Hunt Release New Trail and Enduro Wheelsets - Pond Beaver 2021

Apr 14, 2021
by Henry Quinney  

Hunt, the direct to consumer wheel brand, is releasing updated versions of their alloy Trail and Enduro Wide wheelsets. The wheels have undergone a complete overhaul with new rims, hubs and spoke configurations.

Initially, Hunt focused on the development of the Enduro Wide rim. They wanted to explore the potential benefit of running a slightly narrower rear rim, which could help the rider benefit from an improved tire profile. They also saw this as an opportunity, as the reduced material needed to make a narrow rim meant they could further strengthen the rim for the same overall weight. All in all, they wanted to improve the strength-to-weight ratio of the rim by optimising the profile.

When beginning to develop the rim, they set out two key criteria when benchmarking the damage resistance of the rim: first damage energy, consider this to be a strike to the rim that would deform or dent it, and failure damage energy, which is the amount of impact energy resulting in rim failure.

The rim profile changes, when combined with new hubs and spoke configurations, mean that Hunt can keep similar overall weights but increase the impact resistance of their wheels.

Hunt feel that while the UCI impact tests are good for ensuring safe wheels they fail to fully represent real world demands. For instance, if you've ever dinged a rim, you probably noticed that one side will often be damaged more than the other. To replicate this, Hunt mounted the wheel at an angle in their jig to benchmark wheels in a more realistic manner and hopefully better replicated the endless rocks, roots or any number of other things you might come across when you ride your bike. After experimenting with different shapes, they found a round-edged impactor to be the most suitable.

Hunt present data to show the results of their lab testing, and how their new models compare to the outgoing version as well as other popular choices. During testing, they would control variables such as the choice of tire, pressure, hub, and spokes.

Here you can see the resistance to the impacts, as well as weights. The grey reading shows at which point the rim would likely render a rim unrideable.

Hunt included a caveat for their tests that "as impact energy levels increased, the damage was not isolated to rim dings but also compromised the integrity of the wheel with spoke de-tensioning and loss of trueness. For all wheels reaching 160J, the damage to the overall wheel system was severe enough that as riders and engineers, our experience told us that these wheels would require mechanical attention beyond that of a ‘normal’ trailside repair."

The new EW V2 (right) profile reduces the stresses transferred from the hook, to the tire-bed and rim sidewall, which means under the same load/impact the rim experiences less deformation (dinging).

Created from the concept that focuses on using a reduced 31mm internal width and an internal I-beam structure, The Enduro Wide V2 is Hunt's all-out hardest-hitting wheelset. Designed with the Enduro World Series riding in mind.

The wheels use extra thick 17mm 7075-T6 hub axles to increased both strength and stiffness. This also carries the benefit of increasing bearing life.
Enduro Wide V2
• Weight: 27.5" - 2041g / 29" - 2105g
• Internal Width: 33mm front / 31mm rear
• Spokes: 28 front / 32 rear
• Price: £399 / €509 / $549 USD
Product Page
The bearings themselves are double sealed cartridge bearings and the hubs are Rock Shox Torque caps compatible. The rear hub uses a 5 degree RapidEngage rear hub and is available in Boost and SuperBoost (157mm) spacing.

The wheels are optimised for 2.35" - 2.6" tubeless tires, but show also work well with 2.25" - 2.8".

The Trail Wide shares many similar characteristics as its enduro counterpart but is several hundred grams lighter. The rims use uniform width and spoke count front and rear. They also move away from the 17mm axles you'll find in the hubs of the Enduro Wide wheels, but they still benefit from the same 5 degree RapidEngage freehub. They're available in both Boost and Superboost and have a recommended tire width of 2.3" - 2.5".
Trail Wide V2
• Weight: 27.5" - 1761g / 29" - 1831g
• Internal Width: 30mm front & rear
• Spokes: 28 front & rear
• Price: £369 / €469 / $509 USD
Product Page

Hunt applied some of the same design tweaks that were a result of their testing to optimise material distribution to increase the strength-to-weight of the rim. It looks very similar to its predecessor yet, Hunt claim it provides a 20% improvement in impact resistance.

Both sets of new wheels also use triple-butted spokes and are available with your choice of freehub. They come with tubeless tape and valves and will be available from the first week of May.

Pond Beaver 2021


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 What I learn from this article is, that you should buy DT rims.
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 Fortus is the king it comes with a cost
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flag jaame (Apr 14, 2021 at 7:36) (Below Threshold)
 @Noeserd: Spank would have murdered all of these rims, and at a lower cost.
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 Was curious to that myself. Not sure that graph is helping. Maybe Im missing something.
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 @Noeserd: Weird cause the old Hope rims were said to be made of cheese.
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 @jaame: dunno my spank rims seem to like flat spotting
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 @4thflowkage: Hope 30 is DH specific rim. Take a look at the weight
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 @4thflowkage: old ones were indeed, fortus 30 has inner side wall supports
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 XM481 is really the sweet spot
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flag justwaki (Apr 14, 2021 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 I bought a Hope wheel on Fortus 35 that was used for a year by a tall but slim guy in my local area. He never rode park with it. Plenty of rocks here but little speed. That rim looked like what I saw in WC DH pits in Hafjell long tim ago... only there I saw so many dents. I bought the wheel for the pro 4 hub. No damn way I would ever recommend Hope rim to anybody. Heavy and cheesy. Maybe their other narrower rims hold up better. Let's give them benefit of doubt, DT Swiss - so good it's boring.
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 @justwaki: fortus 35 is renamed old 35w, thats why its made out of cheese
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 @Noeserd: Fortus 30 at 675g comes just under the weight of EX511+cushcore. At this weight it could be made of cheese and it would still hold up quite well. No medals for that Smile But its not my bike I don’t care
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 try newmen. best rims, quite light. someday i will get a pair of carbon rims from them, but the al are quite light
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 @jaame: i doubt the spank would murder an ex511, hx531, or an FR560
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flag justwaki (Apr 14, 2021 at 11:30) (Below Threshold)
 @englertracing: isn’t FR560 made of cheese? A buddy of mine wasted 2 and said EX471 holds way better. He messed up 471 after 2 years, then killed 2 560s in half of a year, now rocks 471 happily again
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 @englertracing: I had a set of Spoon 32's and used them for street MTB I'm not a small guy buy any means and took a 6ft drop not knowing my spokes were loose my rim did not flat spot, taco, crumple etc. Gave it a once over noticed my spokes were loose took it to the shop got them tightened the rim was perfect. I have destroyed countless dt swiss rims over the years and a stans flow rim. My money is on spank.
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 @justwaki: same material, the fr560 has way more material, you can look at the cross section diagrams on dt swiss site.
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 @beerbellymike: Spoon 32 is tough but it's heavy. Their lightweight rims like Spike 33 are on par with DT Swiss as far as I know. One question though: do you run cushcore on them? I wonder how is it with installation of it since their funky center thing looks like it make sit harder. Any experience? I'd buy Spank just to stop with DT Swiss - it's just boring at this moment.
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 @justwaki: No cush core just tubes mate. I've never had a spank rim fail me yet. Been using them exclusively on my builds now for 6 years. I wont go to any other brand for rims.
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 @4thflowkage: lol. I think we all get lemon rim at some point... Its a rite of passage as a mountain biker.

I think the best you can hope for is a well made and tested wheel with a good warranty policy. I had some DT e1900 that came stock on my current bike and man, the rear one may as well have been cheese! But everyone else seems to be happy with the strength of that rim. Funnily enough I just replaced them with some HUNT carbon AMs.
On the other hand I had Spank Spikes on my last bike and despite my best efforts couldn't dent or damage those things no matter how many cased landings or other rider error BS I put them through - but plenty of people in this thread seem to have had the opposite experience with the spanks.
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 Rim performance and weight appear almost equal to DT at slightly over half the MSRP of DT's rims in my market.
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 @jaame: lol. you cant even give them away in Whistler theyre so bad
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 @PeterT: why are you trying to give them away? Wouldn’t they be better used?
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 @beerbellymike: the impact would have stretched the spokes slightly and that’s why they felt lose. If they were already lose before you landed the drop any alloy rim would fold at that hight.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Well they were loose before the impact I can tell you that as it was a fresh wheel build. Was about a month after they were built I did that. I was able to wiggle them and it still did not fold.
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 @beerbellymike: I’ve had great experience with Spank rims. I’ve had one DT 560 that was also hard and tough. Not had good experience with Stan’s or Easton. Very soft in comparison, easy to flat spot.
I think the alloys used by DT and Spank are really hard.
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 @jaame: I don't know what to think of this material thing anymore - WTB KOM rims were soft at weights similar to current Spanks, they were getting smashed all over the place. Older Mavic rims that I had, 721 and 729 were made from supposedly brilliant Maxtal, had fat bead walls and while they may have stayed quite true, they were denting like hell. All I know is that Spank and DT are doing something right.
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 @justwaki: No rims made from 6061 are very resistant to dents. Some rims made from stronger alloys are resistant to dents.
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 @R-M-R: yeah but WTB claimed their first Frequency rims were made of 7005 or some WT69 bladi bla with a vertical support in the middle, if I remember right. They were not strong. I understand what you are saying. My next rims will be DT, Spank or Newmen anyways
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 @justwaki: The central I-beam web does nothing for bead lip denting. For a given weight, it diverts material from the areas that resist bead lip denting. There's a reason that design isn't common.
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 @justwaki: are you talking about the old KOMs or the latest version? I had the older version and they dented so easily it’s actually ridiculous. I also have the wtb asymmetrical rims and they’ve been the best rims I’ve ever owned. Absolutely solid, I’ve never seen a rim take a beating like it.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Odd. I ran WTB ASYM i29's a few years ago for a trip to Newfoundland. After a week of riding with very sensible pressures, they were toast.

We've been building a good number of Tairin rims and these seem to stand up quite well. Definitely worth a look.
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 @privateer-wheels: I’m on 35mm internal version. I usually kill rear wheels pretty fast like within 6 months but I’ve just hit three years with these. No flat spots wheels still straight. Obviously I’ve had to straighten it and smooth out dents replace a few spokes but I’m really happy with how long they’ve lasted, they came on my bike. I wouldn’t have bought them otherwise but would definitely buy them again.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Perhaps just some bad luck on my end on that one set. I didn't bother to replace with like for like to find out.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Good to hear that they work at least for some people. I've seen a few toasted asymetric wide WTBs. Can't tell you which model since I never bothered to check. In workshops and on trails. WTB lost me on Frequency rim which started getting out of true rather quickly, well as some mid range XC rims. Can't even remember which. They claimed they weighed 550g for 29" but in reality weighed 610g and were total, utter cheese just like their lowest STi models. I am not sure if there is any softer rim than WTB STi. Mavic A119 hold better... They did offer me replacement though after I contacted their sales dept., so at least customer service seems to work. Never bothered to return them though... trued them and sold them.
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 Bravo Hunt for publishing actual numbers against real competitors and not just hand picking ones to make them look like the second coming. Next time I blow up a rim will be looking at them
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 Newmen conspicuously (conveniently?) absent here
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 @tcmtnbikr: think they just picked the industry leaders/most common choices in the uk.
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 @tcmtnbikr: Exactly, everybody who is really into this thing knows they are the rims to beat at the moment, and I would bet they would at least match Hope strength while being lighter than DT.
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 @tcmtnbikr: small German company that doesn't even have a dealer in the states and are far from a well known competitor. Yeah no wonder they aren't here Rolleyes
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flag Mondbiker (Apr 14, 2021 at 9:51) (Below Threshold)
 @NorCalNomad: Hunt wheels aren´t in the states so I don t know how that matters? Newmen wheels are very well known for their quality in europe.
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flag Mondbiker (Apr 14, 2021 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 @NorCalNomad: Jesus H christ, Hunt is not US based company nor were they testing in the US, that s what I was saying.
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 @NorCalNomad: @Mondbiker You're both right. Have to jump through hoops and order from Germany to get here in the states but very worth it. On my E I was going through DT E specific rims like they were made of cheese. Bit the bullet to get comparably priced Newmen and wow - no more sidewall dings.
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 So they’ve started using aluminum for the rims on the V2 compared to the blend of mozzarella and cheddar used for the V1 rims
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 @theoskar57: curious myself. They don't mention 6061 vs 6069 vs etc.

What are they made of?
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 6069 T6 per the product page. Good alloy. A miss on a key bit of information the should have posted in the article/tech brief here.
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 So about the same as the 511, but heavier and more expensive?
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flag Ryan2949 (Apr 14, 2021 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 Are you sure about that? Their old V2 was identical. The V1 is better. Look at the chart again.
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 @Ryan2949: whaaaaaaaa?
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 @Ryan2949: lol u drunk
  • 13 1
 @GZMS: Apparently I was, I just came back to look at the chart again myself and realized I read it backwards (higher bar is better), woops...
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 "After experimenting with different shapes, they found a round-edged impactor to be the most suitable."

Most suitable for what? You were just talking about one-sided impact on various trail features, so is that shape the most suitable for replicating one-side impacts on square edged rocks, for example? Or just most suitable for getting their wheels to pass their own test?
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 this might be a ridiculous point but when reviewing parts maybe the post should include what they are made from.... are they carbon or aluminium? What are the spokes made of?
Ya I think its plain to see in the cross cut but the direct pics make the outer appear to be carbon with the spider like weave.
I did not see anything in this article that said anything about material and what type and make up.
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 Hi Madmon, I think that's a very valid point. I've amended the article to reflect that and you're correct, I shouldn't have taken that as a given. Thanks.
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 @henryquinney: Respect ...... Just for the gloms at least. I wished we could get a carbon wheel set for 600 then I would switch on one bike only I adore aluminium frames and hoops.
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 I bought I pair of Trail Wide 29 wheels for my hardtail earlier this year and was super-impressed from the first ride. Now I’m 1,000Km in on them even more impressed. They spin up really fast and seem to have a super-engaging ride quality.

I’m really not sure how you’d get a better wheelset for anywhere near this money. Kinda has me questioning the 2K I dropped on the carbon wheels for my enduro bike.

Oh, and Hunt were great to deal with and regularly kept me up to date with the progress of my order. I can’t find anything not to like!
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 similar experience, I was really dubious when I had these on my build, now nearly a year on I love em, one tiny ding but they've been pretty flawless throughout. I'd buy em again for sure
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 Decent price, props to Hunt for making a slightly heavy but burly wheel set. If their hub drivers hold up better than the usual 3 pawl flimsiness (looking at you 370 hubs) these could be an awesome wheel set for hard use on rocky terrain.
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 The hub hasn't changed, it's a cheap novatec, I don't think I need to say more...
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 @theoskar57: cheap novatec is still better than cheap DT lol.
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 @Mondbiker: apart from those that Nukeproof uses as Horizon, their pawls explode one after another again and again. At the same tome I personally used Superstar hubs (novatec too) with big success. I’d argue that DT350 are not worth the money either. I buy them only to then watch classifieds for 36t or 54t ratchet and end up a bit cheaper total than 240. I don’t even know why I don’t buy 240s straight away
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flag Mondbiker (Apr 14, 2021 at 10:24) (Below Threshold)
 @justwaki:" I’d argue that DT350 are not worth the money either. " Absolutely right, anyone who thinks 18t ratchet is appropriate for anything these days is f*cked in the head. Not to mention not being able to remove all bearing without buying special tool to remove ratchet ring.
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 @Mondbiker: Onyx one day... one day...
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 @justwaki: they are so so good =)
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 @justwaki: as much as I would like to try silent hub, not at that weight penalty, erase hubs seem to do everything I want from them and for very fair price.
  • 2 1
 @Mondbiker: Erase are great too. I rode a set for part of 2020. Stellar value, and a great direct competitor for DT Swiss.

Onyx are something totally different. They won't appeal to people hung up on weight. Vespers are are sensible, in line with Chris King. While the classics are a little weightier. Some people will never get over that, which is a shame IMHO.

It is worth noting that you really aren't penalized as much for weight at the center of the wheel, on the acceleration and feel of the wheel. People will make the argument about the increase in unsprung weight, but I don't think it's as noticeable as some people make it out to be.
  • 4 3
 @privateer-wheels: Yeah I know there wouldn t be noticeable difference in terms of acceleration but when I work so much to make suspension work as well as possible, the unsprung mass argument is hard to ignore. If they were some kind of free coasting hubs that would completely disconect the suspension from drivetrain forces, then I would deffo be more interested Smile But just that they are silent and roll a bit better isn´t enough at the moment.
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 @Mondbiker: I imagined by now you'd get that fancy chainring spider like Paul Aston has...
  • 1 3
 @justwaki: nah I´m not believer lol.
  • 1 2
 @Mondbiker: since we last spoke I almost bought a G1...
  • 1 3
 @justwaki: The good thing is you still can, something that cannot be said about many bikes these days lol.
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 @Mondbiker: you and justwaki don't know s... about hubs. Or what people need..popboys
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 @Mondbiker: funny how my 18 ratchet has been bombproof for 18 months. Oh the shame of having a lower engagement spec than you deem worthy...
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 @lenniDK: Thankfully we have you to tell us what´s what.
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 Price is actually ok. Guess I have to read the article now...
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 "a slightly narrower rear rim, which could help the rider benefit from an improved tire profile"

How so? Everyone has been talking about how wider rims make for better tire profiles for a while now... How is narrower suddenly better?

I, for one, do not want rounder profile on the back, I run tires with basically the same side knobs front & rear on purpose. I want those rear side knobs biting just as hard as the fronts, without having to lean it all the way over on medium turns.
  • 8 0
 Yeah, it's a good point. It really depends on what tyre it's mated to and the desired profile. I hope I was clear when I qualified that with a "could". Horses for courses, more than one way to skin a cat etc. etc.
  • 2 1
 @henryquinney: Still wondering what the benefit "could" be... Why does one want a narrower rim, and why in the back only?
  • 9 0
 @justinfoil: The benefit could be, with the right tyre profile, a better transition between the centre and edge knobs or more support when the bike was lent off the y-axis, so to speak. Of course, both tyre and rim need to work in conjuction with one another. When you have something quite narrow, which at 31mm is far from the reaches of the Hunt, it can mean you're more likely to burp or experience a degree of instability in the tyre. Too wide and, as you can imagine, as the bead begins to approach the same width as the tread it will not only has the potential to be squarer in shape but also flatter at the top. This might not be what you're after for a rear tyre as the rear tends to lean more than the front, hence the non uniform rim width. If we imagine if it was PERFECTLY square then whilst the edges might get very good traction it would probably be something of a leap of faith getting the bike leant that far. That's another benefit to having the rounder profile a slightly narrower (but still relatively wide) rim can afford. As important as 2mm is, I would imagine having a correctly sized tyre will play a far larger role, personally. I suppose Hunt are working on the assumption that you do and trying to maximise the package, so to speak.

To be honest, the geometry of our bikes and alot of design considerations all become very complicated once we take our bikes outside of a 2D geometry chart and into a 3D space. So I've tried to keep it quite brief but there are probably a myriad of other factors, too.

So, it could be better, and in the realms Hunt are playing within I would imagine there is a strong case for it. However, I think there are many merits to wider rims also.
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 I think wider rims provide better feel and stability, especially for 1ply tires, but in my experience and what I see in workshops , they easier to damage. It’s a compromise like anything else and ay least IMHO 30mm internal is a tipping point of diminishing returns for gravity riding. I wouldn’t mind carbon rims with 35mm inner forXC riding
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 Most people I know run a narrower rear tyre, so I think this is a good idea. Just might have been better as about 28mm rear.
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flag justinfoil (Apr 14, 2021 at 13:27) (Below Threshold)
 @henryquinney: " as the rear tends to lean more than the front" What? You got a ball joint for a headset? The rear might get loaded more in a leaning condition, but it's not leaning _more_...

Still doesn't explain why a narrower rear rim helps, unless the user is dead set on using the same tires, or least tires with the same side knobs, front and rear, and also likes less edging on the rear.

As you said, "with the right tyre profile", but with a different "right tyre profile", maybe wider in back is better. Just saying "narrower rim could be better" is kinda pointless, since the opposite is also true.
  • 23 0
 @justinfoil: To be honest, I thought you just wanted some information and I was just trying to respond to somebody who seemed to have a genuine interest, so I gave some reasons as to why it "could". Not really into the arguing on the internet vibe and I'm checking myself out of this one. Cheers.
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 I just bought mine in August of last year. Rode for like a month before winter hit. Now, they're totally overhauled. I like to think my purchase is what fueled this- it always happens, haha! I've liked mine so far, by the way. Even though they're no longer the current model.
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 Would be interesting to see carbon impact resistance graphed next to alloy. Would not be surprised if ride ending damage is twice the magnitude
  • 8 0
 Hey @CFR94 ,
Thanks for commenting. That's a really intriguing idea and is something we've already been working on. The data is leading to some cool future projects, though they're a little ways off yet.
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 That would be interesting. Pretty expensive to test thoroughly tho!
  • 1 2
With the way I ride at least, the forces I put through my carbon hoops is below their ultimate breaking strength which is nice, they have lasted me over a year of hard riding.

Alloy rims on the other hand would receive "ride ending damage" every 4 months or so and "first impacts on the first ride haha.
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 My lad is an enduro racer and agressivly rides some very rocky terrain in and around North Wales. First thing he did on his lastest bike purchase was take off the £1000 carbon wheels that came with the high spec bike and put on his trusted Hunt enduro wheels He love the way the feel of the wheels and how quick they engage and trusts them to get down the mountain in one piece. Pretty sure he will try and upgrade to the V2 for this seasons EWS races. The Enduro Wide's have been top wheels.
  • 2 0
 I’ve used the previous version of the enduro wide wheels and loved them. I landed a drop at BPW badly on a rock that made a hell of a sound and was expecting it to be folded on looking but it did not even flinch. They are great wheels and excellent value for money.
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 What a reasonably priced and competitive novel!!
  • 4 0
 Dang- why did they drop the 36 spoke rear wheels? One of the reasons I bought V1's...
  • 17 2
 The 90’s called and asked for them back.
  • 2 0
 I guess because these tested stronger??? Bummer the weight isn't much different despite shedding 8 spokes from the originals. Remy Metailler rides E thirteen 28H f/r and sends it bigger than most. Given he isn't a clydesdale
  • 2 0
 I think it will allow them to sell way more rims, since there are very few 36h hubs out there going back to the 32h will let more people pair v2 rims to any hub. I love the stiffness of my 36h EnduroWides
  • 3 0
 @DubC: haha agree 26" wheels with 36 spokes are stupid- but 29" wheels can use the stiffness in my opinion.
  • 2 0
 2-3 weeks out for XD drivers? I hope they make that, because XDs, among many other things, are scarce right now, so it would be nice so see that ship date happen as a sign the components supply chain is beginning recovery.
  • 2 1
 All the marketing sure does give the impression that lower weight doesn't come at a cost of strength (durability), due to new tech. My experience always told me the opposite.

Happy to see info that confirms that all the extra weight my bike carries isn't useless, considering the quality materials used. It's easy to take it for granted when nothing is breaking under normal riding.
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 The enduro wide is the worst wheelset i ever had. The flimsy freehub didnt last 1 month. Warranty was super fast and Hunt guys got me back up on my bike pretty fast. But then, three months after purchase the rim was completely thrashed and leaked at the bead. (170lbs rider with cush cores and dh casings @ 30 psi)... never again
  • 1 0

I really love the value that is one of the main ethos of your brand.

Do you have any plans on ever selling rim only? I like your rims, but already have a good set of hubs, and don't really want to "downgrade". But if you sold the rims by themselves it would open up another part of the market, and honestly it seems like you could do quite well on the affordable AL rim front (competing with the likes of WTB/etc).
  • 2 0
 Hey @ocnlogan
Thanks for the kind words!

We do sell rim only already, they can be found under the Other/accessories tab on our website. V2 rims aren't available just yet, but will be added to the site very soon.

Any questions about building them up, please do not hesitate to reach out.
  • 2 0

Ah, I clearly hadn't thought to look under "Other/Accessories" area of the website, but there they are now that I know where to look. My mistake Big Grin .

I kept looking at the various wheel pages, and looking for a "rim only" option somewhere there (at least a couple other manufacturers you find them that way, must be why I only thought of that).

Thanks for clearing it up. I'll keep an eye out for the V2's Smile .
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 Alot of the negative reviews that I see on these wheels are very specific to a certain type of terrain (Rocky, Hard pack). I ran the V1 Trail wides for 6+ months in the PNW and they were pretty solid. One thing I will say, is that they had quite a bit of flection on the front wheel- Meaning when I was turning at high speed, I could here rotor rub.
  • 2 0
 Great impact test pic. And this is why I choose, and praise the DT Swiss XM481 on all my bikes Smile great strength/weight ratio
  • 2 0
 So at a high-level, unless you want to spend hours researching......heavier = stronger for the most part with only a few exceptions. Got it.
  • 2 0
 At least they have finally admitted the Trail Wides are crap, amount of rims I saw crack on them was unbelievable. Each rider got told "we haven't seen this before"..
  • 1 2
 I wonder why they switched from a hub with 3 degrees of engagement on the V1 to 5 degrees of engagement on the V2. That is going backward. Also, it looks like the Trail Wide V2 is 30mm internal width and not 33mm as mentioned in this article.
  • 2 0
 I'm pretty sure they were 5° before. A couple months ago whenI put in my order for their carbon impact rims I was considering the trail wides and one of the differences was a 3° engagement on the carbon and 5° engagement on their aluminum rims.
  • 1 0
 The 6 pawl freehub was probably to flimsy, broke mine in under 1 month. Material too thin around the pawls.
  • 2 0
 I like the test jig. There's just something special about a machine that's built to smash things to bits.
  • 2 0
 Props for showing data vs competition. Makes me pretty happy with my 511s though..!
  • 1 0
 Interesting press release. Guess I'll be sticking to DT 471's then, rather than a heavier, weaker rim laced to a cheap hub. :/
  • 2 0
 Please ship me my trailwides v1 Frown
  • 5 0
 Here's your chance to cancel the order and get v2
  • 3 2
 I like how they posted their finding on competitors' rims. I guess I'll go with Hope Fortus rims.
  • 13 1
 Except Hope are crazy heavy. 140g Heavier! That’s a lot of rotational weight for a marginally stronger rim.
  • 3 1
 I have them on my enduro, i'm 105kg and i use 23 24 psi schwalbe sg tyre. Not a single dent in 2 years
  • 4 0
 That Hope rim is intended for DH use apparently, and they don't make a 30mm internal enduro rim. Odd, I know.
  • 1 0
 Anyone have experience with the durability of the hubs? The hubs on the enduro? Great prices.
  • 4 2
 great wheels, great price, Amazing company!!
  • 3 2
 @belterbikes Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Enjoy your riding!
  • 4 9
flag theoskar57 (Apr 14, 2021 at 9:20) (Below Threshold)
 Chill out, it's just rebranded novatec and cheap Chinese rims, their marketing team is amazing tho
  • 1 0
 My hunt enduro wide wheels are supposed to ship this week...I wonder which version I’ll get.
  • 4 1
 I'd consider contacting them to make sure you get the new ones, the V1 rims have a poor rep for durability among my riding group and online. Kudos to them for thoroughly addressing it with the V2 though.
  • 1 0
 @chakaping: it looks like I’ll be getting V2, they are the same width as what I ordered.
  • 6 0
 I own a set of XM481s and bought the Hunt Trailwide V1 for a lighter set of wheels when I dont need the burly wheelset and for winter beating (salt is very common around here). V1 is great if you don't exceed their limits, they are a trail wheel, not an enduro wheel. They are certainly a step down from DT in terms of quality but not a huge step.

With that said I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Hunt again for any of my bikes. They seem like a solid company with solid products for great prices. Mine have seen about 2' drops max and small tables/jumps for about ~5 months now and no trueing/tensioning needed yet.
  • 2 0
 @HuntBikeWheels Will we see any updates to the XC wheels?
  • 2 0
 @HuntBikeWheels will these be on my 161 complete May wk4 build?!
  • 4 0
 Used the chat on the privateer website; my June wk4 will have the V2 equipped.
  • 3 0
 @JonJonPhenomenon: I got a "yes, I believe so" response from the chat. So fingers crossed!
  • 1 1
 Still not sure it's worth the $150-$200 savings and 200g weight penalty versus I9 or Spank wheels.
  • 1 0
 Newmen... since 3 years no problems
  • 3 2
 Looks like a EX 511
  • 1 1
 Enve didn’t make it to the group picture
  • 2 1
 Laughs in Newmen.
  • 1 2
 They are unavailable to ship outside of UK when trying to order...
  • 2 0
 @onyxss Hey, thanks for the interest. Which country are you trying to ship to? We ship virtually worldwide, let us know and we'll be happy to help
  • 1 2
 Dinging or pinging?
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