How the World's Best Female Riders are Celebrating International Women’s Day - Video

Mar 8, 2018
by Sarah Moore  

Today is International Women’s Day, so we asked some of mountain biking’s best female riders to weigh in.

Thank you to all the women who made this video possible: Rebecca Rusch, Kate Courtney, Rae Morrison, Ines Thoma, Miranda Miller, Catharine Pendrel, Teagan Heap, Danielle Beecroft, Morgane Charre, Claire Buchar, Vaea Verbeeck, Annika Langvad, Lea Davison, Mallory Burda, Lauren Gregg, Anneke Beerten, Ruby Isaac, Caro Gehrig, Micayla Gatto, Anita Gehrig, Noga Korem, Haley Smith, Isabeau Cordurier, Erin Huck and Emilie Siegenthaler.

For a list of highlights from these athletes and others in the past year, click here.


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 Yes! - yes - agreed with the last comment in the video "soon we won't even have to talk about this"!
I do look forward to the time when I don't have to be a "female rider" and when women are discussed in the same vain as men. You know, like in 95% of the articles here about bikes and riding, and not the 5% of articles where women are included in order to be talked about them being women...
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 Couldn't agree more.
IW Day was over here 10minutes ago.
You know what? I'll still treat all my female friends exactly the same today as I did yesterday and the day before and just as I will tomorrow.
As friends.
If they also happen to ride bikes. Great.
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 100% would give more props if I could.
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flag otto99 (Mar 8, 2018 at 20:43) (Below Threshold)
 its a mans world.
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 @otto99: Not in Scandinavia
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 @Lejla I agree, but some in the community say that we also don't give enough coverage or recognized them for who they are. But these last few years have been awesome because that we have been able to do it and from awesome ladies like you for pushing our sport where we can one day do that. Being the father of two young girls I would love for them to get into it like I have.
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 @otto99: but it would be nothing without an optimal amount of free testosterone, a bit of progesterone derived from wild yam and a no more estrogen dominance.
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 Women mountain bikers just smell better
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 Women just smell better in general.
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 Nothing better than when my girlfriend passes some guy who assumes he's faster than her!
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 Let's not ignore so many women making assumptions about men too. Example: "boy look", If a man can't find something, let's just assume it's because he didn't look properly and pat him on the head.
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 Yea...that's pretty much me. I think I am pretty fast....then 1,2,3,4,5 female riders zoom past me.
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 @Lejla: but that's usually the reason I can't find stuff...
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 As a wise old person once said:

"Assumption is the mother of all f*ckups".

Err... not meant to say anything bad about mothers.
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 @jefe - fast girlfriend is a gift. Especially one that can fix her own bike and doesn't channel on you, all of her anger that has been building up over the weeks, when her starnut gets loose.
- Something is clickiiiing in my biiiiike, why can't you fix iiiiit? It's not that you can't do it, here it's because you don't want to! Is it because I left the car open in the morning when we went in to buy lift cards? And by the way I heard you say: "I'm having a bad day" after you crashed, what did you mean by that? I forgot to lock the trunk ok, nothing happened, I'm sorry ok?!!!
- Honey, it's ok... I just don't have the 6mm allen key with me for your weird starnut... (oh shit I said weird...oh my God I said weird...heere it c...)
- Who's Allen?!
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 @YouHadMeAtDrugs: No dude, your official explanation as of today is you don't have a wide enough variety of cone-shaped cells in your eyes. Solidarity brother.
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 @WAKIdesigns: My girlfriend and I are different in ways, the same in others. Just accept each others' strength and weaknesses. I'm more mechanically savvy and I don't mind working in bad (hot/cold/wet) weather so these are the jobs I get to do. If I hear her chain creak, I'll lube it. No need to point it out to her. She even asks me to fix the computer kind of stuff which I'm really bad at, but I'll give it a shot.

But then there is the paperwork. Calling instances. Keep calling until issues are sorted out. Organizing stuff. Keeping track of things. That's what I'm bad at and she's great. She's doing things I might have to do but she's simply better and doesn't hate it as much as I do.

And sure there is always the stuff that falls in between. Like something only she uses (like her bike) that really should have been solved earlier to avoid wear. Like that chain. And there is stuff I should really solve myself. Hurt my right thumb in a crash over two weeks ago, it still hurts to shift gears. And I still haven't planned a visit to my doctor.

See, nothing is going to be perfect but there is no need to focus on that. Embrace the differences. If we both hated the paperwork then stuff would go wrong real quick. And embrace the similarities. If as we don't ride mountainbikes together, there still is so much more fun we can have with stuff we both enjoy!
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 @vinay: To some degree I am who I am as a rider because I have been riding with a damn strong couple. After some time I managed to become a cheese in the sandwich between them, trying to follow him and being pushed by her. Following her has always been a treat as well since she has an amazing intution for the good line. She's been ripping it even when she's been preagnant. So it's always quite uplifting. In general I think girls bring a good vibe to the group ride, I always enjoy it. Guys just ease off in a funny way, this hard to grasp, negative part of drive to deliver disappears. Off course there are guys who tense up and behave like they need to prove something even more, but these are people who I don't really click with even on 1:1 ride.
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 @Lejla: I like the example you use there. My wife is the worst at looking for and finding stuff. I like those little idiosyncrasies that break the “mold”. Things are getting better, I think my daughters will become women in a very different world.
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 I think that the differences between women and men is something that we should embrace. When it comes to numbers women are far better at a load of things than men. And vice verse. Thats nature at it's finest folks. Mountain biking and enjoying the natural world should compromise without a doubt.
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 Ya just look at females in America..killing it compared to men in many socioeconomic categories...grad rates; housing; prouctivity; crime rates...
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 Love it! As a women's fastpitch softball coach and someone who's been around female athletics for decades, I am constantly impressed with the effort and skill female athletes have.... Congrats ladies, and PinkBike, keep up your efforts in covering women in MTB.
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 Tip of the hat ladies! Thanks for creating a healthy vibrant community for my lil lady to be a part of someday.
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 Damn you, Rebecca Rusch! Why do you have to be so damned cool?! HUH?! Dammit!
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 can't even comprehend being that mentally tough
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 "World's Best Female Riders"?... and where were Cécile Ravanel and Myriam Nicole at that time?!!! Probably riding some french lines... Smile
Anyway, women are good at doing it and they do it well!!! Moreover, most of them are lovely. Cheers Mesdames Smile
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 More women riding = more moms riding = more kids riding. Bikes are such a big part of my family but there are kids that are growing up without learning how to ride a bike. Kids need to be pulled out of their virtual world and put into some dirt!
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 We're a bit ahead in the time zone, IWD was yesterday but hello from the female riders of Malaysia (snuck in a few Singaporeans and Bruneians in the group too)
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 This guy made me giggle !
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 I just lolled so loud!!!! :-D

I thank you my man!!!’
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 The closing comment says it all, 2018 and we need to do this. We're all human beings. Sad. Keep getting involved ladies, you make much better company Smile
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 Lovelo! Bravo les filles!
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 God I love women. They make me go so crazy and I especially love women mountain bikers
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 This is gender biased . Now imagine the uproar from women if there was a international man day. I believe in equality . Thus isn't equality . They want their cake and eat it too.
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 There is an International Men's Day, 19th November....
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 this is exactly the mentality as to why women need a national day
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 Haha, I don't want to be a prick, but I've never met a woman that likes cycling. Most of them are like, "uh, duh, what's a car? You just like drive them, duh"
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 Well done ladies!
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 "How Female Riders are Celebrating International Women’s Day"
F***ng ?

Why not?..
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 Happy International Women's day as well to mountain bikers of colour not represented or reflected in the video.
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 idk why this got down votes, but thanks for removing her name from the list! just trying to help accuracy, maybe full caps was too intense...
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 Long Live Women!
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 Long live Mother Earth.
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 Itll stop being a thing when people get tired of complaining.
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 so what you are sayin is that it will always be a thing. kinda sad. reality though.
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 You preferred women silent, eh?
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 it will stop being a thing when stuck up white middle class men (like me) step down from our high horses
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