How To Whip With Kyle Jameson - Video

Oct 25, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

When one of the best in the game tells you how to whip your mountain bike, you're going to get better! Kyle J is on hand to show all the Pinkbike users how to get better at doing whips.

MENTIONS: @pinkbikeproductions / @nickvanberkel


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 "Im Kyle J and I love this shit"
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 pinkbike should just auto-comment that every time kyle j shows up
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 love that vid, first mtb video i ever saw!
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 What's awesome is in that same segment Norbs calls HIMSELF 'Norby' straight out of PG. Then a few years later the commentator for Rampage calls him that and people lost their minds!
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 Top 2 Best MTB segments ever for me.
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 My wife likes to bust out the whip after shes had a half bottle of Jameson
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 ^ keeper
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 Does she have a sister?
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 I feel like I have studied more here than during my entire time within the educational system.
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 that hair is beautiful
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 LOL! I was thinking that... I had mine just as long last year and went corporate (cut). Now I look like the spawn of Fuhrer. Ugh.
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 @microfiz: Why did you dye your hair orange?
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 A bit like mine when it is not dry yet. When it is dry, it is like an explosion Wink . It is funny because my girlfriend doesn't like it flat. When we're going somewhere and it is still wet from the shower, she wants me to go headbanging to loosen it up. She doesn't always like the tunes that go with that though Wink .
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 Kyle makes it sound so easy but whips really are so fucking hard to accomplish. I turn my handlebars thinking Im whipping and then I watch the videos to realize Im only turning my bars heheh
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 lots of people think it's all about turning the bars, but the real meat and potatoes here is carving up the lip and hitting it at a slight angle (he explains in the video...hard to put into words).

If you watch anyone throw fat whips on decent sized jumps, they will always set-up for the whip as they approach the lip...that's the secret.

Easier said than done as with anything, but I hitting a lip straight on and turning your bars will never result in a good looking whip and will require more input from your body to make it happen. Sometimes you have to throw the bike around like this on smaller/natural lips throughout a trail, but on proper jumps that much body movement is dangerous...should be fluid and that's where the setup comes in
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 @nvranka: on a bike that's too big and heavy yes, but you're not less likely to bring it straight by carving the lip, you'll just redirect your travel, especially for a beginner.

For a pro, he didn't give much useful info about person vs bike movement?

I'd always recommend dropping your hips in and keeping your knees closer together as a pivot point. The reason you naturally turn the bars (can go either way) is to give the leverage to dip the front end back in.

There is a lot more to it & various types of whip too, think he really could / should have done a better more in depth job!!!!
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 @cunning-linguist: I'd also add, once you're comfy doing smaller whips, bring you body forward over the TT, makes it way easier to get it out and back in again with less weight over the rear of the bike.
Look at Semenuk, Rheeder, Soderstrom ect, when they are hitting 90, they get so forward they are basically stem shagging.
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 I believe the easiest way to explain and understand the motion of a whip is this. Imagine back to back berms of opposite direction. the movement you make between the two berms is very comparable to the motion of a whip. carving right and then bringing it back left as you pop out of one berm and into the other. Very similar body positioning and movement to a fluid looking whip. I honestly view the "whips" in this video looking closer to a "kick out" than a whip. JMO
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 I really like this explanation, and will borrow it in the future when trying to help my friends have some more steeze than the usual dead sailoring...
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 Almost sounds like a Scandi flick but in the air! As if you were approaching a turn around a tree at speed,you throw it one way and pull it back to straighten up and get around.
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 That awkward moment when a random comment on an instructional video is a better explanation of what's going on than the actual video itself. Cheers.
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 I just think about riding off the lip on my side knobs, stay relaxed and don't jerk the bike. I find once you are sideways the rotational momentum of the wheels naturally wants to bring it back straight. I'm definitely no pro at stuntz, but that's what helped me to figure it out.
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 if you spell it "stuntz", then you don't have to clarify that you aren't a pro haha
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 @adrennan: please! No grammar Nazi's on pinkbike.. Some of us deliberately spell shit wrong just for style pointZ!
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 @bohns1: and you add extra steeze by spelling it whipZ aswel.
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 @Jamesgoulding: Shimano invented Zee sfor yoo guayZ... oy vhoopsie
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 the ting go skrra
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 Best comment for ages!!!!
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 Wait, so I actually have to get the bike airborne first?

I guess count me out.
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 Actually I do think you don't really need to. First start carving turns over a small bump, so make sure you angle the bike more than your body. As you increase speed, you find that your bike wants to get off the ground. Allow the rear to go wherever it wants to but push the front wheel down onto the ground. This obviously means you need to keep steering the front wheel in the right direction (so you can't yet have the front wheel going sideways too or you'll probably just flip over) but you'll definitely find the rear end kicking out. Start small. Then later on you'll find your front wheel getting airborn too. But take small steps first.
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 Once again, another completely worthless how to whip video from a pro who definitely knows how to ride but doesn't know how to instruct.
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 A true stalled moto whip is hard on a bike. Quick jerky kickouts are easy... To nail a long drawn out whip you MUST throw a curve/turn on the jump face to get the tail out, from a neutral stance, with little effort. Once in the air with the rear end swung out with little effort, you have one goal after that, which is to get the rear tire back in. If you have to "push" the rear out, you'll never get it back. Don't focus on getting the tire out. Focus on pulling it back.

You are also going to be traveling a speed basically too fast for the jump, as you are really scrubbing it to complete the true "whip". Any jump under 15' in distance is borderline too short to do a true whip.
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 i like to thing im trying to get my ankles to go 90 degrees out by turning em and everything else goes with it the inside foot gets it out the best when you twist it and your hips after the carve 3 years and only getting the hang of it now
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 Whips are probably harder to explain then to actually do. I always tell people start turning your bars and keep progressing further. There really is no secret or right way to whip, just a lot of practice.
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 Reminds me of this old clip of Ian Morrison
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 Is it really that simple for those guys? I mean I struggle just clearing dirt merchant’s jumps.
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 Or if that's too intense and you want a more mellow tutorial, watch this:
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 That guy is the real life Tweak from South Park.
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 Nohand whip? Hmmmm.. I guess some crazy dude's gonna nail that trick soon.
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 I wan to know say Thomas Vanderham)
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 Thomas Vanderham is doing his tutorial on the Ryan Leech program ( It is in the advanced part of the jump with confidence course.
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 but first jump really looks like whip Smile
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 suicide no hander whip = suicide
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 He forgot to mention, Its all in the hips!
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 Seriously! Was very surprised this wasn't mentioned...Carve up the lip and push those hips out, your bike will be sideways faster than you'll imagine.
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 With that hair he be lookin' like Qui-Gon Jameson
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 Nice work there KJ!
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 Great stuff.....thanks!
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 That was pretty cool!
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 ok got it
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 I love doing whips
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