Hutchinson's Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitor - Eurobike 2018

Jul 8, 2018
by Mike Levy  
Eurobike 2018

This one definitely falls under the 'want' category rather than the 'need' category, but it might be just the ticket for riders like myself who are unashamed gear dorks. Hutchinson's 'Connect Tires' is a real-time pressure monitoring system for road and mountain use that, thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility, can tell your phone, smart watch, or GPS unit exactly what's happening with your air pressure.

The unit pictured here is a prototype, with the production version being encased in a waterproof housing that your tubeless valve passes right through to hold it in place, and the whole thing sits down in the rim bed. Most interestingly, the Connect Tires works with both tube and tubeless setups thanks to dual pressure-measuring systems. If you run tubes you should stop doing that, but if you insist on using tubes, a load sensor measures exactly how hard the tube is pushing down on it and it can determine your air pressure from there.

Eurobike 2018
Eurobike 2018
The sensor on the left measures the load applied from a tube, while the small hole on the right works with a tubeless setup.

If you're running a tubeless setup, a tiny hole on the unit leads to a piezoelectric sensor that constantly measures your tire pressure. The hole is quite small and looks like it might clog with sealant, but Hutchinson is insistent that they've had no issues during testing with both fresh and dried up tire sealant, and that it'll play nice with any sealant on the market.

The unit, which weighs just 10-grams and is compatible with any rim, talks to your phone through an app that you can configure a few different ways. If you're using it on a mountain bike, you'd probably want to set it up to make an audible warning sound if your tire pressure dips below, say, 20 PSI. But if you were using it on a road bike, you can set it up to warn you at a much higher pressure.

It might also be useful if you're the kinda gear dork who wouldn't mind keeping track of what tire pressures work best on certain trails or conditions, and you'd be able to keep tabs on that by simply opening the app. It'll even give you pressure recommendations, too.
Eurobike 2018
The app, which can be had in Android and iPhone flavors, can be configured to give you warnings, recommendations, and real-time data.

Hutchinson doesn't have an exact price at this point but expect it to come in somewhere around $100 USD.


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 So many innovations! I can't wait for someone to come up with a 20mm front axle, remove Sram from the face of the Earth and create a 5 speed cassette. Oh, a boy can dream...
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 A man after my own heart!
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 Then SRAM comes with a TireWiz, for tire and pressure tuning. Add in a new valve standard, that makes tubeless easier.
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 @kuwasabi: maybe tirewiz and shockwiz will be able to sync up with a firewire cable for the ultimate suspension tuning experience.
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Yeah, and it'll only cost $499!
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 @kuwasabi: thanks SRAM, for fixing a problem none of us had, and calling it revolutionary. You guys are the best
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 Will put my thumb out of a job
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 Oh, I was always thinking of this. I don't have enough electronic gadgets to record my one hour weekend warrior rides. But as long as it doesen't connect with Strava I am not in.
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 This could actually be a game changer. And profitable when the price comes down.
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 It’s a cool gadget, if big and clunky in its first iteration. In a few years it’ll be built into a standard-looking valve stem and we’ll all be bitching about a system that lets you change the pressure on the fly.
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 I hear some tires give an audible indicator that it is going flat. It sounds like "Pssssssssst" and then automatically stops emitting the indicator sound one the tire is flat. Some models will even give you a visual indicator of white-ish liquid spraying from the site of the leak. Exciting times we live in.
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 this actually sounds pretty useful, i've had situations (especially in the bike park) when i've had a flat start and not realized it right away all the while beating the crap out of my rim. for carbon rims especially i think this could be a good idea especially at 10 grams!
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 This price is what a TyreWiz should cost. I have a set and on road/gravel they are pretty nice, to be able to see tire pressure live on the Garmin is really nice. Hopefully Hutchison and or Sram will use this information to make recommendations in the future, I think that is where these could be powerful tools. Otherwise they are simply for convenience
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 I agree, definitely a luxury, but I can see the benefit. This should put a big nail in the coffin of the TireWiz. This is an all-around better design for both areo and mountain bikes, and the price is the same.
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 I like it. I check my pressure every time I ride - which involves adding air even if the pressure was already correct because I bled a bit checking. This would save time. A bit pricey, but better that competitors, and you don't need them on all your bikes. I'd just put it on the one I ride most.
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 Great, one more thing I need to account for when balancing my wheels...
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 here comes the negative vibes from pb......

it's about the valves

$200.00 per bike and I own 6 so they want me to pony up $1500.00 after taxes.
Sorry Hutchinson but Ill stick with my Maxxis and Shwalbes and spend the cash on some real rubber.
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 So what would this be used for? Maybe a slow leak down a long trail? If I flat, the pressure won't gradually drop, it'll be gone, I'll notice, and this thing'll be useless. And if it's a leak in between rides, I'll notice it next time I grab the bike. Someone enlighten me... I'd rather get a nice set of tires for this price.
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 WTF are you going to do if it tells you your tire is low. You already know its low by how the bike rides.
And your going to have to carry your phone? That sounds expensive, put it on your handle bars so when you crash you have a reason to upgrade to the new i-whatever.
The automotive industry is mandated to have these and they work like ass. I also think sealant will render them useless.
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 @RLEnglish: "And your going to have to carry your phone?" Or just add a cheap display and a bluetooth chip that can simply display the pressure. I guess such as simple gadget could be built for less then 10EUR.
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 A TPMS valve for my truck is like $15. This isn't new technology. and it still uses a hole? Yeah that's getting clogged up.
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 What about power? Does it take a battery? How long does it last?

Cool idea, but wouldn't be worth it if I had to remount my tires every month or two to replace a battery.
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 watch batteries last years depending on how much energy is needed...still would be a pain to have to remount for any other possible technical issues and stuff and such.
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 The current prototype design will allow the battery life around 2 years, but with having to change your tires (hopefully before two years is up) weight can be eliminated and the battery life in the final product will probably be more like 6 months to 1 year.
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 Why would you get this when you can get the SRAM Dentist version for double?
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 Haha, does it crap out every two months and cost $80 to replace like the TPS units on my truck?
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 another unnecessary complicated gadget.
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 I really wish I paid more attention in French classes as a kid.
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 Can I get an app for that yo
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 if it works anything like my car's TPMS...
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 Let's just say.... You just need to get a bike tpms system, valve cap based sensors, universal fit, and not expensive.
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 I’m assuming this won’t play too well with Cushcore...?
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 What happens when my custom/secret tubeless sauce gets some of the eleven herbs and spices up in it's bizness?
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  • 1 0
 10 GRAMS of ADDITIONAL rotating mass for $100!! You want people to pay for additional weight!! LMAO!!!
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 The price.....
  • 1 4
 Way to many phone gimmicks in the MTB world these days. Pump your tires up to 40psi, turn off Strava and trailforks. Then have an enjoyable un-plugged time in the woods. Seriously people, get of your stupid phones and enjoy what you're doing. Oh, and the super low tire pressure trend is stupid.
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 40?! Some of us like to go off-road...
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 Yet ANOTHER useless...”innovation” from the bike industry!
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 MInd ... blown

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