HUNT Announces 3 New Wheelsets with the Carbon All-Mountain, DH Privateer & Race XC

Jul 16, 2019
by HuntBikeWheels  

PRESS RELEASE: Hunt Mountain

HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact
Responsive, compliant and incredibly strong.

27.5/29" |  28 Wide Int.  |  1810/1878G


£789 / $799 USD / $1049 CAD

The purpose of this wheelset is to have front and rear-specific wheels. The front is optimized for compliance and the back is optimized for strength.

Working with Downhill riders Becci Skelton (Rocky Mountain UK Enduro and DH) and Tom Makin (Steve Peat Syndicate Racing), the H_IMPACTs were ruly put through the ringer. Although not designed for the demands of Downhill, sitting instead between our Trail and Enduro Wide options, we wanted to ensure they were more than tough enough to handle anything an alpine trail can throw at you.

The V1 rims survived months of North Wales finest rocky tracks, until Tom finally cracked them at Ard Rock 2018. Although he’s no lightweight, it highlighted that we needed to try harder. So, Pete and Luisa, with advice from John*, looked closely at competitor's carbon options, then tested a further three ideas in the fiber schedule and material choices. The V4 prototypes which resulted were 21% stronger in our laboratory impact tests for the same weight and dimensions whilst also using compliant low-temperature V:Absorb resin. Tom is still trying to break them, unsuccessfully.

bigquotesI've been using the V2 All-Mountain carbon rims for racing and riding; trail, enduro and even downhill for over a year now with over 3,000 miles logged. I was told by the guys at Hunt to give them a hard time and challenge them as much as possible - I've been doing exactly that and they've stood up to every challenge.

They are lightweight, stiff, responsive and strong and I would have no hesitations in recommending them.
Tom Makin- Steve Peat Syndicate Racing

*Luisa Grappone, Masters Aerospace Engineering, Hunt Engineering Product Manager.
 Peter Marchment, Natural Sciences MSc from Cambridge University, HUNT Co-Founder.
 John Marchment, Chartered Materials Engineer.

Not only did we get the wheels out under riders for real-world testing, but we also lab tested them to ensure they were as tough as possible. We dropped 15KG from increasing height onto a bare rim (no tires/tubes/inserts etc) until they cracked.  We had the benchmark set by a market-leading impact tested carbon Enduro rim in our sights.

Not happy with the V1's, we tested further until satisfied with the results. The V2 was a step in the right direction, but still, it was below our expectations, so V3 was born. A little closer, but not close enough, the team once again examined other rims and worked with engineers to alter the type and orientation of layers, thickness of the bead and resins used.

With the V4 we achieved our goals of a consistently high impact strength wheel, ready to take on the abuse of any mountain. 

Front rim weight 460g (27.5) – Excellent handling and vibration absorption due to the lower material density lay-up, matched to 28 triple-butted spoke count to improve compliance and grip where it’s needed most.

Rear rim weight 530g (27.5)– High impact lay-up with extra material matched to the higher 32 spoke count. Greater impact strength, better stability, and more precise tracking at speed.

We put a huge emphasis on durability for the All-MTN rim - Unidirectional T24/30 with 3K weave reinforced spoke holes, Extra thick sidewalls for impact protection and V:Asborb resin to reduce vibration. 

V:Absorb resin blends in the carbon layering which cures at a lower temperature. Lower temperature resins are less brittle meaning they have greater resistance to impacts and dampen vibration more effectively.

The hubs on the All-Mountain wheels have been chosen to increase stiffness, bearing durability and overall strength of your wheelset.

On the rear, the RapidEngage MTB hubs with a superfast 3° engagement, means you'll be able to put the power down straight out of the corners.

Often overlooked, spokes play a key role so we use cold drawn J-Bend Pillar spokes, made from Sandvik T302 Stainless Steel. Triple butted 2.0-1.6-2.0, then 2.2 at the head for patented Pillar Spoke Re-Enforcement (PSR).

HUNT Downhill Privateer Wheelset
Fit and forget performance for those who have bigger things to focus on.

27.5/29" |  26 Wide Int.  |  2136/2220G 

£359 / $429 USD / $569 CAD

The purpose of his wheelset is to be a no-nonsense, super-tough DH wheelset.

This is the wheelset for those who sacrifice home comforts to chase the clock. When living and wrenching from a van, eating noodles and stretching budgets, the last thing you need to worry about is your wheels. 

Whilst testing them at national and international level racing, the DH Privateers have already taken podiums under UK's Becci Skelton and Whistler-based Kiwi Sophie Tyas. They were Becci's wheel of choice when going toe to toe with the notoriously tough Fort William downhill track, meanwhile, Sophie has been punishing them with BC Cups and daily park laps.

Surviving everything the pair could throw at them, the super tough 6069-T6 aluminum and thick sidewalls help ward off nasty rock strikes whilst the 32/36 spoke count spread the load from impacts or the occasional knuckling of a jump. 

bigquotesThe wheels are holding up amazingly, I did hit a few rocks at high speed but they are still in mint condition. I have been riding them most days since the park opened, I even took them in to get trued as I thought I landed pretty sideways on them, but they didn't need anything done!

Extremely sturdy and am very impressed.
Sophie Tyas- HUNT Athlete

Smashing Whistler park laps with Sophie.

Taking the next step from our Enduro Wides by using the same 6069-T6 (+69% tensile strength vs 6061-T6) but with thicker sidewalls and more material, the Privateer's are ready for a fight. 

A 26mm internal rim helps to keep stiffness up and weight down while remaining compatible with the wide range of tires in your shed.

Using super quick RapidEngage hubs with 3° engagement will let riders get more power down between features, no matter how short the gap. The 6 double teeth pawls (2 sets, 3 pawls engaging at a time) means 6 pawl teeth remain engaged when driving for added durability.

Once again using Triple butted J-Bend Pillar spokes, made from Sandvik T302 Stainless Steel, but for extra strength, we've gone to 1.8 mm central butting spokes instead of 1.6 (2.0-1.8-2.0, then 2.2 at the head for patented Pillar Spoke Re-Enforcement).

Becci providing some all-weather testing during a run down Fort William

The details matter on HUNT wheels- the DH Privateer is no exception. No proprietary parts keeps servicing simple.

Using brass nipples for when durability matters most and weight is a secondary concern. Let's face it nobody's climbing hills on these! Although built tough, all wheels need a bit of love and brass will hold up better during a season of pre-race fettling. 

HUNT's Graphic Designer Dom Knight sending the Downhill Privateers across the infamous Pemberton Train Gap.

HUNT Race XC Wide
Built for the demands of modern technical cross country racing.

29" |  24 Wide Int.  |  1517G

£399 / $469 USD / $619 CAD

The purpose of these wheels is to build on everything we learned with the XC Wide. The race version takes things even further. Saving 150g while not sacrificing any strength, this is the perfect choice for when you're attacking both the ups and downs at race pace.

With 24mm internal 6069-T6 alloy (+69% tensile strength vs 6061-T6) rims, they are no flexy featherweights - built to handle the demands of today’s fast and technical World Cup XC racecourses or be fitted to the new breed of long-legged “downcountry” bikes.

With 5° RapidEngage Hubs and excellent torsional strength from Pillar's PSR Straight Pull Spokes, they'll make every pedal stroke count when it's needed most.

The Race XC Wide rim strikes the perfect balance between durability and performance making sure every ride is better than the last. The 6069-T6 alloy (welded) rim features a 24mm internal width to provide support during hard cornering or when throttling through techy sections. Optimized for 2.1"-2.35" tyres.

It may be light but the Race XC Wide won't hold you back.

Durability is a theme for HUNT as we believe time and money you spend fixing is time and money you cannot spend riding or upgrading your bikes.

As a result, we've developed the H_CERAMIK freehub coating to provide excellent durability and protect against cassette sprocket damage often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.

You can check out more photos and full specs at our website here.

And for everything from the occasional dog photo to riding shots and race results, follow us on instagram


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 Pinkbike Bros: "MTB industry is gouging us of our hard earned dollars! Someone needs to do something about it!!"

Also Pinkbike Bros: "These cheap, direct to consumer wheels are a crock of shit. No way I would run them. Reserve only for me."
  • 15 4
 For some reason, this is the first thing that comes to my mind after browsing the website.
  • 7 0
 The father of the guy who is "Hunt Wheels" actually taught me Materials Sciences at tech college. I get where you are coming from, but I feel very sure that they are more than just a firm who puts stickers on some off the shelf rims.
  • 2 1
 After looking at their website, I think the marketing jargon in the youtube video makes more sense
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 HAHAHA TheDarkInstall strikes again.
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 @chadgmail: they definitely do just put stickers on off the shelf rims how do you think they are so cheap .
  • 8 1
 Understandable comment, but if you look into the company you'll see that this isn't some out of nowhere company.
They have been building excellent quality road wheel sets with reviews by most of the major cycling journals/sites.
Their stuff is produced in Taiwan (other than We Are One, who isn't?) but comes in light, strong and cheap.
So yes, there is tons of little startups selling nothing more than re-badged Chinese rims, Hunt are not one of those. I don't yet own a set of their wheels, but I'm looking forward to getting both a road and mountain wheel set from them in the near future.
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 Yep. looks like hubsmith hubs.
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 @ratedgg13: actually they do, do that. However they seem to stand behind them and try to put together the best value they can. I have their road wheels. They are kinlin rims on novatec hubs. low cost and light which is what I wanted. I wasnt expecting ENVE
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 @blakedotis: Read what I wrote.
I'm not denying that they are produced out of Asia etc., but this is not a bunch of guys putting together wheelsets with no knowledge or design input into the process unlike your average recent carbon wheel company. They didn't just pop out of nowhere in the last year or two - and they don't just sell prepackaged sets only changing the label on the box.
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 Train Gap pic is blowing my mind
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 These wheels look great! If I purchased Spank rims , a quality hub set and double butted spokes my cost would be significantly greater than these Privateer wheels.
Maybe if you listed the Carbon wheel set at 3000$ you would have got many more comments.
Sandvick is a multi billion dollar metal manafacturing company. I would have no problem trusting spokes made by them.
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 A mate has Hunt wheels on his mtb, he smacks the scrap out of them, he's a real 'plougher' , they've stood up really well where he's thrashed other hoops. You never know wha't the luck of the draw, but I've been impressed with how they've handled his abuse.
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 I’ve been riding their Enduro Wide rims for about half a year now and I couldn’t be more impressed. Strong and stiff with great engagement. Would recomend them to anyone who wants a no-bullshit wheel for a good price. I’m sure that the carbon ones are equally good.
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 I'm curious to know why the All mountain wheelset has a wider internal width than the DH wheelset? and why choose 26 internal width for a DH?
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 "I've been using the V2 All-Mountain carbon rims for racing and riding; trail, enduro and even downhill for over a year now with over 3,000 miles logged"
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 Whups lol
  • 1 2
 @ctd07: I didn't ride enough this year and I already have a lot more than him... lol
  • 2 0
 He probably doesn't use Strava for every ride.
  • 1 0
 @skycripp: Probably not for DH but I hope so with such a statement! lol
  • 1 0
 @skycripp: Then where is he logging the miles then? - perhaps he has a little cateye cycle computer and a magnet on his wheel Smile
  • 3 0
 @jellybike: Most of the pros that I know and ride with keep their Strava strictly on private mode. Otherwise as soon as they have a slow lap, they have a whole bunch of dudes clowning after them teasing them for being slow.
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 @HuntBikeWheels Prices quotes are per wheel or per pair please?
  • 8 0
 They will be per pair!
  • 5 0
 Hey @Blackers thanks for the question. The prices shown are for a pair and includes worldwide postage.
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 These look v promising. Please review!
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 You need a carbon XC wheelset, otherwise you're not really interesting choice for the XC racers. Also 24 mm is a bit narrow nowadays. Probably.
  • 10 3
 24mm is fine for 2.25s and XC tire offerings.
  • 4 2
 @sherbet: It might be fine, but more would be fine as well, would be little heavier, but would give you more volume and lower psi. Look at Schurter who runs 30 mm rims and 2.35 tires.
  • 3 1
 @TheJD: I think you may be confusing internal width and external width? These Hunt wheels have an internal width of 24mm. The DT Swiss XMC 1200 that I saw on Nino's bike are 30mm external but 24mm internal. So same width as the Hunts.
  • 1 0
 @jellybike: No I am not. The XMC wheelset Shurter rode in the recent races is 30 mm internal width. I also heard that DT Swiss have new 30 mm internal width XRC wheelset, that Schurter and Courtney are already riding.
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 @TheJD: link to some proof?
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 I've been all over. Hunting for deals.. All alone with no real support from others.. Those Privateer wheels look like a great deal.
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 @scottyrides5 I'm looking for a friend of mine, who's suppose to be there! What's his name? Mike Hunt! Has anybody seen Mike Hunt!
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 Something tells me there would be a LOT more comments here had this press release not occurred the same day as a new Yeti release...nice looking wheels.
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 I bought the hunt trail wides and have been loving them so far.
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 rim only option?
  • 1 0
 They have a lot more options on their website
  • 1 0
 Hey @splsce we offer rim only option on all of our alloy wheels. They're not quite on the website yet, will be soon, please do get in touch with if you'd like to discuss this further-
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 I have the Enduro Wides and i think they're pretty rugged. Decent engagement and sound.
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 Damn. Cheap and nice?? Sweet.
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