Video: History of Red Bull Rampage With Kyle Strait

Sep 10, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  


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 So I guess 99.999% of us wear spandex then?...ha
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 and all world cup dh racers apparently.. except brendog
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 That shit was funny.
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 All i gotta say about Kyle is this:
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 Bunch of WC DH guys have done Rampage over the years. Gee was 2nd, Bernerd Kerr has done it, Remy Thireon this year and others I'm missing.
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 Gracia won it way back as well
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 well even if they invite world cup racers.. the rampage is not for them.. i mean they are not gonna win vs a 360 off a 70 foot drop and a front flip over the canyon and all the tricks combined...even with a good and clean line... things are different now..
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 I met Greg Minnaar at 2003 Rampage, He took 7th the year Gracia won!

Bet you didn't know Minnaar could do Heel Clickers!,7553/Greg-Minnaar-World-Championship-winning-Run-Lugano-2003,75697/sspomer,2
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 greg can do backflips but pulling out a backflip at rampage is different Smile
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 Only two types of people in this world. You either ride the cliffs, or you wear the spandex.
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 Quote of the year right there
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 kyle looks like Justin Bieber on his first rampage
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 Benders wreck all these years later still makes my knees hurt
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 I get a twinge in my hamstrings... can't explain it. But every time I see it I get this twinge behind my knees...
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 well bender didnt have any skill; but still he didnt wear any spandex; cause he wasnt that kind of sissy with tiny balls
the size of the jaw drop every hater could send with his iphone these days, i remember back in the days when i got started freeriding all there was was bender bourdon simmons garcia and a few others; looks like we are 8 years later now and it got just bigger and bigger the scene; glad to have all those helped to progress the sport where it is these days;
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 Dangerous Dan! Those days were ****ing inspiring! Smile
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 bender didnt have any skill i was just kidding; yea dangerous dan is sick; lately i crashed riding a skatepark skinny: rear wheel came of and i landed on my leg: second time i did: other time i ju,ped of a skinny to another one and missed faceplanting... dont remember that ever happend to dan: must be quite skill of him
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 History of Rampage. Judges correct their previous year judging mistakes for the riders on the event to come.
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 i cant say i disagree, Mcgazza better get handed the gold this year then
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 When the judges ready to make up their mistakes. The rider crashes.
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 Hey Red Bull, where's the tickets?!? You guys claimed to be sold out last year but still had "several" available come finals... So again I ask, where are the tickets for 2015?!? I don't have Instagram or Twitter. Please give an update here on PB or the good 'ol fashioned .com
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 They went on sale in August (they announced that date), then another wave went on sale yesterday (PB said they were currently on sale that day via an article posted that morning but the official website never mentioned anything about it- which is the site PB linked you to in order to purchase them), I only found out via a friend who texted me they were on eventbrite. They sold out while I was purchasing them. Now another wave may open up in a couple of weeks... this is the most absurd way I've ever seen an event sell tickets. So disorganized. I'm sneaking in.
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 It's a big place, should be easy to sneak in @scott-townes haha.
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 Exactly. I may be out for a ride that day and just stumble upon the event...
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 I know lots of locals with extra tickets. Hit up my inbox. Most are charging $60-70 per ticket though.
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 ^ Tell your "locals" that they're f*cking scumbags for scalping tickets. Seriously.
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 Sounds good, should I use an internet tough guy voice when I do it?
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flag scott-townes (Sep 14, 2015 at 11:30) (Below Threshold)
 Really dude, your buddies are complete douche bags.
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 You're making too many assumptions. I just knew there were locals selling the tickets. Mostly Craigslist and KSL. I was just going to refer out of towners to those sources since they might not be familiar with our local classifieds. I'll try to be less helpful next time. Didn't know it was such an offensive thing to do.
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 ^ When people buy multiple tickets and right away are trying to sell them for twice/three times the amount, they're clearly scalping them and keeping real fans who don't have that kind of money from attending. Its all good if you didn't know this but your friends are being asses by doing this. Its one thing if its a Tay Tay Swift concert, its another thing entirely with a legendary and important event in MTBing's history that will only be around for a very limited time. I know what you're trying to do and no hate to you at all, just to those douches scalping the tickets.
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 Let me be more direct. My friends aren't douches, you brought my friends into this. I never mentioned a single one of my friends.

I don't even know the locals I'm referring to. I'm simply offering a little help to people who might not know where to look for tickets to this "legendary and important event." They are currently sold out and people might not be able to get them next wave. People are willing to pay elevated prices. It's a proven fact. People love rampage and will pay for the tickets. Does it suck that people do it, that's a matter of opinion, but I'm with you and the assumed majority that it sucks.

Take your soapbox somewhere else and quit down talking me in your responses assuming you know more about me than you do.

I personally have 6 tickets. 3 are taken and the other 3 are hold outs for people in a Facebook DH group I run to see who can't get any them self. Last year I only had one extra for the group and 10+ who wanted it. That wasn't fun. This year I have more but it certainly won't be enough. I bought them for 27 and some change each and will sell them for $30 because it's an easier amount to deal with and my time/etc is worth a buck or two as well. When the next wave comes you better believe I'll be trying to get even more. That's my right, if I could snag 10 more I would. I guarantee there would be enough guys in the group that wanted them and couldn't get them.
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 ^ OK, they're not your friends but douches you barely know, gotcha Wink Good on you for securing tickets for your buds though. That's how it should be for sure and I'm happy to hear you feel the same way about it.
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 @QuenteK25 deserves greater recognition for his line " Sounds good, should I use an internet tough guy voice when I do it?" Seriously one of the best responses to the common troll I've heard on this site.
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 The first Red Bull Rampage video was new and for sale at the bike shop when I was getting my first mountain bike in '02. I picked up the video and was blown away! Been hooked ever since. My wife got me the R.B. Retrospective video set a few Christmases ago. Awesomeness...
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 Where is road to rampage
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 Didn't mention zinks or Mcgazzas backflips....
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 E mesmo
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 it's because they aren't sponsored by Redbull
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 Pretty sure they covered Cams win in detail and spoke about how backflips off drops changed the game and became standard.
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 Such a great vid. Love the history as I've followed every year. Kyle if you stumble upon this and you remember us from Crankworx, "Sad Sack" has definitely lived up to his nickname, and turns out the name game is fun to play every trip at Whistler!
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 still have mixed feelings about all the pre-constructed features vs. the old school competition where you built your own lines and it was "all natural."
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 so you've never seen a red bull event then?
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 What? I've seen lots of them...
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 Very cool vid. I myself didn't know that much about Rampage and now I feel like a better mountain biker knowing I have some Rampage knowledge to drop on my friends...
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 The only mountain bike contest I watch from
Start to finish the "Red Bull Rampage" and I agree
With Kyle, this stuff is too dangerous.
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 Or Wades win in 2001
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 honestly with an event this caliber redbull needs to hand out awards for best crash. mcgarry deserved a new car after last year.
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 riding style certainly has come a long way since 2001
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 He is coming "straight" outta huntington beach, california
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 Awesome video! Enjoyed going back in time and remembering all the good and bad times of Rampage tup
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 Yeah Lyle #drinktahoebeer
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 Either you doing Rampage or your wearing spandex that's bullshit!!! Not watching now if that's what he thinks.
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 Thanks Kyle!
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 too bad redbull isnĀ“t sponsoring him anymore...

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