Iago Garay Breaks Elbow & Fractures Eye Socket in Indoor Bike Park Crash, Subsequently Tests Positive For Covid-19

Oct 17, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
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Iago Garay made a stop at an indoor bike park in Lyon way home to Spain from Austria and ended up knocking himself out, breaking his elbow and fracturing his eye socket. Adding insult to injury, Garay tested positive for COVID-19, meaning he can't get surgery in France and he also can't get back to Spain before a minimum of 8 days of quarantine.

bigquotesThe last three days have been quite the challenge. I was making my way back home to Spain from Austria and decided to make a stop in Lyon to ride a pretty cool indoor bike park. I was having a lot of fun between the airbag and the asphalt pumptrack when suddenly I woke up on the side of the track with the guys from the ambulance looking at me pretty worried. I can’t remember what happened, but what I have been able to put together is that I came short on a transfer and hit the deck super hard and fully K.O myself. They rushed me to the hospital and after some X-rays and an MRI they were able to tell I had a broken Elbow and fractured my eye socket in two spots.They left me in the hospital for the night so that I could have surgery on my elbow the next day but unfortunately, the next morning the results from my COVID 19 test came back and I had tested positive. Due to the bad state of Lyon’s pandemic the hospital rules is they will not perform surgery on people with Coronavirus unless its an emergency. The good thing is that my surgery isn’t very urgent, I just have to stay in the cast until they can perform it. The bad thing is that due to the positive I have to quarantine in Lyon for a minimum of 8 days until I can get back to Spain and see my doctor for the surgery.

Looking into the future things aren’t so bad. After my surgery in the elbow I won’t be needing to have cast anymore, so rehab will be able to start almost immediately. Doctors say it might take 2 months for me to be able to ride Mtb again, but I love to prove doctors wrong so I will be putting all I’ve got to get back in shape as soon as possible, which should be right in time for the pre season training! This is my first ever big injury in 18 years of racing so I would say I’ve had a pretty good run and I am ready to face this new challenge.
Iago Garay

We wish Iago the best of luck and can't wait to see him back on two wheels.


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 Wow. That's a bad day.
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 Hey Iago, youre finally awake! Man you hit your head pretty hard there. 2020? Global pandemic? Look idk what you’re talking about but hurry up, we’re going back to Cedric Gracia’s place to celebrate Nick Vouilloz’s fifth World Cup!
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 As a physician, I can’t see why he can’t have surgery. We treat covid positive people all the time, even with aerosolizing procedures. They have equipment for that. It’s really just the intubation and extubation, which can be done in PAPR equipment.

Refusing surgeries in an attempt to “control” this virus is a farce anyway. We’re way beyond being able to control this. Way beyond. That ship sailed by the time Europe had their first major outbreak.

The world has gone mad.
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 As a non-physician with plenty of doctor friends I originally assumed they were the ones driving this false "better safe than sorry" narative that always picks the most restrictive course of action under some guise of "cotrolling the curve". Nope; you hear the odd one pushing for super-extreme restrictions that basically equate to stopping the entire world, but everyone I talk to wants their kids to go to school, stores to stay open, people to socialize - with a few safety precautions and some common-sense behaviour. It's nice to hear from another doctor who appears to base their opinions on the reality, balance risk with costs and, ya know, SCIENCE.
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 I mean, we are doing a reasonable job at it, but down there? Oh dear...
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 You’re obviously not a real physician or you’d be telling us we need all hide indoors for years before it kills us all!

Plus obviously corona is WAY more important then a little busted up eye socket.

Edit: All this is sarcasm FYI and I appreciate your informations.
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All I know is that in my state, the fatality rate thus far, is on par to a little lower than the seasonal flu. We were all warned not to compare this to the flu, but it’s turned out that it’s an apt comparison.

I always tell my patients to take it seriously, and to do what they can to avoid becoming sick; but not to panic. Statistically speaking, they have a higher chance of dying in a car crash right now than dying from SARS-CoV-2
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 "As a physician"...Sure.

That said. "refusing surguries" is not at all something that is done (on the part of a healthcare provider) to limit a viral infection. To that, having to intubate an PT for an occular fracture and a broken wing is simply not going to happen. It is a shame that during to "flattening the curve" stage (as it was called in March/April) so many thousands of people were suffering with pain day to day thanks to surguries being canceled (in theory for the "good of all mankind" or what ever it is folks buy into). "Testing positive" for COVID is not in any real world an exuse to delay anything - for a PT who is not even near the demographic of a person who would need to be worried about being symptomatic (over 70 yrs), let alone pumonary failure.

If anything, the tax payor funded healthcare system is who denied the care. I am of course assuming that a Pro MTN bike person in the Southern Hemisphere makes no more money than one north of the equator and can not afford private insurance.

So, no MEDICAL DOCTOR, no orthopedic surgeon or Opthomologit is going to NOT treat this patient for MEDICAL reasons.
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 @Dr-YTMTB: I just noticed this was Austria, not Australia. In either case, same scenario......
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 @plyawn: you don't know what you're talking about. You're giving opinions. I don't care, they don't matter. What matters is how contagious the virus is not whether your doctor friends want to take their children to school in the Porsche.
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 @danlovesbikes: I’ll translate dans rant... “You don’t agree with me the obvious expert therefore your wrong”
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 @cougar797: Perhaps you misunderstood my message. I'm saying that anyone who downplays the virus (which has killed over 200k of your countrymen) doesn't understand it. That's from someone who lives in a country that is controlling it vs someone that lives in a country that isn't. Anyways, you crack on with the herd immunity and get back to me in a year.
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 @danlovesbikes: 200k is NOTHING compared to the numbers originally estimated. Of the 200k, very well over 80% of them have co-morbidities (many not counted in other nations, such as yours). Heck, in the US we consider suicides "due to COVID fear" to be a COVID caused death.

Then, there is this....reality. When again do we ban fatty foods and smokes?

Heart disease: 647,457
Cancer: 599,108
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
Diabetes: 83,564
Influenza and pneumonia: 55,672
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173
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 Iago Garay,. More like eye go away Garay! Got em
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flag greencowman (Oct 16, 2020 at 20:47) (Below Threshold)
 Comment of the year
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flag declan-ritchie (Oct 16, 2020 at 20:47) (Below Threshold)
 Spittin mad fex my buddy G, hella sad news tho
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 That's about as 2020 as it gets. Heal fast, Iago!
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 Elbow fracture 'mega tip' - as soon as practically possible - get that elbow moving in the early stages of healing!! Dealing with a rehab nightmare myself where my fracture was left in cast too long - range of motion massively impacted and difficult to get back to anything approaching normal. Healing vibes man.
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 As an pro athlete you can expect they'll screw it and he'll could rehab within 3 weeks!
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 Definitely this. I had major elbow surgery needing pins and plates. My cast was taken off 2 weeks after the operation, but it still took around 6 months of daily physio to get back to around 90% of movement.
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 I’ve never read a more apt summation of 2020
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 And I thought I was having a shit day
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 This is basically 2020 in a nutshell
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 Heal up dude, only the best wishes for you. Stay positive (mindset) and you'll get over this COVID in no time. Fractures are mostly good in rehab, start with mobilisation early to avoid ligament problems and decreased mobility afterwards. Do not put force on the new fracture but keep it gently moving. I've had stuff like this way too often (screw you Josh bender you killed my youth Wink )
By the way in case you will be left with a facial scar under your eye, don't worry the girls will love it...
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 Iago Garay and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
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 Because you've been positive tested for covid you can't get surgery??? Wtf is wrong with world huh....world is f*cked not due to covid, but "because covid".
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 Surgery to repair an eye socket and elbow require general anesthesia which requires intubation which means aerosolizing the whole room with his covid virus and exposing the whole OR team & equipment that lives in that room. Unless you are the one who wants to look down that airway from 6” away to put the endotracheal tube in, I don’t think you can make that judgement. Emergency cases only when Covid positive.
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Get off the internet with your damn facts! Nobody needs you here!
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 @liketoride1: I'm definitely ignorant of the risks and precautions, but is the team wearing extra PPE in covid-emergency cases, or just taking extra risk warranted by the emergency nature? If it's the former, is the extra safety too onerous for non-emerg situations?
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 @plyawn: @plyawn: In surgeries, the COVID protocols are not any more stringent than the ones already in place for the many other pesky things that can be around in an environment with potentially every other blood/air-born pathogen that is in play. More so in cities where there is international travel from Third World Nations, where, not too uncommon to get someone "visiting" who is sick...with god knows what from god knows where...precautions have been in place for decades.
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 Definitely blaming my next wreck on COVID
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 Weird headline, so Covid makes you a squirrel?
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 Of course he tested positive for cohvid everybody who goes to a hospital does
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 Sucks - heal up soon!!
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 I am glad he didn't get stuck driving, surrounded by wildfires, on the way out of the hospital. Wish you a quick recovery!
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 vaya putada @iagogaray dentro de lo malo no es grave, descansar, recuperarse y en nada estas de vuelta chaval!
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 Animo iago recupera pronto mucha fuerza !!!
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 Better stop complaining about the situation we guys are in at the moment... Seems like home quarantine heaven compared to this guy... Wish him a speedy recovery!
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 Damn Dude. 2020's been rough. My best friend is dealing with a blown taint. Hope you heal up fast!
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 I dunno , the youth of today !
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 half shell helmets in parks are cool ei... wish him the best and a speedy recovery!! cool guy
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 The Triple Crown of 2020. Heal up Sir!!
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 ey up Gary
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 Very unfortunate that he has been denied surgery based on a faulty test.
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 That’s what you call a bad day out. I hope he gets fixed quickly
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 Get better soon Bro!
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 Animo Iago! Tu puedes!
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 That's a lot of bullshit that he can't get surgery.
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 Guilty untill proven innocent
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 oof just oof
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