How to Hop up Obstacles with the Drop & Roll Tour's Duncan Shaw

Mar 10, 2019
by Duncan Shaw  

After the [L=]bunnyhop “How to”[/L] last week we are now moving on to applying these techniques to get up and over obstacles

How to Hop up obstacles

How to Hop up obstacles


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 I can't make a bike lift like this, therefore trials riders are in league with the devil. QED.
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 He's a witch burn him!
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 What about how to hop up obstacles without Duncan Shaw? Not all of us have one available.
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 They already did that. Nothing to see, just a bench and a clueless bike. You really need Duncan to make this happen. If you don't have one available, go get one right now.
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 Thx. Good video. Could you please make a video of how you would teach sobody untalented and dumb? I think that most people trying to learn this usually do much more errors than you pointed out in the video.
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 I miss Jeff making these parodies:

Like you said, if there's no student, it's not teaching
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 In the grand scheme of bicycle riding, trial's riders are so under rated. These guy imho have Mad Skillz..
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 beginners guide. what have I been doing all of these years? one day I will be beginner status.
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 Man I've been trail riding for 3 years now and I'm not even to that beginner level status!
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 @TylerG96: it’s probably cuz you didn’t start young enough with BMX. Bunny hopping is elementary school stuff.
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 I'm pretty handy with the pinch and roll, is there a tour for this?
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 Definite Trail and Error. More Error on my part. Some great trails orientated vids out there on YTube butr gotta take the bangs to learn the tricks these guys do. Can be done on Mountain Bikes too Wink
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 Hehe, TRIAL and error

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