Video: Hoff Fest Course Preview From Retallack

Aug 21, 2014
by Fest Series  

LOCATION: Retallack, BC - located 26 km from Kaslo and 21 km from New Denver on Highway 31 A
Access to the event site will only be permitted via a limited shuttle service to transport attendees from the start of the Stenson FSR to the event site. Shuttle service will begin at 10 am on Saturday August 23, 2014 and will cost $10 per person. Cash only will be accepted. Please be advised that capacity is limited and lengthy delays are possible. Due to limited capacity, entrance to the event is not guaranteed.
TIME: TO BE ANNOUNCED. Presently dependent upon weather forecast. Please check for updates

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 Fest Series > FMB Series
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flag HutchJR (Aug 21, 2014 at 12:29) (Below Threshold)
 Fest series > UCI world cup > FMB series
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flag jan-hagemann (Aug 21, 2014 at 12:53) (Below Threshold)
 Honestly, i prefer fmb. Bring on the neg props but fest just isnt as exciting to watch competition wise because it just isnt spectator orientated
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 Well i said that wrong, i really enjoy watching both but fmb is more transparent.
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 Fest series is sick and fmb is sick too. I like that there are more kinds of riding to watch, keeps it interessting
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 Despite the fact that both of them are fun to watch, you've gotta pick one or the other and then be a dick about it (like I did.)
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 Some of the guys I ride with think FMB is killing dirt jump, I agree to a point, tho fmb is sick but if it took more of a jam/chilled out format like fest it could be better
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 If Rampage was added to the Fest Series, I'd choose Fest Series all day long. Big stuff big bikes.
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 I like bikes.
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 two different MTB disciplines, both series will be huge for the sport and I like the direction both are headed. Kudos to the fest series boys doing something different
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 The Fest is the best! Fullstop
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 Why did hutch get negged? Hes right.
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 I built a 4ft kicker into a down slope today............ thought I was rad...........thought wrong
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 ...but I bet you had just as much fun!
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 Did.. did you rally it? I think that's all that matters. Jumps are fun no matter the size!
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 it is all about having fun! that's why all of us are here, no matter how big or small.
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 I miss the days when mountainbikers were dicks to other sports (football), not dicks to other disciplines within mountainbiking...
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 That'll tighten up the leather cheerio a bit!!
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 And a crash will loosen it again
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 Leather!?!? You obviously need to investment in some 3ply.
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 i just spat my cereal out holy fuck
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 The FEST series is the TRUTH!! so gnar
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 Aggy..."the dream line...this is what we ride in our sleep" ....the best us mortals can hope for is to watch this in our sleep!
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 Best Thing on here lmao
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 im gonna watch it in person
  • 13 0 show all that and not show some people hitting it!!! the ultimate tease.
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 I would like to think if I had the opportunity to hit those I would do it but that fly over camera angle may have changed my mind...
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 The builders standing on top of the jumps looked like ants!
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 So is the Hoff actually gonna be there? Heard he is not bad on a moto actually. Maybe he'll be testing the jumps? Might even bring along Pammy and the gang, could get pretty loose. Guess I should stay up for this one.
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 Just don't hassle 'the Hoff'
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 They should get The Intern on those jumps!
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 In the bear costume, shooting him with golf balls.
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 what I would give to have that dirt on my trails
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 I had the discussion we all must have had at some point.... A mate still thinks we'd all be this good if we lived in Whistler and were that young... Na. I can honestly say even if I had the biggest trails in the world right outside by house and I was 18 years old I still wouldn't have the bollocks to ever hit these. Are these guys double ard or am I just a proper pansy?
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 Maybe being a pro requires less survival instinct than us mere mortals!
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 its just little by little over a long period of time to get to that point. they didn't just wake up and start hitting 80 foot gaps and back flipping DH bikes. every year you seriously hurt yourself hinders progression as well as you have time out and time back to get back on form and recovery. if you started at 13 or 14 and pushed yourself every year to do a little bit more, a little faster, a little higher, and little further... you'd be there too by your mid 20's (as long as you didn't let fear get the best of you). takes a good bit of the entire mix... skill, luck, health, balls, time, ambition, etc. i'm 32 and its the first year i've ever had a DH bike, and before 3 or 4 years ago, i hadn't ridden a mountain bike since i was 16. lots of catching up to do, but no qualms about where i am. just gotta have fun and keep on going and hope you don't seriously f*ck yourself up haha. i'll go drag knees on a motorbike around the street at 100mph all day, but i still haven't gone off a 10-12ft. cliff drop on my DH bike... everything is unique, doesn't mean you're a pansy.
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 Cheers Sweatypants.... I enjoyed reading your reply as you kinda summed up my own situation! I'm 33 and also only started riding when I about 25. My background is in surfing and I spent my entire teens and early 20s travelling to find proper surf. It wasn't until I paddled out on a big day in Durban, South Africa, that I truly shit my pants. That's where I found my limit- it was no longer fun. I worked on fitness but I couldn't ever really enjoy surf over 8ft. The same has applied to my riding- and my limit has proven to be significantly smaller than these jumps! I never thought I'd even hit a double, let alone learn 360s- so I'm stoked to say I'm a better rider than I ever thought I would be. However, these jumps are at least 3-4 times bigger than I would ever hit without doubt.
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 yea man. i spent most all of my late teens and entire 20s boxing, drifting cars, and ripping motorbikes around. some stuff translates directly like carrying a ton of speed down a trail and body positioning, or drifting the rear around turns, other stuff doesn't translate at all. as soon as the trail turns super steep-tech or the double goes into the 20-30 foot range though, i give pause and hesitate some. road race bikes and drift cars never leave the ground (unless you're about to get real hurt haha). its just unfamiliar is all, but it let's me know i just need more time in the air and to be steadily increasing speeds, heights, and distances until they feel routine. all there is too it i guess. the fact that its so much fun makes it pretty easy to keep on keeping on and keep trying. i dunno... i'm not in a rush to accomplish anything but having more fun, so it keeps the pressure off.
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 Is it just me or does Kurt sorge look like he has been doing stunt work for Billy Ray Cyrus
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 Claudio!! Where for art tho!!
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 BIG! BIGGER! BIGGER! BIGGEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Can't wait to see the final edit, as I won' be seeing this one live. Saw the one held in Kamloops, it was spectacular, check out the final edit here on PB
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 How do they fit massive balls in these skinny jeans!?
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 David Hasselhoff would cry if he saw the size of those jumps.
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 The "Holy Hell" series!!!!
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 Rly greate vid but toooo short ! :3 I won't moore
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 Zink will host his own venue with 3 figures jumps.
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 I want to see this truck hitting the jumps :-)
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 leave that for Travis Pastrana
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 Love the Fest Series! These guys are doing it right, can't wait to see the highlight reel.
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 funny how that spot was revamped from nwd 10 to be bigger/better for rad company, and now this. jumps look crazy
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 ho lee schitttt, those are slightly large.. or maybe more than slightly..
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 Rather insane !
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 this series is so crazy i could never imagine hiting jumps that big.
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 Holy shit man! Everything is HUGE!! No features for stims!(the way it's suppost to be)
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 Is it only 3 jumps?
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 I bloody love the fest series.
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 Those guys are going hoff their meds
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 Does the shuttle service to the site allow one to bring a bike with them?
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 holy SH....TTT!!! those jumps are massive!!!
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 hooow they just destroyed the Brandon Semenuk's Rad Co. dirtjump set
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 Looks to wet
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 Holy damn!
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