Hunt Mountain launches E Specific Wheelset

Apr 8, 2020
by HuntBikeWheels  

Press Release: Hunt Wheels

- Wider, stronger, more durable. Built for the unique demands of E-MTBs

- 7.5/29/Mullet | 37 Wide Int. | 2531/2621g

More powerful and able to carry greater momentum, E-bikes place a huge amount of strain on wheels. Our E_Enduro wheelset has been developed from the ground up to handle these unique demands. Featuring a 37mm wide 6069-T6 rim, laced with thick triple-butted spokes to oversized E-Specific hubs; the E_Enduro is up for anything you can throw at it, making them an ideal upgrade over your standard original equipment set.

Developed closely with elite-level racer Oli McKenna, the E_Enduro wheels have been tested to the same rigorous standards as our downhill rated wheels. The rim sidewall tapers to be 25% thicker and with up to 41% more material in the rim bed compared to our Enduro Wide, they're ready for whatever the trail springs at you.

Gone are the days of E-bikes just for commuting, modern E-MTB's can take on the steep & loose just like their 'acoustic' siblings. Whether you use it as a training tool, to fit more runs in between daily duties, or you simply don't like climbing - E-bikes are a great way to get in more vertical.

Impact Resistance Testing

We recognised that the UCI impact tests, although key for ensuring safety standards, are not fully representable for assessing the real-world impact performance of rims, which is of real benefit for riders when choosing a product. We therefore developed our own in-house Testing Equipment and Protocol to do just that.

When it comes to MTB impacts, these aren’t square on or spread over the rim equally. Instead in the real world more often it is rock strikes where the forces are transferred through a single side. To replicate this, the wheel is clamped at an angle and a round-edged impactor (during development we tested a number of shapes to determine the most suitable) is dropped onto a single side of the rim.

The protocol for the test results described here, ensures capture of the rim profile performance only, by controlling variables such as tyre, pressures, hub and spokes used. The graph reflects two results for each rim, firstly the impact energy at which the first equivalent sign of an impact is seen in the form of a visual ding, and the second being the energy at which an equivalently comparable ding which would likely require mechanical attention.

B]Tech Specs

Rims | 6069 T6 (490 MPa, + 69% Ultimate Tensile Strength over 6061-T6) welded construction, 37mm wide (internal), work-hardened shot-peened finish. Internal tubeless profile designed in conjunction with engineers at leading MTB tyres brands for the best tubeless seal.

Spokes | 32F/36R Spoke Count, Thicker Triple Butted (2.3-1.8-2.0) PSR reinforced Pillar Spokes compared to the normal (2.2-1.6-2.0)

Hubs | Large body E_MTB specific hubs with heatsinks for heat dissipation. 6x1 Pawls for increased resistance to the extra torque generated. Boost (110/148 ) spacing hubs. Large double sealed cartridge bearings. Rock Shox Torque Caps available

Axles | Extra thick 17mm 7075-T6 axles for increased strength and stiffness. Reducing flex in the hub also helps to increase bearing life.

Tyres | Optimised for the larger 2.5"-2.8" tyres usually specced and suited to E-bikes, but also work very well with 2.3"-3.0". Fit Plus size, regular or anything in-between.

Included | Tubeless tape, valves & spokes.

Weights | 2531/2621g 27.5"/29"


Rims | The E_Enduro Wide rim includes details that are high on the durability factor to make sure you finish every ride or stage. The 6069-T6 (490 MPa, + 69% Ultimate Tensile Strength over 6061-T6) welded rim sticks with the wider-is-better mantra with an internal 37mm (internal) width. The E_Enduro Wide rim provides support to the tyre during hard cornering or hucking off that step-down you've been eyeing up for a few months!

Spokes | Top of the line, triple-butted Pillar Spokes made from Swedish Sandvik Stainless steel. Increased reinforcement at the spoke head, just before the J-Bend to prevent failure in this stress area. 

Not only are these spokes lightweight, they are also able to provide a greater degree of elasticity when put under increased stress.

Freehub | Developed specifically for the high stress demands motors place on freehubs; 10 degrees of engagement is delivered by a 6x1 pawl set up for increased resistance from the extra torque.

XD, Shimano HG & Microspline fitments available. With longevity and easy maintenance high on the priorities list, tough Chromoly is used on HG freehubs to resist any damage caused by the cassette digging in.

Hubs | Heatsinks built into the 6-bolt rotor mount helps to dissipate heat away from the hub and brake system.

Oversized 17mm 7075-T6 series alloy axle increases stiffness and strength. With over 20kg's of bike + rider coming down to land, flex is the last thing you want on your mind. 

£429 / €496 / $539 USD

Available April Wk 3

To find out more about the E_Enduro Wheelset or any of the Hunt Mountain range click here

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