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Ibis Announces Lewis Buchanan's Departure

Dec 31, 2019
by Ibis Cycles  


With 2019 coming to a close the Ibis Enduro Team would like to announce the departure of Lewis Buchanan from our EWS squad. Throughout his tenure Lewis was always a consummate pro. One of the most stylish riders in the EWS, Lewis is also tough as nails - like when he velcro'd his hand to the bars so that he could finish a race despite broken fingers. Lewis blessed our team with a natural talent that he backs up with hard work, professionalism and good humor.

It's been a good couple years Lew. We wish you all the best!

We'd also like to announce that Ibis EWS privateer Julie Duvert is moving on.

Many thanks to both of these riders and wishing you the best of luck in your next adventures!


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 I'm also happy to announce my departure from 2019 and i'm super stoked to be riding in 2020. Happy new year!
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 You'll land on your feet. Best of luck to you on your new endeavors.
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 Actually, it's "we would like to announce your departure..."

Bon chance
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 Redalp should get a grip on all these pro racers.
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 @chyu: good one Big Grin
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 2020 sucks, let's go back
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 Can we have just one article that sums up all departures, this is getting exhausting.
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 no shit
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 @Dlakusta: they post these individual articles to drive up their monthly page views, so they can charge more money for their banner ads because people open these articles up.
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 I would like to see a summary of the departures. Then we can see all the carnage in one article.
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 I think because social media and marketing are so deeply intertwined in these racers existences, this is the type of send offs we will get. They are gracious indeed. I’m not sure if it’s unique to our sport, but as a contrast go to and hit the Transfers tab. There you get everything, from domestiques to the who’s who of the sport, in a list of who’s in and who’s out. Not much fanfare. There are individual stories on transfers but nothing of the likes of edits, thanks you’s, feelz and love. Just pretty much shows who’s in, out, extended, and terminated (yes they say that;-D
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 They will have a draft based off contracts, rider status, and team standings in the near future.
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No shit. Now shut up and view - don't you enjoy Friday Fails?
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 @endlessblockades: agreed, it’s called running a business. I want all pink bike employees paid well so I can continue to enjoy the great content. Everyone has a right to earn a living- nobody seems to respect that these days.
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 We'd like to announce that Lewis Buchanan Is leaving. He's a consummate pro. Stylish, tough as nails with a natural talent that he backs up with hard work, professionalism and good humor."

"Oh right. Yeah, and Julie Duvert is gone as well."

Nice Ibis, shade clap applause comin at ya. .
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 I keep refreshing my browser to see who’s next.
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 Strong Barb vibes
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 Well, one is a real long time pro and one is a privateer. Not exactly a male vs female debate there.
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 Ok, it's 2020 now. Give us the new team and riders!
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 Contracts are up at the end of the year. So starting tomorrow you will see the feed loaded with Racers on new teams. Happens every year. Ibis just seemed to have all of their racers with the same contract expiration date. And how do we know that these racers were leaving for other teams and not necessarily the Manufacturers dropping them.
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 Honestly who cares though? Oh you’ve got a new bike. *strokes chin*.
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 You know at the end of Casino when Joe Pesci gets pummeled to death with a baseball bat? That scene reminds me of these departure articles.
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 spoiler alert!
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 i did it like this, i did it like that, i did it with a...
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 I want to announce that I'm officially leaving huffy as of 2359 31DEC2019 and at 0000 01JAN2020 I'm officially signed to Schwinn.
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 Ahhh man schwinn must have made quite the offer! Leaving those prime rigs at huffy is quite the leap!
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 At least Hans Rey is still on GT since the Big Bang, and Curtis Keene has been proudly proclaiming that every Spesh bike he rose is the best since Day One......
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 No one cares anymore!!!
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 2019, the year that bike industry interns wrote all the season ending Press Releases. Amazing shit.
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 I was looking forward to seeing how Lewis would throw the new hd5 around. Oh well, he’s definitely one of Scotland’s best!
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 My sponsor got a cost of living wage increase! This combined with the tax credit for having children is enough to keep me riding this season. Until something breaks.
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 Im telling u guys, everytime i log in someone quits their team. Sorry guys lol...
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 best of luck Lewis, wherever you land...
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 Is this a bike website or an airport departure lounge?!?
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 Are all these guys forming one giant super team?
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 He's on evil
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 Dillon Santos is a legend
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 Bit of a one sided press release, hope LB is sort for the coming season?
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 Sorted even!
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 And we're s littly old Dillon Santos ..long gone
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 Dillon was recovering from an injury this year. He’s still riding for ibis.
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 @Circe: Dillon rules but an Ibis is a bird.
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 All the best Lew..hltn
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 Who is he?
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 Forbidden bikes!
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