Hunt's New E_Enduro Wheelset - Pond Beaver 2020

Apr 8, 2020
by Mike Levy  

With a motor helping and an extra 15 pounds of metal under you, e-bikes are said to be especially hard on their components. And it's your tires and wheels that are on the front line of that abuse, which is why many brands offer beefed-up versions of both. Hunt's new E_Enduro wheelset is exactly that, sporting a burly rim with e-bike-specific hubs in the center that adds up to 2,621-grams for a set of 29ers. The 27.5" version weighs 90-grams less, and both go for $539 USD.


With a 37mm internal width, Hunt says that the e-specific rims will play nice with tires up to 3" wide, although it's best suited to the 2.5" to 2.8" rubber that comes stock on many e-bikes. Compared to their normal Enduro rim, there's apparently 25-percent more material in the sidewalls, and 41-percent more in the rim bed. More aluminum should mean more strength, of course.

The rim's profile was also ''designed in conjunction with engineers at leading MTB tyre brands,'' so it should seal up easily, and it has the same 'H-Lock' bead that's intended to keep burps to a minimum.


There is a set of "Large body E_MTB specific hubs" at the center of each wheel, too, although the e-specific features would make sense on downhill and enduro bikes as well. You'll spot a finned section behind the rotor mounts on both hubs, with the idea being that the larger surface area created by the fins dissipates heat quicker than if that aluminum had just been scooped out as per usual. There's a set of 17mm axles inside, and the rear employs six pawls that shouldn't have any issues dealing with the added torque of an electric motor.

Hunt has used thirty-two Pillar triple-butted (2.3-1.8-2.0mm) spokes to build the front wheel, while the rear gets thirty-six spokes.

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 Will they fit on my YZ450?
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 Would love if it they did, as ya say these might be beefy enough for that. Used to love riding my mate's WR450, was way more for than my TY175 and KMX125. I'm so jealous you get to ride that beast, my wife 'suggests' I should stick to MTBs nowadays. Cheers, Tom Marchment, HUNT.
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 All these "e-bike" parts are really just the freeride level of parts of old.
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Where was this shit for my santa Cruz super 8/ monster t / 3.0 gazzolodi 52lb beast from 2 decade ago?
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 “ With a motor helping and an extra 15 pounds of metal under you, e-bikes are said to be especially hard on their components.”

I always get a chuckle out of that line because I think my total weight bike + gear + rider on an ebike would still be lighter than a lot of the guys I ride with who are on 25 lb super bikes. They must really be blowing through equipment.
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 Right?! Why do e bikes need wider tires and burlier parts for a weight increase, over normal bikes, that is less than the weight difference between Greg Minnaar and Remy Metailler?
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 @dmclemens: because all the aditional weight of the ebike is unsuspended. Your legs and arms act as dampers so there is a large diference if the weight is mounted directly on the bike or if it is on your body. Imagine going down a gnarly section of trail seated.
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 @dmclemens: Because "marketing". Still all these ebike parts give heavier or more aggressive riders more choice!
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 @IluvRIDING: I think it’s fair to say that a lot of the riders I observe on the trial aren’t damping much of anything with their arms or legs. Smile
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 Cheers for the q and you have a good point the weight is only about 10-15kg diff really. A fair few of our supported riders use emtbs for training and we also have quite a few mates at bike brands who do a lot of emtb with demo fleets and we're also friends with the Bosch UK team and they all have mentioned that original equipment wheels tend to suffer a lot on e-mtbs and need replacing fairly sharpish. The weight is a part of it but another key issue is the high torque that goes through the axles, modern large cassettes, freehub pawls and whole wheel, plus the extra speed combined with weight just makes the hits that bit harsher. Yeah totally it's not that much extra but when ya spread it over 6-12 months the wear and tear is quite noticable if that makes sense. The main thing is we just know people are having issues and thought these wheels would serve a useful purpose for riders but we're always wanting to learn so any feedback is ugely welcome so big thanks. Tom Marchment HUNT Wheels.
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 If some wheel manufacturers still have their old triple wall freeride rim molds kicking around the factory this could be a great opportunity to capitalize on those old school boat-anchor of wheels. Like Sun-Ringle Mag30 or Double track; what was once “ freeride strength” can now be re-marketed as “E-bike strength”.
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 Yeh these rims must be right up there with the old mavic D321/Ex729 rims, maybe even Bombshell could make a return with their 48 spoke Crusher wheels
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 I'd happily take a 'ebike' updated mavic 823 anyday. I miss rocking a the same wheelset for a more than 2 bike park seasons
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 @jazzawil: my 823s on hope 2s were indestructible...rode seasons on them without even a spoke come loose. I'd give anything for an equivalent in today's world of wheels.
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 @iain: I had a set on hopes as well that did a aussie race season then 3 full time Whistler bike park seasons. They got sold with the bike and we're still in reasonable shape. So good!
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 Will it need CPU thermal paste to conduct the heat from the rotor to the hub better?
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 My understanding of these overbuilt ebike parts aren't for the weight difference or anything like that, but rather the assumption of the riding style. An overweight, packed like a donkey regular rider can still float a set of 1600g wheels through a crazy rock garden. Their target rider seems more to be the ebiker shouting "powerrrr" like a Jeremy Clarkson. That and potholes and street poles probably destroy more of these wheels than rocks and roots.
Not complaining though: This R&D is great for regular bikes. Ebike brakes and forks are some of the greatest things to come out of all this.
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 Is that freehub body steel? Because if it is aluminum, that would be the biggest oversight on an otherwise reasonable design. Legs without a motor behind them chew up splines on freehubs like that in alu. The fin under the rotor mount seems like excess weight to me...idk...but - if you laser etch icetech onto it then it will actually work...
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 You're bang on, a normal HG body in alloy would not be good! These have Cro-Mo freehub body as clearly max. protection against the high torques in emtb drive trains is super important and weight clearly not the highest priority when you have 400w additional power on a 50T sprocket. Even for non eMTB we actually don't sell any HG Alloy freehub bodies on any HUNT wheels without protection usually a steel spline insert, it costs a fair bit more but Paddy and I spent too many years at UK distributors for some top wheel brands trying to help customers not impressed at paying $70 for new alloy freehub bodies deemed by brands as not warranty but chargeable "wear and tear items" that had been gouged by cassettes. So since the start every HUNT HG alloy freehub body has protection. I hope that makes sense and we'd love to hear if there's anything we can improve, we always have things we're working hard on, it's kinda easy to get excited about the new things we need to do as we're bike geeks like everyone here. Thanks again, Tom Marchment HUNT.
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 @HuntBikeWheels: That is awesome! Thanks for clarification. It seemed like an important detail relevant to this article. I'm sure anyone reading this will also be impressed by your approach and willingness to address the issue on all your hubs. This wheelset seems exceptionally well thought out. Awesome work Hunt!
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 With a motor helping and an extra 15 pounds of metal under you, e-bikes are said to be especially hard on their components.

It’s not like rider weight varying from 120-250lbs has already been a thing for the past 100 years. Ridiculous.
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 that's motorcycle wheelset
  • 6 1
 They're not hiding that.
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 Hope they dont dent as easy as their enduro wides. Softest rim I've run since old school Dt Swiss cheese masters.
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 New fortus 30 rims are rock solid
  • 4 0
 For me, Hunt have been full on brie spec.
  • 1 0
 Same here. Affordable but made of playdough. My OEM DT Swiss held up 2 years and my Enduro wides look like a ride without a tire every ride
  • 1 0
 Yeah just found 2 dents in my rear trail wide, done almost nothing with them!!
  • 1 0
 @loafersmate: Yea, I put a pretty decent dent in mine first ride.
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 I emailed hunt a few week ago complaining how unhappy I was about the quality of the rim. They sent me a new one out free. But. I won't be building it up as they are super soft. And the hubs engagement is pretty pants. And the front bearings lasted 6 month. Pretty unimpressed really.
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 @hhaaiirryy: Hi Guys, First up I want to thank you all, honest feedback and taking it on board is how we get better. We are always listening and wanting to be the best we can be for you guys as we are riders and ride these wheels ourselves. I do customer live chat at the weekends, Paddy (product manager) and Sam (MTB Manager) and I have weekly meetings with our warranty guys (Dan & Al), I'm in touch with the customer service team regularly and also we have regular feedback and chats with our pro riders including Matt Stuttard (19th EWS last year).

It's great to have your experience feed into what we do, so thank you. We have two full time engineers here plus my Dad John is a Chartered Materials engineer. I always discuss any comments section feedback so thank you. On the gravity focused wheels we always specced 6069-T6 alloy (same as Stan's top of the range rims) whilst it is approx +80% more expensive per rim than 6061-T6 (Stan's S1 rims) it is also about 70% higher tensile strength (290MPa vs 490 MPa ultimate tensile strength). We have verified material supply documents plus my Dad does carry out material verification on our supplied production rims to make sure and just in February carried out the following Rockwell hardness testing with results during our latest MTB alloy rim development:

Materials Tests Results: The test was a Rockwell A (Hardness Test, not ultimate tensile strength test) specification meaning a 60kgF load was applied to the rim segment (with initial priming force) using a diamond cone, the point at which the cone moves back up to after the force is released is used to give the following calculated values. Two tests are done for each so and some give a small range.

DT SWISS EX1501 Test 1 - 40.5 Test 2 - 40.4
HOPE FORTUS Test 1 - 37.5 Test 2 - 38.4
STANS FLOW EX3 Test 1 - 39 Test 2 - 38.1
HUNT EnduroWide Test 1 - 42.2 Test 2 - 43.3

However, the experience you guys have against some of the leading DT rims, for example, is of course real and one we take on board. We agree and definitely see that the way the high-end 6069 alloy is used in the rim profile design and wall thicknesses is also something we are working on, so thank you for your feedback here. Adding weight in the right areas is where DT have succeeded. The Hope rims use 6061 but obviously have a much greater rim weight more similar to our E_Enduro rims above and so do perform well against high impacts in our testing, but of course all engineering design is a compromise to suit the purpose between weight, strength, or price (which can be mitigated by efficient business models e.g. how we can include 6069-T6 at these prices).

Just in terms of numbers from our customer warranty information; I have checked through our warranty and crash replacement data and we had 0.42% warranty or crash replacements on the Enduro wide rims in the last year but you're right not everyone will tell us and I realise some riders will use them to their fullest extent where other riders probably buy 160mm bikes and fit Enduro wheels but just ride trail so that 's only part of the full picture, you're right.

As I mentioned up top, Matt Stuttard runs the Enduro Wide for all his training and several of his EWS races, he has only written off one Enduro wide rim all season. Will Easey on the UK Cotic Team racing enduro got through only 2 alloy EnduroWide rims last year and mentioned to us that he was previously used to damaging beyond repair over 1/2 a dozen rims per year. We can clearly learn and make better rims to beat the absolute best but where we are currently shows we have some strong results, proving and testing to be even better.

As I say, the experience you guys have are real and we thank you for helping us, your feedback is so valuable. It would be great to here any further suggestions you guys have or key products you like so we can use that information in our engineering development process. We have two yet to be released gravity rim designs we have done a lot of FEA work and comparative impact testing on already and even with some cutting edge strength adding features so any extra feedback you have will help us further these, so please do let us know.

We're always listening and thank you. If you ever want any help with any HUNT Wheels or just have ideas please do contact us as you mention and can see here we just want to make sure we help anyone, hear feedback and get better, and we'd love to help if we can. Please do let us know and we will always do our best. +44 (0) 1273 931 428. Thanks again guys, Tom Marchment HUNT Wheels Co-Founder, with my brother Pete.
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 @HuntBikeWheels: Cheers for the detailed response Tom. Should of added that the vfm is spot on and I’m happy enough on that front. I think some of the problem is how certain tyres sit on the rim, the 2.4/2.3 WTB’s that I had fitted when the wheels were on my Solaris seemed to sit better than the 2.6 minions I fitted When I put them on my Geometron for an alps trip. My 2p I’d say a narrower rear rim (same weight) could have more material to fend off hits. Keep up the good work.
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 @PB-J: Thanks, that's also useful for us to consider, as you say different tyres will have different effects and protection for the rim. We're actually doing some lab impact testing with varying tyre carcasses just last week and getting some interesting results. Your point about model/brand is very good as there is huge variation there and will help us explore this further, you've made our brains tick harder. Interesting you should mention the different widths front/rear rim, we are looking at keeping the higher volume front 33 but pairing up with 31 rear with extra material so yeah we defo agree with you there. Thank you again and all the best to you and yours during these times, Tom Marchment, HUNT.
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 @HuntBikeWheels: Cool beans, to be fair I hadn’t researched your enduro wides when I got them. My mate Paul at Cotic recommended them when a frame purchase turned into nearly a whole bike! :-) Happy to keep in touch
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 Ceramik (tm)? Does this mean ceramic bearings? On an e-bike hub? Hambini would love this...
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 Thanks Skooks, sorry for any confusion. H_CERAMIK is a Keronite treatment we apply to some of our freehub bodies. They are steel bearings in the hub, as you say not much point worrying about a watt or two drag when you have 400w e-assist. Thanks, Tom Marchment, HUNT Wheels.
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 Well that doesnt sound very promising: When 'more material' is the extent of their marketing text you can be sure that these are way heavier and probably not as durable as intended.
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 Perfect for my E-DH build!
  • 5 2
 2621g Just threw up into my mouth a little.
  • 3 0
 Only slightly heavier than the new fox 38 tbf
  • 3 0
 Wow. Burley
  • 1 1
 seriously!!! My fat bike wheelset, with Surly Rolling Darryl's and straight gauge 2.0 spokes weighs less than this.
  • 2 0
 Steel cassette body maybe..?
  • 2 0
 looks like it.
  • 2 0
 Looks great for a downhill tandem
  • 1 2
 Who is making the hubs now? The use of the Novatec 601/602 hubs in the latest gen non-e wheels was a smart choice, as those are actually some great hubs (despite popular belief). Curious why the switch?
  • 1 0
 Missed the mark by not naming these wheels “mike”
  • 1 0
 Dick Pound
  • 1 2
 shit that hub is fugly

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