Video: Riding Morzine's Le Pleney With a Paralyzed Arm

Aug 12, 2020

We're super stoked to have Tom Wheeler stay with us at MTB Beds as he is an amazing inspiration to the sport. Not only is he riding some gnarly trails with one arm, he is also pioneering the development of braces for others with similar conditions enabling more people to enjoy mountain biking.

Here are a few words from Tom himself;

"Like most, I've not been on my mountain bike all that much over the last couple of months in the UK because of lockdown. When I heard MTB Beds was open and taking guests I booked my flights straight away. A very eerie check-in at the airport and I had my first taste of the new rules that required wearing a mask and social distancing. It felt odd, but this soon past and the thought of laps in Morzine very much took over."

"Riding in the French Alps with a paralysed arm is always interesting. The main purpose of the trip was to get plenty of hard riding in on a new hand attachment I've developed. In six runs I can learn more than I would with a months riding back home. So my time in Morzine is massively valuable to me. With breakfast and tea looked after by the MTB Beds team, I had no excuses not to get in plenty of riding!"

"The Pléney lift is my go-to because I can just walk on and off with my bike without any assistance. Lifting a bike on to a chairlift and hooking the front wheel with one hand is doable and I have to say the staff are super helpful but it's nice not to have to worry about it."

Check out Tom's new company - Trinity Creative

Video / Photos - Scott Windsor / MTB Beds


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 Want to make an arm pump joke, but it's poor form. Absolutely fair play, talk about not letting something get in your way!
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 I was at the race when Tom crashed and done the damage. He was a top Expert rider in DH. Glad to see he's still not hanging about!
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 Rides better witha paralyzed arm than i can with a functioning arm
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 Mad respect for the riding (which was sick) and the mental fortitude and resilience to not let something like one working arm stop him from sending. Ride hard bro!
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 I too have paralyzed arms after 1 pleney DHS Haha! Aside from this poorly made joke, Mad respect for your resilience and engineering creativity !
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 So rad to see! Mad respect to Tom not just for his riding and determination but the engineering skills that he’s put into brave is insane. Keep on keeping on brother!
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 Such an inspiration! Huge respect
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 inspiring stuff and the boys at MTB beds are great hosts. highly recommended
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 Awesome guy,pioneer in his on field work and a total gent. Notbroken. Keep rolling T
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 Great job and such inspiring determination to press on regardless of what life throws at you. Liking the bullet proof Geometron/Nicolai G16 also, such a solid bike.
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 Fox needs to sponsor this guy! Killer attitude and riding. Respect.
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 I broke the top off my femur at the start of a big Italian trip, couldn't lift my arm from my side. We did the trip with me sulking and drinking beer because I couldn't ride. We got to finale 2 weeks later and even though it was so painful I wanted to ride. There was so much physio tape on my arm it held itself up at 30 degrees. I had to lift my arm onto the handle bars but once on there I could pull the brake, but the arm didn't support me much so I nearly came off again! Stupid thing to do, but it brought me a bit of happiness on tv's holiday. All I'm trying to say is that I totally get your passion to ride, and your solution is elegant. This is an amazing inspiration to 'broken' riders. Keep shedding bro!
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 Your femur? Dude, that’s in your leg.
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 @alexdarton: good point. I meant humerous! But it wasn't at all
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 @notphaedrus: I’ll bet. Hope it healed up ok mate.
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 @alexdarton: it's been a few years now, so 95% healed.
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 Ingenious set-up. Who's neg propping him? Really?
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 What a guy!!!!
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 What a freaking badass! I'd love to see more content from you, Tom!
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 There's quite a few pieces out there featuring toms riding and talking about his brace.

Tom Wheeler Project part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

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 ???????? Superb. Those tracks are not easy with two working arms never mind 1!
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 true resilience shown, very inspiring
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 Ladder drops made out of old bedroom furniture! Good times Spa! #MalpasKrew!
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 That's badass!!
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  • 2 0
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 Good for you mate, props and trail love!
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 Inspirational well played sir
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 Who ever came up with that idea is a genius
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 mad respect!
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 Mad Props !
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