How Do The Pros Prepare Their Bikes? - Crankworx Whistler 2017

Aug 13, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

There is no other EWS round that's as hard on bikes as Whistler is, especially with the brutal bike park stages of one and five. Luckily man on the ground Ric bumped into some of the favourites, including Richie Rude and Cecile Ravanel, to see how they are changing their set ups for the main event.

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 Why change your set up when it works? You can't argue with Cecile, she knows what she is doing.
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 Different horses for different courses, different strokes for different folks. I would imagine that some riders are good at adapting to different equipment which may be better suited to a particular locale, while others might prefer to focus on adapting to different terrain, knowing what to expect from their unchanged setup.

Looks to me like most people are in the middle, dialing in slightly different suspension setups or rubber whilst mostly maintaining the geometry of the bikes they have ridden so much. This route makes the most sense to me, but to your point, pretty much everyone in this video knows what they're doing except maybe Brook (ha!). At the truly elite level (top 20 or so?), it seems like Cecile is in a distinct minority in that she changes absolutely nothing.
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 I mean if I had a different factory tuned bike just waiting to be ridden if I wanted it I would take it in a second.
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 I'm surprised that the same tires all the time thing isn't more popular at least. I run a shorty up front and dhf in the back and it works everywhere, all the time, rain or shine. Wish I had that kind of skill though. That and there's something to be said for keeping your set up constant. Instead of having to be consciously aware of how your bike behaves it becomes muscle memory, you can focus on the course a lot more.
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 I love how Cecil doesn't change anything for tracks or conditions
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 Why change it when you win every time!
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 Bike checks have become my favorite thing to watch
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 None of them share what they ate for breakfast.
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 Xc riders!
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 @stumpymidget: I'll take Batty
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 Show the bikes.
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 Right?! If they are talking about something else, fine show them close up...but sheit keep it wide! 5 1/2 minute "bike check" video with maybe 10 seconds of bikes???
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 "Presenter and producer: Tracy Moseley"

Is she aware of this?
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 How do pros prepare their bikes? They don't. They have a highly skilled mechanic to do it for them.
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 So tire pressures it still is the most important thing on a bike who would have thought of that
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 Hell yeah, 80psi on the rear to prevent pinch punctures, 12psi up front for maximum traction.
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 Pink Bike really rocks.
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 Is Richie Rude back on the Sb-6?
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 Yes. Also said he'd likely ride the 5.5 in Finale.
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flag tuumbaq (Aug 13, 2017 at 7:37) (Below Threshold)
 Says who ? It seems completely silly to do practice on one bike and race on another one... whats the point of that ? @Jvhowube:
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 @tuumbaq: Finale Ligure is the final EWS race in Italy. Has nothing to do with Whistler.
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 @Jvhowube: lol my bad I thought you meant for the finals here in Whistler ;-)
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 Dude always looks jet lagged AF
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 @jpcars10s: you mean high af. lol
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 @tuumbaq: I think he meant Finale Ligure , not final
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 Double D's
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 Where the hell are the Just the Tips already????
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 Richie Rude - Fox Shox team wut?
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 Stiff and "pretty much stock". Didn't even need to watch the video.
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 So what was that black Rocky Mountain? Was that the new Instinct??
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 it was just a custom painted slayer.
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 No special slayer in this video although one of 2018 colours is going to be matte black Smile
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 Good question. Everyone said never about 29ers. Who knows. Could happen.
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 Who the hell wrote the subtitles!!?? ????????
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 if your last name is Gwinn, you just wake up, drink a cup of coffee and smile when you sit on top of the podium
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