Hope Boss Awarded MBE in Queen's Birthday Honours

Jun 14, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Hope Technology. From The Top.
Ian (right) and the late Simon Sharp (left)

Hope's co-founder and Managing Director, Ian Weatherill, has been recognised for his services to business, innovation and the community in Lancashire in the latest Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Every year, the Queen of England awards honours that recognise the outstanding achievements of people across the United Kingdom. Ian's MBE is one of 391 awarded for the Queen's 93rd birthday.

Ian told Pendle Today: “I’m thrilled to be receiving this honour in recognition of maintaining Hopes UK manufacturing, especially in an industry so dominated by imports.”

Hope was first founded 30 years ago by Ian and his late co-founder Simon Sharp. Hope has grown to employ 160 people in Barnoldswick with most of them living in the local area. Ian has also been a driving force behind Hope Tech women, the Hope Academy children's bike scheme and Hope's recent move into carbon manufacturing.


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 Well deserved - Nobody else has done what they have inside the bike industry and very few outside it within the UK, standing true to their views, looking after their staff and customers and producing a product people want around the world while maintaining steady growth and staying relevant. Hopefully Hope continue to succeed long into the future.
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 Great news, well deserved.
It's the Queen of the United Kingdom though... England is just one of the countries of the Kingdom. Someone needs to tell Trump as well ;-)
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flag jaame (Jun 14, 2019 at 3:32) (Below Threshold)
 I don't think England is technically a country, since it does not issue passports. I would describe it as a region within the UK.
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 @jaame: I always liked the term ‘nation’ when describing England/Scotland/Wales etc.
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flag browner (Jun 14, 2019 at 3:49) (Below Threshold)
 @Cammyd14: Scotland is a nation, England more of a shelf of little porcelain sheepdogs, matching royal teacup and saucers and Toby jugs
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 @jaame: England is a country - just like Scotland and so on, it's just part of a union.
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 @Cammyd14: I mean we've definitely got that in Scotland but our glass cabinets are more often overflowing with scotch, deer hide, swords and the mounted trophy head of the summer haggis
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 @browner: Ah the summer haggis, which has to be chased the wrong way round the hill to chase it, causing to to topple and roll to the bottom.
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 Who cares, we're all cunts anyway
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flag Barrywillox (Jun 14, 2019 at 4:47) (Below Threshold)
 Just the queen of England mate Scotland doesn’t want her
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 All this whining from you Scots is very British... it’ll be tougher to leave than you care to admit.
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 Please get on and vote for independence we’re all sick of Nicola Sturgeon whinging @Barrywillox:
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 @browner: I don't know who could possibly be neg propping you for this comment. Probably people who have no idea what a haggis is.
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 @TommiHXH: I believe you may be confusing it with the winter haggis? The summer haggis is reverse threaded and rolls from the bottom to the top I believe?
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 @alexhyland: Just wait until you see Boris Johnson's plans to convert all haggis to BOOST by 2021.
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flag Craigatdescentworld (Jun 14, 2019 at 7:41) (Below Threshold)
 @timbud: good luck without our Oil money, Whisky money, water and renewable electricity....
We’ll spend it on staying in the EU thanks very much....
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 @Craigatdescentworld: Then good luck getting everything else you need, because we’ll tax the f*ck out of everything else that doesn’t get to you by sea or air lol tup
Oh and good luck without the NHS too
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flag Barrywillox (Jun 14, 2019 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 Just like an Englishman to think the even own air haha also you might want to check who owns what of the sea I believe we got the bit with oil and gas and you got Blackpool beach @timbud:
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flag timbud (Jun 14, 2019 at 10:28) (Below Threshold)
 @Barrywillox: Just like a Scot to judge someone on a flag and assume thats where they live and are from.

Never been to Blackpool once and don't intend to.
I prefer to venture outside of the UK borders at least once year... you should try it too. It'll open your mind a bit.

Oh go and research how much gas is in the UK outside of Scottish border... then look at coal all the coal and have a look see at the tech they use with now
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 @konabigshed: i agree the sooner the better.
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 @Barrywillox: just think of the future oil and gas will not be needed what you going to do ask the germans to bail you outWink
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 Aah, the United Kingdom, trouble is, we don't seem to be very united.
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 @metaam: The un-United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland even. I reckon everyone just needs to JRYFB.
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 Scotland has no major source of income without oil and gas. Reserves aside, its becoming as useless as a chocolate teapot. The trawler/fishing industry, whiskey and tourism will not support it. So that fact aside...
I am English but Scotland is my country too in the same way that England belongs to the Scottish. Them being countries is a hundreds year old concept that whilst we cling to for posterity, is frankly no different to West Yorkshire and Norfolk. They are just areas on an island. We are a very old country shaped by thousands of years of battle and tribe history and we cling to it often at our detriment.
Stop speaking bollocks. Be British and proud regardless of boarders, brexit and Boris. ????????
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 ????? Being a Union Flag in Pink Bike emoji world!
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 We’re only united by name !
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 Fucking hell guys!!!! Bikes... we all like bikes right.
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 @randybadger: if I’m riding and someone has a boris top on they’re getting nudged into the hedge ......simples !
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 @Fahhhmed: when backpacking, we collected stamps as proof of visiting a country. There ain’t no stamp for England, Scotland or Wales. You can’t count them as “countries visited” for that reason. That’s why I don’t consider England to be a country. Unfortunately I’m wrong about that. I won’t argue with Wikipedia and that says they are countries.
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 @timbud: W⚓️

What comes from england these days that isn’t football hooliganism or crap ale?

Pretty sure we’ll survive, I’ll take a sovereign oil fund over London wasting it
P.S. enjoy paying for your prescriptions - mine are free
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 @Craigatdescentworld: nothing is free
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 Does your royal highness even drift bro?
How does her majesty feel about mixed wheel sizes?
Who are your royal picks for fantasy DH league?
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 Hope hoops roll almost as well as Prince Philip's cars.
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 Well deserved, great company who truely value their workforce and promote British manufacturing as well as supporting riding development generally. Plus their products are excellent and last for ages.
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 Your Majesty, I’m sure even YOU appreciate the buzz of the Hope freehub but you clearly have not used their preload adjuster tool for the cranks.

Well done Hope!
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 Fair play, decent company staying true to their values
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 What a glorious day for Canada, and therefore, the world.
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 A deserved a
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 @Luis-Sc: Cheers i have sausage fingersSmile
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 /\***Aaron Gwin's mate save the queen!
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 So, which one is on the right?
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 Special edition, one-off HMB130 for the occasion? I can't imagine the Queen would make the most of a 160mm rig.
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 HMB130: Jerusalem Edition.
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 Her Majesties Bicycle 130
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 I know she's had a giant reign.
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 @metaam: Longest reign we have ever had. Even Lizzie keeps up with trends.
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 Congratulations on the honour
imagine you'll be getting piston something to celebrate
hope it doesn't result in too much HUBris Smile
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 Just to re-iterate what everyone else is saying, so well deserved.
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 The queen obvs rocks some Tech E4'S
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 Glad to see an honor to some one who really deserves it????
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 God save the Queen.
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 ...she ain't no human being...
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 @fartymarty: There is no future
In England's dreaming

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