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Video: How Greg Minnaar Used the Rain to His Advantage at the Les Gets DH World Cup

Jul 8, 2024
by Pinkbike Originals  

The rain as Les Gets changed the game turning the previously fast track into a slip and slide. While most riders struggled to stay on their bike Greg was able to use the conditions to his advantage and take home a podium position.




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 Wise old goat
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 Really good edit done really well in very short time. Greg did his thing and he did it right at the right time. He still has it and there is n o doubt he is able to win races. I hope someone will do same with Remi, it seams that no one was able to speak him out after the race.
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flag sarinerar FL (Jul 8, 2024 at 14:02) (Below Threshold)
 Zero chance of him winning when its dry though, barely made it to finals
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 @sarinerar: 2nd in quali and 5th in semi. Yeah seems like he struggled in the dry.
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 @sarinerar: How are your chances looking?
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 @Jblack89: What year was that? Who are you even talking about? He was 45th in qualis and 30th in semis and made it through with 0.3second margin. Absolutely zero chance of winning vs top10 guys.
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 @sarinerar: He's referring to Thirion
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 @sarinerar: You are missing the fact that it is much more difficult to win a race in the wet, isn't it?
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 @endurafrica: Yes, but it evens out the field, gives a chance for someone to win who doesn't have it when the track is fast and rough, makes it more random equally for everyone, when its not about hitting stuff at full speed and keeping it together anymore.
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 @sarinerar: well, different conditions favor different people, I guess? Is that what you are trying to say?
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 In both this video and WynTV, Minnaar spoke about becoming nervous about the high speeds/injury potential required to win a race like Les Gets. He said as soon as he knew it was raining, it calmed him down knowing the speeds/risks would be lower. So I think that points at Greg's (possibly recent) struggles with some of the modern tracks in general.
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 Goats gonna goat
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 Used to use this strategy in snowboard boardercross. Hang in the back and hope all the leaders crash in a turn and advance. 60% of the time it worked every time.
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 This is why I never made it in snowboard racing. I was always riding at 9/10ths. I'd end up with the fastest time by a freaking mile. Then crash my next 2 runs.
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 same for 4X, worst place you can be is first. Constantly looking over your shoulder for 3 other riders gonna make move on ya!
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 All the more impressive because he raced in the same crap conditions as everyone else. A lot of the women and the guys just after him struggled and crashed, like most, proving that it wasn't "benefiting from the conditions" as some have suggested. If that were true, no women would have crashed, Greg would have had his run, and only the last 15 or so men would have had issues.
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 He benefited from the conditions in a different way. He's becoming nervous about the higher speeds required for winning a lot of the recent tracks, and the weather created a slower/different competition that played to his strengths.
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 Does anyone know what Norco's highest elite men's position was before this race ?
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 best i've found (not so deep roots & rain dive) in men's is blenki w/ an 8th in 2022 & wallace w/ 13th in 2023.
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 @tomo12377 @xy9ine Blenki got 4th in Losinj 2018
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 interesting thoughts on the semis - tricky gauging risk / reserve when there's a gaggle of rippers throwing down yolos trying to snag one of the few finals slots. greg was certainly lucky this weekend, but a podium is a podium; rad to see him on the box one more time.
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 Greg running a number 44 plate, Hamilton running the number 44, both greats took advantage of the weather and made it happen. Legends in their sports.
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 With his settings..He MUST be counting click from full open, Right? I know Jordie and others say you should be counting clicks from full closed. Weird.
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 hmmm, 1 and two clicks of rebound on the fork? That made me think clicks from closed. But its been a while since I rode fox forks. Confusing to put numbers on there with no direction
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 @rich-2000: I went BTS and found out that in order for things to be Nsync you can only count in One Direction.
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 My guess its from full closed. You have to remember rebound is very dependent on spring and he is running a lot of spring with progression at max. So that wheel is coming out of deep compressions with a lot of speed. He could also be running a different rebound shim stack then what comes stock on the 40, and VVC doesn’t get harsh with a pretty flat damping curve on HSR.
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 The guy deserved a touch of good fortune. Love to see it !
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 I hope that he gets a lot of confidence from this and is able to string together a strong season ending run. I saw his suspension settings, but is he running full 29" or MX setup?
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 i'm not sure but I think he's MX
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 What an epic podium! Amaury, Andy and Greg brought in so much energy and emotion, it was historic for sure.
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 2 races going on, the actual race and the Goat race. Same thing watching TDF, such an awesome time history being made with Cav, Bini and now Greg. Far out! Greg still has a few matches left to burn, still in the mix after all these years, just can't count him out.
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 Fukin' master
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 legend!! still doing it at 42 is incredible. There´s Rossi, Jordan, Senna and Minaar on DH. Records can be broken, but they still are the GOAT
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 Talking about age, or lack thereoff, don't forget about Jaromir Jagr.
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 I don't need to watch the video to figure out that the secret at Les Gets was "stay on the bike."
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 I am a man who stares at goat.
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 So happy for old geezer
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 Had to shut this off because of the ridiculous distracting background music. What was that?
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 What a clickbaity title. you'd think they would say something interesting aside for half a sentence about tires.
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 The Art of Racing in the Rain.
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 Hes in his prime
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 Where can I watch the full race replay? (If at all).
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 el tatita sae
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