How to Bunnyhop with Duncan Shaw

Mar 3, 2019
by Duncan Shaw  

After the first installment "The Manual" earlier this week I felt that the next tutorial should be a Beginner's guide on How to Bunnyhop.

Bunny Hop Tutorial

Bunny Hop Tutorial


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 The title is kind of misleading. You only get to learn how to bunny hop You don't get to do it with Duncan...
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 LOL go sit in the car dad.
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 kudos. slow 80's clap material.
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 They should titled it how to bunny hop WITHOUT anyone around you.
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 he only shows up if the video is playing AND you're on your bike in the driveway. i messed that up once or twice too.
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 Also step 1- ditch the clipless pedals
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 Final step- add them back once you've mastered it.
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 No bunnies being hopped. Blocked and reported.
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 The music kind of reminds me of some movie, where a "delivery guy" knocks on the door and asks a group of gals "did someone order an extra large sausage pizza?"

Not that I've seen it.
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 Logjammin' with Karl Hungus
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 @j-t-g: Meine name is Karl, ich bin expert!
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 @j-t-g: best movie in history!
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 Watch his lower back, kept strong and stiff, unlike most of MTBikers who keep it loose and weak.
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 not that hard to keep it like that on such a small bike lol. But yeah, it´s ideal from tech standpoint and health standpoint as well.
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 Not to put down Duncan here, he is way better than me at every levels. From my own experiences, I think it's a somehow good explanation of the steps to get there as long as you already know how to make at least the beginning of a manual. Yes you can learn it on any bike but it's easier to grasp the moves on an hard tail imho. The suspension will rob a lot of the impulse. The first exercise is critical, get that right first, then every other steps without clips. Run higher tire pressure than you usually do for practicing. My two cents.
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 yep, just what I said in the manual tutorial, if you don´t have HT, use lockout, if you don´t have shock with lockout, pump up your suspension. Much easier to feel how the bike responds to you input without suspension counteracting.
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 the fork in the slow mo
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 Please Pinkbike, never ever show a fork in slow motion again. It gets people upset.
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 Let's get this in right away:
British bunnyhop: both wheels at the same time. Used to get up kerbs (curbs) around town. Not all that high. Clips can help if your technique is poor. I use this on the road bike if I need to.
American bunnyhop: front wheel first, while rolling. Pretty high - I've seen 50" by Brian Lopes on a BMX, and 49" by Soderstrom and online at Texas Toast on a BMX.
J hop (used in trials): stationary, going sideways to hop on to things: raise front wheel, stabilise the bike and hop. Highest, not that useful for getting around. Record is 1m25 I think.

Of course, lots of people will disagree...
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 I don't know where this British/American thing came from, never heard of it before. For me, a bunnyhop is always front wheel first because it follows the movement of a rabbit, hence the name. 2 wheels together is just a 'hop'.
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 @lacuna: Idk, growing up bunny hop was always two wheels at once and Jhop was always front wheel first. Idk why but that's always what the people in my area called them
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 @jcav5: probably because most trail riders, especially those who started out with clipless, suck at hopping. The two wheel at the same time hop isn't a "move" , it's a poor bunny hop.
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 Over here we call the two-wheel hop a "Schweinehop" - pig's or piggy hop Smile
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 @yoobee: Everything sounds better with Schweine in front of it.
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 J hop, haven´t heard this one, it´s called sidehop and record for sidehop over the bar is 144 if I remember correctly. Sidehop onto wall is close to 160.
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 For extra motivation, leave your wife’s iPad in the bag.
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 Now on a trail/enduro bike please...
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 trails bikes certainly make these maneuvers easier.
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 I hope your leg is fine after you almost snapped it
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 Buy BMX, learn basic skills, use them on fully, that is easy
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 Buy a BMX without the rear wheel, learn the basics, use them on two wheeled bikes, be world champion on a fully
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 Doesn’t matter what type of riding you’re into, having a bmx background will give you the best skills foundation IMO.
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 @nyhc00: yes but only if we are talking race BMX.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I disagree, even though i raced bmx briefly the majority of my time on a 20” was street/dirt/park riding and the skills learned transition seemlessy to bike parks and freeriding. I ride with mainly people with freestyle bmx backgrounds and they adapt very quickly to tech riding, their cardio tends to suck though.
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 @WAKIdesigns: you can easily bunny hop without rear wheel, motion will be the same so yes, you are right, however buy BMX without rear wheel harder than with
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 @nyhc00: Agreed... That is Jeff Kendall Weeds background and that dude is a proper ninja.
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 @nickmalysh: There is just no need though. Buying any BMX, and just riding it as much as possible is the way.
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 How to bunny hop:
1. Master how to manual
2. Then hop.
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 I can bunny hop but I can't manual for shit
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 I've been bunny hopping on flats for 35 years, my manuals are almost non existent.
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 I don't understand how that can be.
I get not being able to do a sustained manual, but the start of a bunny hop is literally a small manual.
You can't manual for a sec then do a bunny hop?
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 Bunny hopping and jumping is easy as a street bmx rider but I still find manuals to be a bitch
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 @acali: A manual has to last more than 2 seconds, otherwise it's just lifting the front wheel until gravity pulls it down again. Dude's suggesting "mastering" manuals as a prerequisite. Real manuals are proper ninja shit.

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