloud! totally agree with you aswell

Here's the link for anyone else who wants it!
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 All the way through I was thinking that the biggest problem these guys have is that they make everything look too easy.... then the crash in the middle illustrates how tough the riding is beautifully!
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 Lacondeguy does it right !!!!!!!1
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 If Vegas was taking action on Rampage results I'd be all in on Andreu this year.
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 Don't know about all in. Semenuk has been on fire this year! He could definitely throw down along with a lot of other big riders right now. But Andreu has been shredding hard for sure! I think it'll be close, and one of the most exciting rampages yet! ...assuming weather doesn't f**k it up. :/
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 Andreu and Lluis lacondeguy, Nick Pescetto and Jaws one edit sign me right up
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 Man I hope Bartek Wolinski uploads some of those pics. Anyone on here know his username? That train coming down the chute looked insane! Potential POY material if you ask me!
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 crazy level of riding, amazing to watch!
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 @Donhnutdic...... "XXX" is pretty hardcore these days, you sure your not more along the lines of NC-17?
I fear you may need to go see a therapist, thats a lot of "X's".......
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 Thank the lord for Heli-Tape
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 Well... sponsors. No way even 10mil tape would save those poor downtubes.
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 That was epic. You really know you're doing freeride edits right when Brett Tippie praises you in PB's comment section.
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 Nice JAWS !! Polish blood xD
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 Those elbows are more scar than ink by now.
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 Rampage training
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 @6:30 the driver looks completely BLOWN! (lvl10 to you fellow ENTS) LOL
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 what is the name of the second song??
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 I wish I could ride that SO bad! It looks SICK!!
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 % of tread lost, all + 30
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 So stoked he avoided those flowers at 2:35
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 That was so old school it a good way. Yes!!!
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 i really don't wanna fall on that loose sharp chips of gravel.... oouuutch
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 0:35 what is that song ?
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 Andreu Lacondeguy makes me feel so proud to be catalan!
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 Dope ass shit
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 where are they?
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 batshit insane!
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 How extreme i think i am - XXXXXXX How extreme i really am - x
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